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The list below shows the Washington earthquakes

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SRC Location UTC Date/time M D INFO
USGS Carnation, Washington Mar 24 06:49 2.9 0 MAP
USGS Gold Bar, Washington Mar 24 06:49 2.6 37 MAP
USGS Birch Bay, Washington Mar 22 21:55 2.7 62 MAP
USGS Duvall, Washington Mar 22 09:36 3.2 25 MAP
EMSC Puget Sound Region, Washington Mar 22 09:36 3.2 24 MAP I Felt It INFO
USGS Highland, Washington Mar 20 20:28 2.7 0 MAP
USGS Prairie Ridge, Washington Mar 17 21:06 2.7 15 MAP
USGS Oak Harbor, Washington Mar 16 09:01 2.6 20 MAP I Felt It INFO
USGS Sequim, Washington Feb 27 07:59 3.0 44 MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSC Olympic Peninsula, Washington Feb 27 07:59 3.0 43 MAP
USGS Duvall, Washington Feb 24 02:06 2.7 19 MAP
USGS Morton, Washington Feb 19 21:39 2.5 0 MAP
USGS Clyde Hill, Washington Feb 18 23:28 2.5 7 MAP
USGS Amboy, Washington Feb 17 23:06 2.5 14 MAP
USGS Granite Falls, Washington Feb 14 00:04 2.8 0 MAP
USGS Ocean Shores, Washington Feb 13 10:42 3.2 35 MAP I Felt It INFO
EMSC Offshore Washington Feb 13 10:42 3.2 35 MAP
USGS Darrington, Washington Feb 08 09:41 2.9 0 MAP
EMSC Washington Feb 08 09:41 2.9 0 MAP
USGS Eatonville, Washington Jan 28 08:18 2.6 6 MAP
USGS Lakeland South, Washington Jan 11 14:53 2.7 16 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Auburn - Jolted awake at 6:43am, felt like 1 fast, hard hard hit to the house
  • USGS Fall City, Washington Jan 09 17:20 2.7 15 MAP
    EMSC Washington Jan 09 17:20 2.9 16 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Granite Falls, Washington Jan 06 22:30 2.7 0 MAP
    USGS Friday Harbor, Washington Dec 31 17:13 2.6 11 MAP
    USGS Fall City, Washington Dec 26 15:51 2.7 12 MAP
    USGS Shelton, Washington Dec 25 20:40 2.6 2 MAP
    USGS Washington Dec 19 15:14 2.5 15 MAP
    EMSC Washington Dec 19 15:14 2.9 15 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Tumwater - Around 12:20 pm - sitting on sofa, felt light rolling, not really kerking
  • USGS Fall City, Washington Dec 19 12:41 3.0 16 MAP
    EMSC Washington Dec 19 12:41 3.0 16 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Fall City, Washington Dec 19 03:11 3.4 16 MAP
    EMSC Washington Dec 19 03:10 3.5 15 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Duvall, WA - A jolt that rippled across my home north to south. I was sitting on the floor upstairs and it felt like the floor bounced slightly.
  • north bend wa - 2 quakes both felt shook house rattled dishes
  • USGS Kittitas, Washington Dec 12 22:24 3.1 5 MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSC Washington Dec 12 22:24 3.1 6 MAP
    USGS West Lake Sammamish, Washington Dec 05 02:25 2.7 21 MAP
    USGS West Lake Sammamish, Washington Dec 05 02:25 2.7 20 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Packwood, Washington Dec 01 20:31 3.4 1 MAP
    EMSC Washington Dec 01 20:31 3.6 -1 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Snoqualmie - It was mild shaking for about 2 minutes around 12:15am
  • USGS Packwood, Washington Nov 29 07:44 2.6 -2 MAP
    USGS Hansville, Washington Nov 26 02:47 2.6 12 MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSC Washington Nov 18 16:48 3.3 7 MAP
    USGS Coulee Dam, Washington Nov 18 16:48 3.5 1 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Lake Marcel-stillwater, Washington Nov 13 04:35 2.6 27 MAP
    USGS Fall City, Washington Nov 09 15:38 3.2 17 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Fall city - 5 seconds?
  • FALL CITY - There was a slight rumble and the shake lasted about 4 seconds. The lamp and sliding closet doors shook. I feel its just a matter of time before the big one here.
  • Fall City - No damage, just was enough to catch everyone looking around for a cause.
  • North Bend - Light rumble that sounded like thunder. We could feel the vibration and for about 4 or 5 seconds
  • EMSC Washington Nov 09 15:38 3.2 17 MAP
    USGS Fall City, Washington Nov 09 12:12 2.8 13 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Castle Rock, Washington Nov 03 13:45 2.5 14 MAP
    USGS Walnut Grove, Washington Nov 02 18:34 2.7 5 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Gleed, Washington Oct 25 01:06 2.5 4 MAP
    USGS Duvall, Washington Oct 20 06:25 2.7 12 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Benton City, Washington Oct 15 03:43 3.0 16 MAP
    EMSC Washington Oct 15 03:43 3.0 16 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Lakewood, Wa. - No damage. I am a nursing supervisor, and I was sitting at my desk at 0630. Felt a light trembling on my desk, lasting only about 3 minutes. Nobody else felt it when I asked.
  • USGS Tieton, Washington Sep 30 20:34 2.8 8 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Desert Aire, Washington Sep 29 15:17 2.5 6 MAP
    USGS Royal City, Washington Sep 12 01:44 2.7 1 MAP
    USGS Morton, Washington Sep 09 13:49 2.5 9 MAP
    USGS Riverbend, Washington Sep 07 21:44 2.7 15 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Ault Field, Washington Sep 02 08:24 2.5 6 MAP
    USGS Granite Falls, Washington Aug 19 23:13 2.8 0 MAP
    USGS Fall City, Washington Aug 03 22:02 2.7 15 MAP
    EMSC Washington Aug 03 22:02 2.9 16 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Fairwood, Washington Jul 31 06:26 2.9 10 MAP
    EMSC Seattle-tacoma Area, Washington Jul 31 06:26 2.9 10 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Edmonds Wa - Was asleep when I woke to a shake of my bed
  • USGS Enetai, Washington Jul 20 13:23 2.8 20 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Packwood, Washington Jul 18 08:33 2.8 -1 MAP
    EMSC Seattle-tacoma Area, Washington Jul 17 23:43 3.0 27 MAP
    USGS Cathcart, Washington Jul 17 23:43 3.0 26 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Mukilteo - Light shaking
  • Spanaway - Weak shaking
  • Battle Ground, WA - 7/17/19 @ around 11:09pm PST: started noticing a mild vibration for a couple minutes, then seemed to turn into a distant \"booming\" feeling. Then it would stop both for a minute, now it\'s starting all over again. Like it\'s alternating cycles. (the booming feeling is much heavier, deeper now @ 11:18pm) The Earth is quivering and shivering over here in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Battle Ground - 11:43pm - 11:48pm July 17th. On couch downstairs, feel a mild swaying motion with far away deep trembling sound. Feeling the bumping sound through couch.
  • Battle Ground, WA - 11am-ish PST: feel a shaking and \"bouncing\"?? coupled with deep distant booming sound. Slight swaying motion. (11:20am now, and the booming and bouncing are increasing in strength and frequency.)
  • Battle Ground - 12:38pm PST. Felt a small jolt and tiny bit of movement. Heard the house creak a little bit
  • Battle Ground - 4:15pm PST. Was standing up outside on patio, and kind of pitched forward a couple times. Now, I\'m sitting and feel the ground rumbling. Sitting in a springy type chair, and it\'s moving gently and so is my tea in the glass, leaning slightly. VERY weird feeling
  • Galesburg - No property damage. Lasted for about 2 minutes or so. Everything was shaking gently. Felt weird.
  • USGS Cathcart, Washington Jul 16 07:46 2.7 26 MAP
    EMSC Seattle-tacoma Area, Washington Jul 14 17:44 2.9 26 MAP
    USGS Cathcart, Washington Jul 14 17:44 2.5 29 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Sultan - Felt like a big truck rumble by
  • Monroe - We heard it, then felt it. It was very brief. We were sitting outside in on our porch
  • USGS Navy Yard City, Washington Jul 14 14:21 2.7 23 MAP
    USGS Cathcart, Washington Jul 13 15:04 2.6 25 MAP
    USGS Cathcart, Washington Jul 12 21:31 2.5 25 MAP
    USGS Royal City, Washington Jul 12 10:46 2.6 2 MAP
    USGS Cathcart, Washington Jul 12 09:54 3.5 30 MAP
    GEOFON Washington Jul 12 09:51 4.6 24 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Mountlake Terrace - woke me up.
  • Snohomish - Around 2:50 felt mild jolting accompanied with low rumble for a few seconds, then felt like I was sitting in a vibrating chair for another 5 seconds or so. No property damage.
  • Seattle - Woke me up out of my sleep at the very end of it
  • Duvall - Heard it comming before the shaking started. I thought someone or something was under my trailer fighting. The rumble of glass and the quiet roar leading up to the shaking, i noticed my cat and dog werent moving, either alseep or frozen like my boyfriend and I were.. disbelief until it stopped. Steady aftershocks i felt for it felt like 20 mins after.
  • Seattle - Felt like my fat cap jumped up on my bed, but I'd just locked him out.
  • Seattle WA - 02:51, just got shook up by a 15sec shuffle earthquake! Nephew in Lake Stevens might\'ve felt it. It was centered not far from him. Not too bad. At first my house creaked and then it sounded like someone walking on the roof with heavy boots. Felt like a hitting a speedbump at a 45° angle at 3mph... Everything\'s fine, tho. -BMB
  • Sammamish - Armoire shaking in our bedroom, startled our dog who jumped up. Dogs in the neighborhood began barking. Lasted about 3-5 seconds, approximately 2:50 am PST.
  • Woodinville - Woke me up shortly before 3:00. House and bed shaking. I’ve been through many earthquakes (from CA). Lasted about 15-20 seconds. No damage
  • Seattle - Bed shaking, 3 closet doors rattled.
  • Redmond - Got up from sleep hearing the door rattling and felt the bed shaking heavily. Lasted for 10 seconds.
  • Woodinville - 4 or 5 seconds of gentle shaking, enough to wake me up.
  • Bothell Washington - Felt bed sway and could hear the wood planks in the bed being stretched as the floor beneath pulled forward and then back. Lasted 3-5 seconds.
  • Seattle - Light shaking
  • Mukilteo - Strong shaking for about 5-10 seconds. Woke me up!
  • Maple Valley - Weak shaking
  • Kirkland - Shot awake in bed and waited to see if it would get worse, it only lasted a few seconds
  • Renton - Woke up to bed shaking and lamp on bedside table rattling. Lasted about 15 seconds. No visible property damage.
  • Woodinville - Woke everyone up. whole house shaking ab5 sec. No swaying. Did not feel aftershock. No damage. The rumbling was scary part.
  • Silverdale - Light shaking
  • Snohomish - Woke me tf up
  • Lynnwood - 5 seconds or so. Woke us up out of a deep sleep. By the time I jumped up to check on the kids, it was over. No damage that I can tell.
  • Everett - ~2:50am We are in a top floor apartment, on the lake, and for about 5sec our entire apartment was shaking somewhat violently. After about another 30-45sec, one more tremor hit and shook through the whole building, briefly. We took the repeated eerie, high-pitched screams from the squirrels outside as a warning to get out. Better safe than sorry! I could tell by how the building shook, that if a big one followed, the whole building would crumble..not to mention the giant Evergreen trees around!
  • Arlington, WA - Woke me up from sleep. Lasted maybe 5-ish seconds. Lighter shaking a few seconds later
  • Snohomish - I woke at exactly 2:51am to what i thought was a car crashing into the house or garage. That's what it felt and sounded like. After checking the house and seeing no damage, i was spooked but thought it was a night terror. Had no idea that I actually woke to the earthquake shaking my house and jolting me awake. My husband and kid didn't feel it. I woke panicked. No property damage has been assessed yet.
  • Victoria - Woke up out of a dead sleep to the bed shaking lightly. Felt similar to heavy construction happening nearby. Lasted 20 seconds or so.
  • Everett - Felt like one sharp jump here in north everett. Strong and alarming. Nothing like the last 2. Was wide awake when it hit. Felt a few of the aftershocks. Those were more like a rumble.
  • Mill creek - Bed shaking
  • Seattle - Honestly, I didn't know what was happening. Woke me up a bit before 3am. It's the first time a small quake wakes me up. Maybe because my new bedroom is below ground? I thought someone was trying to wake me up by shaking my bed.
  • Kirkland,wa - Light shaking
  • Lake Forest Park, WA - At around 3am, light to moderate shaking. Lasted about 5 seconds.
  • Marysville - Light shaking
  • seattle - 20-30 Sec. In bed, woken up by shaking. on 35th floor.
  • Bremerton - It was crazy
  • Seattle - I felt shaking while lying in bed for about 15 seconds on the upper level of my house
  • Puyallup - Very weak shaking
  • everett - power flickered then a roaring sound. next came a hard jolt that made all the floors creak. followed by the ripples. lasted 4-5 seconds. I guessed 5.0 magnitude. No damage.
  • Everett - Sleep upstairs, and felt strong shaking. Woke me up. Wasn't sure what it was, till I checked the news. Startled me.
  • Bainbridge Island - My 11-month Lab puppy woke me up barking. He's not much of a barker. Felt light shaking. Our neighborhood pheasant was also crowing, very unusual for this time of day. It was 2:52am.
  • Grapeview - Two small jolts lasting about 4 seconds. No damage at all.
  • MARYSVILLE - Felt like a helicopter flying low over the house waking everyone up.
  • Monroe - Woke up everyone in the house, Walls, beds shook, sound was loud, about 10 secs duration
  • Mount Vernon, Wa - Gently shook my bed & capiz shell lamp for like 20-30s. Could tell it was from a distance away. Woke our dogs who were softly barking downstairs & daughter & there was a low rumble during.
  • Mill Creek WA - Mill Creek WA- A jolt to my townhouse and a LOUD BOOM sound awakened me and my Guide Dog. The residual shaking lasted approximately 15 seconds. The entire structure shook from the downstairs garage, to the shaking of the bed, to the cracking of the roof. Did a car drive into the building...? No. It was an earthquake! All is well in Mill Creek.
  • Lake Stevens, Wash. - Jolted me awake around 2;50 am on 7/12/19. Lasted a few seconds. Rattled motor coach. No apparent damage.
  • Bellingham - Shaking bed woke me up, it lasted about 10’seconds. Nothing feels like an earthquake but an earthquake! No damage. I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building.
  • Bellingham - Light shaking, 5-10 seconds. Woke me up. No damage.
  • Woodinville - Moderate shaking
  • Maple Valley - Rattling windows woke me up.
  • Kingston, WA - Light shaking and low rumble woke me at 3:00 a.m. on July 12th, 2019. My shelves rattled for a minute then fell silent. A few minutes later a smaller, lighter tremor rumbled for a few seconds.
  • Bellevue - Thought it was dream...the whole house was shaking at 2.50 am
  • La Conner - I was sitting on the edge of my bed when it started shaking and the headboard rattling. I looked at the clock and it said 2:51 am It lasted just a couple of seconds. I was on the third floor. The only physical evidence was on the first floor where some pictures were off kilter.
  • Marysville - Woke me up about 2:51 a.m. and lasted for about 5 seconds. No aftershocks.
  • Sammamish - Woke to bed shaking for a few seconds. Then a second time much shorter about 2:54Am
  • Bothell - Just before 3am, 7/12/2019 my bed shook for about 5 seconds. After a period of time there was another very brief shake .
  • Seattle - 2:52 am, bed shook and i heard the windows rattle. About 20 seconds
  • Lake Stevens - Heard a loud boom like a car hit my house and then the house shook for approximately 10 to 15 seconds a couple of minutes later it started shaking again. No damage.
  • Mukilteo - I was asleep at 2:50 AM when the bed felt like someone was pushing on it back and forth. Bed faces east and west. Lasted a few seconds. Then some time later there was a Small after shock. Light shaking only a couple of seconds.
  • Redmond WA - In bed and experienced side to side swaying. Sliding glass door rattled.. Lasred about 5 seconds. Time was about 12:50 AM
  • Maltby - Woke me up..and I immediately knew it was an earthquake. Everything shaking in my room and clanking together and bumping the walls. I grabbed my dog and ran into my sons room and he told me i was dreaming. I went back to my room and started receiving texts from family living in the area which confirmed i wasn't dreaming and we had an earthquake. One of my dogs slept through it and one of my dogs woke up.
  • Bothell WA - No damage but I was awake when it happened twice. Once at 2:50 am and once abt a minute or less later
  • Lynnwood - Woke out of a sound sleep twice to shaking and rattling noises.
  • Mill Creek - Moderate shaking
  • Woodville, WA - Shaking seemed to last about 3 seconds. No damage.
  • SNOHOMISH - Felt house shaking but nothing came off from the walls or sound of breakage from the objects falling down. Was in bed upstairs.
  • Sammamish - No damage
  • Stehekin - Woke up feeling a jolt like a big thud coming from outside the house that tapered off at 2:51.
  • Marysville - Woke up to my bed shaking and could hear rattling noises. Our dog started barking during it.
  • Everett Wa. - I fell asleep on the couch watching TV and I was woke up and I was woke up to a jolting feeling the house was cracking and the Eagles outside were screaming... I live right on Silver Lake
  • Lake Stevens, WA - I woke up at 2:54 AM to my bed shaking it lasted for about 5-10 seconds. At 3:00 AM there was a lighter, but still very noticeable shaking for 6 seconds. No damage as far as I know.
  • Washington - Woke up around 2:30 when the bed was shaking and loud noise. It lasted 5-10 seconds.
  • Mill Creek - It woke up both toddlers. Four year old was crying due to being startled and scared. I grabbed her and held her tightly covering her body. Her screaming resulted in two year old waking and held me tightly, it was apparent kids were terrified.
  • puyallup - Bed shook a bit. So light and quick wasn't sure I really felt something.
  • Bellevue - My husband and I were woken from our sleep around 2:50am . Our four poster bed was shaking back & forth for about 20 seconds I’m guessing.
  • Lynnwood - Welp, that was fun.
  • Bellevue - woke me up, startled my wife, no damage
  • Bremerton - I felt a light shaking at around 2:45 a.m. 7/12/19
  • Redmond - Felt the bed shaking and woke up. Thought the washing machine was running towards the end of its cycle and did not bother to wake up and check.
  • Redmond - Light shaking
  • Redmond - Woke up at 2:49 to mild shaking, short duration, but it woke me up, waited to see if it was going to take off.
  • MARYSVILLE - Woke me up at about 2:50 this morning. Freaked me out. It was my first experience with a quake.
  • Bellevue - Woke up out of a dead sleep wondering what was happening. Half though I had an awful dream or was going crazy. Didn't last long so I feel back asleep pretty quickly.
  • Tacoma - Felt it for about 6 seconds. It was enough to shake my bed and wake me up. Our house was transported from a different city and sits on slabs, so probably more sensitive for earthquakes.
  • Edmonds - Felt and heard a slight rumbling for a few seconds before 3:00am PST, my dog started barking at the sound and movement. I could tell by the way that my house was swaying/shaking that the earthquake must have been east or west of me.
  • Tacoma - I woke up to a picture falling off my wall and my bed was slightly shaking. It was very light but it was felt around 2:56 or so.
  • Lynnwood - Woke me up, heard huge crack, house shaking, bed shaking, lasted probably 3-5 seconds. Was scared cause I couldn't figure out what it was. No damage.
  • Issaquah - Woken up by bed shaking about 2:51am. My brother woke up too. No damages to house or anything displaced
  • EVERETT - I woke up to what felt likes deep shocks, or quiet booms, not rattly shaking. It felt like it was very powerful and deep in the earth. I think it lasted 20-30 seconds. No damage.
  • Bellevue - I was in bed and I woke up in the middle of the night to slight shaking for about five seconds or so, nothing was damaged but I’m scared there will be aftershocks. (This is my nine years old daughter’s typing, she woke me up at night and said:she felt shaking. I was so sleepy, I did not notice the time)
  • Bellevue, WA - Woke me up around 3 am, nothing damaged, lasted about 10 seconds
  • Redmond - Woke up as I felt the house and bed shaking for about 6 to 10 seconds.
  • SNOHOMISH - It felt like my floor was rolling. My bed was riding the waves. It sounded like a freight train driving through my bedroom.
  • Bellevue - Jostled me out of my bed. I live in a high rise downtown Bellevue. There was shaking and some sway of the building.
  • Mill Creek - Approx 2:55am Woke me up. Loud noise and sharp rolling shake of bed. Felt and sounded like a truck hit the house.
  • Seattle - I was asleep. Gotup almost immediately and saw the window glasses shaking.
  • Seattle - 2:56 am, light shaking. lasted 4/5 seconds. I live on the 21st floor, downtown Seattle.
  • Shoreline - 5-8 seconds of feeling the tremor shaking the bed, on the 4th floor of the building, in the 3:00 am hour. Woke me up from deep sleep.
  • Seattle, WA - Woke me up...3-4 seconds of shaking. Window, chandelier and bed were shaky..on third floor of a Condo. No damage to property. Just prior to 3 a.m. today.
  • Lynnwood - My room shook briefly and felt like 2-4 seconds. Nothing has fallen or broken but after a shook, there was 2 very light ones follow up after that. I was staying indoor the whole time. Earthquake happened around 2:44am this Friday and I was awake pretty much before that so my time was consistent. A few neighbor got alerted by it both out and indoor but because it was very early so few people noticed.
  • Federal way/Tacoma border - I was asleep and then all of a sudden there was a shaking at about 2:50am. I could hear the shaking of the ground beneath my apartment building and I could hear the things on my glass bookshelf shake, it lasted about give or take 30 seconds then after about a minute there was a give or take 5 second aftershock
  • Everett, WA - I woke up just before the shaking of my bed started, then heard the rumble of the quake. It didn't last long.
  • Bellevue, WA - 4 to 6 seconds of sideways sway 2:15 am
  • Sammamish - Light shaking
  • North Bend, WA - Woke me up, knew right away it was a earth quake, short lived only about 5-10 seconds.
  • Clinton - My timing was perfect as I was sitting on the toilet when it started. I hear a distant boom and our beach cabin slightly shook and creaked.
  • Issaquah, wa - Woke me up about 2:50 AM. Bed was shaking and dresser drawers rolled open. Small knick-knacks topped over on a shelf. Mild rolling after shocks.
  • Clinton, WA - Southern tip of Whidbey Island. Strong jolt followed by several seconds of shaking. No damage. Haven't felt any after shocks.
  • North Bend, WA - The bed was shaking at about 2:50am, and woke us up. Not sure how long it lasted, wife says "a long time" 🙂 No damage we are aware of.
  • Seattle, WA - no damage - just my bed swaying for few seconds. just moved to seattle, so no previous experience with earthquakes here to compare.
  • Kirkland, WA - I thought it was like restless legs caused from my back pain - bed was jiggling and rattling. Rolled over two or three times thinking that would help. Then, it stopped and I returned to sleeping. Saw the news this morning and realized it wasn't me. LOL
  • Kirkland - No damage or injuries but it was fairly strong shaking. I kept expecting things to start falling and breaking. Fortunately, that didn\'t happen. Seemed to go on for quite some time.
  • Edmonds - I’m originally from California, knew what it was when my bed started shaking. My two cats scampered away. That’s what woke me up then the dogs in the neighborhood started barking. It felt like a large semi coming through my home. Small tremor afterwards, no property damage.
  • buckley wa - Did feel it perse but heard rattling from items in my bedroom while it was happening
  • lake forest park - Light shaking
  • Tacoma - I felt my bed shaking but it didn't last very long, maybe a few seconds.
  • Sammamish - Mirror vibrated
  • Stanwood, WA - The shaking woke me up and lasted several more seconds
  • Lynnwood, WA - My wife and I were asleep and heard and felt a single bump that woke us up. Sounded to me as though something or someone moved or fell in the garage on the other side of the wall to the east of our heads. We both felt and heard the bed move. We assessed that it was a light earthquake instead of a person or creature so stayed in bed and fell back asleep right away. Did not think to notice the time.
  • Carnation - I actually heard the earthquake coming before at sugarhouse side to side for about three seconds.
  • North Bend - Woke up to shaking for a few seconds. Not sure how long it was going while I was sleeping. Only other earthquake I've been awake for was in Japan 2011.
  • Seattle - I live In (Ballard) Seattle. I fell asleep on the couch and it woke me up I was shaking back and forth. It was a little before 3 am. Didn’t last long.
  • Granite Falls - A loud thud and the house jolted, followed by moderate shaking that lasted for 4-5 seconds. One or two items in the house fell over. A few very, very light aftershocks later on.
  • Bothell - Woke me up, the lamp with shaking. Didn't last incredibly long but might have been going a few seconds before I work up. My cat looked quite perplexed. It was just before 3:00 a.m.
  • Kirkland - Light shaking
  • Parkland - Somewhere between 3-5 seconds I live on the top floor of my apartment and it just felt like a mild shake.
  • Fife - My husband and I woke up and hearing a loud persistent beeping. No idea what that was, maybe the earthquake set off some neighbor's alarm?
  • Bellevue - At 2:57 am I was in my living room when I heard what I first thought was a loud gust of wind off of Lake Sammamish against my deck windows then I heard the furniture move. It then entered into my living room shaking the room. I heard a bunch of loud creaks. No damage. Lasted about 15 seconds.
  • Woodinville - Light shaking
  • University Place - Felt a drop and heard a thump around 245am. Turned light on balcony to see if my rude neighbor threw something large on my balcony. Nothing there (this time) so thought maybe a seahawk/osprey flew into sliding glass door. I asked housemate, who was playing video games at the time, said he neither heard or felt anything. Saw news later about Monroe WA earthquake. Makes total sense now since have been in many earthquakes/aftershocks in California. Scary. Hate 'em
  • Redmond - Strong shaking
  • Tacoma - Around 3:00 am WDT, Had felt a stronger jolt earlier before 11:00 pm WDT, not sure of cause of first jolt. First jolt felt/sounded like 2 loaded semi=trucks colliding at 70 mph, (a "bam!" of an explosion same time as ground heave) just up the hill from me to the east. No sirens ensued after event so not a vehicle crash. Definitely not fireworks or firearms, more like cannon but JBLM to the south. Might have been a very localized pre-shock? IDK.
  • Snohomish county - I woke up at 4:51 am with my bed shaking. Got up and checked the computer to see if there was any damage done.
  • Lynnwood - I was awake at 2:52 a.m, on 7-12 and felt a HUGE wump, then the house shook for about 2 seconds. Then quiet. I wasn't sure if it was an earthquake or something landing in the area or a bomb going off. No other shaking. Didn't feel like an earthquake as much as like aftermath of a large meteor landing nearby.
  • Mill Creek - Very strong shaking
  • Lake Stevens - Woke up at 2:50 a.m., bed shaking. No property damage.
  • Renton - No damage. Dog was very restless and has been by my side since then.
  • Tacoma - Right around 3 am I felt the floor rumbling under my feet. It lasted 30 seconds maybe a little less.
  • Seattle - I woke up with my bed shaking at 2:52am last night.
  • Issaquah, WA - It was a vibrating sensation and lasted only about 5-7 seconds
  • Des Moines Iowa - 5 am 7/12/19. I work in an grocery store there were 5 of us that first heard the glass bottles of wine and water tinking together all over the store. I was ordering and on I saw the water in the bottles shaking and I could feel it in my feet. It lasted for 15 seconds
  • Seattle - I don't have an accurate amount of time to relate. The shaking woke me and lasted long enough for me to register that there was movement. Once I recognized that I wasn't dreaming, I got up to look outside but I didn't feel any additional movement or notice any outside.
  • redmond - one strong lurch
  • Lynnwood - It felt like something hit the bottom of our mobile home really hard there was a loud Crack almost sounded like the place being ripped apart, after the Crack didn't really notice any shaking I was a bit freaked out so I would have to say it lasted 10-20 seconds
  • Carnation - I was almost asleep at the time but I heard it coming for about a second before it hit. It sounded like a low rumbling coming from the west but I suppose it must have been from the north. The shaking only lasted about a second or two, and a few things rattled but nothing fell or broke.
  • Whidbey Island - Sound asleep - thought I was dreaming of an earthquake. A short period later, while awake, I felt the bed shaking again. It was all around 3am. While at the Langley bank later in the day (obviously), two other people were talking about feeling the quake.
  • Marysville - It felt like 5 seconds of shaking it was a jerking shake of the couch that made me realize I wasn’t dreaming. The dog was whimpering and his crate was rattling different than if he was shaking it. My friend from Snohomish heard a explosion and big shaking. She’s close to Hwy 2.
  • Battle Ground WA - 3:27am PST. Feeling a light to mild rocking and bumping-like motion. Vibration, too. (now 3:31, it seemed to stop)
  • Seattle - I was awake and at 2:51, there was lots of shaking so I thought it was my laundry machine first. Then, I realized no one else could be awake so I got really frightened and bundled myself tight until all the shaking stopped. Next morning, someone put on social media about the earthquake and I realized the noise!
  • Burlington, WA - Woke up at around 2 am to my windowsill shaking, next my walls, next my bed- for about 20-30s. For some reason I thought there was some kind of animal under my bed and I started freaking out...took me a while to get back to sleep...
  • Kent - The earthquake woke me at 12:39 AM. It made the bed shake! The shaking lasted about five minutes! 🙂
  • USGS Three Lakes, Washington Jul 12 09:51 4.6 22 MAP
    USGS Three Lakes, Washington Jul 12 09:51 4.7 6 MAP
    EMSC Seattle-tacoma Area, Washington Jul 12 09:51 3.5 30 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Battle Ground - 7/11/19 @ 10:45-10:47pm - felt slight/mild rocking motion (not swaying) a few times and still strong vibrations all day. Water in water bottle has been bouncing.
  • Seattle, WA - Light shaking
  • Lake Stevens, WA - About 10 seconds long at 2:50am (PDT), not enough time to move to a safe location. Concern and people awakened but no damage.
  • Seattle - Bed shaking for 3 to 4 seconds at about 2:50am
  • Silverdale, WA - Weak shaking
  • Monroe, WA - Lasted roughly 30 sec initially, followed by echoing tremors afterward a few minutes apart. No property damage.
  • Redmond - I was studying at 2:45am today n i felt a sudden shaking of my bed
  • North Bend - No damage. Rumbling for 15 seconds. Around 251 am on 7/12/19.
  • kirkland - Light shaking
  • Bothell, WA - 10-15 seconds around 2:54am 7/12/2019
  • Seattle - Moderate shaking
  • Seattle - My bed was shaking and got woken up almost 3 am
  • Kenmore - The shaking was abrupt like someone lightly shaking the chair your sitting in and lasted 6to7 seconds slowly dissipating to a vibration.
  • Kirkland - House shook, felt deep, more to the North, cabinets rattled, lasted approximately 12 seconds. Shaking was back and forth vs up and down.
  • Bothell - Moderate shaking
  • Bothell - No damage. Lasted about 20-30 seconds.
  • Kirkland - Light shaking
  • Kenmore - Lasted maybe 5 seconds at ~2:51 AM on 7/12/19. Felt bed shake and heard blinds hit window.
  • Federal Way - Lasted about 15-30 seconds
  • Edmonds, WA - Moderate shaking
  • Snohomish - Moderate shaking
  • Redmond Washington - I was woken up about 2:53am to my bed lightly shaking and a vibration in the wall. Not sure how long - maybe 10 seconds
  • Bothell, WA - 2:45ish - loud boom and house shook quite a bit for about 5-10 seconds. Woke up everyone and scared the pets.
  • Edmonds - Less than a minute
  • Seattle - A little before 3 am pst I felt a very slight shaking that lasted for just a few seconds.
  • Kirkland - 3-5 seconds, no damage done
  • Kirkland - Bed was shaking pretty strong
  • Monroe - I was awakened and shaking approx 10 seconds
  • Buckley, WA - Minor shaking, door was shaking in its frame, I felt a bit of shaking while sitting on my bed
  • Woodinville - At first, we didnt believe it was an earthquake.
  • Seattle - On 26th floor and bed shook
  • Sammamish - My house slightly shaked
  • Seattle - Woke me up out of sleep only lasted a few seconds no damage
  • Seattle - Felt for about 3 seconds. No damage
  • Seattle - I was in bed and I suddenly started rocking sideways for less than 10 seconds.
  • Lynnwood - Moderate shaking
  • Redmond - No damage. Light rattling.
  • Everett, WA - Very strong, sharp, single ripple. Lasted less than 1 second.
  • Lake Forest Park - Not aware of property damage. Moderate to moderately strong shaking.
  • Mercer Island - the shaking lasted about 5-10 seconds with minimal shaking in the beginning and the end, the most was in between. It felt as if someone was trying to wake me up by shaking my shoulders moderately aggressive. Nothing was damaged although i heard something fall outside of my house, nothing too concerning. It was an earthquake though, I heard my whole house shake due to it.
  • Seattle - Awakened around 2:52 am by my dog and bed shaking for about 3.5 seconds.
  • Woodinville, Washington - Happened about 2:50a.m. Woke me up from sound asleep. Before I was fully awake/coherent, felt as though I was jostled along with my room. Jumped up, out of bed, to feel/hear the whole house rattling. Seemed to be shaking for about 10 seconds.
  • Surrey - Bed started to shake just before 3 am
  • NOrth Bend Wa - House shook about 10 seconds
  • Woodinville - Lasted about 10 seconds...just long enough to realize what it was but not long enough to get to safety. Just before 3am 7-12-2019, Friday. Shook bed and entire room. Checked the entire house and family then checked internet to confirm.
  • mill creek - you could hear the house shaking and physically feel it as well - scary
  • Mount Vernon Washington - Weak shaking
  • Arlington - Moderate shaking
  • Seattle - Staying on 4th floor of hotel. The whole building creeks and bed was shaking.
  • Bothell - I was woken up at 253 thinking it was my teenage son stomping around or moving furniture, we’re moving. Bed was shaking back and fourth, windows rattling, stuff on my table rattling. Teenage son comes running in saying we just had an earthquake! So, guess it wasn’t him, really was the earth. Lasted about 12 seconds.
  • Everett - Was sitting on my couch and it was a sudden solid shake. Followed by a few small rumbles. It didn’t linger or last too long. But the initial jolt was pretty fierce. At least where I’m located(14) miles from the epicenter.
  • Washington - Light shaking
  • Arlington - Around 3 AM or so. Felt pretty weak. It only managed to get my chair rocking a little bit, so it was a nice little massage. No damage to anything nearby noticed.
  • Bellevue - 2:52 felt the house starting to shake, the shaking built up for 2-3 seconds, peaked for maybe 4-5 seconds, that died out over another 4-5 seconds. Nothing fell, but bed rattled enough to wake me up.
  • Seattle - 3rd floor of the cetral building. Doors, windiws and desk shaking around 2:30am july 12th, 2019
  • Langley - Woke me up, bed shaking.
  • Silverdale - Light shaking
  • Lake Stevens - I had 2 about 2 min apart
  • Tukwila - I felt like someone was pushing my bed.scary...
  • Tukwila - I felt like someone was pushing my bed.scary...
  • Bremertom - Very weak shaking
  • Seattle - At approximately 2:57 a.m., the house shook strongly enough to wake me (heavy sleeper). The shaking lasted for maybe 10 seconds - felt like a long time. No property damage . I feel very unsettled but I think my husband and sons all slept through it.
  • Sammamish - Bed shaking
  • Lake Stevens - I was in bed and the shaking of my bed woke me up . Also the walls vibrated and one of my pictures fell off the wall and desk . Lasted about 10 seconds
  • Snohomish - Very strong shaking
  • everett - Felt like a truck hit the house with a big jolt.
  • Mukilteo - A strong shake awoke my husband and I as if someone shook the bed for about 2 or 3 seconds.
  • Everett WA - The shaking woke me up in the night. Bed was shaking. Doors were rattling.
  • GRANITE FALLS - About five seconds, no damage. Quick shaking.
  • Mercer Island - 2:52am approx 20 secs
  • Woodinville - Bedroom dresser door rattled for about 3 seconds. No damage to house.
  • Sammamish - Moderate shaking
  • Sammamish - Weak shaking
  • Carnation - Bed shook
  • Redmond - Was woken up by weak/light shaking of the bed shortly prior to 3am. The quake's duration felt like it lasted about 10 seconds.
  • Sammamish - Moderate shaking
  • Indianola - Was already awake. Felt a sharp shake. Hardwood floor made popping and creaking sounds. Heard a dish in the kitchen clatter. Over in about 5 seconds.
  • Seattle - I happened to be awake at the time. The bed swayed very slightly for maybe five to ten seconds. The cats felt in and they sat up and looked around. They couldn't figure out what was going on. One of the cats jumped off of the bed.
  • Bellevue - Woke me & wife @ 2:45 AM ~ 20 seconds. Pendants were swaying on chandelier
  • Bellevue - Light shaking
  • Redmond - Shaking for a minute or two, sounded like low rumble
  • Maltby - Very strong shaking
  • Redmond - Light shaking, not enough for anything to fall over.
  • Carnation WA - Shook the house like a train was 2 feet away.
  • Bellevue - Woke me up with bed shaking and minor creaking of home. Lasted about ten seconds.
  • Monroe - Lasted about 10 seconds and no damage found yet.
  • Redmond - Light shaking
  • everett - sounded like and felt like a very loud and extremely heavy train going through our yard!
  • Port townsend - Shaking and rumbling for about 10- 15 seconds
  • Seattle - I was in bed and thought I was woken up by my headboard shaking for a good 10 seconds. I thought I was dreaming until I opened my phone and checked for an earthquake! My cat must have sensed it, too, as he climbed closer to me and is sleeping next to me now.
  • Freeland, wa - Lasted about 20 seconds
  • Seattle - Lightly shaking for 15-20 seconds
  • Mountlake Terrace - Moderate shaking
  • Seattle - 15 sec no damage
  • Lake Stevens - Woke me up
  • Mercer Island, WA - It lasted about 15 seconds and sounded like my walls were cracking. I was sitting next to a huge plate glass window and I quickly moved to a doorway. On my balcony, my wind chimes and hanging plants were swaying. Glad I stayed up for this!
  • Bothell,WA - Light shaking
  • Bellevue - Tv was shaking on my dresser. Glass candle holders rattled against each other for about 20 seconds. Enough to wake me up with the noise
  • Lynnwood, WA - No damage, lasted several seconds, no noise, woke me up and knew instantly what it was
  • Carnation - Woke me up. Trailer was rocking back and forth like I was on a boat.
  • Redmond - Got woken up by closets doors rattling and bed shaking a little lasted for a few seconds
  • Edmonds, Wa - Light shaking
  • Redmond - Woke up from the vibrations , it lasted a few seconds only
  • Seattle - Probably 5-7 seconds of light shaking. Live on the 6th floor in cap hill.
  • Arlington - Heard the rumble first, then a quick shake of house, then the rumble got louder and the house shook a little more violently for about 5 - 10 seconds
  • Seattle - light shaking for 20-30 seconds, felt on the 9th floor of harborview medical center
  • Redmond - Light shaking
  • Snoqualmie - Felt like a heavy jolt
  • Mercer Island - Very weak shaking
  • Bellevue - Was awake, entire building shook. TV kept shook back and forth for a few seconds even after the major tremors had passed
  • Sammamish - Woke me up. Windows and doors shaking loudly.
  • Seattle - Woke up to bed shaking for a few seconds.
  • Arlington, Washington - Felt initial earthquake at 2:51am, only a few minutes later again, but less. You could hear a rumbling before each time. It woke up our entire house!
  • Seattle - Bed had begun to shake for around 5 seconds. Frightening experience as I am struggling to sleep now.
  • Clyde Hill - Very brief shaking on an axis. No damage.
  • Everett - I woke up from a deep sleep. The shaking lasted approximately 3 seconds after I woke up. There appears to be no damage.
  • Shoreline WA - No damage - just 10 seconds or so of shaking. Definitely knew it was a light earthquake, though.
  • Redmond - Felt earthquake shocks. Got awake by that at 2.50 AM
  • Vashon - No damage, lasted few seconds
  • Seattle - The moving lasted a few seconds, strong enough to slightly move a three story brick building.
  • Port Orchard - Lasted 5 seconds, no damage.
  • Redmond - I got up in the middle of the night to jack off. Mother nature also decided to jack off along with me. She came in 10-15secs with some strong shaking.
  • Snohomish - Apartment above garage. Shook pretty good.
  • Cle Elum - Not sure how long felt like my dog had a scratch by the bed
  • Mountlake Terrace - Bed was shaking like crazy. Woke me up. Saw the room shaking. Thought I was dreaming. It felt pretty strong to me. Lasted just a few seconds.
  • Marysville Wa - Strong shaking
  • Edmonds - Cat yowling some me immediately before quake. Estimate 4 sec? Moderate rolling, not aware of any damage to my immediate surroundings at this time.
  • Mill Creek, WA - Felt it in Mill Cree, WA for about 1.5 to 3 seconds around 2:45 to 3 a.m. No damage I am aware of. I was standing up and was definitely thrown off a bit. It felt and sounded as though someone had hit our condo building with a vehicle.
  • Renton - 15 seconds. No damage
  • Everett - Felt like small explosion under the house lasted five to06 seconds
  • Brier, WA - 3-5 seconds
  • Edmonds - Initial sharp, loud jolt as if something hit the side of the house, then walls, windows and blinds shaking for maybe 5 seconds, followed by bumpy rolling movement lasting perhaps another 5 to 7 seconds. Freaked the cat!
  • Burien - 15 seconds of mild shake. Barely felt. All three cats sat up with giant eyes and looked north
  • Edmonds - Bed shook at 252a, heard rattling also
  • Renton/Issaquah - No damage. Windows rattled. House shook about 1 to 1-1/2 min.
  • Quilcene - It hit hard enough to wake us all up out of a deep sleep. The shaking was sharp and abrupt and lasted a few seconds. There was lots of rattling, but nothing fell down. A real wake-up call!
  • Vancouver, BC - I was already still awake and I felt my bed start to shake and my mirror hung on my wall started shaking a tiny bit and my window made a little rattling noise. No damage was done, just slight shaking. Shaking only went on for about a minute.
  • Mill Creek - Woke to 2 loud, shaking bursts in upstairs bedroom. My cat was terrified & we both jumped out of bed. Lasted about 20 seconds.
  • kent - all of my pics fell off my dresser
  • tacoma - i was just on a facetime call with my boyfriend and i just felt my bed shaking along with my tv
  • Marysville Wa - Strong shaking
  • Everett l - The shaking only lasted a few seconds. It scared my cats. No damage the house just swayed back and forth.
  • S. Everett/ mill creek - Woke me up. Bed shook and closet doors rattle. With loud sound.
  • Snohomish - Moderate shaking
  • Issaquah - Light shaking
  • Renton - Shook my bed hard enough I woke up, it lasted for probably twenty seconds.
  • Mukilteo, WA - 2nd floor apartment. About 10 seconds. Started with moderate shaking for a couple seconds the faded to very light like a wave ripple.
  • Mukilteo, WA - 2nd floor apartment. About 10 seconds. Started with moderate shaking for a couple seconds the faded to very light like a wave ripple.
  • Monroe - Moderate shaking
  • SNOHOMISH - Hit hard enough to wake me. Maybe lasted 5 seconds. Then an aftershock.
  • Seattle - lasted probably 5-10 seconds. No damage.
  • Seattle - 5 seconds of minute shaking, no property damage
  • Everett - Been awake since 2:30am, felt trembling went under the table immediately. Mom didnt say a word, went to her room she said she was woken up by it. Nothing fell, just trembling that lasted for about 7 seconds
  • Bothell - Woke me up
  • Clearview - Woken up by shaking.. no damage
  • Newcastle, Wa. - Newcastle, Wa. Laying in bed. Wasn't sure if it was a dream at first. Noise, shaking. Going back to bed! Sleep tight, y'all! 🙄
  • Snoqualmie - Light shaking
  • Maryville ,wa USA - 2-3 seconds, my chair started shaking
  • Carnation - Woke me up, house was shaking and shuddering
  • Sammamish - Light shaking
  • Bellevue - 20 seconds no damage
  • Bellevue - I felt shaking a little around 3am for a couple seconds. Then, again.
  • Seattle - Outside and awake - 2:57am. Very obvious shaking movement and house moving/cracking noises. 3 year old was woken and scared.
  • Concrete - It lasted 4-5 seconds. It woke our family. Beds and doors shook.
  • Lake Stevens - Woke me up. No damage
  • Kingston - It was only felt for a few seconds, felt like everything shifted about 12 inches over from it's original position. It's very easy to notice.
  • Gold Bar - Woke up to rumbling sound like a train was outside my window. Bed shook back and forth, whole house shook back and forth...item on dressers rattled, dog was laying low on the ground.lasted what felt like 30 seconds a big shaking then another wave of shaking
  • Bellevue - Experienced it. Roof, wall ,bed was shaking
  • Startup, Washington - Almost got bounced out of my bed. All my animals were freaked out. Stuff shaken off shelves and counters.
  • Bothell, WA - Woke up to a slight shake that increased to a string shake. Once it got stronger, dog woke up freaked out too
  • Renton - It was about 2:51 AM and there was a sudden split-second jolt.
  • Sammamish - 1 minute. Whole house violently shaking. Bed moving. Raced to doorway with my dog!
  • Kirkland/Jusnita - It woke me up--the entire apartment building (I'm on the second floor of three total) was rocking from side to side and some up and down movement (like a box being shook at the base so it rocked). The swaying side to side was fairly quick and quite noticeably for a number of seconds (5-10?), then stopped suddenly. I've lived in California and this was an interesting quake experience. This building felt like it may have sheer panel on the exterior walls the way it moved as a unit.
  • Arlington - Woke me from my sleep. I thought a truck ran into the house. Woke up my teenager from a dead sleep. No damage.
  • Rockport - S wave jolt
  • Marysville - Woke me from a dead sleep. House shook. Heard a loud boom.
  • Lynnwood - I felt a good abrupt shaking that lasted a mere second or two, twice. It woke me up the first time. Then stayed up to figure out what's going on with me. Then it happened again. Quick but intense enough to feel like someone rocked my bed.
  • Bothell - It may be around 2.55 I guess. Felt it in deep sleep and was awake due to noise as few objects fell in the kitchen. Am not sure what happened and then realised it's a quake as I can see water in the tank is vibrating till then
  • meadow lake & 186th/184th dr se - First shock came in like a 2 or 3. In that same half second another one with twice the intensity was felt pointed westward. Towards Spada Rd
  • SEATTLE - Lasted approximately 5 seconds. No damage, very minor shaking.
  • Kent, WA - July 12 2019-02:50 A.M. PST. Woken by moderate shake-sway-roll feel. I knew it was a quake & not the usual rumble from passing trucks. Felt like could measure at least M 3.0. No damage other than rattled nerves.
  • Seattle - My bed shook on the 5th floor in Capitol Hill. Thought it was the neighbors having a romp.
  • Lake Stevens - At first I thought someone had jumped on the roof of my house and jogged across but then realized it had to be an earthquake. It was very startling at first. I also noticed one of my lamps swinging back and forth. Maybe lasted 5 to 10 seconds. No damage.
  • Bothell - 5 seconds shacking trailer bad
  • Seattle - I felt it less than 10 seconds I think. No damage visible
  • Lynnwood - Was drinking water n fucking boom
  • Monroe, WA - Around 2:51 a.m. my husband & I woke up to rumbling sound & our house shaking
  • Seattle - Bed shaking for 5 sec
  • Redmond - No damage, nothing fell over
  • CASHMERE - Light shaking
  • Everett - I felt light shaking at first then for a second a Big SHAKE happened.The earthquake got me quite terrified even though it was only three seconds
  • GRANITE FALLS - Moderate shaking
  • Kirkland - Bad was shaking few minutes
  • Seattle - The quake lasted an estimated 30 seconds with a subsequent aftershock of less intensity which lasted about 10 seconds. No damage to property. Intensity was moderate but very noticeable (entire apartment shaking and windows/doors rattling)
  • Mountlake Terrace - Weak shaking
  • Port Townsend Wa - No damage. >10 seconds 2:53 am. 7/12/2019
  • Kirkland, WA - 2:52 am, 20-30 seconds of light to moderate shaking, house rattling.
  • Bellevue - 4-5 seconds, no damage
  • lake forest park - Lying in bed watching television. Felt bed lightly rolling for about 10 seconds. Documented the timeas 2:51am. Went online and verified a nearby quake at 2:51.
  • Kirkland,Wa. - Light shaking
  • Everett - Very short but hard shake. Over by the time I even figured out what it was. Very different than 2001 or 90's incidents.
  • Kent, WA - July 12 2019-02:50 A.M. PST. Woken by moderate shake-sway-roll feel. I knew it was a quake & not the usual rumble from passing trucks. Felt like could measure at least M 3.0. No damage other than rattled nerves.
  • Edmonds - Woke me and my teenager from our sleep
  • Bellevue - Felt mild shaking, bed was shaking.
  • Kenmore - ~5 seconds. I felt a slight jolt of my bed, my dog popped her head up, startled, and my lamp shook for about a good 3-4 seconds after.
  • Langley - I woke to bed shaking, windows rattling. Seemed less than a minute. Neighbors dogs started barking. Not scary- rather exciting. No damage seen
  • Arlington - Only lasted about two seconds but was strong enough to shake my whole apartment building, wake up my room mate, and freak out all of our birds (we have 4 in the house and the all went nuts a second before)
  • Everett - sharp jolt and a mild shaking for 10-15 seconds
  • Lake Stevens - Rumble and shake, over fast
  • everett - Was sleeping when bed started shaking and my door rattled loudly. I could feel the room move. I live in an apartment. There was some noise too.
  • Seattle - Building floor shook and table shook and i could hear rumbling
  • Seattle - I was awake and felt a sudden jolt at 2:51a.m. No damage that I can see.
  • Mountlake Terrace - Woke up to bed shaking, windows rattling. Lasted only a few seconds that I could tell.
  • Tukwila - Lasted about 15 secs. Woke me up
  • Mountlake Terrace - Lasted ~20 - 30 seconds. No damaged property but the entire apartment building was rattling loudly.
  • Marysville - A 3-4 second jolt woke me up. Felt like someone was shaking my bed.
  • Lake Stevens - Loud boom,shook my bed, woke me up. Made me scared nervous. Was like a car hit my house. At 253 am I called my son, so must have been 251 am
  • Seattle - Shaking woke me up around 2:52pm. Could hear my apartment building crack, Shaking lasted 3-5 seconds.
  • Seattle - Couple big jolts followed by moderate shaking while I was laying in bed.
  • Lake Stevens - About 2:50am, felt bed shaking, went into parents room during quake, light enough that it didn’t knock me off my feet, nothing fell off walls or got knocked over, dog/small animals startled. Scary but no damage.
  • Seattle - Bed shaking with a rattle sound
  • Seattle - -Woke to condo building shaking laterally and heard window casement creak. Had been asleep so am not sure of duration. It quit a few seconds after I woke. Would classify strength of tremor as light-to-moderate rather than moderate. Looked at clock just afterward to see 0252.
  • Bothell - Woke up to bed shaking and had enough time to wake up my husband and ask if we were having an earthquake.
  • Seattle - Felt the building tremble for a few seconds, but didn't see any objects move and nothing seems displaced. One of the cats hid under the bed.
  • Carnation - Felt really strong, shook the house about 20 seconds. No damage, lots of rattling, moved bed.
  • Lake Forest Park - Lasted about 15 seconds, gentle shaking on the 2nd floor.
  • Seattle - I was in bed and suddenly was awoken by a loud creaking from the roof and a quick sharp jolt of the house at 2:57 this morning. It lasted only a few seconds.
  • Everett - I thought a heard a loud noise then my bed started shaking. About 10 seconds
  • Granite falls - Woke the whole family pets included lasted about 10 seconds waiting to get the aftershock now could be an hour or a day who knows but everyone just be ready
  • Mukilteo, WA - No damage, doors and pictures rattled, woke me up. East/West displacement for 3 or 4 seconds.
  • Everett, WA - Awoke to the sound of something small falling and my cat jumped off the bed and hid under the bed. Bed shook and I thought maybe a rodent was in the house. Not until I looked online did I realize it was an earthquake.
  • Snohomish - I was working on my computer when short lasting 5-10 second but rather STRONG initial shaking happened (sounded almost like some kind of explosion), followed by more mild shaking. Apparently that was 4.7. Few minutes later more mild shaking occurred, reported to be 3.0. Interesting, nothing fall off the shelfs.
  • Lynnwood wa - I felt the shacking for about 5 seconds, then I felt a couple little trimmers. There was no damage done.
  • Bothell - 2:54 am shaking for about 10 seconds
  • Silver lake - I had woken up and checked the time. As i was drifting back to sleep the headboard to my bed started lightly slapping against the wall. It intensified over several seconds and I started feeling the house move. Nothing damaged or even fell over. kinda neat actually
  • Mill Creek - Around 2.54 am bed shook for about 10 seconds and woke me up. Felt a second shorter one (an aftershock ?) a few mins later.
  • Seattle - About 5-6 seconds of shaking side to side, 12th floor of downtown building
  • Everett WA - Awoke to bed shaking pause then again.
  • Seattle - I was awake for my baby because he was hungry and suddenly I started to feel something saking I wasn't new for me because I'm from Central America. It lasted around 15 senconda maybe.
  • Snohomish - Strong shaking woke up entire family
  • Redmond WA downtown - Around 2:52 a.m. on July 12th 2019. On the 4th floor I felt the deck just off my bedroom shaking. It felt like someone was jumping on my deck. It lasted maybe 3 to 5 seconds then stopped then was followed again by saying.
  • Seattle - Just before 3 am woken by sort of bouncy shaking. Not as much sideways as I’ve felt here before and not as much roof/wall creaking - it was quieter. Went on about 10 seconds after waking. I’m on a 5th floor top of Queen Anne hill.
  • Snohomish - The quake woke up the whole house. light items fell off shelves and the whole house was shaking.
  • Edmonds - I was awake when the bed and building began to wobble noticeably about 2:52 AM. It lasted a few seconds.
  • Lynnwood - Moderate shaking
  • Edmonds - Moderate shaking
  • mill creek - i was woke up by a loud boom than my light shaking like crazy lasted about 1 min there no damage that i know of
  • Bothell - Very strong shaking
  • Redmind - Light shaking
  • Bellevue - I was wide awake when it happened. I had checked my time at 2:50am. My bed and the entire house suddenly started shaking. Immediately I realized it was earthquake, but it stopped right away within 2-3 secs. To make sure, it was an earthquake I googled for Seattle earthquake and saw lot of people started posting their experience on Twitter.
  • Bainbridge Island - 10 seconds, parakeets freaked out,felt trembling from West to East
  • Poulsbo - Floor was shaking, lamps dresser shaking vigorously ... it woke me up...startled...I was sleeping deeply dreaming
  • Lynnwood - ReadIng a book. Felt quick swaying. Lasted 15 seconds. No damage
  • Everett - Strong shaking
  • Maple Valley, Washington - I heard a creak from the roof, then what heard and felt like a strong wind gust. All of that took maybe five seconds. Then I felt a BOOM-SHAKE that only lasted a second or two. It made me think that a tree or branch had fallen on the house, or felt like an M-80 going off really close. The table and chandelier shook. We looked at the USGS site first, but nothing was there yet, so we scoured the outside of the house for downed trees. Found nothing, obvs, then refreshed the page.
  • Redmond, Washington - Very weak shaking
  • Snohomish - Shaking woke us, rather loud and energetic but short
  • Maple Valley - A big bang like something hit the house, without the noise, then a couple seconds of rolling. No damage
  • Bellevue - I was sleeping and woke up to find mild shaking and creaking noise at 2.51 am.
  • Seattle - Light shaking
  • Seattle, Washington - I was hugging my bear and then my bed started shaking
  • Seattle - I felt the building tremble while lying awake in bed, for about five seconds, at 2:51 a.m. Seattle time July 12. No noise or damage but this is the only time I have felt anything like that in my eight years in Seattle.
  • Lynnwood - 20 to 30 seconds - woke to bed shaking and house shuddering
  • Issaquah - Woke up to my bed shaking for about 10 seconds
  • Everett - Moderate shaking
  • everett - Moderate shaking
  • Redmond - Shaking lasted between 6-8 seconds around 2:50am. Also felt a shake before around 2:05am for around 3 seconds. My family ran outside to the street but none of the other families woke up.
  • Kirkland - About 2:52 am about 12 seconds long followed by a second shaking 2 minutes later at 2:54 About 6 second's long Items rattled in house, walls creamed, heard glass break will find in morning.
  • North Bend - Light shaking
  • Bellevue - No damage. Loud rattling of glass doors for 3-4 seconds.
  • Seattle - I woke up aprox 2:52 And felt shaking.for about one minute. I thought someone was trying to break into my condo. There was noise. Creaking. Sounds.
  • Mukilteo - Awakened to moderate shaking at approximately 2:50 A.M. I could hear objects bouncing & see my bedroom door swaying, My 21 yo daughter slept through it.
  • Federal Way, Washington - Approximately 2:50am, heard file cabinet rattling and a slight shaking on the bed for a couple of seconds or so ...
  • Mill creek - 5 sec. No damage
  • Mukilteo - Woke up at 2:51 am to feel the whole house shake violently as if a giant was pulling the house out from its roots. It lasted around 5 seconds.
  • Snohomish - Light shaking
  • Snohomish - Shower door rattled while I was showering for about 30 seconds. No damage just woke the family up
  • Kent Wa - The shaking lasted about 30 to 50 seconds. You could feel the bed move and see the wall shake as well as hear noise while the wall shook.
  • Kirkland - More like a bump or a thud 2 sounds. I got up and checked around the house .about 3:10 am
  • Everett - My painting from the wall fell and it felt like a waterbed
  • Vancouver, BC - Felt very mild shaking while in bed.
  • Poulsbo - Was already awake in bed , bed moved several inches, windows rattled , no known damage at this time
  • Bremerton - Felt it 2 times light and medium my birds flipped Out both times
  • Seattle - Bed barely shaking 3-4 seconds 2:51am
  • Seattle - Bed shaking. 3 seconds.
  • Seattle, WA - Woke up around 2:50. There were about 5 seconds where I felt my bed shaking and it was also creaking.
  • Fall City - Felt like a train was 2 ft from house. Everything shook and rattled. Lasted about 20-30 seconds.
  • Marysville - Moderate shaking
  • Kirkland - Light shaking
  • Bellevue - no damage; jolt lasted a few seconds ~3:10 a.m.
  • Smokey Point - The train comes right behind our house, so at for a half a second I thought it was a crash. Then all of the photos shook back and forth while books fell from shelves, and my pets started running chaotically through the house! Good morning!
  • Everett - Light shaking
  • Puyallup - My husband and I woke up to the bed shaking- glasses knocked off bedside table.
  • Kirkland - Downtown Kirkland - kitchen cabinets rattled and bed shook for a good 15-20 seconds.
  • Greenlake - Woke me up from deep sleep. Bed shaking and light rattling. Continuous swaying motion for 10 seconds after I woke. I’m on 3rd floor. Cat startled and sat up.
  • Mountlake Terrace - For me, it lasted about two seconds. I woke up due to my loose headrest banging me on the head when it started. It’s not my first earthquake, but I haven’t experienced one in so long and I’m still shaking haha.
  • Maple Valley - House made a quick, loud cracking sound. Upright lamp shaking lightly...
  • Des Moines - Heard a loud boom and my sofa and coffee table started to shake. It lasted for about 8sec. No property damage
  • Mukilteo - The house was shaking for about 5 seconds. No damage. I am wide awake
  • Silverfirs - Moderate shaking
  • Coupeville - Weak shaking
  • Auburn - My dog woke me up seconds before the earthquake.
  • Kirkland - Bed shook hard enough to wake me up .
  • Bellingham - Woke up to a loud noise. The house creaked and then slight jiggle type shaking started and lasted about 10 seconds.
  • Duvall - The quake, lasting about eight seconds, woke me from a deep sleep around 3:00 AM. A sudden jolt shook my bed, rattled my bedroom window, and a dresser drawer flew open. An undulating moment followed. I lived two miles from the epicenter of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in California. It leveled my home around me. This is the first earthquake I've felt since that one. So, it triggered a visceral memory that unnerved me a bit.
  • Bellevue - I live in downtown Bellevue, just off 8th st, a block away from Bellevue Square. I live in a high rise and the building was swaying something fierce. My dog was obviously shaken. My first earthquake experience since moving in here two years ago. No damage.
  • Granite Falls - Slight shake and stronger shake lasted 5 seconds shaking house
  • Seattle - My 1 month old infant woke up to be fed & when I was just about to lay down to nurse her I felt the floor begin to shake. Then I looked and saw the decor on my wall & ceiling shaking. Lasted about 20 seconds & I held her tightly by the door way Incase the light magnitude increased.
  • Gold Bar - Light shaking
  • Lake Stevens - Was sleeping and woke up to the whole house shaking. Didn’t understand what was happening lasted about 5 seconds. Heard a few things falling in my house. Then it stopped. About 2 minutes after felt another shake. Not as stong as the first one but still lightly shook the house.
  • Seattle - Strong PWave 2 seconds. Whole Building moved from side to side once.
  • renton - Felt slight shaking while working on the NIGHT SHIFT!!
  • Snoqualmie - Shaking woke family members. Windows and hanging light fixtures rattled. Noise was audible. Shaking lasted about 10 seconds arty 2:53 am
  • Bothell - Light shaking felt for couple seconds. Y'all need to adjust your clocks, or did we have several and I missed all but one. lol.
  • Lake Forest Park - Probably 10 seconds of shaking.
  • Marysville - Short 4-5 seconds but strong shakes that woke me up out of my sleep. First time experiencing an earthquake and hoping I can fall back asleep !
  • Woodinville, WA - woke me up. Lasted about 15 sec.
  • BOTHELL WA - Woke me up to a loud noise and rattling of things on shelf which lasted 12-15 seconds. No damage.
  • Issaquah - Light shaking
  • Monroe - Woke up to the entire house shaking for a few seconds. Could also hear noises. No damage.
  • Seattle - Weak shaking
  • seattle - Lasted about 20-30 seconds but i was woken up so it was probably longer than that. No damage.
  • Snohomish - House and bed shook for about 2 to 3 seconds
  • Bothell - Woke me up from a sound sleep around 2:50-2:55 am
  • Issaquah - Sleepless night, but lying still, bed creaked then shook. Startled me. Windows wide open, didn't hear anyone stirring in the neighborhood.
  • Lk Forest Pk - It woke me up. I am on 2nd floor of house. Heard antique hutch in bedroom shaking and its contents lightly shaking. No jolts. Maybe 10 or 15 secs
  • Bothell - It was about 10 seconds of light shaking and low rumbling, then 10 seconds of stronger shaking and a roar. My fan started walking across the floor. No damage.
  • Gold Bar - It woke my husband & I up. Once it started shaking again we held hands until it was over (few seconds). No damage.
  • Bothell - I thought the upstairs neighbors were having a random party at 2:51 AM then all of a sudden the apartment complex starting to shake back and forth.
  • Woodinville - Very sudden and strong shaking. I honestly thought a car hit our house.
  • Woodinville - Moderate shaking
  • Tacoma - Woke up from a bad dream to my bed shaking back and forth for 4-5 seconds
  • Camaro Island - I felt shaking on the ground like a spin cycle on a washing machine for about 8 second
  • Redmond WA - Bed shaking awakened me, also shouts from open windows nearby.
  • Redmond - About 20 seconds
  • Burien - My computer chair wobbled and dining room fixture swung lightly about 5 seconds.
  • Seattle - Was at work when I felt my chair jolt. Nothing more.
  • Mukilteo - I woke up to loud jolt, like something hit back of the house, and my cat was stopped in his tracks in surprise on the back deck as I got up to see what it was. Could hear some car alarms goin off.
  • Bellevue - Felt like one strong jolt. Moved our entire home. Felt like up and down. Thought something hit our home or tree fell on it.
  • Monroe - About 10 seconds. Nothing damaged
  • USGS Three Lakes, Washington Jul 12 09:51 4.4 10 MAP
    USGS Yelm, Washington Jul 05 12:53 2.9 39 MAP
    EMSC Puget Sound Region, Washington Jul 05 12:53 2.9 40 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Sudden Valley, Washington Jun 21 07:38 2.8 14 MAP
    EMSC Washington Jun 21 07:38 2.9 7 MAP I Felt It INFO
    EMSC Washington Jun 16 16:12 3.2 2 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Moses Lake - Felt the building sway...
  • Washington State - It was in 2 intervals. The first shaking woke me up at 1240am then another shaking shortly after that. Listen, you can make me do all the exams you want, threaten my survival and comfortable lifestyle Iearned and enjoyed but I can make you ill, cause more earthquakes and hurricanes, electrocute you and much more. You can not beat me. All evil against the innocent will perish.
  • USGS Royal City, Washington Jun 16 16:12 3.2 1 MAP
    USGS Tieton, Washington Jun 15 03:21 2.9 4 MAP
    EMSC Washington Jun 15 03:21 2.9 5 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Highland, Washington Jun 10 19:34 3.0 0 MAP
    EMSC Washington Jun 10 19:34 3.0 0 MAP
    USGS Erlands Point-kitsap Lake, Washington Jun 01 18:26 2.6 24 MAP
    EMSC Seattle-tacoma Area, Washington Jun 01 18:26 2.9 24 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Tacoma, wa 98418 - Our large North window violently shook for about 2 seconds (we don\'t know what caused it but are guessing it might have been an earthquake or sonic boom?
  • Seattle - Very weak shaking
  • USGS Leavenworth, Washington May 22 11:43 2.5 2 MAP
    USGS Ocean Shores, Washington May 21 11:11 3.4 34 MAP
    EMSC Olympic Peninsula, Washington May 21 11:11 3.4 34 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Neah Bay, Washington May 20 20:35 2.5 36 MAP
    USGS Basin City, Washington May 18 19:18 2.8 22 MAP I Felt It INFO
    USGS Freeland, Washington Apr 20 14:31 2.5 25 MAP
    USGS Ellensburg, Washington Apr 16 15:40 2.7 2 MAP

    Data sources courtesy : USGSEMSCGFZGEONET

    Have you felt an earthquake ? Tell us


    I felt the shaking *
    Country where you felt the earthquake *
    City/Village where you felt the earthquake *
    Street or suburb (area) where you felt the earthquake
    Latitude (area) where you felt the earthquake
    Longitude (area) where you felt the earthquake
    Shaking Strength *
    MMI II (Very weak shaking) ?
    People :
    Felt by persons at rest, on upper floors or favorably placed.
    MMI III (Weak shaking) ?
    People :
    Felt indoors; hanging objects may swing, vibration similar to passing of light trucks, duration may be estimated, may not be recognized as an earthquake.
    MMI IV (Light shaking) ?
    People :
    Generally noticed indoors but not outside. Light sleepers may be awakened. Vibration may be likened to the passing of heavy traffic, or to the jolt of a heavy object falling or striking the building.
    Fittings :
    Doors and windows rattle. Glassware and crockery rattle. Liquids in open vessels may be slightly disturbed. Standing motorcars may rock.
    Structures :
    Walls and frames of buildings, and partitions and suspended ceilings in commercial buildings, may be heard to creak.
    MMI V (Moderate shaking) ?
    People :
    Generally felt outside, and by almost everyone indoors. Most sleepers awakened. A few people alarmed.
    Fittings :
    Small unstable objects are displaced or upset. Some glassware and crockery may be broken. Hanging pictures knock against the wall. Open doors may swing. Cupboard doors secured by magnetic catches may open. Pendulum clocks stop, start, or change rate.
    Structures :
    Some large display windows cracked. A few earthenware toilet fixtures cracked.
    MMI VI (Strong shaking) ?
    People Felt by all. People and animals alarmed. Many run outside. Difficulty experienced in walking steadily.
    Fittings :
    Objects fall from shelves. Pictures fall from walls. Some furniture moved on smooth floors, some unsecured free-standing fireplaces moved. Glassware and crockery broken. Very unstable furniture overturned. Small church and school bells ring. Appliances move on bench or table tops. Filing cabinets or "easy glide" drawers may open (or shut).
    Structures :
    Slight damage to buildings with low standard. Some stucco or cement plaster falls. Large display windows broken. Damage to a few weak domestic chimneys, some may fall.
    Environment :
    Trees and bushes shake, or are heard to rustle. Loose material may be dislodged from sloping ground, e.g. existing slides, talus slopes, shingle slides.
    MMI VII (Very strong shaking) ?
    General alarm. Difficulty experienced in standing. Noticed by motorcar drivers who may stop.
    Fittings :
    Large bells ring. Furniture moves on smooth floors, may move on carpeted floors. Substantial damage to fragile contents of buildings.
    Structures :
    Unreinforced stone and brick walls cracked. Low standard buildings cracked with some minor masonry falls. A few instances of damage to buildings of ordinary workmanship. Unbraced parapets, unbraced brick gables, and architectural ornaments fall. Roofing tiles, especially ridge tiles may be dislodged. Many unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, often falling from roof-line. Water tanks Type I burst. A few instances of damage to brick veneers and plaster or cement-based linings. Unrestrained water cylinders (hot-water cylinders) may move and leak. Some common windows cracked. Suspended ceilings damaged.
    Environment :
    Water made turbid by stirred up mud. Small slides such as falls of sand and gravel banks, and small rock-falls from steep slopes and cuttings. Instances of settlement of unconsolidated or wet, or weak soils. Some fine cracks appear in sloping ground. A few instances of liquefaction (i.e. small water and sand ejections).
    MMI VIII (Severe shaking) ?
    People Alarm may approach panic. Steering of motorcars greatly affected. Structures : Low standard buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. ordinary workmanship buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged in some cases. A few instances of damage to buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes. Monuments and pre-1976 elevated tanks and factory stacks twisted or brought down. Some pre-1965 infill masonry panels damaged. A few post-1980 brick veneers damaged. Decayed timber piles of houses damaged. Houses not secured to foundations may move. Most unreinforced domestic chimneys damaged, some below roof-line, many brought down. Environment : Cracks appear on steep slopes and in wet ground. Small to moderate slides in roadside cuttings and unsupported excavations. Small water and sand ejections and localized lateral spreading adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
    MMI IX (Violent shaking) ?
    Structures Many low standard buildings destroyed. Ordinary workmanship buildings heavily damaged, some collapse. Reinforced masonry or concrete buildings damaged, some with partial collapse. Buildings and bridges designed and built to resist earthquakes damaged in some cases, some with flexible frames seriously damaged. Damage or permanent distortion to some buildings and bridges, designed and built to normal use standards. Houses not secured to foundations shifted off. Brick veneers fall and expose frames. Environment : Cracking of ground conspicuous. Landsliding general on steep slopes. Liquefaction effects intensified and more widespread, with large lateral spreading and flow sliding adjacent to streams, canals, lakes, etc.
    Tell us your experience and how many seconds the shaking lasted + let us know if your property has been damaged (even slight damage). (max. 500 characters)
    * mandatory fields


    1. A couple days ago I felt the seattle/Tacoma earthquake, the one at 9 in the morning, and I live in Eatonville. I was outside sitting in my van when I felt what I would say is a tremor, then it became very clear that it was earthquake bcause my van door then the entire van itself started to shake. it lasted for about 10-15 seconds with about 2 waves to it.

    2. i heard a big boom last night . i thought someone hit the house . Darrington wash

    3. I am starting to think I'm going goofy. For over a week I have been feeling earthquakes? or tremors? Anyone else feeling this as well.

    4. O.K. i am starting to think I have lost it. The past week or more I have been feeling earthquakes? tremors? Is anyone else feeling this?