Earthquake Negros - Cebu, Philippines - "I Felt It" reports

Earthquake overview : an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred in the very highly populated region of Central Visayas in Philippines. The nearest populated places are: Ayungon (20km), Tayasan (12km), Cantaup (16km), Jimalalud (6km), La Libertad (7km), Apanangon (6km), Guihulngan (15km), Villegas (15km). The closest civilian airport is Bacolod (73km).
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Experience reports as received by

  • I have felt an earthquake map - courtesy USGS

    Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines - light shaking for almost 30 seconds

  • Philippines  - The house shook for 45 seconds then another shake for 30 seconds water in swimming pool was shaking violently flying out of pool......Zamboanguita Negros Oriental
  • Talibon, Bohol - About 11:49 local time felt the earth shake. Objects moved on shelves, and lost electricity for a few minutes. No damage to our brick home.
  • Siaton, Negros Oriental, Philippines - Shaking lasted a "long time", probably only between one and two minutes. First felt moderate shaking, which went on for about 20-30 seconds, then diminished to almost none, then increased to light shaking for another 30-45 seconds
  • Negros Occidental - felt like being on a ship with rough high waves of water neighborhood very shaken I am a US Citizen visiting Philippines
  • Bacolod Negros - There was a deep rumble and the floor started moving around a bit like you are on a boat at sea. It lasted for about 10 seconds but seemed longer.
  • Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental - recent strong shaking, but so far w/o damaging any infrastructures. about 5seconds strong, then softening over a periode of 15-20seconds.
  • Iligan City  : all the government employees felt it!!! every was really scared
  • Iligan City  : Location Iligan City about 11:48AM time all the sudden earthquake occurs it last longer over 2-3 minutes i felt dizzy my door is moving i barely feel my feet..
  • Philippines : there was a shaking sound followed by movement. i lasted a couple of seconds. Radovanovic, Irish Mae
  • Danao City : Scared the heck out of us. The whole house just moved side to side by about 16 to 18 inches. Lamps on ceiling chains were swinging back and forth. I was at my computer and held onto the desk and file cabinet beside me. I had St. Benedict Crucifix on my desk, grabbed it, and prayed to be spared. I felt dizzy after the shaking. My wife was working on her computer near our altar, she grabbed her monitor so it would not tip over and break and prayed for God to spare us. Thankfully, we are all alright and no damages and no injuries. Worst earthquake I have ever felt. Feels like slight aftershocks are coming now. 12;05 pm 2-6-2012 John
  • Lapu Lapu : at aboout or close to 1145am pht we felt a moderate shaking bring neighbors outside. Please confim the epic center plz this was felt in lapu lapu and 1145 or close to it at this am ty
  • Talisay City : I was fast asleep and was awaken because I thought someone's shaking my bed. But to my surprise everything inside the house is shaking. I went out and go to a place where there is no things that might fall. It lasted for almost a minute.
  • Cebu : AT 1150 am local time, Lapu-Lapu city, cebu phillipines 06 Feb 2012. a very weak shaking for about 4-5 seconds..
  • Dumaguete city - fist time to fell that strong earthquake although I shouldn't be afraid coz it's part of y course-geology. but who wouldn't???haha funny but still scary :((
  • Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental - recent strong shaking, but so far w/o damaging any infrastructures. about 5seconds strong, then softening over a periode of 15-20seconds.
  • Philippines  - though it lasted long, around 20 sec. it did not spill my coffee.
  • Philippines  - i was scared
  • Capitol site, Cebu City - So scary, first time that i experience that shaking, and there were 2 aftershocks
  • cebu city - Premiere fois que je sens un tremblement de terre, j'etais avec mes 3 enfants, nous avons eu peur de sentir la terre trembler. Juste un truc est tombé.
  • Cebu IT park - Felt a strong shakes for first 30 seconds then subsided to small shakes for another 15 seconds. We are inside an office at the first floor and the building admins let us out of office.
  • Philippines  - it was scary since we live on a second floor apartment
  • Cebu Philippines - i thought it was the end of the world.
  • Philippines  - Strongest earthquake I have experienced sine the Loma Priet earthquake on 10/17/89 in the Bay Area of California. This quake seemed to lift and shake side to sidesimultaneously and lasted longer than most quakes. It was a obviously a strong quake at the
  • Mandaue City - at the office, and found the glass door, shaking itself... we ran outside.. and the shaking lasted for 10 seconds i think.. whheew
  • Mandaue City - at the office, 3rd floor of the building, it was scary the doors are shaking itself...
  • Cebu City - I felt the earth moving under my feet, alternately... where can we possibly check where the epi center of the quake so we can estimate the danger of the aftershock?
  • Sibulan, Negros Oriental - house was moving, neighbors went out of their houses
  • Philippines : just experienced a same feeling aftershock around 12:24pm feb 6.. and is this true that this earthquake was expected before due to the planetary alignment? it was indicated a strong earthqueake of magnitude 7.9 between feb 6-10.. hope this isnt true.. but its scary since this is already magniture 6.3
  • Panglao, Bohol : The strongest earthquake Ive ever been felt in my whole life.
    My PC and the floor were shaking left to right. After a while,I thought that was it. But after few seconds, it struck again, this time with more intense..Thanks God for giving us this second life.
  • Cagayan de Oro City : i didnt notice that there is earthquate, i was wondering why i feel dizzy and my head and eyes not i know what magnitude?
  • Cebu : was playing world of warcraft when I felt my pc shaking and my wife forced to wake up coz she felt it too. I looked outsided and saw the electrical wires swinging from the posts. lasted for about a min and after around 20-30mins another weak shaking came around. Called my family from about 20mins away from my place and they had eletricity shutdown.
  • Panagsama Beach, Moalboal : Moderate shaking for about 15 seconds followed by increased waves on the beach. Some overturned boats but no real damage
  • Tango road, Cebu City : i felt it...we felt it...we thought it was just our students running around but then the shaking were intense, even the computers.  Some windows of the church nearby cracked and even our building had a crack.
  • Bacolod City : it was not so much of shaking but swaying like waves..shock waves perhaps and we did hear somewhat a roaring sound...
  • Iligan City : the cable wire near our bldg s really swaying and the building near us s dancing
  • Bacolod City : it was not so much of shaking but swaying like waves..shock waves perhaps and we did hear somewhat a roaring sound...
  • Fuente circle, Cebu : glad we're ok. didn't feel any aftershock
  • Bacolod City : actually it was not so much of shaking but moderate swaying was like waves in seas.. right now i feel dizzy...
  • Manaue City : It was an unforgettable experience. The school is shaking and I've never imagine that i can do some Ninja moves. ADRENALINE RUSH!
  • Bacolod City : We are on the second floor of our Building in UNO-R, and sad to say that it is the first day of our midterm exam and because of this, examinations have been cancelled. Though it was scary and dangerous, we still gained something in this event.
  • Sipalay, Negros : Material fällt aus Tablaren
  • Cebu : I do not understand HOW a 3:49 am QUAKE was felt and NOW at 12 noon - whats going on?
  • Siquijor, Central Visayas : first one moderate shaking furniture shaking. Second one more moderate
  • Negros : Cracks on building walls. Falling objects. Lasted more than a minute
  • Cebu : Felt a strong shakes for first 30 seconds then subsided to small shakes for another 15 seconds.  We are inside an office at the first floor and the building admins let us out of office.
  • Philippines :  i haven't experience like this kind of earthquake..its very strong
  • Dapitan City : also here in Dapitan City are also felt a little shaking,but it is shocking,house was moving, neighbors went out of their houses
  • Minglanilla, Cebu : strong shaking indicated
  • Cebu : just as today, we had experienced shaking of earth in Cebu. as reported, it 6.8 magnitude.
  • Cebu : This is my first time to experience a 6.8 Magnitude earthquake. I am situated on the 4th floor of the building and can see and felt the shaking of the building. We are about to run downstairs, but thanks God, the trembled had stopped. My deepest gratitude to Senor Sto. Niño for protecting all of us here.
  • San Carlos City, Negros Occidental : vases were tossed off the shelf...people running out of buildings, some are crying.  even my daughter cried.  we were on the second floor of our office, a school building and it shaked violently
  • Bacolod City : while i was eating i felt the floor shaking
  • Panglao, Bohol : The strongest earthquake Ive ever been felt in my whole life. My PC and the floor were shaking left to right. After a while,I thought that was it. But after few seconds, it struck again, this time with more intense. Thanks God for giving us this second life
  • Guihulngan : My sister was in guihulngan and txting me that the earthquake was very strong, there is a level 2 alert of tsumani.  Please check them I'm so worried.  Give me more update about tsunami.  She reported that the road back to sagay is close. Is it true?
  • Iloilo City : CPUs inside the internet cafe were shaking unnaturally, at first we thought some guy was just rocking hard in his chair and we were about to tell him off.. and then everyone started to look at each other and the exit. a few more seconds later and we all rushed outside, scared what would happen if ever the building would collapse. even the parked car outside and the lamp posts with the electric lines were being swayed by the earthquake, good thing it calmed down after a few seconds.. the aftershocks were sth else as well.. it was quite the experience..
  • Philippines : moderate shaking at first then went stronger that lasted for about a minute, i felt very dizzy. there weak after shocks and 2 strong after shock. the sea in our area went backwards and came back but the wave is low. never felt that strong earth quake before.
  • Tacloban City : We've been experiencing numerous earthquakes these past couple of days. The one today was the strongest so far
  • Misamis Oriental, Cagayan de Oro City : My first experience ever...felt the earth move and the picture frame shaking and I felt giddy
  • Dapitan City : here in Dapitan city philippines we experience a very strong shaking that lasted 30 sec.
  • Dumaguete : everyone is going up to the nearby mountainous place of Valencia
  • Cebu, Minglanilla, Tulay Coastal : tables are shaking....
  • Bais City : The same here in Bais City, we were preparing food for lunch, but what happened is that there was a terrible shaking, the kitchen utensils were falling down and we suddenly came to realize that it was an earthquake.
    and those people from san Jose, okiot and other coastal barangay were suddenly running towards cabanlutan, cambaguio Candigumon, these are mountain barangays in Bais because a a report says that a tsunami just hit jimalalud, tanjay, tayasan and Guihulngan and that there were lot of casualties.  Who doesnt want to pack thier bags and go with those who are running towards the mountain?
  • Tacloban City : We've been experiencing numerous earthquakes these past couple of days. The one today was the strongest so far.
  • Labason, Zamboanga del Norte : The earthquake starts at 11:43 in the morning, it shakes for about 10 seconds
  • Bacolod City : Im on a 5 meter bridge crossing to the other side while it is strongly shaking, I run because I felt that there's gonna happen to me or I can be fall. Praise God He saves me.
  • Inayawan : Thought it was a cloth dried shaking for about 20 sec, then realized we don't have one. Then a hard strong shake at the end.
  • Ozamiz City :   It was just a moderate shaking, but most of the students in La Salle University Ozamiz were afraid and we all gather to the grounds and oval. Some of the teachers also are just stayed in the Classroom and they prayed together with the students.
  • Bacolod City : Shook quite a bit for 30 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Mindanao : felt the Feb 6 2012 quake but it was nothing compared to my 1976 earthquake experience...that 1976 quake occurred around 4:30 a.m. and lasted forever and caused the tsunami in Pagadian City - resulting in great damage to life and property there.  I was lucky I live on the other side of Mindanao, so it just scared me to death though....I'll never forget that quake...
  • Bacolod City : Earlier Morning Chandeliers were shaking, my computer chair was dancing my head felt nauseating, and 2 aftershocks occurred a few moments ago 🙁
  • Cebu City :  I live on 5'floor in a hotel, downtown Cebu City. Suddenly the bed began to shake. Then more and more and I stood op and watch out of the windows. The electric wires was swinging and the windows shaking and the whole hotel the same. I ran down the stairs and out, but after a while I went back. Later, just when I left an restaurant, their came running a lot of people op the street towards uptown. 'Tsunami', 'water', was shouting and many of the people was youngsters in school uniforms. We ran uptown and many people was crying and there was a lot of panic. Many try to call there relatives on the cellphone. I was only thinking to get up to a higher place, like the rest of the many thousand people running. It was scaring, but also strange. There was a man running with another man, who was unable to walk, on his bag. And another place and old man wanted to sell me a bottle of water. When I came up-town I went into a bakery to have a cup of coffee and there was a woman crying, the coffee and the cake came, but the the mass of people on the street start to shout and run again and one of the bakers in uniform, ran out of the shop too, so I did the same. No coffee or cake. But after some time I started to relax and at last I was told that nothing was happened.
  • Kabankalan : It's some kind of a new adventure to experience earthquake
  • Iligan City : Everybody was afraid. The new building of Iligan City National High School was cracked. Around 6pm, it happened again!
  • Gaisano  : its a very weird experience in Gaisano metro colon , watching all people running towards you shouting tsunami , and i jump out of the car, leaving my co workers inside and the driver, while i was runnning towards fuente osmenya, when i was nearly in P. del Rosario St. i noticed that no flood is coming,  so i look back to my companion and i realized that its a false alarm when we heard the news in the radio station......jun ZAMORA
  • Cebu IT Park : We are working that time with my co-workmates in the office. We're at the 6th floor of the bldg and it was scary. All employees advised to leave the operations and the bldg and went to a safe and open area as possible.
  • Negros Occidental, Don Salvador Benedicto : Having an early lunch outdoors by the slopes of hills when the ground started to move. The ground movement was rolling in our feet. We felt like we were having dizzy spells at first and our table center pieces started to fall down. It felt like it lasted about 15 seconds. Grazing horses nearby were startled and looked up. Some of our friends who were in a balcony structure on stilts, felt it was the end of the world because the whole structure were swaying wildly. After the quake, we felt several aftershocks.
  • Lapu-lapu City : The ceiling of our factory vibrated initially which got the attention of the people. Then there was a big jolt which confirmed that there was really an earthquake. We had to go out via the emergency exits just to evacuate the factory building and stayed in our designated safe areas (just like what we do when we had fire drills).
  • Bago City : about 8am today (Tuesday), light shaking but enough to startle me off my seat. Lasted about 1-2 seconds only but every now and then we can still feel some "waving"
  • Murcia (Philippines) : Moderate shaking. Lockers, beds and tables at the dorm sways. There was a roaring sound. Shook for about 15 seconds
  • Tibyawan, Ayungon, Negros Oriental : I just got a report from people living in Tibyawan that the majority of the homes have completely collapsed, and that many of the families their currently have no access to food or water because of the roads being damaged.
  • Tibyawan : this what i have heard on the news : there has been 21 confirmed dead and still more missing. In Tibyawan
  • Iloilo : I eated my lunch and at 11.57 a.m. I felt waves under the ground and noise in the house. I ran outside and cried: Is that an earthquake? Go out!!. I scared because I didn't know what can happen more.
  • Valencia, Bohol : I never thought that it really did happen unless my sister in Valencia - Bohol, Philippines told me they encounter an earthquake that is quite strong also only she doesnt know what intensity it is but she felt dizzy. I hope they're safe and doin fine now.
  • Canlaon City : On the day this earthquake hit my mission group had left Canlaon City and had flown out from Bacolod to Manila and on to Vietnam. When we arrived in Ho Chi Minh we were made aware of the quake the next day. Relieved to have gotten out but sad for our friends who have been harmed by the quake. Our pastor friend's home was broken apart by the quake. Hard to believe we got out just in time. Thank God we did!


  1. Hugh Braker says:

    ABS-CBN is reporting today that the army is saying 92 dead and 129 missing: However, Negros civil defence official says 129 missing. Guihulngan is reporting "dozens" dead in that city alone. I fear this deathtoll is going to go much higher than what the Philippine Government is saying. The NDRRMC is saying 71 are missing. see Seems the right hand is not talking to the left hand in the Philippines on this one.

    • Armand Vervaeck says:

      Thanks Hugh. We have to be cautious and we give both estimates. Currently in the title is the NDRRMC as you have seen.

  2. I hope I can help but for now all that I could do is pray for those people who was in the earthquake and for the people who died.