Oklahoma / Tulsa M 4.7 and M 5.6 earthquakes + November 7 aftershocks

Earthquake overview : At 02:12 in the night, the people of the greater Oklahoma City / Tulsa / Prague area have been woken up by a moderate but well felt earthquake.  Chances on major damage are almost excluded.
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M 4.7    2011/11/08    02:46     Depth 5.0 km    OKLAHOMA
Monday, November 07, 2011 at 08:46:57 PM at epicenter
Please read our in-depth report about this earthquake – Click here

“I Have Felt It” reports as received by Earthquake-Report.com from the 4.7 aftershock
faint shaking but still scary
Ponca City: Felt a little shaking…monitor on computer shook..then a small rumble.  There is a storm going on also.
Kansas: Hanging ceiling fan shaking and felt a slight vibration.
Bartlesville: 8:49pm central time, light shaking, lasted about 10 seconds.
Oklahoma City: Building discernibly shaking for 5 seconds ~8:46PM, on 8th floor of hotel in NW Oklahoma City
Edmond: Floor of house trembled beneath our feet.
Dallas, TX : I think it's another Oklahoma quake, but I felt it all the way in Dallas, Tx.
Dallas, TX : the Apartment shook briefly as it did Saturday night when there was a larger earthquake in Oklahoma
Winfield, KS : 945 pm 5- 10 seconds.
Shawnee : Fairly loud rumble, whole house shook for around 10 seconds. Objects rattled, paintings swayed slightly. No other effects.
Bella Vista, AR : Watching TV when slight shaking was felt. Lasted about 5 seconds. It was felt at 8:47pm Central Standard Time.  The Bible says "What can be shaken shall be shaken"  In these days one must be ready, John 3:3
Oklahoma City : lasted 5 - 10 seconds 8:50 PM CST 11-7, 2011
Fayetteville, AR : i had to hold onto a railing when i was walking down the stairwell on the 10th floor of my dorm at the university of arkansas because it was shaking so badly. im guessing the epicenter was in oklahoma
Riverton, KS :  Shaking of doors, ceiling fans, dressers
Muskogee : At 8:50 p.m we felt moderate shaking, not as long nor as strong as the Saturday night quake.  It lasted between 10 to 15 seconds and as stated was not as strong as the Saturday quake.  I reported this also, not sure is same web site.
Stillwater : We were having a severe thunderstorm.  It took a minute to determine whether or not we were having a tornado or earthquake!
Mt View : felt a light shake but definately a shake
Oklahoma City : Northeast Oklahoma City. 8-1/2 miles east of I-35, 2 miles south of highway 66, approx 8:50 pm. .... Here we go again. Slow shaking began without rummble this time.  Back and forth shaking increased along with rumble. House shook, creaked and popped, ceiling fan and decorative items moved back and forth. Motion slowly tapered off along with rumble. Didn't feel as strong as 5.6 the other day, but stronger than the 4.7 on Saturday. Lasted about 25 seconds.
Joplin, MO : Did we just have another earth quake in Oklahoma or did I imagine what I just felt here in Joplin M. again?Just before 9:00 pm 11/07/2011
Tulsa : In 3 days 3 earthquake bothersome! In my living room and at 8:48pm on Monday the 7th of November the house shook for about 7-10 seconds.
Tulsa : My husband and I heard a rumbling and could feel the vibration through the countertop.  It lasted about a minute.  Nov. 7, 2011 at around 8:45pm CST
Ponca City : Felt a little shaking...monitor on computer shook..then a small rumble.  There is a storm going on also.
Irving, TX : Oklahoma aftershock just felt in Irving 8:49pm CST. Sitting in my recliner and I felt the back and forth motion, and looked at my water glass on the table next to me, and the water was slowing sloshing in the glass.
Glencoe : At about 8:47 PM, in Glencoe, OK -- I felt two quick shudders that shook the desk and floor lamp in my office
Tulsa : Light trembling as sitting on couch underneath feet and observing liquid in glass on coffee table shaking, went for about 20 seconds
Fayetteville, AR : Short duration tremor, minor shaking, no damage
Northwest Arkansas : At about 8:50 p.m. (central time) felt my home shaking a little bit.  Had a bottle of water on the table next to my chair and watched the water vibrate in it for a good minute.  We felt the Saturday evening quake from Oklahoma here also, but it was stronger than the one tonight.  Turned to the weather channel where they were reporting "thunder quake" in Oklahoma City (earthquake and thunder from passing storm).  No further information about depth, strength, etc. yet.
Tulsa : faint shacking but still scary
Oklahoma : Heard rumbling.  Minor shaking
Horton, KS : 8:50pm CST No shaking, but hanging wine glasses began to clink together and make a tinkling sound for 10-15 seconds. Got online and found Oklahoma aftershock above and assumed that was what it was.
Marshall, MO : I am in Missouri I felt and after shock around 8 pm and iv heard from several people they have been feeling them as well. Felt like I was being lightly rocked an no one was near me
Oklahoma : walls rattled, bar stools swayed, a feeling of weightlessness
Valley Center, KS : Hanging ceiling fan shaking and felt a slight vibration
Bartlesville : 8:49pm central time, light shaking, lasted abour 10 seconds
Oklahoma City : Building discernibly shaking for 5 seconds ~8:46PM, on 8th floor of hotel in NW Oklahoma CityBuilding discernibly shaking for 5 seconds ~8:46PM, on 8th floor of hotel in NW Oklahoma City
Denton, TX : My girlfriend and I were sitting inside our mobile home and felt the house shaking like the washing machine was on spin cycle. Lasted for about 3-5 seconds


USGS I Have Felt It earthquake map - image courtesy USGS - NO orange sectors = very strong shaking are visible on the map

11/8/2011 Update : Another Very strong aftershocks of M 4.7 at a shallow depth of 5 km is recorded today in the same area. The epicenter is located 28 km (17 miles) NNE of Shawnee, Oklahoma. It is second strongest aftershocks to hit the area. The earlier was M 5.6 two days earlier much stronger than main shock.

Update 22:05 UTCNew I Have Felt It reports

Update 22:05 UTCWe have counted 17 aftershocks greater than 1.0 since the mainshock earlier today. This may go on for many more days and weeks (see Virginia)

Update 10:02 UTCUSGS reports a strong magnitude 4.0 aftershock at 03:40 AM local time. Since the M 5.6 earthquake we have noticed 6 aftershocks greater than M 2.5 ! More to come unfortunately !

Update 08:00 UTCWe are in the middle of the Oklahoma night right now and luckily we have not seen any additional reports of damage or injuries

Update 06:41 UTC :  According to the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office, there are no major reports of damages or injuries from the earthquake.  Lincoln County on the other hand is reporting a lot of minor to medium damage but luckily NO collapsed houses.

Update 06:24 UTCWe have added a lot of new I Have Felt it reports below.

Update 06:12 UTCWe still trust in a Happy Ending   (we use this term if no people have been killed in such a strong earthquake) . The USGS map above is not severe in shaking terms. Yes for damage of course, especially the yellow sectors, but the lack of orange or red sectors which were present in Virginia are not to be found here yet.

Update 06:06 UTCThe quake struck near the community of Sparks -- in eastern Oklahoma between Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The quake shook the stadium at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater just at the end of the school's football game.

Update 06:00 UTC :  The news remains good. With so many news stations trying to find the extend of the damage and eventual injuries, and nothing important reported yet - we love this kind of silence at earthquake-report.com.
A collapsed chimney can be repaired, somebody severely injured is however traumatic for his/her entire life.

Update 06:00 UTC :  The shaking lasted for 20 to 30 seconds, normal for earthquakes with this magnitude.

Update 05:53 UTC :  Emergency managers do plan to wait until morning's light to make a more thorough assessment of the damage, but this is only for superficial damage of course. We at earthquake-report.com expect this to be high.

Update 05:53 UTC :  At earthquake-report.com we start to compare the present earthquake with the Virginia earthquake a little while ago. The similarities are striking as far as we talk about impact. Same kind of reported damage in the early hours after the quake struck.  Let us hope that it will continue like this as the Virginia earthquake had NO people killed.

Update 05:51 UTC :  Luckily, we have NOT seen any reports of severely injured people. This is truly great news in this phase of the emergency operations, but a lot of information has still to come in.

Update 05:35 UTC :  People in the direct epicenter area will have a very hard night as staying inside is almost excluded due to the potential aftershocks. Only people with houses constructed to resist 7.0+ earthquakes are safe to stay inside. The best everybody in the direct epicenter area can do is waiting for instructions from the emergency services.

Update 05:30 UTC There are also damage reports in Muskogee and reports people as far north as Wichita felt the earthquake.

Update 05:27 UTC :  FOX news is reporting significant damage at 3 houses in Lincoln countyHighway 62 is buckled in three places near Prague and there is a boulder the size of an SUV on another part of the same highway.

Update 05:21 UTC :  Lincoln County is reporting damage.  Chimneys have collapsed through the roofs of homes.  Collapsed air condition ducts and a collapsed wall in the Prague library.  NO word of injuries yet, but we expect at least people with minor injuries in the direct epicenter area

Update 05:12 UTC : It was felt in not only in Oklahoma but also in Arkansas, Texas, Missouri and Kansas. There are even some reports of the quake being felt in Illinois. There have been nine earthquakes recorded in Oklahoma in the past 24 hours with the 5.6 being the largest.

Update 05:09 UTC : We repeat that the extreme theoretical MMI shaking numbers are NOT reflected on the really Felt shaking map. This is a good sign.

Update 05:06 UTC : The extremely shallow depth (if confirmed), makes it feel like an explosion almost below your house.  A radius of 20 km is most at risk for damage and/or injuries in this case.

Update 05:03 UTC : The first news tends to be good - NO report of killed or badly injured people yet. This is lin line with the I Have Felt It map from above. Damage on the other hand will certainly be inflicted.

Update 04:55 UTC : After looking into the earthquake data which have been reported by people to the USGS, we predict that the expected damage will be less than initially thought with this heavy shaking. Even in the direct epicenter area, only a moderate to max. strong shaking has been reported

Update : Tulsa's Channel 8 has received photos of damage from the quake at 71st and Garnett in Tulsa. This is in earthquake terms very far from the epicenter, which makes us believe that other damage will be reported too

Update : So far we have NOT seen any reports on damage or injuries, but we are convinced that they will appear gradually a little later

Update : This earthquake is the largest ever recorded in the state's history.

Update : The new magnitude does not exclude serious damage or injured people. It will be anxiously waiting for the first reports of emergency services.

Update :
55 people will have felt a VIOLENT shaking
1,000 people will have felt a SEVERE shaking
19,000 people will have felt a VERY STRONG shaking
51,000 people will have felt a STRONG shaking

The earthquake has been updated by USGS to a 5.6 magnitude earthquake,  this changes the outcome from this earthquake completely

Update :  We have a lot of I Have Felt Reports to be published yet

Update :  30,000 people will have felt a moderate shaking and 140,000 people a light shaking. 3,212,000 people will have felt a weak to very weak shaking

Update :  The direct earthquake area has to expect a lot of powerful aftershocks in the range 3.0 4.5

Update : It happens very seldom that an aftershock (this is an aftershock) is stronger than the mainshock

Update : At earthquake-Report.com we think that the strength of the shock will certainly generate some minor damage.

Update : The epicenter is almost the same than earlier today, the Sharks area

Update : Based on the USGS predictions we have so far, only 192 people will experience a strong shaking

Update : The shock has been felt in many other states

Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : 5.2
UTC Time : Sunday, November 06, 2011 at 03:53:10 UTC
Local time at epicenter : Saturday, November 05, 2011 at 10:53:10 PM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 5 km (3.1 miles)
Geo-location(s) :
34 km (21 miles) NNE of Shawnee, Oklahoma
63 km (39 miles) SSE of Stillwater, Oklahoma
68 km (42 miles) ESE of Guthrie, Oklahoma

Links to important maps
USGS Did You Feel It Map
Google satellite map showing the epicenter and the surrounding area.
Historic earthquakes map
Seismic hazard map
Shaking map
Human impact map

I Have Felt It" reports as received by Earthquake-Report.com from the 5.2 aftershock
Most recent received reports below
Oklahoma City :
Oklahoma City
: We had about 45-60 seconds of very strong rumbles and rolling. It was strange feeling an earthquake in Oklahoma. We're used to tornado's.
Vian : Was sitting in chair, it actually moved lamps a little in living room!  Lasted about 1 minute at around 10:53PM
Lawrence, KS : Just felt the earthquake from Oklahoma city in Lawrence,Ks. Slight shaking in the upper floor of our house. Nov. 5, 2011 10:55pm
Shawnee : My living room was moving in a counterclockwise circle direction.
Oklahoma City : At around 10:55, we felt shaking and then it got stronger.  Not sure of the magnitude of the quake, but friends around the area of Oklahoma City to Tulsa, Oklahoma have felt something.
Yukon : 10:53 pm duration 30 secs, windows rattling, chandeliers swaying, dishes rattling, no damage.
Kansas : south east kansas had earthquake aftersock about 10:56pm
Inola : Sitting at desk When walls, desk, lights, floor, and me in my chair all shake moderately. for a few seconds 2-3. checked wind speed monitor and it shows steady 5 MPH winds
Bella Vista, AR : We were watching the tv when the house started shaking.  The quake shook for about 5 seconds then again but no so hard then again very lightly.  It happened at 10:54 pm November the 5th, 2011
Tulsa : Rumble and shaking lasting approx 45 to 60 seconds
Missouri : My couch was shaking and I felt it a little bit and wondered what was going on.
Tulsa : Here at 10:54 pm.  Stronger and longer than this morning.
Seneca, Missouri : Light shaking indicated
Wichita, KS : Light shaking indicated
Shawnee : it might no have been and earthquake but there was an extremely weak shaking here weird enough our whole neighboorhood felt it!
Shawnee : We had a 4.7 last night around 2am. This new earthquake just happened around 10:50pm. The new earthquake was much longer with stronger shaking. It lasted a couple of minutes--long enough to decide to take cover and wait out the tremor.
Tulsa : Lasted about 30 seconds.  Very noticeable
Oklahoma City : 10:55pm for 10 seconds pictures and windows rattled, bed squeaked, objects on tables moved, cats ran, heard rumble.
Webb City, Missouri : Lasted 8-10 seconds
Independence, KS : Couldn't figure out why the glass in the china cabinet was rattling so loudly - it wasn't thundering.  Lasted about 7 seconds.  Felt slight vibration under my feet.
Denton, TX : I had just sat down and felt the sofa shake, I looked up and noticed that the light fixtures were also shaking. I think it lasted no more than 6-7 seconds
Hermann, Missouri : At about 10:59 PM, I was sitting at my house and it began to tremor. I've never experienced an earthquake or aftershock, or whatever this was, but it was kind of disconcerting
Wichita Falls, Texas : Two jolts within a second from. My house jolted south and then north twice with mild shaking prior to 1st jolt shaking and another jolt less than 2 seconds
??? : Refrigerator shaking, along with contents, television shaking, tables shaking, garage door shaking.  Strong enough that we knew it was some kind of aftershock or very mild earthquake
Abilene, TX :  have never been in an earthquake.  I find nothing on the news or internet, but what I felt about 10 minutes ago had to be an earthquake.  My entire bldg shook for it seemed a full minute.  The structure I am in is solid Rock, and does not shake easily.
Oklahoma City : 10:52 pm cst rumbling shaking things rattling on the wall
Oklahoma City : Nov 5, 10:55 pm , northeast Oklahoma, City, 8.5 miles east of I-35, 2 miles south of highway 66. WOW! ... a rumble that quickly increased to a boom and house shaking back and forth. After shaking stopped, rumble continued and tapered off slowly, lasted about 20 seconds.
Maryland Heights, MO : Furniture shaking, pictures on the wall shaking, dogs barking for no other reason. Felt by 3 adults in the home. Nothing on the news about this. Occurred approximately 11pm cst
Southlake Texas : At about 11pm on Saturday, Nov 5, 2011 - It lasted about 30 seconds - it started slow and got stronger.  It shook the chair I was sitting in and the beds where my family members were sleeping - everyone felt it, upstairs and downstairs.  I heard lots of little creaking sounds in the walls and ceiling that sounded at first like sudden hard raindrops.  I heard a slight roaring sound.  When I walked outside after it stopped, a hanging planter was swinging slightly on the back porch
Marion, Kansas : We were watching a movie and the house started shaking, had no clue what it was!!! Crazy!!
Cottleville, MO : Bed kind of wobbled back in forth.
Tulsa : Felt lateral movement from east to west.  Lasted about 45 seconds.  Woke sleeper.  No apparent damage.
Tulsa : Earthquake at or around 10:55pm. Perceived to last 10 to 15 seconds
Northwest Arkansas : Sitting watching a movie and the lamps started shaking and our patio doors were rattling. The chair I was sitting in felt as if it were swaying
Fayetteville,AR : My husband and I felt shaking at around 11:00 pm.
Broken Arrow : Woke me up from a dead sleep. Kinda scary but knew I was safe, not very big. Just noisy.  Listening to dogs fussing a bit.
Celina, TX : Felt bed shaking, others in living room felt floor shaking. Glass of milk showed liquid moving, candle flame moving.
Edmond : Just working on the computer and the house just started shaking.  Live in a slab and everything just shook.  This one lasted alot longer than the one this morning. CRAZY!
Paris , TX : 11:12 pm Saturday in bed on 4th floor of hotel. Bed shook for about 5 seconds
Cedar Vale, KS : Felt at 10:55 PM Central time
Hartford, Illinois : 10:58 pm on November 5,2011. Felt shaking for approximately 5 seconds. Fish tanks we're wobbling and I could see the water sloshing in them.
Tulsa : I woke up to the one this morning, but this quake just now went on for almost a minute!
Tulsa : Tulsa Ok experienced their 2nd earthquake within 24 hours tonight, November 5, 2011, at approximately 1102 PM CST. Moderate to light shaking to include the displacement of objects
Joplin MO : Visible objects shaking and furniture moving with distinct noise.   Sat. NOV. 5 2011 just before 11 P.M.
Broken Arrow : Woke me up from a dead sleep. Kinda scary but knew I was safe, not very big. Just noisy.  Listening to dogs fussing a bit
Sachse, TX : Thought my house was haunted until I got on facebook and saw others' posts!
McAlester : My whole house shook for about a minute or so!
Bella Vista, AR : low rumble for 10-20 seconds. Followed by heavy rattles 5-10 seconds. Last night's earthquake was much more intense
Tulsa : wasn't that strong. first earthquake I have ever felt. It was pretty cool. My family and I ran out of our apartment. tulsa oklahoma
Tulsa : I was up stair trying to sleep, because we also had a little one at 2am. Then it came this one, I was running down stairs and still was shaking.They said in tv that it was 5.2 the grade. I do not like this. Earth quit!!!
Comanche : House was shaking, dishes rattling.  I was on the couch and felt if two people were picking it up to move it.  Happened about 2305 or 2310 CST
??? : I heard a noise all of a sudden, like a low rumble or an airplane flying right above my house. My chair started shaking and a picture fell off the wall. The incident lasted approximately 15-30 seconds.
Tulsa : I was awake watching a show and at 2:15am on Saturday November the 5th, 2011 my house shook and I knew it was an earthquake and was scared. It lasted about 3-5 seconds but felt longer than that. Went on line to see if anyone had reported on the news chanel 6 or 2?...
Tonight, Saturday November 5th at 10:52pm another earthquake, the shake was stronger, could hear the ceiling light vibrating, this one lasted about 10-12 seconds. Was even more scared and looked outside to see if there was any neighbors to talk about what just took place and find some kind of comfort. I will get the paper tomorrow and hope to find some report/evaluation on the 2 consecutive events. In hope and prayer for our safety.
Wichita, KS : furniture shaking. stuff fell off nightstand. building creaking
Grandview, MO : ll-5-11 at approximately 10:55PM felt extremely light shaking.  No objects moved, just a few seconds of shaking.  Am assuming I felt an aftershock.
Norman : Happened around 11:00pm. The whole house shook
Sarcoxie, MO : I felt it about 30min ago...bed was shaking and windows were rattling
St Louis, MO : Was awakened - thought my daughter was shaking the bed. 2nd shaking about 30 seconds later.
Sapulpa :  It felt like a freight train was right outside my windows, we ran outside and could still feel it there, but not as strong.  I see a few cracks in the ceiling that weren't there before. 10:57pm
Seymour, TX : I was awaken by bed shaking.
Collinsville : Stronger than the one last night.  Approximately 10:55 PM CDT, a rumble in the distance could be heard.  The rumble got louder and then my whole house started shaking.  My 2 year old woke up screaming.  Wow
Fittstown : I felt a tremor at 10:53 P.M. 11/5/11 - To me it was low in intensity but it was enough to make the whole house shake.
Wichita, KS :  i heard a kind of slight thunder sound and the bed i was on was slightly shaking..i had a slight rocking kind of experience.it lastwd for about 5 to 6 seconds
Krum, TX : I live in a mobile home anchored into piers. Felt chair that I was sitting in shake as if the washer was on spin dry. My son was on the couch and he felt it and asked if I was doing laundry. No major highways near by we live in a rual area 5 miles west of Krum TX
Hazelwood, MO : Felt shaking on sofa..like someone pushing away from the wall. Occurred approx 10:45 pm CST
St Joseph, MO : Felt recliner sway side to side and watched papers (tucked in desk on their edge)sway side to side as well. this happened around 10:58 pm to 11:02 pm
Lawton : The house started shaking as if there was a strong wind then got stronger and lasted about 10seconds
Joplin MO : was sitting on my couch and felt the couch shake for about 10 seconds. As fast as it came, it went. happened at 10:56PM Central Time
Kansas City, MO : I was sitting out on my patio with my aunt and all of the sudden I feel the deck moving,it was a little bizzare since I have NEVER felt an earthquake or an aftershock. I thought mabey just mabey it was the wind so I continued to sit there and I felt it again! It freaked me out so I came inside and started doing a little research and came across this,I had no idea that there was an EQ in oklahoma.WOW
Joplin, MO : Sitting in the living room on the couch tonight at about 11:00 pm ,talking to my daughter.We Started feeling shaking like early this morning at about 2:15 am. It woke me up early this morning. Tonight at around 11;00 or a little after, it started out like earlier but the shaking got much stronger. I think it was twice as strong tonight as this morning. Crazy. We got scared and went out side
Wichita, KS :  First earthquake experience (29yo) here in Kansas. My bed shook, my closet doors shook and a door down the hallway shook. Not everyone in the house felt it but many others in my city did. Crazy!
Ovalo, TX : approx 2315 CDT. Very light N-S less than 5 sec. Slight twisting sheer in recliner footrest. Motion in ceiling fan switch chains(16 in long) less than 1/2 inch, less than 2 minutes to motion decay
Fort Worth, TX : Approxiamtely 10:58pm CST, House vibrated. Dog Barked.
Lawton : My shower door started shaking for like 5 seconds and I wasn't sure if my washer was going nuts or what. Then my husband called from on base and asked if I was ok because there was just an earthquake. Their while building was shaking. Im on the second floor so I guess I didn't feel it as much. So apparently it was an aftershock, not an earthquake. Still very scary when you have a baby and have never felt anything like it before. This happened at 11:00pm.
Nixa, MO : At my computer desk and i felt the desk shaking,and also my legs and feet were shaking...I even heard the fridge shake..
Washington, MO : I Can't be exactly sure about the time, I would guess right around 11pm our windows rattled and floor shook a little, no biggie.
Seneca, Missouri : had just fallin asleep when was woke up by shaking my whole bed and windows were rattling..
Pittsburg, KS : It shook my desk for quite a while.
Vian : We just finished watching the OSU football game on DVR and suddenly the couch started shaking, it felt like the wind was blowing hard against the house, appliances were banging, house was creaking and it sounded like thunder including two loud booms.
Wichita, KS : First earthquake experience (29yo) here in Kansas. My bed shook, my closet doors shook and a door down the hallway shook. Not everyone in the house felt it but many others in my city did. Crazy!
Tulsa : Everything started to shake and ground was swaying when I stood up heard loud rumble i heard my dishes moving
Quitman, AR : Felt the Oklahoma earthquake, bed shook softly As if the structure was swaying.
Oklahoma City : The quake lasted aprox 1.5 minutes.....I live in an older house..the floors and walls shook. There wasnt any damage but all the paintings/pictures on our walls are crooked.
Kingsville, MO : Felt this quake just before 11:00 pm Central standard time; before setting our clocks back. My chair moved sligtly at my computer and heard a slight rumbling. I live near Kingsville, MO. Saw lamp shade shaking slightly. Very slight lamp shaking for about 30 sec. to a minute.
Am a high school Earth and Environmental science teacher. Thank you for this site and your reports. Fred Klafta, Kingsville, MO
Amarillo, TX : Heard popping near fireplace and had an anxious or  panicked feeling as i felt the bed moving slightly.

Oklahoma City earthquake November 5 2011 - image courtesy USGS

 Mainshock 02:12

Update 18:51 UTC : We have added a new load of  I Have Felt It reports.

Update 14:35 UTC : We have added a big load of new I Have Felt It reports.

Update 14:30 UTC : At 08:42 a new 3.4 magnitude aftershock struck exactly the same area.

Update 14:04 UTC : NewsOn6 Oklahoma writes that minor property damage has been reported but no injuries

Update 14:00 UTC : 5 aftershocks occurred since the mainshock, 3 of them greater than a magnitude 3 and well felt by most people.

Update 10:35 UTC : Many people in the epicenter area are reporting fallen objects, mostly objects hanging on walls and standing on cupboards.

Update 10:29 UTC : More aftershocks can be expected later in the night and after daylight, even the coming days. The will rarely reach Magnitude 4 although a stronger earthquake can never be excluded. Stronger aftershocks than mainshocks occur extremely seldom.

Update 09:55 UTC : An earthquake-report.com reader writes :  I happen to be in Bartlesville, OK - approximately 50 miles north of Tulsa and I too experienced the earthquake.  I was in the midst of checking email when a sort of noise seemed to creep up around me.  Odd description, I know, but that's honestly the best way I can articulate the event as I encountered it.  I might have mistaken it for the wind except that it seemed to be coming from all around.  It wasn't until some smaller objects on my dresser began to shimmy and chatter that I felt fairly certain that it was, in fact, an earthquake.  Well, that and the expression on Leo, the cat's face that begged to say, "WTF?!" Good night and safe keeping to all...
A lot more testimonies below

Update 09:46 UTC : We are constantly adding I Have Felt It reports which we are still receiving at the moment.

Update 09:45 UTC : The largest earthquake ever recorded in Oklahoma occurred on April 9, 1952 and had a magnitude of 5.5. The second largest was a 5.0 on October 22, 1882.

Update 09:21 UTC : The earthquake epicenter is very close to the Prague Arlington Cemetery. 

Update 09:18 UTC Local TV stations and the fire and police departments were  flooded by phone calls from people who reported feeling the quake.

Update 09:15 UTCSo far 3 aftershocks have been registered. The first had a magnitude of 3.4 and the second and third  2.7

Update 09:12 UTCSome reports indicate that the earthquake has been felt as far as Kansas and North Texas.

Update 09:01 UTCA lot of people will have a hard time to find their sleep again as they are nervous for eventual aftershocks.

Update 08:51 UTCOn October 13 2010, we did write already a small article about another magnitude 4.3 Oklahoma earthquake with epicenter approx. 35 km from Oklahoma City

Update 08:45 UTC While Oklahoma has had a number of smaller quakes over the past couple of years, this appears to be one of the largest.

Update 08:20 UTC :  Prague, a small town with 2,000 inhabitants will have received a moderate V MMI shaking.
A V MMI is described as follos : Felt by nearly everyone; many awakened. Some dishes, windows broken. Unstable objects overturned. Pendulum clocks may stop.

Update 08:17 UTC :  The very shallow depth of 4.9 km (3 miles) makes that the earthquake has been felt a a huge explosion near the villages above or close to the epicenter

Update 08:03 UTC Based on the many reports we receive and the content of it, we cannot exclude minor damage

Update A lot of Felt Reports are coming from Tulsa, approx. 60  km from the epicenter

Update :  We are currently flooded with I Have Felt It reports which will gradually come online the following minutes

Update The following villages will have felt the strongest shaking with possibly some minor damage at risk : Davenport, Stroud, Chandler, Prague, Paden, Boley and Meeker

Update :  Earthquake-report.com expects max. some cracks in walls just above the epicenter

Update 8000 people will have felt a moderate shaking and 62,000 people a light shaking

"I Have Felt It" reports as received by Earthquake-Report.com
Most recent received reports below
Praguewas sound asleep and was woke up by the windows rattling and the house shaking, at first I thought it might be thunder, but it lasted several seconds, and thunder has never shaken my house like this.
Prague :
i was awaken to mobile home shaking at 2:10 of a earthquake then aftershock at 2:25AM.  I live 6miles east of prague and two miles south. scarry!
: I could hear it coming before it started. It lasted approximately 6 seconds.
Oklahoma, Tulsa: Rumbling sound, bed shaking, objects displaced.
Tulsa : I was laying awake in bed when the house started shaking
Oklahoma City : Up late on the computer in my apartment complex... thought someone might have been rough housing or moving a heavy piece of furniture... but it was too prolonged for that... and at 2:00 am?  Not likely.  I walked outside to notice my other neighbors (those who were awake anyways) felt it too.
Tulsa : Rumbling sound, bed shaking, objects displaced.
Chickasha : I was asleep amd woke up to shaking and it lasted about 3 to 4 minutes then suddenly stopped.
Mustang :  I could hear it coming before it started. It lasted approximately 6 seconds.
Tulsa : I am in the living room of my home watching tv and the house shook two times about 5 seconds apart at 2:13AM Nov 5, 2011
Broken Arrow : Between 2:10 and 2:15 a.m. Central time, I heard and felt a sharp noise simultaneously, followed by some shaking; all happened in less than one minute. I was on the upper floor of my house; the ground floor is on a concrete slab - and the shaking was severe enough to rattle all the picture frames and knick-knacks. The shaking reminded me a bit of having to stand on your car brakes hard, with ABS; that shuddering, washboard kind of shaking. I know there was a small quake in my area either last year or earlier this year, but I never felt it. This is the first quake I've felt in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma - ever. (near Tulsa OK)
Tulsa : approx 2:10am - received calls from broken arrow, ok (10 miles away) and also bartlesville, ok (40 miles away) who felt the shaking at the same time. - we are on the 8th floor of st. john medical center and felt the shaking very definitely.
Shawnee : Loderate shaking indicated
Tulsa : Lasted 10-20 seconds.
Central Oklahoma : I'm not sure if there was an earthquake, but a very unusual strong shaking occurred. This is not a common area for earthquakes. If you can look into this and report back to me, I would like to know what happened. Time of occurrence between: 2:00 AM - 2:20 AM Central Time on November 5, 2011.
Tulsa : 2:12 am 11/5/2011 woke up and the bed shook about 6 times, the tv shifted and the house sounded like something was hitting against it. Call me crazy but I swear it was an earthquake
Broken Arrow : I grew up in San Jose, CA a few miles from the San Andreas Fault.  This is easily the strongest earthquake I've ever felt in Oklahoma.  IT shook me in my bed.
Tulsa : Awakened by bed shaking duration of about 20 seconds
Oklahoma : Around 220 central time, I was woke up by my pictures on my wall shaking very loud and my windows rattling, when I raised up my entire bed was was shaking as if it was a boat on water.  I'm so freaked out never experienced this before.
Claremore : My entire house shook, freaked my dogs out, and I thought my bed was falling apart.
Tulsa : I just got out of the shower and walked in to my room and instantly was alerted to all my nick nacks raddling, I barely felt anything but the shaking was strong enough to shake my lamp off. I don't know if it was an earthquake but it sure felt like one???
Shawnee : At about 2:15 a.m. on Nov 5 I woke up went to the kitchen and felt an earthquake with weak shaking lasting only a few seconds.  This was in Shawnee, a city in Oklahoma
Broken Arrow : First a rumbling sound, then stairs and walls shaking, roaring sound, items fell off shelves, rattled items in house. Three different sets of shaking, lasting around 2-4 minutes.
Mannford : I was laying in bed and I felt the house shake. It was a strong sturdy deep shake, and their seemed to be noise that came with it like a truck or a washing machine severely off balance.
Morris : Felt shaking of the whole house. I thought the wind was coming up, but it was coming from the base of the whole house. It woke us up out of a dead sleep. Lasted approximately 10 seconds. Took place at 2:12 a.m.
Oklahoma City : Quake came in about 2:13 a.m. on 11/5/11 at 129th Place - near Counsel and 129th in Oklahoma City ... distant rumble turned into pretty intense shaking in house, noises of stress on ceiling and roof, creaking, shaking, I jumped from bed to stand by door frame, feared house might be damaged, but it started slowing after it had peaked in intensity.  Total, it lasted about 20 seconds.  I had headphones on and at first thought a big load of heavy geese had landed on the roof ... but then house shook, a bit frightening, enough for me to seek protection.  No damage found, nothing knocked off of shelf, no glass broken
Glenpool : I was just sitting at the computer and felt the entire house start shaking, it only lasted about 6-8 seconds, and an odd rumbling. I contacted the local fire department and ask if there was an explosion reported in the area, and they informed me that we had an earthquake, and that they felt it as well at the department, with concern of the air conditioning unit falling in.
Tulsa : dresser/tv and blinds rattling
Tulsa : Woke us up at 2:13 am. Very unnerving!
Claremore : Prague Earthquake woke us up.....house shaking, bed shaking.  Seemed to last 30 seconds or so?  Never felt an earthquake so would venture light to moderate shaking since it shook the house.
Kingston : Bed shook for a few seconds and window rattled about 2 hours from OKC
Del City : I was asleep and my bed shook pretty hard, it did not last very long, but it definately shook me up.
Tulsa : Bed shaking and things rattling. Woke me from sleep.
Tulsa : Husband and i woke up to bed and walls shacking in south Tulsa
Edmond : was on computer and have a very large window in this office and the plantation shutter were shaking badly, last probably 30 to 40 seconds
Springdale, AR : I could feel the bed lightly shaking as I was watching a movie. I didn't know what it was until I got on facebook/twitter.
Oklahoma : Seemed to last about 45 seconds, was sitting on the floor against my couch typing and heard a loud low rumble, though initially I heard a loud bang in my apartment. I watched my kitchen table and furniture oscillate slow but seconds later everything started to vibrate faster with more force.
Tulsa : 3rd/top floor of the building..loud bang, then row of computer moitors started rocking.  Sounded like somone running across the roof but continued for more than 5 seconds.
Bartlesville : felt it in Bartlesville OK and have chatted with others in Miami, OK and Tulsa who were woke up by it. about 10 seconds I would say
Prague : Strong shaking indicated (as expected by ER)
??? : Seemed to last about 45 seconds, was sitting on the floor against my couch typing and heard a loud low rumble, though initially I heard a loud bang in my apartment. I watched my kitchen table and furniture oscillate slow but seconds later everything started to vibrate faster with more force.
Tulsa : I was lying in the bed when the dog started barking incessantly, I brought her back into the bedroom, checked the apartment nothing out of the ordinary so went back to bed. My dog gave a sort of whimper bark heard things falling bed was shaking new it was an earthquake immediately.
Oklahoma City : Pictures rattled, low rumble, then bed swayed. Seemed to last about 10 seconds at about 2:15 AM.  It did not wake my husband or disturb our pets.  I was awake reading.
Bentonville, AR : I live in arkansasa and felt this!
Bartlesville : At approximately 2:14am, felt like a train running through my front yard, right in front of my house. Lasted for about 30 seconds or so.
Bentonville, AR : Shook my bed and woke me up
Jenks : Low rumbling sound, bed shaking side to side, a couple of creaking sounds like strong wind hitting side of house - just after 2:00 a.m.
oklahoma 74008 : lying in bed felt shaking that woke me uo at around 2:17 AM
Tulsa : woke from sleep heard rumbling and felt shaking that rattled things in  cabnets and walls
Tribbey : Wasn't observing the time. Heard faint rumbling (that got louder quickly) for about 5 seconds then weak shaking (along with rumble) for about 6-8 seconds and continued rumbling for another 6-10 seconds that gradually got quieter until it became inaudible. I think that I detected some lateral movement accompaning the last 3-4 seconds of shaking. I heard creaking of the wooden structure in the house and it got the animals attention and kind of freaked out 2 of our birds.
Downtown Oklahoma City : Elevnth Floor of Saint Anthony Hospital. Strongest I have ever felt an Earthquake. Even had a few patients call asking if we just had an Earthquake. Lasted Ten Seconds. Building was shaking quite a bit.
North West Oklahoma City :  Live in an upstairs apartment, work at home at night mainly, felt the kitchen table vibrate first, then small or moderate building reverberation and shaking, then a stack of papers slid and fell off the small kitchen bar/counter. First time I've actually ever felt or observed an earthquake first-hand in oklahoma. The other times earlier this year as I recall one at ~9am was reported, I think I was asleep at the time.
Joplin, Mo : 4 people Felt light shaking in Joplin Mo at St Johns Mercy Hospital at ER entrance & outside in greeter building
Redmond : was awake and while awake heard noise first than strong back and forth movement lasting several seconds.  approximate time was 2:12 a.m
Paden : Light shaking indicated
Oklahoma City : Bed shook for about 6 secs around 2:15.
Oklahoma : Lasted about 20 to 30 seconds and died down at the end.  Bed shook, floor creaked, armoire rattled.
Catoosa : Around 2:15 am Friday November 5, 2011 Glass and Cookware shaking, pictures on the walls shaking, sounded as if someone was in the garage. Lasted about 3 mins, walked outside I thought someone was playing their bass way way too loud. There was nothing outside, walked back inside and it was still shaking, it moved some things around in the garage no broke glass or dishes.
Broken Arrow : I was in bed when I heard an audible "pop" then felt rapid horizontal shaking for a few seconds.
Mayes co. Chouteau : We felt movement and  heard noise coming from the house for 5 to 6 seconds. at the time of the quake.
Weatherford : I was woken up by what felt like the couch being shoved repeatedly. My bird was freaking out and I thought I was being haunted lol.  ShouldI have been able to feel it way over here?
Arkansas State Line : i felt it and im on the arkansas state line.
Tulsa : I live in a wood frame house with a crawlspace.  I was awake & had just brought my dog back in the house, she had bolted out the back door 5 min before it hit. I heard things rattling before before I felt it. The whole thing lasted at least 20 seconds.
Oklahoma City : I was asleep and the rattling of objects woke me up.
Stillwater : I was up in bed reading when the whole house started shaking. some things in my room were moved. It seeemed to go on for a minute and a half.
Tulsa : i was sitting in my room watching a movie and my bed began to shake so i got up and turned the lights on and my whole room was moving along with things falling.
Edmond : First one was around2:17 and the second one15min later...It was shaking my bed mildly with some noises ..it was like when u shot the door extremely and your house is shaking with noises..and second one was. Not as bad as the first one but something feel off from dining table..I was so scared and surprised that how come channels 4&5 don't have any breaking news yet...they might fall n sleep ....lollll
Stillwater : Woah. At OSU, and then everything starts this long swaying. Not exactly light, but not bad enough to knock things over. Then at 3:40ish I felt some aftershocks. More like little boom feelings
Bartlesville : I happen to be in Bartlesville, OK - approximately 50 miles north of Tulsa and I too experienced the earthquake.  I was in the midst of checking email when a sort of noise seemed to creep up around me.  Odd description, I know, but that's honestly the best way I can articulate the event as I encountered it.  I might have mistaken it for the wind except that it seemed to be coming from all around.  It wasn't until some smaller objects on my dresser began to shimmy and chatter that I felt fairly certain that it was, in fact, an earthquake.  Well, that and the expression on Leo, the cat's face that begged to say, "WTF?!" Good night and safe keeping to all...
Oklahoma City : At 2:13am I was on the 8th floor of baptist hospital in NW OKC. The floor began to sway in a wave type motion. Initially light it steadily grew to a significant sway after approximately 15 seconds and then slowed until around 30 seconds at which time the building was swaying several inches from sideto side. Hospital equipment on wheels in the room rolled back and fourth, medical equipment and stethoscopes hanging on the walls began to swing strongly. A couple small aftershocks could be felt over the next few minutes. Motion seemed to be much more wave like than a vibration or shaking.
Oklahoma City : I work late nights and was making something to eat. My Chihuahua Ballou was at my feet waiting for his snack, too. All of a sudden, he ran in a circle scared, not knowing exactly where to go. Then there was a loud huge noise and I thought the windows were going to fall into the house. Then I heard all the plates and glasses in the cabinets clanging together. Mine and Brian's house is on pier and beam. We are in Capital Hills area. All of a sudden, the floor did the wave, or the caterpillar....under my feet. IT MOVED out from under my feet for a split second. The noise from the stuff in the fridge knocking around frightened me, and at that point, I lost my footing the rest of the way and grabbed the fridge door. Then for a few seconds, it was quiet....then it sounded like the roof jumped off the house and banged back down....loud as hell. Since I just got home, I knew the wind had died down throughout the day, but still, I ran outside to look for a tornado, or a huge 18 wheeler sitting on my roof. Heck, to think I worry about tornadoes???? I sure hope I never feel an earthquake worse than this one....and, Yes, Brian is still asleep...he never woke up...lol
San Antonio, TX : Ya'll may think we're nuts, but we live way down in San Antonio, TX, and both my 16 year old daughter and I were up at that time. We've felt quakes before in Alaska (and I did in Italy as a kid). So I can tell you that we could detect something here. I had gone in her room to check on her since she was up late, and she looked at me and asked me if I'd heard the odd sounds and felt something. I thought it was just me, so I admitted I had. It was about 30 minutes later I saw the first post about the quake in OK. If she hadn't asked me about it, I might have blown the sensations off, but I knew I was hearing a minor rumble and felt off kilter and shaky.
Shawnee : This earthquake woke me up @ around two-10 this morning and i am a very heavy sleeper nothing fell off the wall but my wife was up and the light fixture was shaking pretty good. Thanks Justin Armitage
Broken arrow : Was sitting up watching movie with friends when it felt like the neighbor upstairs was stomping around. That's what we thought it was until the whole building jumped slightly with what sounded like distant thunder. Lasted maybe 10 seconds. Definately strongest.earthquake I've felt in Oklahoma!
Broken arrow : The earthquake woke us at 2:13am. We heard bottles on a shelf rattle and our cats were running around scared.
Warr Acres : Woke me up in Warr Acres Oklahoma about 6 seconds
Gravette, AR : I was awake and heard the light fixtures rattling. My daughter heard the windows rattling. I knew it was an earthquake I had a similar experience in the late 1980’s outside of Chicago,IL. We have been having some earthquakes this past year in Arkansas I was surprised to find out it was in Oklahoma
Jenks : Woke up to low rumbling sound and bed shaking--must have lasted 10 seconds or more.
Tulsa : I was sitting in bed eating cookies and milk, when I felt the building shake. I thought it might of been a wind burst, but when I looked outside the air was calm. Very weird experience.
Miami, OK : I awoke from a deep sleep to the house shaking and creaking.  It was brief but puzzling enough that I got out of bed and  searched for the cause.  Chalked it up to wind but there was no wind swaying trees or other structures outside.  The time was 2:14 am.  An earthquake didn't enter my mind but now am sure that's what I felt.
Shawnee : Heard it coming then strong shaking dishes rattled as well as windows tables moved in some areas of the house. Lasted about 20 to 30 seconds.Then heard it rumble on past for another 4 to5 seconds. Scared the dog pretty bad. To dark yet to check for damage
Tulsa : We were sound asleep and heard what we thought was STRONG gust of wind hitting our house.  It sounded like a 5 or 6 second gust that shook our entire house.  It sounded like a roaring wind or a big helicopter.  I got up and looked out the window and didn't see any rain so I laid back down.  Our daughter then texted from college in Shawnee that they had a earthquake at the same time.  It shook all of their beds against the wall.  All of the girls jumped up and went out in  the hall to see what had happened
Tulsa : Heard my wood floors creaking, and front door rattle. Thought someone had broken in! Jumped up and got to the front door and heard the metal file cabinets in office by the door vibrating and bumping into each other. I stood around for 30 seconds and could not figure out what happening...my first felt earthquake.
Wichita Falls, TX : Felt my house moving. I thought it was a strong wind not unusual for northern Texas. Definitely lasted for at least 10 seconds. I also felt after shocks.
Tulsa : My German Shepherd started barking 5 minutes before I felt it. It sounded like a big gust of wind before I felt it.
Norman : At 2:15 AM our house was awoken by the earthquake. It didn't last long, maybe 3 minutes.
Tulsa : I woke up to a loud rumbling and my bed and house were shaking!!! I tried the news and online to see if there were any reports because it felt like an earthquake
Derby, KS : At approximately 2:13 AM on November 5, 2011, the top of a China dish lightly rattled momentarily and woke me up from a light sleep. I initially thought the noise might be caused by an airplane departing McConnell AFB, but that was not the case.  Saw this morning that a light quake occurred in Oklahoma.  The time of occurance was essentially identical
Norman : Woke me up and I could see the room moving.
Leavenworth, KS : Was awake about 2:15 a.m.  In bed, felt 5 moderate shakes, more like a roll.  Nothing inside house broken or moved.  Just the bed slightly rolling, as if the house and ground were attached and moving all together.  Proably lasted , all movements, less than a minute.
Shawnee : Shawnee, Oklahoma,2:13a.m. was watching T.V. it was rumbling and shakenthe whole house, knick knaks, where rattling, woke up my grandaughter, cause it shook the bed and woke her up, she came running.  what was that!!!
Edmond :  I awoke and wondered if I was dreaming as the bed seemed to be vibrating. As I tried to process what was occurring, I had the thought, "Could that have been an earthquake?". Then I heard a loud "crack" and thought it was a gunshot! I got up and checked around the house. Very unsettling feeling!
Fayetteville, AR : Our daughter who sleeps upstairs, awoke us around 0212 with a scared tone in her voice claiming there has been an earthquake that shook her bed.
Downtown Oklahoma City : I awoke moments prior but was still lying in bed. I heard what sounded like distant, rolling thunder. When it had been groaning/moaning too long to be thunder, I recognized the sound as coming from the Earth and knew what was about to happen (from the quake about a week ago). Just then, from my 2nd floor bedroom, I felt the entire house begin to shake on its foundation. It lasted long enough and was strong enough that I remember thinking my 100-year old home couldn't take much more. Then it stopped. Maybe a long 7 seconds of quaking? I plan to survey my house closely today and determine whether my insurance policy covers earthquake damage.
Fort Smith, AR : I was awake and being very still or I doubt I would have felt it.  My bed was moving and I was in the room alone so I immediately thought it might be an earthquake.  I checked the time - 2:14am - and then went to Twitter and it confirmed it.
Broken Arrow :  I was also woke up filling my bed shaking and hearing my perfume bottles on my dresser .... it lastet maybe 10 sec
Tulsa : Was lying in bed watching a movie when I herd the distant rumble a couple of seconds later I heard some cracking then the head of the bed rose as a ripple passed through the house it lasted about 3 seconds. I was raise in Seattle Washington so I am familiar with earthquakes but was unaware that tornado alley experienced them as well. From Clinton in Tulsa Oklahoma
Oklahoma City : Northeast Okla City, 8-1/2 miles east of I-35 , 2 miles south of 66 highway. A little after 2:am. Was awaken by rumbling, and then light shaking back and forth, with windows rattling at its peak before it eased off to low rumble and stopped.   We're in the area around Jones that has experienced numerous quakes over the last year or so, but this one was different. Whereas the quakes prior to this were more of rumbling and a quick jolt or wave that lasted only one or two seconds, this quake on 11/05/11 was a more prolonged shaking that lasted over 10 seconds.
Nixa, MO : At 2:16 am 11/5/11 awaken by slight shaking of bed in 2nd floor bedroom in Nixa Mo. Later that AM, I read where there was a quake in OK.
Tulsa : i was asleep and i woke up to my bed shaking i didn't know it was a earthquake till my husband called and told me this morning
Jenks : Woke up to low rumbling sound and bed shaking--must have lasted 10 seconds or more.
Bartlesville, Oklahoma : We live in Bartlesville Oklahoma, USA and I was awake in my upstairs apartment watching a movie when I felt something weird like a vibration of thunder all around me but I didn't feel anything shake, maybe because I was in bed watching television. My son lives on the other side of town (far West)who texted me and said everything in his house was shaking and canned food etc was rattling, pictures on the wall shaking...

Some of the experiences received via Facebook
Bryce Barfield : The quake woke me from a heavily medicated sleep, due to surgery yesterday! It was a freaky experience!!!!!
Julie Bradbury : My niece felt it in Sand Springs OK was enough to scare her while she was in the shower!
Barby Ingle : Heard it, then it hit, then it shook 30-40 seconds, then stopped. No visible damage.

Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : 4.7
UTC Time : Saturday, November 05, 2011 at 07:12:45 UTC
Local time at epicenter : Saturday, November 05, 2011 at 02:12:45 AM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 4.9 km (error margin for the location of the hypocenter = 1.9 miles)
Geo-location(s) : (error margin for the location of the epicenter = 8 miles)
33 km (20 miles) NE of Shawnee, Oklahoma
67 km (41 miles) W of Okmulgee, Oklahoma
75 km (46 miles) E of OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma

Links to important maps
USGS Did You Feel It Map
Google satellite map showing the epicenter and the surrounding area.
Historic earthquakes map
Seismic hazard map
Shaking map
Human impact map

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I did feel it – Ik heb het gevoeld – Το έκανα αισθάνεται Yo lo he sentido – 我的确感到了 – 私はそれを感じていました- Ich habe es gefühlt – Bunu hissediyorum yaptı – لم أشعر أنه


  1. Tulsa @ 71st & 169: I felt sever shaking. I was awake when it hit and heard the building moving enough to grab the kittens and get under the table. I grew up in So. California, so I am not new to earthquakes and this was was a rolling and sustained quake, followed by 2 more rolling quakes in quick succession.

  2. Laurie Waldrep says:

    In Irving, Tx., last night 05Nov11, I was awakened at 10:50PM by the rattling of my bookcases against the wall, and a soft shaking of my apartment building. It felt like a 3.1 earthquake Richter Scale. As native of Mexico City, I know about earthquakes and how different magnitudes feel.

  3. Sitting in my Oklahoma City living room with a friend who is originally from California when the earthquake started. At first it started as a rumble, and then everything started to shake..!!!
    While being a combination of scared, disoriented, shaken, and in just plain awe.. my California bred friend is actually enjoying it like a kid on a roller coaster..lol :-). He says, and I quote, "that was just a little aftershock."
    ---Look here buddy...this is Oklahoma. We have tornadoes..not earthquakes..!!! We do not expect, nor are we prepared for this....lol :-)

  4. woken up close to 11pm 11-5-11 saturday by my bedpost and bed rocking back and forth. I grew up in cali and knew exactly what was going on. I came out of the bedroom and asked my husband downstairs if he felt it and he said he heard some noise but didn't realize what was happening.

    • In regards to my last response, i felt this earthquake in Aubrey, texas. 30-40 min north of dallas texas

  5. I heard popping near fireplace and bed moving at 10:54 pm in Amarillo. Very slight only for a few seconds.

  6. I felt an earthquake at 10:53 in Pittsburg, Kansas. It shook my desk forever!

  7. i was asleep and i woke up to my bed shaking

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