Earthquake shakes Quito, Ecuador - Landslides and cracks in houses

Earthquake overview :  An earthquake with a Magnitude of 4 at a depth of 10 km occurred at the outskirts of the Ecuadorian capital of Quito.
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Outskirts of Quito, where the epicenter of this earthquake was located (Calderon area) - Image courtesy pablodz

Important Update 23:39 UTC :
- The earthquake was not harmless at all. People more or less panicked and called the emergency services in big numbers. The mayor of Quito made a call to his citizens to remain calm and not to 'saturate' the emergency personnel anymore.
- The bridge over the Rio Chicho in Tumbaco was closed for some time to allow inspection by technicians
- The epicenter of this earthquake was set to the valley of Cambayo
- The Secretaria Nacional de Gestión de Riesgos has reported that many landslides have been triggered in the Llano Chico y Carapungo zones. Additionally cracks in houses have been reported in the Pomasqui sector.
- The earthquake has been mainly felt all over Quito, but also as far as Tena in the Napa province

Update 16:39 UTC : USGS has now listed the Quito earthquake  as a M 4.0 at a depth of 3 km and 18 km of Quito. We do trust on the local agencies as they have instruments closest to the epicenter.

Important Update 14:47 UTC :  One of our readers has send us the full printout of this earthquake. Thank you so much on behalf of the community :
Magnitud    4.0 MLv (IG-EPN)
Fecha - Hora     29/10/2011 08:50:49 TL
29/10/2011 13:50:49 UTC
Localización    0.13°S; 78.37°W
Profundidad     3.00 Km
Zona    Prov: PICHINCHA
Distancia epicentral e (hipocentral) a ciudades referenciales     17.0 ( 17.3) km al N 64° E de la ciudad de QUITO
23.7 ( 23.9) km al N 21° E de la ciudad de SANGOLQUÍ
25.8 ( 26.0) km al S 40° O de la ciudad de TABACUNDO
31.5 ( 31.6) km al S 53° O de la ciudad de CAYAMBE
41.6 ( 41.8) km al S 17° O de la ciudad de OTAVALO
47.7 ( 47.8) km al N 27° E de la ciudad de MACHACHI
Reportes recibidos y/o datos adicionales     : La SNGR confirma algunos deslizamientos en la zona de Llano Chico y Carapungo y algunas viviendas fisuradas en el sector de Pomasqui. Actualizado a las 10h10 (TL)
Información técnica adicional
Incertidumbre en la Localización     Latitud +/- 3.0 Km; Longitud +/-2.0 Km; Z fijada
Parámetros    Fases P=NaN; Fases S=NaN; RMS=0.3; Gap=NaN°
Fuente    IG-EPN

Instituto Geofísico - Escuela Politécnica Nacional
Elaborado: 29-Oct-2011 10:16:10

Update : Based on my own knowledge of Quito, even a small earthquake like this one is enough to trigger landslides. The Quito unofficial housing areas are seen as one of the most dangerous on the planet.

Update : The earthquake seems to be too weak for the international agencies to report on it.

Update : we can call the data official now as they have been printed on the IGEPN seismological site of Ecuador. This is what is shown : Mag= 4.0; Prof (Depth)= 10.00, Lat= -0.11; Long= -78.41, 2011/10/29 13:50:49 UTC

Update : Unofficially we could gather the following information : epicenter 14 km of Quito, depth 10 km, magnitude 4 (we have to warn our readers that the information is unofficial - coming from a newspaper in Quito)

Experience report just in 14:22 UTC : Estaba en el segundo piso de mi casa con mi mascota, mi perro jamas se despega de mi cuando yo estoy en casa y de repente bajo al segundo piso y lo seguí porque fue extraño y apenas llegue al primer piso tembló, salí corriendo por mi madre y la casa se movía de un lado al otro y un pedacito del techo se alcanzo a safar pero no se calló.

Update : We have a lot of visitors from Ecuador in the site at the moment and we ask them 'please send us your experiences with the form below" "Por favor envíenos sus experiencias con el formulario de abajo" tambien en Español

Update 14:19 UTC : as the international agencies are not delivering any data yet, we have tried to find more information in Ecuador's seismological agency, but the page from 'ultimos sismos' returns a database error!

Update 14:11 UTC : No sign and report from any seismological agency yet

Update : The seismological agency site from Ecuador does not function anymore, which happens regularly if a quake happens near a big city.

Update : We have no details yet of this earthquake. A good sign as very strong to massive earthquakes would have been detected already

"I Have Felt It" reports as received by
Quito : Good morning-- Felt a sustained tremor on the northside of Quito, Ecuador in Carcelen between 8:50 - 9:00 a.m.
Quito : light shaking indicated
Quito : Whole house shook in Cumbaya valley below Quito
Quito : lasted about 20 sec
Valle de Cambaya : Estaba en el segundo piso de mi casa con mi mascota, mi perro jamas se despega de mi cuando yo estoy en casa y de repente bajo al segundo piso y lo seguí porque fue extraño y apenas llegue al primer piso tembló, salí corriendo por mi madre y la casa se movía de un lado al otro y un pedacito del techo se alcanzo a safar pero no se calló.
Quito : Casa tremendo muito. Garrafa caiu no chao!
Quito : We were in our beds and suddenly someone rang the doorbell, I stood up to answer the intercom and then everything started to shake, my hanging plants and lamps were shaking, the movement felt as if you were standing on a carpert and someone pulls violently that carpet
Quito : It was 8:55 am when I was waken up by a tremble, the windows were shaking quite strong and I understood that was an earthquake. it lasted many seconds, it was a long one.I live in the north of Quito around the Quicentro sector. My cat was very disturbed. Well to be honest not a very nice sensation,this earthquake!!!
Quito : Se sintio un remeson sumamente fuerte pero felizmente corto. Varios objetos pequenios cayeron al piso y todos los cuadros quedaron torcidos, a nivel del tercer piso. Nada de esto ocurrio a nivel del segundo piso. Estoy ubicada en la zona centro norte, sector El Bosque bajo, en las faldas de El Pichincha
Cumbaya : El temblor fue muy fuerte en Cumbaya, Pichincha, felizmente no hubo desgracias. Despues de vivir en California por 41 años, verdaderamente no me asuste, pero como vivimos hoy en un edificio hecho de concreto es lo que mas nos preocupo, pues las construcciones aqui en Ecuador no son contra-terremotos. En California los temblores son fuertes y frequentes por lo cual estamos acostumbrados.  Ecuador tiene mas de 80 volcanos y claro algun momento habra un fuerte terremoto, por lo cual hemos decidido vender el condominio y construir una casa talvez modular (que ha existen en Ecuador) para estar mas tranquilos. Ojala los Mandatarios se den cuenta de este factor y controlen las construcciones que son muy mal construidas
Quito : Estou em Quito e hoje pela manhã a terra tremeu - TV balançou e tudo que estava na mesa. Foi horrível Estou hospedada no Hotel Marriott.
Quito City Center : Was in the bathroom of my hotel room when everything started shaking and rattling. Having lived in Japan I recognized it as a fairly sizeable quake. After a few seconds everything settled down. Interesting that the local  rooster and dogs had been more agitated than usual that morning.
Quito, Pomasqui : Light shaking indicated. (ER: houses in the Pomasqui area have been reported cracked)
Quito, Bellavista : I live in Bellavista, Quito near the Capilla del Hombre. All of a sudden the walls began shaking and the dishes in the kitchen started rattling but nothing fell. The quaking didn't last long thank goodness!

Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude :  4.0
UTC Time :  13:50 UTC
Local time at epicenter : 08:50 Local Time
Depth (Hypocenter) :  10 km
Geo-location(s) : see map (north west on the city center)

Links to important maps
Google satellite map showing the epicenter and the surrounding area.

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I did feel it – Ik heb het gevoeld – Το έκανα αισθάνεται Yo lo he sentido – 我的确感到了 – 私はそれを感じていました- Ich habe es gefühlt – Bunu hissediyorum yaptı – لم أشعر أنه


  1. Mike Martin says:

    This was reported as 14 km NE of Quito, Ecuador
    At 3.8

  2. Philip Ovalle says:

    Another one in Quito, stronger. 9:20 AM 2/9/13

  3. Philip Ovalle says:

    Another one in Quito, at 9:20 AM. This one stronger.

  4. Mike Martin says:

    About 9:20 in Cumbaya, Ecuador. Slight horizontal shaking for a few seconds. The chandelier was swinging a few degrees. No aftershock yet.

  5. Could someone kindly tell us the DATE of this earthquate?


    • Armand Vervaeck says:

      Fecha - Hora 29/10/2011 08:50:49 TL
      29/10/2011 13:50:49 UTC (it was written on that page 🙂 )