Greater Los Angeles area awakened by a couple of shakes (Irvine, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, etc)

Earthquake overview : Only 19 hours after a moderate earthquake scared the Yucaipa - Riverside population, another quake has awakened most of the people living in the Santa Ana, Huntington Beach and Anaheim area

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Update 14:48 UTC : even more 'I Have Felt It' reports below

Update 13:57 UTC : thanks the many residents of the earthquake area for having immediately shared their experiences with thousands of our users not only worldwide but also within the shaken communities.

Update 13:37 UTC : more 'I Have Felt It' reports below

Update : We apologize for writing in the title "Huftington Beach" instead of "Huntington Beach" - :))

Update 12:12 UTC (05:12 local time) : So far we have received NO reports of damage or injuries (usually, this kind of - magnitude/depth -  earthquakes do scare people but are seldom damaging.

Update : We are printing all the "I Have Felt It" reports because they are giving the best indication of what has happened.

Update : We see the Los Angeles people gradually leaving the site and returning to their beds (probably a lot of them in fear for aftershocks)

Update : California has been really active the last couple of weeks with a lot of shaking in many different areas.

Many people have been awakened by a number of short jolts.
Todays earthquake is definitely NOT an aftershock of yesterdays Riverside earthquake.
25,000 people will have experienced a moderate MMI V shaking, 543,000 people a light shaking and 2,553,000 people a weak shaking. 15 million people may have felt a very weak shaking (not perceivable by most only by very sensitive sleepers).

"I Have Felt It" reports as received by
Huntington Beach : Two, perhaps three minor jolts coming from West Southwest direction. No damage.
Irvine, Orange county: It was a strong jolt at about 2:56 am. No damage
Orange county: Strong Jerk lasted couple seconds.
Santa Ana, CA: Around 3am - Light shaking indicated
Tustin, CA: Lasted for about 2 seconds, kinda rolled by and woke me up
Irvine, CA: Awakened by a strong jolt lasting 2 to 3 seconds.
Anaheim, CA: I felt an earthquake it lasted a couple of secs ...was strong enuf to wake me up.
Anaheim, CA: Just woke up as it ended. Not that big. No damage
Santa Ana, CA: It was a strong pull at first which woke me up at 2:58 but slowly fade out.Am in Santa ana,Calirofnia
Irvine, CA: I've never felt an earthquake before, so I don't really know how strong it was. I was already awake. I heard rumbling and a little shaking
Garden Grove, CA: 2:57 AM - Sharp shaking for a very short period of time
Irvine, CA: about 3:00 a.m. felt quick jolt
Costa Mesa, CA: Strong jolt followed by slight shaking
Irvine, CA: I felt it at 3:09. light shaking and rumbling
Santa Ana, CA : It woke everybody up. Went outside to calm my dogs and I saw my neighbors lights on and some outside
Huntington Beach, CA: I was in bed listening to music while my bed was shaking left & right
Santa Ana - Costa Mesa, CA: Woke me up out of bed. Knocked some things down inside off shelves. Was actually a bit noisy, sounded like someone slammed the garage door down. Checked on my kids right away & were sound asleep. Looked outside & a couple people were checking things out, no car alarms went off. Must've only lasted 2-3 seconds but it felt like the epicenter was close for some reason. I'm located right on the border of Santa Ana & Costa Mesa, about 5 blocks away from the South Coast Plaza
Santa Ana, CA : I was woken up from my sleep around 3AM to find the house shaking for a few seconds
Huntington Beach, CA: It was very short but very strong!
Huntington beach, CA: I felt shaking and heard my windows rattling for about one minute
Santa Ana, cA: I first felt a wave left to right then two shakes from left to right I was asleep I woke up after dogs where barking I have felt earth quakes but this one was like a wave in the beginning
Irvine, CA: strong jolt
Santa Ana, CA: IT was alil hard cuz im a hard sleeper n this time i woke up
Graveyard, CA: i was setting down in my office,while a felt a strong shake for about 2-3 seconds, (graveyard)
Costa Mesa, CA: Around 3am was waken out of bed with a very strong jolt.  Was quick, but very very strong
Fountain Valley, CA: Woke me up right before 3 am out of a dead sleep. I heard a very loud boom followed by shaking. Sounded like a car ran into the side of my house.
Costa Mesa, CA: Working at my desk, I heard the sound of my building move before I felt the light shaking. It came as more of a jolt rather than a rolling motion
Long Beach, CA : it started off with three or four light shakes, then one big roll, then a few more shakes stronger than the first few. All of this happened in 3-7 seconds
Orange, CA: I live in an old house so there was some noticeable movement from my glass cabinets, not scary at all, but I definitely felt the "Elephant walk through" the house. Im a lite sleeper and just happened to feel it, otherwise I would've thought it was a dream. Ah,ah, ah....thanks for the "rockin dreams my little chemical trails in the sky/HARP"  x) Sleep sound & well all around OUR world.Be safe <3
Westminster, CA: im taking care of my son because hes sick and i feel a light movement
Cerritos, CA: woken up by a quick jolt around 2:58am 9/15/11. Closet door was rattling for a short time.
Long Beach, CA: I'm a heavy sleeper and felt the shaking about 5:48 AM here in downtown Long Beach.
Santa Ana, CA: I was in bed getting ready to make a bottle for my 1month old when I heard a loud rumble fallowed by a quick shake. In a loud voice I told my husband "EARTHQUAKE", as we both jumped out of bed to check up on our kids. We live on the 2nd floor of an apartment complex, it felt like a wave. This was at about 2:56am!
Long Beach, CA: I'm a heavy sleeper but the shaking still woke me up. It was quick but felt strong. Felt it around 5:48. Anyone else felt anything around downtown Long Beach around that time??
Newport Beach, CA: Lying awake, I felt a sudden jolt back and forth one time, with light shaking for a couple seconds thereafter. Kids didn't wake up and no car alarms went off in Newport
Anaheim, CA: I was at work,and felt a strong shake but decreased within seconds. It was about 3 am, expected an after shock but never happened
Santa Ana, CA: Surprised it was only a 3.5. Definitely felt stronger. I was guessing 4.5+/-. Last about 5-10 seconds. I’m in South Santa Ana near Irvine, so perhaps I was just nearer to the epicenter?
Costa Mesa, CA: It was a good ride on the second floor, in west Costa Mesa. Jiggled that ceiling fan and spooked the pooches. Lasted a good 20 seconds in these parts. Long Beach ’33 – Never Forget!
Huntington Beach, CA: One quick strong jolt followed by light shaking. It woke me right up!
Huntington Beach, CA: Woke us up. We were waiting for some more. I guessed it might have been a 4.5 or around there. a point off I guess
Laguna Niguel, CA: At 3:00 A.M. I was awakened by a sharp jolt. There were no aftershocks. I turned on the TV and I was puzzled by the lack of seismic news on any of the local TV stations.
Huntington Beach, CA : woke up at 3 am to some light shaking
Santa Ana, CA: At 3am Felt short intense, loud shaking for a few seconds. Woke everyone in the house up. Neighbors as well
Irvine, CA: It was about 3 am and I just closed the window due to being a bit cold when shortly after there was a quick sort of jolt and a loud rumble sound. The noise could have been from the building being moved. It wasn't a rolling kind of earthquake more like a sudden bump then silence.
Huntington Beach, CA: Shook me awake, right out of bed.
Costa Mesa, CA: We were all asleep and woke up to the shake. The bed was moving and so were the blinds. After all that there was a thump
Santa Ana, CA: I was sleeping and felt a strong shaking for seconds at 3 AM. I ran out my room immediately
Norwalk, CA: I had just woken up around 2 am to use the restroom and then i felt a light shaking and heard a little noise of things shaking a bit. At first i thought "i'm still half asleep maybe i'm feeling things"  then about an hour later another light shake wakes me up, so i realized they were some sort of earthquake.
Tustin, CA: Woke me up in the middle of the night because my closets rattled. It just rolled for about 5 seconds
Costa Mesa, CA: It woke up wife and doggie, then, they wake me up:)
Orange County: Strong Jerk, CA: lasted couple seconds.

Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude :  Ml : 3.5
UTC Time :  Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 09:56:41 UTC
Local time at epicenter :  Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 02:56:41 AM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 11.6 km
Geo-location(s) :
2 km (1 miles) NE (34°) from San Joaquin Hills, CA
3 km (2 miles) N (7°) from Newport Coast, CA
7 km (4 miles) E (79°) from Newport Beach, CA
7 km (4 miles) SSW (205°) from Irvine, CA
61 km (38 miles) SE (140°) from Los Angeles Civic Center, CA

Links to important maps
USGS Did You Feel It Map
Google satellite map showing the epicenter and the surrounding area.
Historic earthquakes map
Seismic hazard map
Shaking map
Focal mechanism report
Human impact map

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I did feel it – Ik heb het gevoeld – Το έκανα αισθάνεται – Yo lo siento – 我的确感到了 – 私はそれを感じていました- Ich habe es gefühlt – Bunu hissediyorum yaptı – لم أشعر أنه


  1. At about 3.15 am felt an earthquake. I'm in Van Nuys. Only lasted a couple of seconds but it was strong enough to wake me up and for me to lay there and feel the shaking for a few seconds before it stopped.