El Hierro Telefonica "La Restinga Eruption" streaming webcam


Streaming Webcam with a view on the (probable) eruption area south of La Restinga

Webcam pages3 in 1 page  - Las Calmas Ustream - La Restinga village - Eruption webcam

- image courtesy Cabildo El Hierro, Movistar and Telefonica

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  1. Don't know if it appeared on camera but an aircraft SAR 111224103) has just been to the vent after flying all around the other islands.

  2. A boat my butt, that's lava!

  3. 7:29, 6th dec 2011, several large steaming stones could be seen on three spot in the eruption area. The biggest one seem to surface directly behind the staied zone, smaller one at the left boarder side of the stain and another one right to the lagre stones within the stained area.

    m Roth-CH