Earthquakes list September 26, 2011

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M 3.5   2011/09/26    03:08     Depth 9.0 km   SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA  - Felt Report Form
Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 08:08:09 PM at epicenter
Shallow weak earthquake ( MMI III ) near to Oakland zoo
5 km (3 miles) NNE  from San Leandro, CA
8 km (5 miles) NW   from Castro Valley, CA
Satellite map of the greater epicenter area
"I Have Felt It" reports as received by
Contra Costa, CA: Felt in San Ramon CA at 8:08 PM
????, CA : a few bumps and thumps for about 3 seconds. nothing to get my chandelier shaking though
Oakland, CA: Zip code 94602 approximately 8:10 PM Sunday, September 25, 2011--one small jolt was felt.
Alameda, CA: 8:09pm - Felt quick shake of bed like something bumped into it - Was wide awake so I definitely registered it and noted the time
Pleasant Hill, CA: I was sitting at my kitchen table in the second level of my townhouse, which is on a slab.  I felt the initial 'dizzy' feeling that often accompanies an earthquake.  Then I heard the creaks start and realized it was the beginning of an earthquake.  It did not last more than several seconds.  What surprised me is that the cats slept right through it.  I thought animals were supposed to be more 'in tune' with earthquakes. 🙂

M 5.3   2011/09/26    01:02     Depth 2.9 km    NORTHWEST TERRITORIES, CANADA  - Felt Report Form
Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 07:02:57 PM at epicenter
Shallow moderate earthquake but very far from the populated area
137 km (85 miles) W of Wrigley, Northwest Territories, Canada
205 km (127 miles) S of Norman Wells, NW Territories, Canada
Satellite map of the greater epicenter area

Shallow weak to moderate earthquakes well felt by people living above it
M 2.7      2011/09/26 13:04    Depth 1.0 km     SKOPJE, FYR OF MACEDONIA  - Felt Report Form
Just below Skopje, a city with 474,889 inhabitants
On July 26, 1963 a 6.1 earthquake killed more than 1,070 people in Skopje. 200,000 people went homeless and in between 3,000 and 4,000 people were injured. About 80% of the city was destroyed. Skopje can be called a very dangerous area.
EMSC Felt Reports
Skopje: Short and faint
Skopje: This is the second one in few days, last one was only 3 days ago, also weak but noticable. is this good or bad?
Skopje: Very short, a second or two, some noise, but feeling was strong.
Skopje: Max 3 sec,. high-amplitude trembling with culminating hard sound, occurred at 15.04 local time GMT 1.
M 2.9      2011/09/26 10:40     Depth 4.5 km      CENTRAL CALIFORNIA, USA  - Felt Report Form
17 km (11 miles) SW (232°) from Toms Place, CA and 23 km (14 miles) SE (146°) from Mammoth Lakes, CA
M 4.0      2011/09/26 10:18    Depth 8.0 km     EASTERN TURKEY  - Felt Report Form
26 km S Refahiye (pop 5,579 ; local time 13:18:50.6 2011-09-26)
Aftershock of last week 5.6 magnitude earthquake
M 3.4      2011/09/26 09:01     Depth 6.6 km      NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, USA  - Felt Report Form
9 km (6 miles) NE (45°) from Deer Park, CA and 81 km (50 miles) W (273°) from Sacramento, CA

Summary of earthquakes only faintly felt by people
M 4.6      2011/09/26 07:49     Depth 19.3 km      HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION
M 5.2      2011/09/26 06:21     Depth 110.1 km      SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS

Daily summary of moderate quakes mainly felt by local animals
M 4.8   2011/09/26   05:22     Depth 101.5 km   NEAR THE EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA, RUSSIA

Daily summary of earthquakes only surrounded by a lot of water
M 5.1      2011/09/26 07:27     Depth 31.9 km      TONGA
M 5.1   2011/09/26    03:39     Depth 554.6 km   BANDA SEA

Earthquakes occurred yesterday (UTC time), but today local time

Weak very shallow earthquakes well felt by people living above it
M 3.5  2011/09/25   23:44     Depth 1.0 km    CZECH REPUBLIC
2 km NW Karviná (pop 63,346); 18 km E Ostrava (pop 312,056)

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