Earthquake Negros - Cebu, Philippines - 42 people killed, 66 missing and 54 injured!

Earthquake overview : an earthquake of magnitude 6.7 occurred in the very highly populated region of Central Visayas in Philippines. The nearest populated places are: Ayungon (20km), Tayasan (12km), Cantaup (16km), Jimalalud (6km), La Libertad (7km), Apanangon (6km), Guihulngan (15km), Villegas (15km). The closest civilian airport is Bacolod (73km).
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Update 13/02 - 19:30 UTC :
-A total of 108 people were killed (42 people were found dead, and 66 missing).
-Of these, 94 were killed by landslides and rockslides. 7 were killed due to falling walls and debris, 3 were killed due to heart attacks, and 4 due to falling fences.

-The total damage has totalled to PhP363.5 million (8.6 million USD).
-Most of this damage occurred in Negros Oriental and Cebu.

Update 09/02 - 22:00 UTC :
- In addition to the 34 dead and 71 missing, a total of 1154 houses have been completely destroyed as well as 1496 damaged in addition. That makes a total of around 2650 houses.
- Several roads, bridges, and other infrastructure were damaged in Cadiz, Cebu, Siquijor, Iloilo, and Negros Oriental.
- The cost of the bridges and roads affected totals around PhP 266 million (around 6.3 million USD).
- 86127 people remain affected with 22657 of these in evacuation centers.
- To date, the government had so far provided PhP14,025,093 (330000 USD) worth of relief assistance in terms of food and non-food items, medicines.

Update 09/02 - 16:14 UTC :
Updated Casualty Numbers (NDRRMC data 09/02 - 20:00 (8:00 PM) local time)
Dead - 34 : 13-Guihulngan; 7-Jimalalud; 3-Tayasan; 1-Bindoy; 2-Manjuyod; 2-Ayungon; 6-La Libertad
Missing - 71 : 29-Guihulngan; 42-La Libertad
Injured - 54 : 12-Jimalalud; 42–Guihulngan

Affected population (NDRRMC data 09/02 - 20:00 (8:00 PM) local time)
- Population affected in 70 barangays/ 8 municipalities/ 1 city/ 1 province in REGION VII is 17,681 families / 88,407 persons
- People currently served inside and outside evacuation centers :  17,225 families / 86,127 persons
$$$ - inside 14 evacuation centers : 4,527 families / 22,657 persons
$$$ - outside evacuation centers : 12,698 families / 63,407 persons

Update 09/02 - 00:49 UTC :
NDRRMC report February 9, 06:00 AM local time
- Affected population :
The total number of population affected in 59 barangays/ 8 municipalities/ 1 city/ 1 province in REGION VII is 14,803 families / 74,017 persons
The total number of population currently served inside and outside evacuation centers is 5,372 families / 26,862 persons
• The total number of population currently served inside 30 evacuation centers is 1,527 families / 7,657 persons
• The total number of population currently served  outside evacuation centers is  3,845 families / 19,205 persons
- Casualty numbers have not been changed since our latest updates.
- the number of aftershocks are slowing down a lot compared to the 24 hours following the mainshock.  At Febr. 8 06 PM,  the number of aftershocks was 1,239. 75 were felt by the public.
- For a very extensive detailed list of the damage, names of the victims, aif being distributed, etc . Click here

Update 08/02 - 18:31 UTC :
NDRRMC warns the population of Negros Oriental for aftershocks who can generate new landslides, seen as the most dangerous part of these earthquakes.
The people of Negros are continuing to live outside their houses out of fear for earthquakes.
No change in casualty numbers since yesterday.

Update 08/02 - 08:45 UTC :
Felt report received a few hours ago :
Tibyawan : this what i have heard on the news : there has been 21 confirmed dead and still more missing. In Tibyawan

Update 07/02 - 23:55 UTC :
NDRRMC report February 8, 08:00 AM local time
- 1,239 aftershocks so far (most of them cannot be felt by humans)
- 75 aftershocks have been felt by the people
- 26 people have been officially reported as killed52 injured and 71 still missing.
- All the missing people are supposed to have been buried by landslides

Damage after the Negros February 6, 2012 earthquake - image courtesy

Important update 07/02 - 23:50 UTC :
The following video behind the link gives a very good impression of the kind of damage inflicted in the direct epicenter area. Luckily people are living mainly in simple wooden houses. Whole mountains have been slided away. (Thanks to ER reader Hugh Braker).
Army 302nd Brigade commander Col. Francisco Patrimonio said on Tuesday afternoon that 48 people have been found dead so far and around 56 people were injured in the earthquake. Of the 92 people missing, 30 were reported buried by a landslide in Planas village in Guihulngan and 42 others were also buried by another landslide in Solongon village in La Libertad town. Army figures are higher than the official death toll from the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).

Update 07/02 - 14:46 UTC :
- Status of roads and bridges :
• A total of ten (10) bridges in Negros Oriental were not passable due to following damages: collapsed span, damaged approached, collapsed abutment, collapsed center span, twisted bridge, mis-aligned spans and collapsed pier.
• One (1) road in Dumaguete North road was not passable because of cracks and cuts damages.
• Two (2) roads in Badian, Cebu were not passable because of huge rocks fall, landslides and road slip.
- Status of basic services
• Guihulngan City – water supply system was totally damaged; Electric facilities are down, no Globe and Smart signal
• La libertad, Negros  Oriental – no Globe signal
• Jimalalud, Guihulngan, and La Libertad –  cannot be reached due to damage to bridge (source: PIA)
• Ayungon, Tayasan, Jimalalud, La Libertad and Guihulngan all in Negros Oriental – has no electricity and water
- Official casualties
Dead : 22   (12-Guihulngan; 4-Jimalalud; 3-Tayasan; 1-Bindoy; 1-Bais; 1-Ayungon)
Injured : 52   (12 – Jimalalud; 40 – Guihulngan)
Missing : 71 (29-Brgy. Planas, Guihulngan; 42-Brgy. Solonggon, La libertad)

Update 07/02 - 12:01 UTC :
Tibyawan, Ayungon, Negros Oriental : I just got a report from people living in Tibyawan that the majority of the homes have completely collapsed, and that many of the families their currently have no access to food or water because of the roads being damaged.

Update 07/02 - 06:46 UTC :
- The official death toll is at 15, with 71 missing currently.
From the 71 missing, 29 are located in Planas and Guihulngan, and 42 in the Provinces of Solonggon and La Libertad.
- Guihulngan City (pop. 100,000) has been the hardest hit with a total loss of power and water supply.
- It can be seen that the landslides have caused the most fatalities with over 75 people either missing or killed as a result.
- Negros Oriental (pop. 1.2 million) has suspended all work and classes currently.
- 52 people have been hospitalised with many more injured in addition.
- This is of course CATDAT Red.
- We will be releasing a death toll list of family members on a separate page in the coming hours.

Update 07/02 - 00:46 UTC :
- The official death toll stands at 15. Military sources are claiming however that 43 people have lost their life.
- More than 700 aftershocks were recorded in Visayas so far (98% which could not be felt by humand.
- Negros Oriental has suspended work and classes.
- Guihulngan City presently needs drinking water as its water supply system was totally damaged.
- Electric facilities are still down in Guihulngan City . Also needed are tents as well as food for evacuees.

Update 22:40 UTC :  This is a I Have Felt It report we received earlier today. It shows very well the kind of panic after a big earthquake in coastal areas.
Once again we stress that authorities should use Text broadcasting to inform all clients of a network with vital information.  What we advise : cut voice messages and send an immediate broadcast to all clients in a certain area that only Text messaging is allowed until further notice + send as much as official information as needed to inform the public. This is not "star wars" theory but easily feasible with today's technology ! Our proposal is based of following earthquakes all over the world with almost everywhere outages and saturated cell phone lines.

"I live on 5'floor in a hotel, downtown Cebu City. Suddenly the bed began to shake. Then more and more and I stood op and watch out of the windows. The eletric wires was swinging and the windows shaking and the whole hotel the same. I ran down the stairs and out, but after a while I went back. Later, just when I left an restaurent, their came running a lot of people op the street towards uptown. 'Sunami', 'water', was shouting and many of the people was youngsters in schooluniforms. We ran uptown and many people was crying and there was a lot of panic. Many try to call there ralatives on the cellphone. I was only thinking to get up to a higher place, like the rest of the many thousend people running. It was scaring, but olso strange. There was a man running with another man, who was unable to walk, on his bag. And another place and old man wanted to sell me a bottle of water. When I came up-town I went into a bakery to have a cup of coffee and there was a woman crying, the coffee and the cake came, but the the mass of people on the street start to shout and run again and one of the bakers in uniform, ran out of the shop too, so I did the same. No coffe or cake. But after some time I started to relaxe and at last I was told that nothing was happened."

Update 22:04 UTC : As we have received far more Experience "I Felt It" reports than those on this page, we have created a separate page including more of them.  Click here to visit this page.

Update 18:38 UTC :  Official damage statistics as reported at Febr. 7 00.030 local time
Region 6
Cracks on glass walls -- San Carlos Unitop Building
cracks -- City halls of Sagay and Cadiz; some 4 schools; hospitals; gyms; malls; and other structures
Cracks on joint portion -- Talubangi Bridge

Region 7
Guihulngan City
collapsed : Barangay Hall
Damaged bridge approaches : Bateria Bridge (impassable)
damaged : Tinayunan Bridge and road (impassable)
cracks : Government and commercial buildings; roads; several other structures
Slight damage : HQ 11 IB in Brgy Mckinley, Guihulgan
Damaged : Matoog Bridge (passable only to light vehicles)

damaged : 2 residential houses
damaged : Tanglawan Bridge (passable on to light vehicles)
damaged : Pangaluan Bridge (impassable)
La Libertad
Wiped out : 5 cottages in Comendador Beach Resort were wiped out due to sudden rise of water
damaged : La Libertad Bridge (impassable)
collapsed : 3-storey, Laturnas Bldg
damaged : 20 residential houses (Sitio Block 2, Brgy Sulungon)
collapsed : Aglipay Church
damaged : Martelo Bridge (impassable)
damaged : Steel bridge (passable only to light vehicles)
Cebu City
Surface cracks : RSB Building, Abellana National School, St. Vincent Gen. Hosp (old building)
cracks : Mangoto Bridge (Pinamungahan-Mantalongon)
Dumaguete City
collapsed : Pangaloan Bridge (impassable)
Cracks amplified/aggravated : St. Vincent Parish Church
Cracks amplified/aggravated : Conception Elem. School
Iloilo City
damaged : Bridge connecting Calinog and Lumbano
damaged : Bridge (impassable)
Minor cracks : roads
Minor damages : roads
cracks : PNP In-houses and Police Station
Slight damage : Ayungon bridge (passable only to light vehicles)

Update 17:32 UTCGuihulngan City looks to be the hardest hit of all towns. Many houses have collapsed, the water supply system is totally damaged and  Electric facilities are down. This maybe suprising as the epicenter was located in between Tayasan and Jimamalud. Guihulngan City is at least 30 km from the Phivolcs located epicenter.

Update : The video below shows the rise of the Sea water. The recording probably starts after the water has retreated and starts to flow in again. The rise of the water corresponds with the theoretical calculations from GDACS.
The first part of the second video shows the strong shaking in a part of Cebu City. (Thanks to ER contributor Carlos Robles)

Update 17:00 UTC : The following official Incident table published just after midnight gives an indication of the most damaging factors of this earthquake. Tsunami waves have at least damaged some houses and a retreating sea (an indication that a tsunami may be arriving) was also reported.  Landslides have killed numerous (a phenomenon that also happens in the Philippines after storms and heavy rainfall). The numbers given here are solid official numbers from the government. The numbers mentioned in our article are derived from many to be trusted sources.

Update 15:00 UTC : Military sources have reported that 43 people have been killed. 29 people were killed by landslides and at least 10 by collapsed buildings. This toll will probably get higher the following hours.  40 people are at least missing and 100 injured. Many buildings damaged or destroyed, at least 9 bridges damaged and some landslides occurred in Negros Oriental. (various sources)

Update 14:50 UTC : In Cebu city, a popular tourist destination and city of 2.3 million, hotel guests scrambled to higher floors as unfounded rumors that a huge tsunami was bearing down spread by text message. (ER : these rumors are persistent after every serious earthquake. People should be aware of value and be informed not to panic and what to do. Rescuing to a higher place is a very good reflex but please do not believe predictions of something to happen soon - nobody in the world is able to predict the strength of aftershocks.

Update 14:42 UTC : Damage report issued at 05:00 PM (17:00) local time by the Philippine authorities. more damage may be expected the coming hours.

Update: 40 killed and many missing with 100 injured due to earthquake induced landslides. The death toll is expected to continue to rise.

Update: 13 have been killed and many are missing following this earthquake. Landslides and aftershocks including a m6.2 in the last hour are making conditions difficult for rescuers.

Update:  5 have been killed and at least 29 missing. more news to follow.

Update : GMA report in mixed Tagalog / English language about the situation in the Philippines after the earthquake.

Update 07:23 UTC : The NDRRMC said both damage to property and aftershocks are expected from the quake, whose epicenter was traced to 5 km northwest of Tayasan, Negros Oriental.

Update 06:23 UTC : Not much more news than the 1 child killed has come from the authorities. Local tsunami alerts have been put out in the Visayas region - Alert Level 2 - stay away from the coast due to unusual waves.

Meanwhile, National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) head Benito "Ramos said a child was crushed when a wall fell after the earthquake in Negros Oriental".
In Negros Occidental, Ramos said the quake damaged the glass windows of a mall. In Iloilo, cracks were also noted at a mall.
The Cebu Department of Foreign Affairs building also had cracks.

In Cebu, the provincial capitol suspended work in the afternoon.

The tsunami alert is for the Cebu and Negros coastlines.

Update 05:42 UTC : Philvolcs has located the shallow hypocenter and epicenter below land. Click here for the mapping location.  Normally local agencies who have far more seismographs installed in their country and can be  trusted for determining exact epicenters.  Tayasan and Jimalalud have to be considered as closest to the epicenter and this at highest risk. We expect more injured and a lot of damage in these areas.

Tayasan has a population of 30,477 people in 6,374 households
Jimalalud has a population of 26,756 people in 5,144 households.

Update : Reuters reports that One child died and a local tsunami alert was issued.

Update : Many aftershocks are currently hitting the epicenter area. Some go as high as M 5.6, which are considered as moderately dangerous earthquakes themselves

Update : These are experience reports coming from Dumaguete city , described by Phivolcs as experiencing an very strong intensity VII :
Dumaguete city - fist time to fell that strong earthquake although I shouldn't be afraid coz it's part of y course-geology. but who wouldn't???haha funny but still scary :((
Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental - recent strong shaking, but so far w/o damaging any infrastructures. about 5seconds strong, then softening over a periode of 15-20seconds.

Update : Philvolcs, the Philippines seismological bureau has reported a magnitude of 6.9 at the shallow (damaging) depth of only 10 km ! This is very bad news !
Intensity values as reported by Phyvolcs :
Intensity VII - Dumaguete City
Intensity VI -
La Carlota City and La Castellana, Negros Occidental
Intensity V -
Roxas City; Dao and Ivisan, Capiz; Iloilo City
Intensity IV -
San Jose de Buenavista and Pandan Antique; Ayungon, Negros Oriental; Kalibo, Aklan; Sagay, Negros Occidental; Dipolog City
Intensity III -
Butuan City, Agusan del Norte; Legaspi City, Albay; Carmen, Cagayan de Oro
Intensity II -
Cabid-an, Sorsogon

Update : has been overwhelmed with quake experience reports.We are currently working on it

Update : Tsunami risk
GDACs reports that it is likely that a tsunami was generated. The maximum tsunami wave height near the coast of Da-og will be 0.19m. If this theoretical value has become true, no damage from a tsunami will be likely.

Update : Based on our earlier experience, we at least expect damage from this earthquake

Update : The depth of the hypocenter is now the most important parameter. Luckily the earthquakes epicenter has been set in the sea.

Update : USGS predicts that 207,000 people will have felt a very strong shaking. Those people and their houses are at highest riusk during this earthquake

Update : the earthquakes epicenter was located 10 km out of the Jamalalud and La Libertad coastline

The earthquake occurred very close to La Libertad, a city with 36,000 people.
Although the depth is at 46 km following USGS, we are calling this earthquake as Extremely dangerous if epicenter location, depth and magnitude are confirmed.
an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred in the very highly populated region of Central Visayas in Philippines. The nearest populated places are: Ayungon (20km), Tayasan (12km), Cantaup (16km), Jimalalud (6km), La Libertad (7km), Apanangon (6km), Guihulngan (15km), Villegas (15km). The closest civilian airport is Bacolod (73km).

Shaking map La Libertad earthquake February 6, 2012 - image courtesy USGS GOOGLE+ / FACEBOOK
"I Have Felt It" reports as received by

  • cagayan de oro city, philippines - light shaking for almost 30 seconds
  • PHILIPPINES - The house shook for 45 seconds then another shake for 30 seconds water in swimming pool was shaking violently flying out of pool......Zamboanguita Negros Oriental
  • TALIBON, BOHOL, PHILS - About 11:49 local time felt the earth shake. Objects moved on shelves, and lost electricity for a few minutes. No damage to our brick home.
  • Siaton, Negros Oriental, Philippines - Shaking lasted a "long time", probably only between one and two minutes. First felt moderate shaking, which went on for about 20-30 seconds, then diminished to almost none, then increased to light shaking for another 30-45 seconds
  • negros Occidental - felt like being on a ship with rough high waves of water neighborhood very shaken I am a US Citizen visiting Philippines
  • Bacolod Negros - There was a deep rumble and the floor started moving around a bit like you are on a boat at sea. It lasted for about 10 seconds but seemed longer.
  • Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental - recent strong shaking, but so far w/o damaging any infrastructures. about 5seconds strong, then softening over a periode of 15-20seconds.
  • Iligan City  : all the government employees felt it!!! every was really scared
  • Iligan City  : Location Iligan City about 11:48AM time all the sudden earthquake occurs it last longer over 2-3 minutes i felt dizzy my door is moving i barely feel my feet..
  • Philippines : there was a shaking sound followed by movement. i lasted a couple of seconds. Radovanovic, Irish Mae
  • Danao City : Scared the heck out of us. The whole house just moved side to side by about 16 to 18 inches. Lamps on ceiling chains were swinging back and forth. I was at my computer and held onto the desk and file cabinet beside me. I had St. Benedict Crucifix on my desk, grabbed it, and prayed to be spared. I felt dizzy after the shaking. My wife was working on her computer near our altar, she grabbed her monitor so it would not tip over and break and prayed for God to spare us. Thankfully, we are all alright and no damages and no injuries. Worst earthquake I have ever felt. Feels like slight aftershocks are coming now. 12;05 pm 2-6-2012 John
  • Lapu Lapu : at aboout or close to 1145am pht we felt a moderate shaking bring neighbors outside. Please confim the epic center plz this was felt in lapu lapu and 1145 or close to it at this am ty
  • Talisay City : I was fast asleep and was awaken because I thought someone's shaking my bed. But to my surprise everything inside the house is shaking. I went out and go to a place where there is no things that might fall. It lasted for almost a minute.
  • Cebu : AT 1150 am local time, Lapu-Lapu city, cebu phillipines 06 Feb 2012. a very weak shaking for about 4-5 seconds..
  • Dumaguete city - fist time to fell that strong earthquake although I shouldn't be afraid coz it's part of y course-geology. but who wouldn't???haha funny but still scary :((
  • Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental - recent strong shaking, but so far w/o damaging any infrastructures. about 5seconds strong, then softening over a periode of 15-20seconds.
  • PHILIPPINES - though it lasted long, around 20 sec. it did not spill my coffee.
  • PHILIPPINES - i was scared
  • Capitol site, Cebu City - So scary, first time that i experience that shaking, and there were 2 aftershocks
  • cebu city - Premiere fois que je sens un tremblement de terre, j'etais avec mes 3 enfants, nous avons eu peur de sentir la terre trembler. Juste un truc est tombé.
  • Cebu IT park - Felt a strong shakes for first 30 seconds then subsided to small shakes for another 15 seconds. We are inside an office at the first floor and the building admins let us out of office.
  • PHILIPPINES - it was scary since we live on a second floor apartment
  • Cebu Philippines - i thought it was the end of the world.
  • PHILIPPINES - Strongest earthquake I have experienced sine the Loma Priet earthquake on 10/17/89 in the Bay Area of California. This quake seemed to lift and shake side to sidesimultaneously and lasted longer than most quakes. It was a obviously a strong quake at the
  • Mandaue City - at the office, and found the glass door, shaking itself... we ran outside.. and the shaking lasted for 10 seconds i think.. whheew
  • Mandaue City - at the office, 3rd floor of the building, it was scary the doors are shaking itself...
  • Cebu City - I felt the earth moving under my feet, alternately... where can we possibly check where the epi center of the quake so we can estimate the danger of the aftershock?
  • Sibulan, Negros Oriental - house was moving, neighbors went out of their houses
  • Philippines : just experienced a same feeling aftershock around 12:24pm feb 6.. and is this true that this earthquake was expected before due to the planetary alignment? it was indicated a strong earthqueake of magnitude 7.9 between feb 6-10.. hope this isnt true.. but its scary since this is already magniture 6.3
  • Panglao, Bohol : The strongest earthquake Ive ever been felt in my whole life.
    My PC and the floor were shaking left to right. After a while,I thought that was it. But after few seconds, it struck again, this time with more intense..Thanks God for giving us this second life.
  • Cagayan de Oro City : i didnt notice that there is earthquate, i was wondering why i feel dizzy and my head and eyes not i know what magnitude?
  • Cebu : was playing world of warcraft when I felt my pc shaking and my wife forced to wake up coz she felt it too. I looked outsided and saw the electrical wires swinging from the posts. lasted for about a min and after around 20-30mins another weak shaking came around. Called my family from about 20mins away from my place and they had eletricity shutdown.
  • Panagsama Beach, Moalboal : Moderate shaking for about 15 seconds followed by increased waves on the beach. Some overturned boats but no real damage
  • Tango road, Cebu City : i felt it...we felt it...we thought it was just our students running around but then the shaking were intense, even the computers.  Some windows of the church nearby cracked and even our building had a crack.
  • Bacolod City : it was not so much of shaking but swaying like waves..shock waves perhaps and we did hear somewhat a roaring sound...
  • Iligan City : the cable wire near our bldg s really swaying and the building near us s dancing
  • Bacolod City : it was not so much of shaking but swaying like waves..shock waves perhaps and we did hear somewhat a roaring sound...
  • Fuente circle, Cebu : glad we're ok. didn't feel any aftershock
  • Bacolod City : actually it was not so much of shaking but moderate swaying was like waves in seas.. right now i feel dizzy...
  • Manaue City : It was an unforgettable experience. The school is shaking and I've never imagine that i can do some Ninja moves. ADRENALINE RUSH!
  • Bacolod City : We are on the second floor of our Building in UNO-R, and sad to say that it is the first day of our midterm exam and because of this, examinations have been cancelled. Though it was scary and dangerous, we still gained something in this event.
  • Sipalay, Negros : Material fällt aus Tablaren
  • Guihulngan, Negros Oriental : people can't barely stand on their feet, as if they were pulled back down to the ground. An 6 wheeler mini-dump truck moved forward for up to 4 - 6meters from its original place. we felt stronger shakes and damages compared to the epicenter (TAYASAN and AYUNGON, Negros Oriental)

Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : M 6.8 later updated to 6.7
UTC Time : Monday, February 06, 2012 at 03:49:16 UTC
Local time at epicenter : Monday, February 06, 2012 at 11:49:16 AM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) :  46.6 km later updated to 20 km
Geo-location(s) :
72 km (44 miles) N of Dumaguete, Negros, Philippines
74 km (45 miles) WNW of Tagbilaran, Bohol, Philippines
80 km (49 miles) WSW of Cebu, Cebu, Philippines

Links to important maps
USGS Did You Feel It Map
Google satellite map showing the epicenter and the surrounding area.
Historic earthquakes map
Seismic hazard map
Shaking map
Focal mechanism report
Human impact map
GDACS earthquake report
GDACS tsunami report

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I did feel it – Ik heb het gevoeld – Το έκανα αισθάνεται Yo lo he sentido – 我的确感到了 – 私はそれを感じていました- Ich habe es gefühlt – Bunu hissediyorum yaptı – لم أشعر أنه


  1. Thank you very much for this great information. Let’s pray for the people who were struck by this massive quake. God be with us all.

  2. just Pray and Believe in God

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    deseo que solucionen pronto estos inconvenientes DIOS PADRE les ayudará

  4. czaritoxCésar Quezada
    the wave has reached half of the people, not people reported injured or dead, authorities are evacuating the people into the hills.

    27 Feb 10
    czaritoxCésar Quezada
    Officials say there has been a tsunami on the island of Juan Fernandez (

    27 Feb 10

  5. Here in Iligan City. It happened twice. Scary! But God said, I am with you always. He said, "Be still and know that I am God."