Earthquake Nepal / Sikkim : Video selection showing the many faces of this cruel earthquake

As usual with important destructive earthquakes, the team has searched the internet to select a set of videos which are showing the different faces of the earthquake. If you have found even better videos on the internet or have recorded a video yourself, please let us know with the below form.

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Video 1 - Massive shaking caught on a CCTV camera at Siliguri, West Bengal, India

Video 2 - A Star news report on a school destroyed by earthquake in Chungthang. The distance from Chungthang to the epicenter is in between 30 and 40 km. Looking at the destructive force in this area, no wonder that villages closer to the epicenter would have got even more damage.

Video 3 - Sikkim - India (IBN video) - A very good news report from September 18, a couple of hours after the earthquake struck

Video 4 - Nepal damage (warning : a limited number of images show dead corpses)

Video 5 - An example of damage in an apartment building (India)

Video 5 - A department store in India - people running away

Video 6 - A helicopter rescue action showing also the rock fall on the mountain roads

Video 7- Earthquake-Report own explaining video recorded the day after the earthquake struck