El Hierro Volcano eruption (Canary Islands) : Part 23 – January 1 until January 3

This is Part 23 of the El Hierro Volcano eruption report


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With the collaboration of Joke Volta, an El Hierro resident.
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Update 03/01 - 22:43 UTC
- Unchanged harmonic tremor and no more earthquakes

Update 03/01 - 18:40 UTC
Involcan / Guardia Civil Helicopters have published the video they had recorded yesterday. The pictures have been published earlier (see below - latest update yesterday)

Update 03/01 - 17:20 UTC
- Today's NASA Modis Aqua satellite image. Looks like the stain changed colours a little bit, but it is the shadow from the clouds that makes the stain look more green than blue!

El Hierro from space as seen by NASA Modis Aqua satellite on January 3, 2012

Update 03/01 - 17:16 UTC
- NO recent earthquakes
- Harmonic tremor is playing hard to get and has increased again slightly. As if the volcano is saying, IGN has to stay on duty, i will not stop that easily !
- Set of Joke Volta's morning images photographed from above La Restinga

Update 03/01 - 14:26 UTC
- Answer to Jordi Morera Queral who asked the RTVC about the status of their great webcam : Their answer :
Dear Sir, By decision of the Senior Management, the webcam stopped being operational since 20 December. Best Regards, Oficina del Espectador, TVAC

Update 03/01 - 13:23 UTC
- Cabildo / Telefonica webcams are working again. If it does not work immediately, please refresh your screen.
- A 20 minute time lapse with lots of Smoking Lava Stones (SLS) during the morning hours. The SLS release happened while the tremor signal remained low.

Update 03/01 - 09:18 UTC
- The video below has been recorded a few days ago by Carmen Lopez (IGN) and the Salvamar Adhara crew. This is also the video Joke Volta has been watching at the CAP science center in La Restinga. It was taped with the underwater camera (not a ROV) connected to a cable. What you can see is gas emissions and a lot of jellyfish. Nobody knows what the jellyfish are doing there, they seem to be attracted by the specific water composition and/or higher temperature. At the end the camera arrives in a very interesting environment with much more activity and then it suddenly stops. The video was published on the Canary Islands President site.

Update 03/01 - 08:17 UTC
- Steaming and smoking pumice on the U-stream webcam this morning
- Harmonic tremor at minimum
- 1 M 2.0 earthquake at a depth of 16 km at 05:24 UTC. Epicenter
- webcam servers Cabildo / Telefonica : still down !!!

Smoking lava stones during the morning of December 3 - image captured by Hans-Werner Jouy

Update 02/01 - 22:55 UTC
- Guardia Civil helicopters and Involcan flew over the stain and vent this morning and made an exceptionally beautiful series of the activity. Click on the image to watch the full photo series of today.

Update 02/01 - 22:55 UTC
-Almost no difference in HT since this afternoon = minor to almost no more activity
- NO more earthquakes

Update 02/01 - 17:38 UTC
- Based on harmonic tremor, the eruption, who showed like a last breath yesterday (10 earthquakes - IGN added another one today on the 9 we had listed yesterday) comes to a near end. During the past several days and weeks HT decreased often sharply after the collapse of a vent, but in this case HT decreases bit by bit to a very low value.

Harmonic tremor from midnight UTC until 17:00 - image courtesy IGN

Update 02/01 - 13:38 UTC
- Joke made her daily morning walk and took a lot of beautiful pictures. The stain and the brownish center can well be distinguished on the images. Click on one of the thumbnails to watch the entire series.
- While making her walk she had a talk with the Cabildo / Telefonica maintenance webcam technician. When Joke asked him what was going on he was very surprised (means that he isn't looking at the images himself) and he said that his webcam was working perfectly. He then continued saying that "it must certainly be a Madrid servidor issue". We are almost certain that in Madrid NOBODY knows what is going on.

Update 02/01 - 08:46 UTC
- a weak stain can be seen on the U-stream El Pinar webcam.
- harmonic tremor subsided strongly in the beginning of the night? We suspect that the 2 earthquakes are part of the reason
- instrumental problems seems to continue with more and more periods without signal. CAP science center has many more graphs at their disposal, but only the strongest tremor is shared with the public
- 2 new earthquakes
02/01/2012 03:07:52 10 1.4 SW EL PINAR.IHI
02/01/2012 03:52:25 17 1.1 SW EL PINAR.IHI

Update 01/01 - 20:46 UTC
- Strong harmonic tremor since 14: 00 UTC
- A 9th earthquake occurred at 17:42 at a depth of 22 km. Magnitude 1.5. Epicenter click here.
- Joke Volta made a small clip with the stain in the background and mixed with some beautiful music.

Update 01/01 - 13:55 UTC
- 8th earthquake of the day :
1119745 01/01/2012 12:17:54 Depth 34 km M 1.8 SE FRONTERA.IHI

Update 01/01 - 12:38 UTC
- Joke has just confirmed that the stain is very big and that a couple of circular brown stirring areas can well be seen from La Restinga
- Joke went already to the CAP science center this morning. The man on duty was a Greek volcanologist who was staring with his binoculars to the vent. He said that almost the entire area is brown. Although CAP is closed in the evening, employees from cap returned to the science center during the night to check whether all instruments worked well from 2011 into 2012 (fear of the post millennium bug ? : ) ). He also said that he has seen a few big smoking pyroclastos (lava stones) in between 07:00 and 08:30.

New Year at CAP science center at La Restinga

Update 01/01 - 10:19 UTC
- The start of the year has not been missed by the volcano. A swarm of 7 earthquakes will probably give new strength to the eruption. The number of earthquakes is the biggest during a limited time frame since many weeks.
- Harmonic tremor is still limited, which may be the cause of the many earthquakes
- Telefonica and Movistar will have some days off - The server problem is not yet solved (all 4 webcams do not work). We remind our readers that Movistar / Telefonica is one of the most important telecommunications companies of the world !?! We really liked what they did so far, but this can be handled better.
- The good old fixed U-stream webcam is the only one who also works on New Years day and he shows a lot of activity this morning. Big stain and a wide stirring area.
- The epicenters of the many earthquakes are both in the El Golfo area close to the beach or below Tacaron, La Restinga and El Pinar. The strongest earthquake was a 2.5 magnitude with epicenter in the El Golfo area. We are anxious to hear what IGN has to say about this new development.

Earthquakes and harmonic tremor on Januari 1 2012 from midnight UTC until 10:00


Video : Julio del Castillo Vivero - Iceland capital Reykjavik just after midnight

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