El Hierro El Pinar "Las Calmas Activity" static webcam


Double Las Calmas Sea Webcam from the El Pinar authority and ACN Press

Webcam pages3 in 1 page  - Las Calmas Ustream - La Restinga village - Eruption webcam



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  1. actuellement les deux events sont tres tres tres bien visibles tous les deux !

  2. ce matin on voit très bien les deux évents avec deux surfaces bien distinctes en ébullition sur USTREAM.

  3. Dave Harrison says

    SLS this morning and a lot of seagulls feeding in the eruption site.
    Thank for the answer the other day Armand.
    Have been following the eruption since October. What a wonderful site you have
    Thank you to all the volunteers for the photographs.

  4. I have sent an e mail to Corporate Management Telefonica advising them of their equipment failure once again covering the volcanic activity off El Heiro. I will send you a copy of their reply for publication if I get one. It is vital for Telefonica to play their part and deliver the support that one could reasonably expect from an allegedly global communications company. Senior Telefonica management should also recognise their corporate responibility to the El Heiro Cabildo and community.

    Is it not possible for someone in officialdom to raise the matter with the Spanish national government and seek their assistance in getting Telefonica senior management to provide a service that could positivly support the development of tourism and the economic development of the island's economy. It could by the way also serve our needs around the world - those of us who have an in intense interest in watching nature at work !.

    Telefonica senior management should waken up to the positive benefits for them out of the El Heiro volcanic event and if they are really serious about being a big player in the highly competitive communications world they should demonstrate they are wherever the action is with reliable secure communications equipment that out perfoms the others !.

    Keep up the good work you are doing and best regards to all on El Heiro


  5. Dave Harrison says

    Is all that steam/smoke just from SLS or not?

  6. I continue to follow the news every day and visit the web site 2 - 3 times daily.
    A very big thank you to everyone who so willingly gives their time and support in keeping us around the world informed of the event.

    Have a healthy, safe and happy 2012.

    Best regards to all