M6.1 quake hits Bali with injuries due to panic and moderate shaking damage + Earthquake November 4 2011

Earthquake overview : Early reports indicate as many as 90 people have been injured in Bali around 115km from the hypocenter from this moderate shallow-depth earthquake. Moderate damage to shops as well as falling debris has caused cars and other shop fronts to be damaged.
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M 5.1      2011/11/04 14:59     Depth 98.3 km      BALI REGION, INDONESIA
10:59:53 PM at epicenter
Moderate but deep harmless earthquake close to the Bali coast
61 km (38 miles) ESE (114°) from Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Satellite map of the greater epicenter area
"I Have Felt It" reports as received by Earthquake-Report.com
Ungasan : Have been jumpy since the bigger earthquake a few weeks ago just felt the ground shaking windows rattling and jumped of of bed (11pm) i think a sleepless night might be ahead. Danny Sharp
Bali : Light shaking indicated : Just after 11pm local time
Kuta : Only lasted for a minute or two with a rumble sound in the middle. Felt inside the hotel.
Nusa Dua : I was on the hotel bed and felt the shake for a few seconds. After 15 seconds, it started to shake again.
Bali : Hotel started to shake but noting fell on the floor. All is good.
Nusa Lembongan : Was asleep in bed. My boyfriend woke me up after feeling second shake... Hope there are no others tonight.

FINAL SUMMARY for Province of Bali: The damage inflicted by this earthquake has been collected by various Indonesian sources (the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Bali and City Command Post BNPB) for the Province of Bali.

The final injury toll includes 4 inpatients and 86 outpatients, mostly suffering from head injuries due to falling debris and through panic related endeavours. This makes a total of 90 injured. It was noted that all medical bills were paid by regional governments. Shortly after the disaster, there were 10 inpatients and 80 outpatients.

The total damage from the earthquake to the province of Bali was around Rp2.9 billion (around USD327,000).

A total of 51 buildings were damaged in the province of Bali.

Denpasar building - 18 units, Gianyar Regency - 6 units, Bangli Regency - 3 units, Badung - 5 units, Tabanan Regency - 11 units, and Jembrana - 8 units.

Statistics from district of East Java Banyuwangi are still to be officially presented, however, from previous descriptions of Indonesian press out of Banyuwangi, no people were injured or killed.

14 buildings were damaged according to news reports with 1 Banyuwangi DRPD building slightly damaged, also 1 in Pesanggaran districts. Glass in shops also broke in many different locations. 12 houses were also damaged from Pesanggaran District to Muncar.

It was estimated at Rp200 million (USD23,000).

This brings the earthquake total direct damage loss to around USD353,000 (Rp3.1 billion).


UPDATEIn Denpasar the meteorological agency's wall is reported to be cracked. Windows have been broken by the shaking.

A supermarket after the quake - twitpic by arthermulyadi

UPDATEBetween the injured people are a lot of students which suffered head wounds when roof tiles crashed on them. As they told to the local press, they panicked and ran out of their classroom when debris fell on them. (ER: Another proof that even students are not learned to be prepared in an earthquake country like Indonesia)

UPDATE: Some ancient Hindu temples along the coast were damaged. A section of a supermarket ceiling in Seminyak area is reported to be collapsed, but did not caused any injuries

UPDATE: Earthquake-Report.com presses once more the danger for PANIC if an earthquake occurs in TOURIST DESTINATIONS like Bali. There is NO preparedness at all if tourists originate from non-earthquake countries. Looking at the picture below, one can see the debris coming from the buildings. One stone on somebody's head when running out of the building and you might be dead! Almost every tourist runs out of the buildings instead of keeping to the internationally accepted DROP, COVER and HOLD preparedness code.  So let this be another call to hotel owners, please prepare your tourists for a possible earthquake by giving them instructions for 30 seconds if possible together with an additional leaflet.
This earthquake happened happily far out in the sea. It would have been a totally different picture with an epicenter close to or below Bali.

UPDATE: New 4.9 aftershock a little more to the south-west of the initial epicenter location
M 4.9      2011/10/13 07:52     Depth 35.0 km     SOUTH OF BALI, INDONESIA
03:52:45 PM at epicenter
Aftershock of the 6.1 magnitude earthquake earlier today.
149 km (93 miles) SW (220°) from Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Satellite map of the greater epicenter area
"I Have Felt It" reports as received by Earthquake-Report.com
Jimbaran, Bali: Felt like an aftershock from the previous one that we had this morning
Kuta, Bali: AFTERSHOCK ... around 3.50pm I'm lying next to the pool after a swim and there it is again... a slight rrrummble and the air shaking... just slightly. The few people that are there notice it too, I sit right up 'Is this one again?' The lady next to me agrees that it is again another one.I immediately get up, gather my things and get back to the bungalow where my suspicions are confirmed... Dad is sound asleep on the bed, not worried by a thing whilst I'm standing in the doorway dripping and the Indonesian staff have assembled themselves in the middle of the garden again.

Bali earthquake. Photo: Doni Iblis via Twitter

UPDATE:  The prolonged shaking led to panic what caused some injuries too. Most injuries were minor like cuts, broken bones and head wounds. 3 people have been reported seriously injured.

UPDATE:  The quake was also felt hundreds at Java and Lombok. Earthquake-Report.com received even I Have Felt It reports out of Singapore.

UPDATE: BKMG the Indonesian seismological agency reports that the Bali earthquake had a 6.8 magnitude at a depth of 10 km!. The epicenter was located 143 kilometers southwest of Nusa Dua. Earthquake-Report.com endorses the data from BMKG,

UPDATE: We apologise for the lateness of this article, it unfortunately was not published to our front page and was in older posts. We will ensure this does not occur in the future.

UPDATE: Hospitals have also been among the damaged buildings. Provisional data show Denpasar in the category of exposed areas with moderate intensity (5-6). The area of ​​Kuta, Ubud, Tabanan, Gambiran, Muncar,  Srono  and Banyuwangi, had intensities of 4-5 in the region.

UPDATE: A video of a lecture .  When the shaking is starting almost EVERYBODY runs outside.  These people are locals who should have had earthquake preparedness training in school. Do they learn Indonesian students to run outside in school ? Additionally this video shows very well the first arriving P wave which only gives a slight shaking, then followed by the (sometimes) very destructive S wave.


At least 50 people were hurt, many with cuts, broken bones and head wounds, Wayan Sudanti, a Bali hospital spokesman, told the Jakarta Globe newspaper network in Indonesia.

This earthquake was originally given a local magnitude of 6.8 by Indonesian sources, before the reduction in magnitude.

For all the Australians worried about family and friends out there, no reports of Australian injuries have occurred so far.

Partial roof collapses have occurred to Kepala Sekolah SMKN 3 Sukawati I Ketut Suandi, a school, and the students have been sent home. Hundreds of tiles fell to the floor, and the ceilings also suffered severe damage according to eyewitness reports.

In District Muncar also reported one house collapsed.

In Bali some hospitals, temples, and homes are also with minor damage.

In Banyuwangi City, one office was also reported damaged.

"I Have Felt It" reports as received by Earthquake-Report.com
Bali: we had to run outside the office, walls were shaking, ground shaking
window rattled, heard by 10 people on property.
animal were alarmed.jacuzzi water was displaced
Bali: At approximately 11:20 this morning Thursday Oct. 13th medium to strong shaking ocurred in Bali, Indonesia. The shaking lasted approx. 10 sec. then quiet for another 10 secs and more shaking stronger for another 15 seconds. No damage seen.
Kuta, Bali: Had strong shaking in the kuta area near sunset road.  Non fixtures, i.e. umbrella stands, and standing mirrors, were broken.
Penarungan (near Mengwi), Bali: The doors and windows were shaking for about 25 seconds before we realised what was happenind. We ran out into the garden, away from the building, and felt the gournd shaking beneath our feet for what felt like another minute or so.
Dalung, Bali: strong shaking indicated
Bali: faibles secousses murs qui tremblent, pas de dégats
Kuta, Bali: Standing outside our hotel room when the quake hit, felt strong shaking but fortunately no damage occurred.
Just felt weaker aftershock that seemed to rumble for at least ten minutes (around 4pm), some locals don't seem too comfortable although life is carrying on as normal.
Sanur, Bali: Sitting down doing emails in my living room when I heard a rumble then felt the shaking of the house. I ran downstairs and stood outside where the floor was rumbling hard. It felt like it went for atleast 3 minutes. Felt the aftershock this afternoon and ran out the door again. I know they say to stand under a door, but my house is a large cement double storey structure and standing under a door frame seems more dangerous than if i stood out side where there are no other structures around.
Denpasar, Bali: It was scary i was wearing my bike helmet. there might be a tsunami this is not good.
Sanur, Bali: my partner and i have spent nearlly 2 weeks in sanur were enjoying a late breakfast , untill the shaking started . Coming from aus we have never been through an earthquake. We realised what it was when everyone started running into the street.  From there we could see the buildings shaking moving back and forward, cars stopped watching the glass windows bowing in the hotel fronts. Scary stuff, scarier not knowing what to expect from here
Canggu, Bali: After slight shaking things got more intense, and I ran outside witht he staff.  We live in a construction zone and there were workers flying out of busildings and shimmying down the outside walls from 3 stories up.  The sirens were going off at a construcion site and the shaking continued for a good minute....   was quite frightening.  I know it is the "international" accepted standard to stay put and hold, but in Bali - there is no building code - I think most people are scared that the buildings will fall if you stay inside.  The other big fear is Tsunami - a lot of damaged people after Banda Aceh.
Bali: About a year ago I was working at a school here in Bali, during my time at the school there was an earthquake drill. To my horror all the students were instructed to run as fast as possible from the classrooms, down the stairs and out of the building. There was absolute chaos during the drill with students screaming and pushing as they were not informed that it was a drill and believed there was a serious threat. Many of the younger students were quite upset and traumatised. The local teachers and principal seemed to be quite happy with the outcome of the drill. I did express my concern about the way the drill was carried out but my concerns were dismissed.

EMSC Felt reports
Kuta, Bali: Everyone ran outside, people were scared, women were screaming, and all of us could see the ground shaking.
It looked like in a catastrophe movie.
Locals I've been there with said it was the strongest earthquake they've seen so far.
Kuta, Bali: I was doing my exercise, walking on the soft sand when the whole place shook...a brand new 3 storey hotel across from the beach went off like a bomb...loud explosion which thankfully was just splitting of facade etc...hundreds of people rushed out...everyone ok other than being shaken n not stirred !!!!  Down the small gang that I walk back home is another brand new hotel, tiled bali hut on rooftop, quite a few tiles cascaded down and smashed a few cars. Again no one hurt.
Denpasar, Bali: It was unnerving as it was the first earthquake i have expirenced and at 6.2 it was strong, however nothing seemed to fall over to move out of place and there were no changes in the sea from the view on the balcony.
Ubud, Bali: building started shaking, as we aren't confident in it's structural integrity everyone left the building and stood at a safe distance outside until the quake was over and we felt it was safe to go back inside.
Gunungsari, Bali: Our kitchen is outside and it's roof is held up by pillars, I could see it trembling immensely, and I could feel instability under my feet and hear a rumbling sound all around, it was how I could tell just how strong the earthquake was. All of our plates and glasses were shaking and some fell down off the drying rack near the sink. This was my first earthquake experience, because I'm originally from Florida, USA.
Ubud, Bali: At spa having a massage, table started shaking and thought it was all part of the service. More jiggling was experienced than expected.  All were evacuated to garden in various stated of undress.  Priceless...

Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : M6.1
UTC Time : Thursday, October 13, 2011 - 03:16:29UTC
Local time at epicenter : Thursday, October 13, 2011 - 11:16:29UTC
Depth (Hypocenter) : 35.1 km (21.8 miles)
Geo-location(s) : 100 km (62 miles) SW of Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
168 km (104 miles) SE of Jember, Java, Indonesia
182 km (113 miles) WSW of Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia
931 km (578 miles) ESE of JAKARTA, Java, Indonesia
Links to important maps
USGS Did You Feel It Map
Google satellite map showing the epicenter and the surrounding area.
Historic earthquakes map
Seismic hazard map
Shaking map
Focal mechanism report
Human impact map
GDACS earthquake report

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