Dangerous earthquake in Xinjiang, China - 148,500 people affected - 109 million USD direct losses

Earthquake overview : The preliminary magnitude of this Xinjiang earthquake has been set to 6.2 at a depth of 10 km . 92 km E Yining (pop 257,671)
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Shaking map Xinjiang eartquake November 1 2011 - image courtesy USGS

Update 07/11 - 04:30 UTC :
Over 8 counties were affected by this quake, with 2453 rooms collapsed, and an additional 66000 rooms damaged.
No casualties were reported.
The total number of people affected is over 148,500. A staggering amount of people who are affected, coming into the harsh winter months.
In addition, the direct economic losses are in the order of 690 million CNY (6.9亿元), or for those people who related better to US dollars - around 109 million USD.

Update 04/11 - 15:41 UTC :
The earthquake in Xinjiang has caused the following damage:
- 143,800 people were affected
- 20800 people relocated
- 2453 rooms collapsed
- 25100 rooms severely damaged
- 36000 rooms damaged
- 668 collapsed stalls
- 13300 affected animals
- 1101 dead livestock
- Direct economic loss : 358 million CNY (56.4 million USD) divided into :
- Health Systems - 58.72 million CNY
- Education Systems - 65.07 million CNY
- Bridges, Irrigation and Other Infrastructure Systems - 51.79 million CNY
All schools and kindergartens have been closed.
Update 02/11 - 14:49 UTC :
A total of 17 aftershocks were recorded until November 2, 06:00 local time. 1 aftershock of 4.1, 3 in between 2.0 and 2.9 and 13 in between 1.0 and 1.9 magnitude.

Update 22:22 UTC : reader Bricmont did give us a tip that the Chinese NDT TV station, English spoken, was showing video from some of the damage, far less than what is reported, but the video gives a good overview of the houses and the types of building in the area.  Click here for the link to the video page.

Update 16:25 UTC : 28344 people have been affected by this earthquake, with 824 rooms collapsed and 18292 rooms damaged. 3866 people have been relocated.
In addition, the economic loss has exceeded USD 10 million, with current direct losses estimated at 66.919 million CNY (around USD10.3 million USD)

Update 16:04 UTC :
We bring a large update of the loss statistics:
4105 households, or 14522 people have had damage in Gongliu county.
140 households have had 293 rooms that have collapsed. 3965 households have had 8861 rooms that have damage. In addition 1131 households had stalls or stables that collapsed. Unknown is the number of animals that were affected.

In Nilka County, 805 households (2087 people) have reported damage.
We believe there is an error in the reporting of collapsed rooms as the number of households exceeds the number of rooms collapsed. We can say that at least 41 households have reported collapses.
In addition, education, food systems, enterprises and commercial institutions had varying damage.

Yining City had minor damage reported.

Qapqal County had 60 households with 276 collapsed rooms, and 1773 households with 5184 damaged rooms. The number of people affected totalling 7124 people.

Aid has been provided in massive amounts. In addition, at least 2300 people have been evacuated. We commend the Chinese response efforts!

Update 08:54 UTC :
A landslide has blocked a section of a highway, schools have been temporarily closed in the area.

Important Update 07:12UTC
There has been 50 rooms that have collapsed, and 500 rooms with cracks, broken glass etc. from the epicenter township of Kerala Brad.
No casualties from the epicenter yet.
A 9 person team has been sent from Xinjiang  seismological Bureau as well as emergency services.
There was damage to agricultural facilities.

Important Update 02:07 UTC  :  USGS has recalculated the magnitude and reports now a 5.4 magnitude earthquake.

PAGER is estimating no fatalities and less than $1 million damage. There is only a 4% chance (around 2 standard deviations) of loss exceeding $10 million.
Earthquake-report.com believes otherwise with historic CATDAT evidence pointing to larger losses.
EMSC remains @ 6.1 at 10 km.
GFZ reports a 6.0 magnitude at 10 km
CEN 'China Earthquake Network) has also updates its data and reports now a magnitude of 6.0 @ a depth of 28 km, far less dangerous than the initial values mainly because of the deeper hypocenter.

Update :  Chinese media are still giving a few data only, no reports on the situation yet. Neither the Xinjiang seismological agency. Assessments will begin soon. We expect news from the epicenter area within 3 to 5 hours.

Update : Homeless people may have a hard time in coping with the freezing cold. Temperatures are expected to be below zer0 and even -10 C on Thursday. Luckily NO snow is expected.

Update : There are NO nuclear plants in the area NOR Hydro reservoirs, always good to know that.

Update 01:27 UTCThe earthquake happened in China , Xinjiang Province (population: 16794560). . The nearest populated places are K?nas Chang (16km), Kung-ha (17km), Nilka (19km). It is a mountainous region with a maximum altitude of 4187 m.

Update : Based on our experience with a number of similar Chinese earthquakes, we call more than 50,000 people at risk for serious damage and/or injuries

Update : GDACS has calculated that 729 people are living within a radius of 5 km from the (USGS) epicenter.
3,803 people are living within a radius of 10 km
56,775 people are living within a radius of 20 km
458,229 people are living within a radius of 50 km

Update : unfortunately, if the epicenter is confirmed, the impact will be right below a populated area. Not a big city, but a number of rural small towns, which means in China always thousands of inhabitants.

Update : So far we have NO reports of the Chinese earthquake emergency services. Earthquake-Report.com has the experience that Chinese earthquake authorities our outstanding.

Update : Chinese epicenter is also different from USGS. Click here to see the epicenter following the Chinese Earthquake specialists.

Update : Based on our experience Chinese data are much more to be trusted for Chinese earthquakes. China Earthquakes Association reports a M 6.0 at an extremely shallow depth of 10 km, far stronger than USGS for the area close to the epicenter.

Update : 766,000 people will have felt a moderate shaking (MMI V)

Update : The most recent deadly earthquake in the area was in 2003 when a M 6.0 killed 11 people.

Update : Houses are very vulnerable and we expect a lot of damage if these preliminary data are confirmed.

Update :  USGS has calculated that 255,000 people will have experienced a VI MMI strong shaking

Update : Very close to Nilka and Tokkuetara

Update : USGS reports a M 6.0 @ 27.9 km. Both seismic data are damaging !

Update : the current datasets are preliminary and will be getting hopefully weaker

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Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : 6.0
UTC Time :  Tuesday, November 01, 2011 at 00:21:28 UTC
Local time at epicenter :  Tuesday, November 01, 2011 at 08:21:28 AM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) :  27.9 km
Geo-location(s) :
Very close to Nilka and Tokkuetara

Links to important maps
Google satellite map showing the epicenter and the surrounding area.
Historic earthquakes map
Seismic hazard map
Shaking map
Focal mechanism report
Human impact map
GDACS earthquake report
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    About your translation of the Chinese text about the damages:
    "with 824 rooms collapsed and 18292 rooms damaged"
    In my opinion, "room" is inexact as a noun to describe the Chinese term used. In Chinese, it refers to homes. The literal translation for 房屋 word for word is room house, with "house" having a larger meaning in ancient times that includes shops / business establishment (as in the Japanese's use of the same kanji - cf "Memoirs of a geisha", okiya - the "ya" is the same kanji). The room prefix thus designates it to be a private living space as in home.
    Kind regards

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