El Hierro Volcano eruption (Canary Islands) : Part 13 – November 16 until November 19, 2011

This is Part 13 of the El Hierro Volcano eruption report


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With the collaboration of Joke Volta, an El Hierro resident
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Images of November 19, 2011 taken by Ian Carson and Joke Volta

Images of November 19 by Ian Carson and Joke Volta - Click on the images to see the bigger size

Late night data update 19/11 - 23:16 UTC
- 15 M+1.5 earthquakes today
- Strongest earthquake being a 3.3 at 18:27
- Depth of the earthquakes since midnight : 16 to 23 km
- Harmonic tremor remains
strong since 17:16 UTC tonight
- GOOD air quality all day long

Important update 19/11 - 17:46 UTC
- We have just noticed that the harmonic tremor is almost saturated again, the biggest change since the fallback on November 17. The second graph shows the harmonic tremor from November 17 when it collapsed, until the new saturated graph today.

Increase of harmonic tremor between 17:00 and 18:00 UTC on November 19 - image courtesy IGN

harmonic tremor from late November 17 until November 19 - Click on the image to see it in full size

Data update 19/11 - 16:37 UTC
- 10 M+1.5 earthquakes since midnight (a lot less than we have expected)
- Strongest earthquake being a 2.8 at 08:20
- Depth of the earthquakes since midnight : 16 to 23 km
- GOOD air quality values this morning

Update 19/11 - 16:37 UTC
- Ian Carson reports from El Hierro : Civil guard went out to sea in RIB (rigid inflatable) this morning. Spoke to English speaker also aboard. He said 'volcano quiet today, stain still visible but much lighter than in past 'Jacuzzi' times.

Typical lava tube at Undura, near Cairns, Australia (thanks to Heather for telling us) - image courtesy patandpaulharvey.blogspot.com

Some interesting facts about Lava Tubes @ El Hierro
Joke is an artist and an artist has always a lot of terrific ideas ... While reading the excerpt on the Lava Tubes this morning, she wrote us a few interesting lines. We try to bundle them below.
Lava tubes are formed when the upper part of the lava stream is hardened and continues to flow at the inside. When the flow suddenly stops (like we have seen a couple of times at El Hierro), a tube is formed. Those among our readers who have climbed volcanoes know that the brisk outer shell of even small tubes can be very dangerous. Walking on the fresh lava fields in Hawaii and La Reunion, to name a few, can be dangerous for that reason.
- As shown in the extensive Lava Tubes document some tubes are very long. Most of the mapped lava tubes @ El Hierro are several hundred meter in length.
- The longest Lava Tube is the Don Justo tube measuring an incredible 6.315 km
- The Don Justo lava tube has been closed by the authorities because of the fear of getting lost !
- During the Franco dictatorship, the lava tubes on the island were used as hiding places. Family members and friends delivered food and drinks through well secret holes.  A lot of people fled during these years via El Hierro to Venezuela. Many of the Venezuela fugitives grandchildren are returned to the island, which is the main reason why the population of El Hierro has grown the last number of years (Joke is renting a house from Venezuela owners).
- Don Jose Padron Machín, also a fugitive, wrote many chronicles on what happened during these years.
- Lava tubes have very irregular shapes. Some parts are almost blocked but have just enough space to crawl though the opening.
- Jokes idea for tourism : guided walks in the extensive Lava Tube system in a number of difficulty levels (not now of course !)

The benefits of the Facebook - Google+ competition
As we all know, the social media war in between Facebook and Google+ will be gradually increasing. This may come at the benefit of us, readers and users. Why ?
One of the disadvantages @ our Facebook page was that when we posted a new title, the old title was still highlighted and an old picture was shown together with the excerpt.  The big advantage of Google+ was that Google+ was showing the correct title together with the most recent picture. As we change the title of this page many times a day and as we are continuously posting new pictures, we liked very much the Google+ system.
This morning Facebook followed the footsteps of Google+ and introduced the same system or in other words, Google+ has improved our Facebook page !.  We will, of course, continue to feed both pages.

Update 19/11 - 09:41 UTC
- The Telefonica Eruption webcam must have been hit by lava bombs (just joking) as the sea has not only another color, but as the recording angle is not really horizontal. The Ocean water is presently flowing towards the east coast of the USA

Data Update 19/11 - 09:26 UTC
- 6 M+1.5 earthquakes since midnight
- Strongest earthquake being a 2.8 at 08:20
- Depth of the earthquakes since midnight : 16 to 22 km
- Gradually stronger harmonic tremor but still far less than 2 days ago
- GOOD air quality values this morning
- beautiful weather on the Las Calmas sea this morning and the rest of the day
- Weather forecast for today : the wind will be blowing from the North-West gradually changing to the North and the North-East
- more weather prognosis at the El Hierro page of Windfinder.com

Update 19/11 - 09:06 UTC
- As you all know, Joke lives in El Pinar, about 500 meter above the Las Calmas sea. The first thing she does when she wakes up, even before her cup of coffee, is picking up her binoculars and searching for action on the Las Calmas sea. She reports a flat sea this morning (confirmed by the images of the webcam).

Update 19/11 - 09:05 UTC
Reader Leona Marx attracted our attention to a scientific study about the lava tubes at El Hierro. We think that this document has no relation with the current activity. Readers interested in the subject can link to the lava tubes document here.

Update 19/11 - 08:58 UTC
Reader Paul Abuelo has reported that the Telefonica La Restinga webcam made a 360° tour. The webcam is still being fine tuned, but we can confirm that seemingly a new webcam has been mounted. We are convinced that this webcam is the one we can see on the image of Ian Carson below.

Update 19/11 - 00:22 UTC
ESA (European Space Agency) has posted a You Tube video where a beautiful girl explains what we know already during months. At the same time ESA has released an Envisat satellite image from November 9.
Our comment : too little, too late. The RapidEye image is a high Quality picture (latest one was taken on November 13). Also NASA Modis does better. Click on both links in this update to wee whether we are wrong or right.

Joke Volta, our volunteer correspondent / artist and 25 year resident at El Hierro is interviewed by a local radiostation

Update 18/11 - 20:31 UTC
The number of earthquakes has increased to 37 !, the highest number since November 11

Update 18/11 - 19:56 UTC
- Following the locally well informed El Hierro Digital we might see a far better image from the Las Restinga Telefonica webcams than we have had so far. The current 2 webcams will soon be replaced by High Definition webcams. Reader Ian Carson reported earlier today that the new webcam was being installed on a far better and stable mast than the one before. Ian took a couple of pictures which he shares with you.
- The Cabildo and Telefonica will also install 2 new webcams (probably the onces they are taking away at La Restinga) in the El Golfo area.  Spoiled Childs as we are, we will start asking from now on  for an infrared webcam at the Las Calmas sea.
Gracias to the Cabildo President (Mr. Alpidio Armas) and Telefonica on behalf of the earthquake-report.com readers.

Webcam installation in La Restinga - image courtesy and copyright Ian Carson - Click on the image to increase the size

Update 18/11 - 17:40 UTC + Earthquake-Report earthquake risk overview 
As expected ... there we go again with the more powerful earthquakes.  At 15:32 UTC a 3.7 earthquake was listed by IGN and felt by the Herreños. The  epicenter was close to the beach in the El Golfo bay. The hypocenter was a secure 23 km.
As long as the hypocenters are not reaching depths of less than 5 km earthquake-report.com sees no real threat to the greater Frontera area. We are sure that Pevolca will act immediately if multiple earthquakes less than 5 km would appear in the current El Golfo earthquake area. The most probable scenario is that the La Restinga vent will open again when the magma pressure builds.
Only a major magnitude +5.0 earthquake could break the current cycle.
For people living at El Hierro, we do not expect earthquakes to create damage if the focal depth remains at the current 15 to 25 km and if the magnitude is less than 5.5. Landslides are a far bigger threat if earthquakes from +4.5 would become more common.

Update 18/11 - 16:53 - La Restinga Webcam saga (continued)
Reader Ian Carson (see comments) has written the following in our comments section :
I was at Restinga an hour or so ago (that was at 15:49 UTC) and they were putting a camera high up on secure metal mast not the ‘bird box,.
(in line with our earlier expectations)

Data Update 18/11 - 14:36 UTC
As could be expected, the earthquakes are increasing gradually in number. Since midnight IGN has listed 32 earthquakes. The strongest ones, 2 earthquakes measuring M 2.9.

Update 18/11 - 13:49 UTC
PEVOLCA, the committee of Emergency services, Scientists and Authorities has decided that the beaches from Puerto Naos until La Restinga will be closed to the public because of  an accumulation of toxic gases. La Restinga has no problem as it is more an open space according to the scientists. We regularly display the La Restinga air quality, which was indeed good this morning.
PEVOLCA also said that the 4 km radius in the Las Calmas see remains closed to navigation. Only the Guardia Civil and both Oceanographic ships are allowed in the eruption waters.

Image Infrared webcam courtesy Genius

Update 18/11 - 13:18 UTC
One of the 2 Telefonica webcams at La Resinga is out of service. The shaky eruption webcam will probably not come back anymore and might be replaced with another better one, otherwise Telefonica will loose the webcam competion, not done for a world telecommunications company.
May we give a hint : using the same double image  than the El Pinar authority Ustream webcam, but the first image in High Definition quality showing also some portion of the land, that way being able to see the size of the stain / jacuzzi and a second infra-red camera showing hot spots in the Las Calmas sea. Additionally, the infrared webcam will allow the world to see the activity in the dark.

Data Update 18/11 - 10:32 UTC
Some readers have asked us about the size of the Jacuzzi's. As Pevolca, IGN or CSIC almost never gives this kind of information, the picture below might give you a clue. To our own surprise, the Jacuzzi looks far bigger than we initially expected it. The relation in between the size of the helicopter overflying the stain. We assume that the picture has been taken on November 9 (but this is only a guess as the picture is not showing any properties).
Peter Cobbold, a volcano watcher at the Volcanocafe discussion blog : So the bubble is about 20 helicopters’ diameter= 240m. Thats small. Surtsey before it broke out from underwater was erupting a column of steam and ash 400m across at its base and 1000m+ high.

Size of the Jacuzzi or burbuja on November 12 - image courtesy ilovesantacruz.es

Data Update 18/11 - 09:32 UTC
- A lot more earthquakes today compared to yesterday - 16 greater than 1.5 since midnight.
- Harmonic tremor has not recovered
- As said in our 22:44 update from yesterday, more and stronger earthquakes can be expected from now on
- We expect that the current drop in activity will be temporary and will gradually climb again (may take a number of days)
- Joke reported this morning that she saw NO activity in the Mar de Las Calmas. The New Webcam arrived a little too late to capture the action
- Today will be a perfect day for the Ramón Margalef to do research close to the erupting vent. The scientists may be able to make very detailed topographic maps from the seabed, including the erupting vent.

Data Update 17/11 - 22:44 UTC
- Harmonic tremor has decreased suddenly at 22:08 UTC. Apparently the vent has collapsed again, as it did on October 12 (see graphic). Lets hope that the decrease in harmonic tremor will not be the beginning of stronger earthquakes as it was the case with similar activity the last few weeks.
- 16 earthquakes greater than M 1.5 today
- Almost all the earthquakes have an epicenter in the El Golfo bay at a depth of 13 ! to 25 km (13 km is the shallowest depth since many days, but does not have to be an important sign)
- Deformation is more or less stabilized since the eruption began.

Harmonic tremor drop on November 17 2011 - image courtesy IGN

Martin Rey, the person who made the "depth of the vent" image below, is specialized in video's and plots.
He simulated the start of a Surtseyan eruption if it would take place in the present vent area south of La Restinga.
ONCE AGAIN : THIS IS A SIMULATION of how it might be.  The real thing will be much more spectacular ! ... at least if the vent eruption may overcome the water column.

Click on this link to go to the YouTube video

Data Update 17/11 - 18:07 UTC
- very few earthquakes so far today, 10 since midnight.
- Almost all the earthquakes have an epicenter in the El Golfo bay at a depth of 13 ! to 25 km (13 km is the shallowest depth since many days, but does not have to be an important sign).
- The direction of the earthquakes is from the North-West to the South-East. Pulling a line in that direction brings us in the La Restinga vent area.
- A M 3.6 earthquake which happened at 16:25 UTC was felt by the Herreños . The focal depth was at 22 km.
- Harmonic tremor is continuously strong, all day long. IGN has to rescale regularly in order to see the amplitude.

Update 17/11 - 17:19 UTC
Here are 2 amazing 'artistic' Guardia Civil - Involcan helicopter pictures.  A volcano can sometimes be cruel but few people do know that it is also an extraordinary artist. Call MOMA !

November 17 Guardia Cicil - Involcan pictures - Click on the picture to watch the full size images at Flickr

Update 17/11 - 17:04 UTC
We had to cut another part of the too long page because of load times. The November 12 to November 15 part is linked in the upper part of the page.

Update 17/11 - 15:29 UTC
Reader and Google+ fan Martin Rey from Galicia, attracted our attention to a number of very interesting reports from the IEO (Instituto Español de Oceanografía). The Román Margalef belongs to this oceanographic institute. Most of the research of the Ramón Margalef is only communicated to Pevolca or to the IEO itself. The outstanding reports are giving a scientific insight in their research until now.  The reports have been published from November 9 until today.
Martin Rey had improved the IEO image a little bit to show the depth of the erupting vent, a question raised regularly in the comments.
The red colored layer picture is guessed to be hot magma.
Martin has calculated that the depth of the vent closest to La Restinga would be 156 meter.
The eruptive material from the La Restinga vent arrives at regular times at the surface (with or without Jacuzzi).
Finally, the stain can well be seen at the image as the yellow color hanging at the upper part of the image.
Why don't we see a lot of action on the surface while everybody is telling that the eruption goes on ?
We presume that the days that we do not see any surface action from the vent, although everything indicates that the eruption is continuing, a strong sea current maybe the reason for a diluted stain.
If you do not agree on our theory, just let us know in the comments.
Our sincere congratulations to Martin Rey, IEO and the crew of the  Ramón Margalef. Click on the picture to watch the bigger size image.

Erupting vent topography by the Roman Margalef - adapting work Martin Rey

The whole series of IEO published reports on El Hierro;
061111.pdf              09-nov-2011 15:12  198K
071111.pdf              09-nov-2011 15:12  662K
081111.pdf              09-nov-2011 15:12  3.8M
051111.pdf              11-nov-2011 10:00  236K
091111.pdf              11-nov-2011 10:00  3.8M
261011.pdf              16-nov-2011 09:59  4.9M
121111.pdf              17-nov-2011 07:59  294K
131111.pdf              17-nov-2011 07:59  369K

Update 17/11 - 12:49 UTC - GOOD NEWS : NEW WEBCAM
The El Pinar Ayuntamiento (authority) i partnership with ACNPress have installed a new webcam with a view to the Las Calmas sea. The webcam sends a streaming image of good quality to our screens. It gives the impression that it is installed at La Restinga on a more stable location than the Telefonica ones. The exact location and viewing angle has to be announced yet. The camera switches every X seconds into another frame (explains the difference in colors). I pity for the ads, but we probably can't have it all.
We have inserted this image in the same page as the 2 other Telefonica webcams. Click here to watch the new webcam together with the 2 others.

Click on the image to go to our webpage where all 3 webcams are inserted

Update 17/11 - 11:08 UTC
Joke reports from her current location in La Restinga that she sees 2 white patchy vents .
She talks about an amazing colorful event (she is an artist ). The sea looks less green than usual, but patches of green material and incredibly nice blue strings.
- Unfortunately our webcam views do not reveal anything from these colors.
- We just asked her to make a picture of what she sees.
- As reported earlier, the Guardia Civil boat with the Involcan scientists on board will certainly publish pictures of the coloring later today.

Thank you for sharing this article 75,000 times

Earthquake-Report.com is proud that our main article on the El Hierro volcano eruption has been shared 75,000 times just now. We might have set a world shares record on Volcanology.  Our reporting of the Van, Turkey earthquake has been shared 42,000 times, probably also a shares record in seismology. We have to thank our thousands of daily users for their confidence.
- All this was achieved during a gradually buildup since September 2010. Since that time, we wrote 1,534 different articles on earthquakes and volcanoes. A small team of dedicated volunteers is backing up each other, that way being able to report on all major events in the world 7 days on 7 and 24 hours on 24.  Occasional volunteers like Joke Volta @ El Hierro are adding more in-depth reporting to our articles.
- The financing for the whole project (including the investment for the free earthquake communication apps) has been provided by Armand Vervaeck, founder of the SOS Earthquakes non-profit organization. We thank CEDIM (Center for Disaster Management in Karlsruhe, Germany for their kind support) and the people who donated what they could afford since we started the donation action in October 2011. The financial support of the latter is and will be essential for our survival.
We however are criticizing the corporate world (especially earthquake insurance companies willing to pay billions of $ in damage indemnities but not 1 penny for awareness and preparedness ) in not reacting, not even answering our request for minimal support. 
We could eventually get some funds from ads on our pages, but a test during the Japan tsunami was VERY counterproductive as Google Ads smeared thousands of Chinese Girls in between the earthquake and tsunami details. The bottom line is and will be (at least for the time being), that your donations will be vital for our survival (not one dollar is paid for the founder or the volunteers).
- We are still looking for additional volunteers to tighten our network, both for volcanoes and earthquakes. These volunteer tasks are ranging from 15 minutes per day until all the time you like to spend on it. Although we appreciate scientists to volunteer, a lot of these tasks do not need any scientific skills. If you want to volunteer, please write us a note by filling in our contact form.
Armand Vervaeck, Founder of SOS Earthquakes (and earthquake-report.com)

Update 17/11 - 09:29
- The vent is still active and the stain is still present on the webcam (although you have to look for more than 15 minutes to see where the vent is. The sea current goes from left to right. When the vent is less active the stain disappears gradually to the right of the screen.
- The Guardia Civil ship has been posted quite a long time almost above the vent. Guardia Civil works together with Involcan. The latter is taking water and pumice samples from the stain
- We think that the Guardia Civil people are taking a risk in being so close to the vent, but we have to admit that the best pictures are coming from their ship and helicopter.

Harmonic tremor on November 17 from midnight UTC until 08:30 UTC - image courtesy IGN

Update 17/11 - 08:36
- Saturated harmonic tremor this morning .
- Only 6 earthquakes greater than M 1.5 since midnight UTC
- Depth : 20 to 23 km
- La Restinga Air Quality @ 08:00 : GOOD - NO unusual values

New "Volcano Only" twitter account
We have created a new Twitter account with Volcano News only. It is called @VolcanoReport . It will be used not only to send tweets about Volcano activity, but also to collect news from our readers. If this was not a non-profit organization we would give a present of the first 100 followers 🙂

A journey through the Los Roquillos Tunnel
We have written many times about the Los Roquillos tunnel who has been closed, reopened, again closed and again reopened. A lot of people do not know how the tunnel looks like. The bloggers behind restingueando.blogspot.com made the trip with a videocamera and below the result of it.

Update 16/11 - 23:45
- The extended citizen council of La Restinga met earlier tonight. The council is a very mixed group of citizens consisting of house owners, fisherman, diving company owners and personnel, restaurant owners, private citizens etc. Some are 100% Herreños and others are coming from other islands, the mainland and others parts of Europe and the world. 1 subject to discuss : how to survive the current crisis.
- Candido Padron gave an overview of the current aid formulas and what to do to get them
- Fernando Gutierrez made a call to the central government for urgent aid
- a petition claiming additional aid will be presented at the last government meeting which will be held on November 18 (2 days prior to the elections). The people are afraid that it will take at least 40 to 50 days before a new government will be functioning.

Update 16/11 - 21:00
- A very strong harmonic tremor since many hours. We expect more eruption activity at least the following hours.
- The scientists station at La Restinga who is monitoring the air quality has NOT recorded any unusual values at the moment
- At 20:32 a M 3.1 earthquake was felt by the people of the north.
- Readers who have witnessed the first phase of the eruption which started on October 9 will certainly recall a similar colorful stain as the beginning of a series of activity events. Among them :
- October 9 - shallow earthquakes to the south of El Pinar (current eruption area)
- October 10 (04:00) : start of harmonic tremor
- October 11 - a colorful stain is noticed (still a lot of discussion whether the color meant an eruption or not)
- October 11 - La Restinga people are evacuated to other parts of the island
- October 13 - first images of a dark brown concentrated substance (what we call now a vent)
- October 13 - RapidEye satellite images show a very concentrated vent (about the same location than the current vent)
- October 16 - The burbuja or Jacuzzi appears in front of the coast.
A range of all kind of Jacuzzi's, stains in different colors and other activity until November 10
- November 10 : Joke reports a Jacuzzi, color free Las Calmas sea
Current phase
November 13 - A new stain is forming
November 14 - new brownish dark grey nucleus in the greater stain
November 16 - very noticeable vent to the south of La Restinga
The following dates ? : We expect gradually stronger submarine eruptive action creating a new jacuzzi and magmatic material arriving at the surface (this expectation is based on the first eruptive phase).

Update 16/11 - 18:05
- The Telefonica - Movistar webcams will get maintenance tomorrow.  Some interruptions may be expected. All other webcam scenarios are uncertain. We count 4 plans at the moment but we will only we happy when we see them working.
- The extended village council from La Restinga will meet at 19:00 UTC at El Pinar.
- A source told Joke that the scientists of the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria have 2 "high potential" webcams which they want to install. The university is currently upgrading their servers to cope with high demand.

Data Update 16/11 - 15:55
- 14 earthquakes greater than M1.5 since midnight UTC
- strongest earthquake : (still) M 3.2 at 05:09 UTC felt by people on Northern El Hierro
- depth : 16 until 25 km
- VERY STRONG harmonic tremor with bursts (we expect rescaling from IGN shortly as the graph is saturated)
- The current air quality remains GOOD in La Restinga (SO2 )

Update 16/11 - 13:57
A big Thank You to Laura, IGN geologist, who met Joke this morning and allowed us to publish these beautiful Volcano action pictures from this morning. A pity we can not have a webcam hanging in the sky :)).
We have loaded the images in Google+, an alternative to Picasa and Flickr. The picture are "public" and should be visible to evryone. If this is not the case, please inform via @volcanoreport or by the form below.

Las Calmas sea volcano activity on November 16, 2011- images taken from a helicopter this morning - courtesy Laura, IGN geologist

Update 16/11 - 13:11
A lot of frequency changes the last couple of hours. Because of the backlight and the Zoom Out webcam picture it is hard to see some activity in the sea, but we are convinced that activity is strong at the moment.

Update 16/11 - 11:46
Reader Jose Manuel Huerta reacted via Facebook that Telefonica and Movistar are one and the same company, Movistar being the trademark for people communications.

Update 16/11 - 10:45 UTC : Reply from the tourism department to Joke concerning her Webcam letter
This reply was authorized to be published by Mrs. Magaly Gonzalez from the Tourist board :

Buenos días Joke, decirte que estas WEBS las instaló el Cabildo pero que nosotros estamos  a punto de poner en marcha otra cámara que trabaja con un servidor de streming mundial y que tiene un soporte ilimitado. Desde que sea público te mandaré el enlace.
Good morning Joke. I want to tell you that these webcams where installed by the Cabildo (regional government of El Hierro) but we are about to set another camera that works with a global streaming server and has unlimited support. As soon as it becomes public i will forward you the link.

Update 16/11 - 10:45 UTC : Discovering volcano vent activity
After looking a while to the webcam the stain was gradually floating to the right of the screen, which meant that NO new magmatic material arrived at the surface.  Gradually, the vent opened and the stain was fed again with new material.
How to see ? Play the video and keep watching the left part of the stain. We have compressed 2 minutes into 18 seconds.

Probable La Restinga eruption webcam - image courtesy Joke Volta

Update 16/11 - 09:38 UTC :
Based on the webcam images we have noticed a much stronger vent activity during a very limited time (left corner of the stain). The stronger activity should have coincided with a burst in harmonic tremor (you van check this together with us by looking at the approx. 09:38 harmonic tremor graph).

Update 16/11 - 09:16 UTC :
The stain is still significantly present this morning.  It was diluted by the wind and the current yesterday evening but has reactivated during the night. This means that the eruption of the vent below is continuing. No Jacuzzi or hot ejected magmatic material.

Update 16/11 - 07:53 - La Restinga Webcam saga (continued)
- Yesterday evening Joke Volta has written an E-mail to a couple of important people at El Hierro, including Alpidio Armas, the president of El Hierro, the tourist board of El Pinar and (in copy) to Sr. Fernando, a former fisherman and elected representative of the La Restinga people.
She quoted that on behalf of the people from around the world reading our website, something has to be done for the quality of the eruption webcam.
The picture to the right is, we think, the current location of the eruption webcam
- We might be successful already, as the Eruption webcam image has disappeared this morning and has been replaced by the image of the village webcam. A clear sign that work is currently done ?.
- We also want to stress that we have offered the help from our readers for a better quality webcam.

Data Update 16/11 - 07:24
- 8 earthquakes greater than M1.5 since midnight UTC
- strongest earthquake : M 3.2 at 05:09 UTC felt by people on Northern El Hierro
- depth : 16 until 23 km
- strong harmonic tremor with accidental short bursts (far less than the day before yesterday)
- The current air quality is GOOD in La Restinga (SO2 )

Volcano Discussion Panel : If you are a person who wants to discuss and read about all aspects of volcanoes,  this discussion panel might be a very good place to hang around. Especially if we start speculating about what to happen next, this panel is a great place to look at. Give it a chance.