Unusual very shallow magnitude 4.0 earthquake in Ohio

Earthquake overview : A single shallow earthquake alerted people in Ohio and even in the neighboring states.  Some officials suspect "fracking" to be at the origin of this earthquake, others say that there is no proof that the earthquakes are caused by fracking but are caused near brine injection wells, not fracking.
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Update 02/01 - 12:19 UTC
An official in Ohio said on Sunday that the underground disposal of wastewater from natural-gas drilling operations would remain halted in the Youngstown area until scientists could analyze data from the most recent of a string of earthquakes there.

There are luckily no reports of serious damage.

Earthquake-Report received a big number of experience Felt It reports. We thank the many people sending us their testimonies.  The Felt It reports can be found below.

NPR writes : Officials said Saturday they believe the latest earthquake activity in northeast Ohio is related to the injection of wastewater into the ground near a fault line, creating enough pressure to cause seismic activity.  The brine wastewater comes from drilling operations that use the so-called fracking process to extract gas from underground shale.
Ohio Department of Natural Resources Director Jim Zehringer said during a news teleconference that fracking is not causing the quakes. "The seismic events are not a direct result of fracking," he said.
"Fracking" is common in this area of the state, but this earthquake, and the others in the area over the past year have been near a "brine injection well", and not any fracking wells. Officials do now believe that the earthquakes are related to the injection wells, but not fracking.
Earthquake-report.com knows that fracking is a highly controversial issue. Both sides have a hard time to proof that they are right.  The heated discussion is not only actual in Ohio, but also in a number of other US States.

Feli It map - image courtesy USGS

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"I Have Felt It" reports as received by Earthquake-Report.com
Youngstown : About 3:10 pm est,our house rattled sharply for 5 seconds. Felt like either the furnace exploded or that the house was struck by a car. Our next door neighbors called within one minute to see if we felt it too.
Berea :
About 3:07 pm I just felt a slight tremor less than 1 second
Randolph Twp :
Slight rumbling, lamps, cabinets shaking, etc
: We just felt our whole house shake and spoke to relatives/friends within the same town who also felt it.  This is Leetonia, Ohio and Washingtonville, Ohio.
Monclova : weak shaking indicated
??? : Sitting at my pc and the whole house shook but no seen damage.  Could hear creeking of the wood.
Tallmadge : I was sitting in my room, on my bed, on my second story of my house. I felt my bad rocking back and forth for at least 3-4 seconds. I then heard by Dad say, “Did you feel that?”, from the room over.
Warren : it sounded like a big rumble of thunder and the whole building i work in shook
??? : We felt our house swaying like we were on a boat or something
Austintown :  I was in the bottom apartment of my building, felt the whole foundatation shake, i made mention of it to my online friends and my friend in zainsville ohio 3 hours south of me felt it too, my families cell phones are not working at the moment but yet i have internet. This is very weird for my area and it has some of us shaken up.
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada : I was sitting on the couch and the entire couch starting swaying.  I thought it was my cats doing something but they were nowhere in sight.  Also, my shelves started creaking.  It was not strong enough to make the dishes rattle.
Salford, Ontario, Canada : light shaking indicated
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada : My mother in law and myself both felt like an undulation in different rooms upstairs that lasted only 1-2 seconds. My husband and father in law were downstairs and felt nothing. However I was chatting on line with my mother in Brantford, ON, Canada, and she felt shaking and went outside to see what was happening.
I would put the time somewhere around 3:05-3:10 pm.
Girard : very weak shaking indicated
???? : First earthquake very scary. Rattling windows. Vibration
Ohio : We felt our house swaying like we were on a boat or something
Salem : light shaking indicated
Eastern Ohio : Whole house started shaking slightly. not much but enough to get everyones attenntion.  Neibor says he felt it too!
Ohio : at @ 3:10pm My office chair ,fan and jewelry displays began shaking as well as my home
Vermilion : light shaking indicated
Hermitage, PA : felt movement,house created,dog raised his head,very short around 3 o'clock.
Sharpsville, PA : Around 3:07pm local time slight shaking was felt
Mineral Ridge : It shoke the whole house and and opened our slidding glass door.
Erie, PA : Felt shaking while on the couch. Christmas ornaments shook and so did the water in my cup.
Detroit, MI : At 3:07 PM on 12-31-11, I felt a slight shaking. I was sitting very still and felt the shaking two times a few seconds apart.
Essex, Maryland :

Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : 4.0
UTC Time : Saturday, December 31, 2011 at 20:05:01 UTC
Local time at epicenter : Saturday, December 31, 2011 at 03:05:01 PM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 5 km
Geo-location(s) :
4 km (2 miles) NW (315°) from Youngstown, OH
4 km (3 miles) SSE (167°) from Girard, OH
6 km (3 miles) S (191°) from Churchill, OH
70 km (44 miles) E (85°) from Akron, OH
96 km (60 miles) NW (322°) from Pittsburgh, PA

Links to important maps
USGS Did You Feel It Map
Google satellite map showing the epicenter and the surrounding area
Historic earthquakes map
Seismic hazard map
Focal mechanism report

Human impact map
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