El Hierro La Restinga 3 in 1 webcam page


This is the El Hierro, La Restinga 3 in 1 webcam page

Webcam pages3 in 1 page  - Las Calmas Ustream - La Restinga village - Eruption webcam

Earthquake-Report.com has integrated the image of all 3 webcams on one page facilitating easy watching on big screens.

Webcam from the El Pinar authority and ACN Press

Webcam with view of the (possible) eruption area @ the Las Calmas sea - image courtesy Cabildo El Hierro, Movistar and Telefonica

Webcam on La Restinga and the Las Calmas sea - image courtesy Cabildo El Hierro, Movistar and Telefonica

Tourist Information on El Hierro. Click on this link or click on the picture below

This link is an attempt of earthquake-report.com to focus on the touristic beauty of the Southernmost Island of Europe



  1. I have been searching and searching for some cams/live stream and other than the linksys one that shows nothing I can't find nada ? Will the ustream cams be coming back online?

    • Armand Vervaeck says:

      This is in the hands of the government but to be honest this has NO sense at the moment as the seismic crisis is far to far out of the shoreline and also far too deep

  2. Pam Thornton says:

    I have been wondering how do you pronounce Joke? Is it yoke? She's such a trooper, well done Joke, I love your 'miss Marple' reporting, keep it up!

    Also, thanks to all involved in reporting this fascinating and compelling force of nature, fantastic!

    • Armand Vervaeck says:

      For English speaking people (Joke is a common name in Holland and Belgium) you should pronounce it like IOKE or as you say Yoke. She reads these comments on regular basis and she will "laugh" about your remark : )

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