Very strong earthquake along the coast of Vancouver Island - depth 23 km Magnitude 6.4

Earthquake overview :  At 12:41 PM a very strong earthquake struck not far from Vancouver Island. The focal depth of 80 km  has been later revised by USGS to 23 km. The earthquake was well felt in Vancouver and beyond, several hundred km away from the epicenter.
"I have Felt it" Reports --> see below + Let us know how you have felt this earthquake
To read the full story as it happened, we advise our readers to start at the lower part of the page (earthquake data).

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Read also : check the "Live Seismographs" nearest to the epicenter

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Update 10/09 - 09:44 UTC : After screening our many various sources, we are happy to report that this earthquake made NO damage or did NOT injure people.

Update 10/ 09 - 09:30 UTC : Normally we create a special video page with important video footage from the internet. In this case however, it is hardly possible as their are only a few stations having good footage and as most of them still use wrong numbers (6.7 magnitude). Private videos are 99 % people who want to joke with earthquakes or are blaming extra terrestrial phenomens for what happened or simulating earthquakes by pushing objects etc. We like them sometimes but not in this article 🙂

Update 10/09 - 07:02 UTC : Some people start to compare this earthquake with other earthquakes like the Haiti one from last year. We want to emphasize that a comparison is hard to make for earthquakes. The type of the Vancouver Island is a subduction earthquake which are less fatal than the transform earthquakes at the same magnitudes.
The comparison can best be made with the Chile earthquakes, also subduction earthquakes giving rarely serious damage below Mw 7 (mainly based on the location of the epicenters - in average in front of the coast at a depth of approx. 30 km).

Update 10/09 - 07:02 UTC : Other data from seismological agencies (they are measuring earthquakes independant from each other)
Canada : Mw 6.3 @  a depth of 38.4 km
Additionally Natural Resources Canada has published the following text  : This earthquake occurred about 50 km off the west coast of Vancouver Island, and 300 km west of Vancouver. It was felt across southwest British Columbia, including Vancouver Island, Greater Vancouver, and as far away as Kelowna. There have been no reports of damage. The last large earthquake in this area was a M 6.6 event on November 2, 2004.  (as we also stated ealier on in our article) - Epicenter location following the Canadian data
USGS : Mw 6.4 @ 23 km depth - epicenter location
EMSC (Europe) : Mw 6.4 @ 20 km depth - epicenter location
GFZ (Germany) : Mw 6.4 @ 30 km depth - epicenter location
Other stations from other countries have data also but rarely publish them

Update 10/09 - 07:02 UTC : More I Have Felt It reports

Update 23:31 UTC "We're not as prepared as we should be,” said NDP MP Kennedy Stewart . “The federal government is focusing a lot on terrorism but indeed, natural disaster might be the biggest threat to us as we felt today."

Update 23:02 UTC :  Telus spokesman Shawn Hall said there was minor phone network congestion on parts of Vancouver Island immediately after the quake, causing delays of a second or two to get a dial tone. In future disasters or incidents, he said, people should avoid making calls unless it's critical.
Hall suggested people make one call to a relative or friend outside the affected region – in another part of B.C. or Canada – and have them relay a message to other family members. "Ask them to let people know you're okay rather than making a dozen calls yourself," he said. "That relaxes the load on the phone network and ensures it's available for people who do need to make emergency calls."

Update 22:34 UTC Still NO trace of any serious damage or injuries. is confident that this will stay a damage free very strong earthquake.

CTV broadcast . We have included the video in the bottom section of this page bacause the journalist and USGS spokesman are still referring to the 6.7 magnitude (later revised to 6.4).

Update 22:28 UTC : Silvie Keen, the chef and owner of Nootka Gold Bed and Breakfast, told that she lost power for about five minutes

Update 22:11 UTC : New I Have Ferlt It reports

Update 21:48 UTC : Let this probably harmless earthquake be a warning for British Columbia residents that they are living in a very seismic active area of the world.

Update 21:48 UTC : In the small coastal community of Zeballos, the quake prompted some residents to “throw their cats and dogs into the car and prepared to head out of town,” said Carolyne Withrow, who runs the local fuel dock. “It shook for about 40 seconds, then there was silence, then it went again, a little harder.”
Students were evacuated from the village’s elementary school, and many of the 500 residents quickly gathered at the designated emergency meeting grounds, a large, flat field towards the outskirts, where mayor Ted Lewis and the fire chief assessed whether any further action was required.
“They are now going door to door to make sure that everyone is okay,” said Ms. Withrow. So far, there are no reports of injuries or property damage, she said.
(ER : Zeballos is approx. 40 to 50 km from the epicenter - this means a very good sign for the coastal villages closer to the epicenter).

Update 21:44 UTC : James Daniell, who is searching back office in all the historic files comes with the following report : The 1957 earthquake seems very similar to this one, just like the 1918 earthquake - Page 28 shows the earthquake....M6.2 Quake in about the same location - no damage.
1957 was 49.65N, 127.02W - Ms5.9+-0.2  or mb6.3+-0.3 - Cassidy, 1987.

A reader reports that : The Canadaian Governments earthquake site has crashed and unavailable!  Not even a quake in a major city!!! Also, The cellphone network ROGERS had a message on it's cell phones saying "Emergency use only!!" There will be some serious problems if a quake hit's a city!!!!

Update 21:34 UTC : We warn the Vancouver Island and British Columbia people that aftershocks will be very likely to happen after such a powerful earthquake

Update 21:34 UTC : We have adapted the Magnitude and depth as requested by some of our readers (it was already present in the updates)

Update 21:26 UTC : more I Have Felt It Reports

Update 21:21 UTC : Those people who want to read more about the 1946 and 1918 earthquake, please find below the links to the very accurate Wikipedia reports.

Update 21:18 UTC :The exact distance to closest coastline is 16 km (10 miles)

Update 21:14 UTC : USGS Pager predicts : "There is a low likelihood of casualties and damage". own estimate goes in the same direction. Epicenter not directly below a village and very sparsely populated area.

Update 21:12 UTC :  The 1946 quake at Mw 7.6 killed 2 (but was a bit further away than this one).

Update 21:11 UTC : The 1918 earthquake was quite close to this one - This large earthquake occurred just after midnight (12:41 am) on Friday December 6, 1918. The magnitude was about 7. Its exact location is uncertain, but it occurred near the west coast of Vancouver Island, and was felt very strongly at Estevan Point lighthouse and at Nootka lighthouse on the southern tip of Nootka Island. There was some damage to the Estevan Point lighthouse and to a wharf at Ucluelet. This earthquake awakened people all over Vancouver Island and in the greater Vancouver area. It was felt in northern Washington state and as far east as Kelowna, in the interior of British Columbia. (1918 Vancouver Island Earthquake).

Update 21:10 UTC : The biggest cities of Vancouver Island are located in the East and at at least 100+ km from the epicenter which makes a major difference with Nootka Island, Plumber Harbor and Yuquot.

Update 21:07 UTC : So far, we have NO reports of damage or injuries although it is too soon to give a precise situation for the remote locations.

Update 21:03 UTC : According to the Victoria Times Colonist, the largest quake in recent memory was the 6.8 magnitude Nisqually earthquake southwest of Seattle, Washington in February 2001. Only the ninth earthquake in this area in 125 years measuring over magnitude 6, it cracked the dome of the Capitol building in Olympia, Washington, damaging the control tower at Sea-Tac airport and shook bricks off chimneys in Victoria.

Update 20:58 UTC : On July 19, 2004 a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck only 9 km from todays epicenter - This also very strong earthquake had NO victims. Let's hope this will also be the case today.

Update : This earthquake occurred at the Nootka fault zone. Generally we can speak from a subduction earthquake which occurred very close to the fault line where the Oceanic Juan de Fuca plate subducts the North American plate.  These greater plates are however divided into sub-plates which makes the real picture more complicated. Seismologists will come up with scientific papers with all possible details within a couple of weeks or months.

Also rather close to the epicenter is Catala Island Marine Provincial Park : Catala Island Marine Provincial Park is a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada, located on the west coast of Vancouver Island at the mouth of Esperanza Inlet, between Kyuquot Sound (N) and Nootka Sound (S). The park is 850 ha. in size and was established in July 1995.

Yuquot information (wikipedia) : Yuquot (meaning "Wind comes from all directions") or Friendly Cove is a small settlement of less than 25 on Nootka Island in Nootka Sound, just west of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Update : More I Have Felt It reports (much more to go)

Update : Our QuakeSOS iPhone security application has so far only received I AM SAFE reports, which is a convincing sign that all will be OK at the end.  The closest locations to the epicenter are Nootka and Yuquot, both at a distance of 30 km. We are not sure that all will be OK over there as the original depth of 80 km has been changed to 30 km, a huge difference in danger. So we hope that the news from all locations close to the epicenter will be good.

Update : 2 similar earthquakes have occurred in the same area since 1900.

Update : As could be expected, this earthquake was felt far beyond British Columbia. The greater Seattle area mentions almost the same shaking than in Vancouver.

Update : We have currently big problems to follow the flood of I Have Felt It reports.

Update : more I Have Felt It reports

Important Update : USGS has lowered both Magnitude and Depth to respectively 6.4 at a depth of only 23 km.

Update : almost all the Felt reports we receive are mentioning a Light to Moderate shaking (MMI IV to V)

Update : NOOTKA will have the highest tsunami waves : 0.6 meter  = 2 feet

Update : More felt reports below

Update : We have just added a lot of maps (links below).
We repeat there is NO tsunami risk and probably NO damage based on the MMI Values

Update : USGS expects only a strong shaking for 2,000 people and a moderate shaking for 10,000 people. Based on these data, this earthquake will not generate serious damage

Update :The epicenter is close to Nootka and Yuquot

Update : There is NO tsunami warning or alert in effect

"I Have Felt It" reports as received by
MMI values (if indicated) after the text (III: Weak shaking, IV Light shaking, V Moderate shaking, VI Strong shaking, VII Very Strong shaking)
Richmond : I'm on the fifth floor of a concrete building.  The floor was swaying, and it felt like being seasick on a boat.
Vancouver : at 12:45 pm Pacific felt building shake at work. Felt like someone was moving my desk and chair. Other coworkers felt the same.
Nanaimo : I felt a "back and forth" wobble while sitting in my office chair.  It felt similar to the movement we felt in Nanaimo during the quake epicentered in Olympia Washington about 10 years ago
Vancouver : Sitting at work and the cubicles started shaking a little. First time I have ever felt an earthquake in BC. Freaked me out.
Vancouver : entire office (9th floor) Downtown vancouver bc, we all felt it.
Powell River : Almost just felt as though dizzyness. Shaking of the posters hanging off the cielings, and upstairs more heavily movement.
Lasted a good 20 seconds
Richmond : I just felt an earthquake.  Door was moving slightly and I felt side to side shaking.  September 9, 2011, approx. 12:45 pm
Campbell River : Short rocking back and forth
Port Coquitlam : About 1 minute long around 12:45pm.
Vancouver : Apartment building was swaying back and forth for a few seconds.
Vancouver : Working on the 19th floor.  Blinds and lights started swinging.  
Campbell River : I felt shaking for about 15 was moving but nothing fell off shelves. In the midst of it I looked out the front window and could see the house was moving what seemed about an inch back and forth...water in fish tank was sloshing out on sides.
Vancouver : Nothing moved, but everyone felt it.  Very minor.
Campbell River : Felt like I was on a listing boat or light headed vertigo feeling. Water in glasses was sloshing and hanging plants/lights were swinging. House felt like it was tipping over.
Port Alberni : 2nd Floor on the water......strong wavy feeling, not pleasant at all
North Vancouver : around 12:45, I felt light swaying left and right for about 5 seconds, sitting in my 5th story living room. Felt like I was on a boat. I thought I was light headed, but then our hanging chandelier was swaying slightly and water moving in our water bottle so I knew it was an earthquake.
Union Bay : Back and forth shaking of my table and chairs and swinging of my hanging plants.
Vancouver : Sitting on my computer at home on the 18th fl and felt asthough I was seasick, window frames and blinds swaying back and forth squeaking.... ish!
Vancouver : Entire 8th floor at Telus head office on Seymour St felt the shaking for a few seconds.  Nothing too crazy but definitely knew we were having a shaker.  This building is a very solid concrete building built to protect our switches
Vancouver : At about 12:44 pm in 20 storey concrete building, light shake and then moderate swaying for about 10-15 seconds,which moved my vertical blinds in office about 1-1.5 ft side to side and got a bit of virtigo feeling.  Building interior walls creaked for about 20-30 seconds after.
Vancouver : I am on the 31st floor of a condo building in Yaletown and felt the building start to sway around 12:45. The inside doors in my condo swung slightly on their hinges. It also made me feel slightly motion sick. It seemed to last for about 5 min.
Langley : I was sitting in my computer desk and only I started wobbling and i thought i was crazy but then others started facebooking that they felt the same....nothing shook on my walls just me .
Union Bay : Back and forth shaking of my table and chairs and swinging of my hanging plants.
Seattle, Washington : Our office is on the 14th floor of Two Union Square, a 56-floor building in downtown Seattle. The windows creaked and groaned for about five minutes. Some thought it was wind, but we could see by the trees out on the street that there wasn't any wind.
Seattle, Washington : felt side to side swaying motion, light but noticeably an earthquake as I am on the 24th floor of a building in Downtown Seattle
Coombs : thought i was fainting, but then realized what it was house moved like i was doing laundry and it was on spin cycle.
Seattle : felt side to side swaying motion, light but noticeably an earthquake as I am on the 24th floor of a building in Downtown Seattle
Vancouver : On the 30th floor of a downtown Vancouver office tower (Bentall) it felt like a wavy, floating motion - no shaking, no sounds, beyond a bit of creaking in our heating/ventilation system by the windows... it lasted about a minute...
Bellevue, WA, USA : 11th floor of office building was moving. Felt like in a boat.  Plastic vertical adjustments for window blinds were all moving back and forth for a minute or so.
Burnaby : We felt it in our seats
Port Alberni : 2nd Floor on the water......strong wavy feeling, not pleasant at allBurnaby : Felt the floor of my house slightly shaking. wasnt very strong but definitly noticable
Langley : Didn't feel anything at our school in Langley BC.
Vancouver : I'm on the 18th floor of my apartment building, and I felt some shaking
Qualicum Beach : 12.45 p.m. fri 09 sept./2011........ Sitting in our lawn chairs felt a swaying motion fron side to side.. Our coffee table was also swaying and the coffee was sloshing back and forth in the cups.
Port Alberni : 2nd Floor on the water......strong wavy feeling, not pleasant at all
Vancouver : My office building downtown Vancouver (22nd floor) started gently swaying to/fro, nothing was crashing or falling but the window blinds were all going back forth against our windows.  I did not time it but it felt like the swaying lasted close to a minute.  My co-worker's husband also felt it in Coquitlam. Everyone is safe and nothing broke or fell.
?? : Thursday night 8-ish: we heard rattling & thrumming coming from our windows so put hands on them.  They were vibrating pretty strong.
Duncan, Vancouver Island : Monitor screen trembled, two maybe three times, eerie feeling.
Comox, Vancouver Island : Sharp jolt felt indoors and out at approx. 12:50pst
Burnaby : On 20th floor of a residential building. Felt floor swaying. Chains of roller blinds swung against window.
Nanaimo : Tables dipped, and light fixtures swayed, lasted about 30sec...apparently iit had a mag of 6.7 and a depth of 25.9
Kelowna : Scrunching sound like people upstairs were lifting the floor joists, 2 new cracks appeared in ceiling and dry wall, and overall tremble, and chandelier started swinging and continued to swing for about 2 - 3 minutes. I am on 6th floor of a 15 floor buiklding constructed in 2010 - 1 block from Lake Okanagan.
Squamish : Squamish BC, thought I was having a dizzy spell, blinds shook and hanging objects swung.
Coombs : thought i was fainting, but then realized what it was house moved like i was doing laundry and it was on spin cycle.
Surrey : I work in an office building in Surrey on the 15th floor. We could all feel the building swaying back and forth, the blinds were moving quite visibly. It lasted only about 20-30 seconds but we definitely felt it.
Seattle : We're in downtown Seattle in the 2nd and Seneca building.  At about 12:40, my boss noticed that the chain on his office blinds was rhythmically hitting the window frame.  We all got up to look out the windows.  We noticed while we were standing up that we were swaying back and forth - lightly, but definitely. This lasted 2 to 3 minutes, I'd say.
West Vancouver : I'm in West Vancouver, Cypress Bowl Rd. around 350m above sea level, no shaking no nothing, did not feel a thing...
Langley : Was really odd, nothing was shaking, but felt like an episode of vertigo/dizziness, more of a "rolling" - thought I was weak from not having lunch yet!
Port Alice : Shaking for approx 1 min, Windows shaking, Curtains swaying, Ground shaking!
South Vancouver : I was outside and did not feel anything. Neither did my parents who live a block away.
Maple Ridge : no shaking
Nanaimo : thought kids were running down the halls
Parksville : 2nd floor of office building shook slightly for about 10 seconds
Burnaby : Was on 20th floor of Metrotower in Burnaby felt the building swaying quite strongly. Wierd feeling.
Langley : Felt it here in Langley, BC. However it was like being on a boat...i was getting sea sick, lol. Thought i was having a naesous spell, but nope just a eathquake that was swaying back and forth. I felt sick to my tummy from the rocking.
Vancouver : on the 19th Floor, downtown Vancouver - definitely felt the swaying
Comox : Felt dizzy at first then realized it was an earthquake. Part of your information is in error. The depth was 23km, not 80km as per this US Geological Survey report:
Campbell River :  I was sitting eating lunch and felt like my chair was rocking... wasn't sure if it was just me until I went outside and one of my neighbours came out too because she felt it.
Black Creek : Honestly, it felt as though a giant on one side of my house had kicked it just once. I was alone here and i had to check outside to see if someone had hit the house with a car 😛 very bizzare, not to mention i haven't even experienced an earthquake before. Any news on aftershocks?
Vancouver : Light shaking for about five seconds. Power lines outside where swaying.
Parksville : My son was sorting cans when it happend and his cans popped right out of the box and the pool was shaking my son just got up tried to run nd had to waalk from the shaking
Campbell River : We felt it in our school with more severe movement in the top floor but definite movement in my bottom floor classroom. A for real earthquake practice! A good reminder for us to take our practices seriously.
West Vancouver : I'm on the six floor of a concrete building three blocks from the ocean at Ambleside, West Vancouver. I felt it for few minutes sitting at my chair at my desk. I immediately knew that there was an earthquake. I even called my husband and told him I think there is an earthquake.
Courtenay : Everything moved but very little, felt like being dizzy
Campbell River : I was stopped at traffic light in Campbell River and was wondering why the car was moving back and forth, I hadn't felt an earthquake in about 40 years!
Maple Ridge :  felt computer chair swaying........ 🙁
Chilliwack : In a large office building in We all felt slightly sick and realized that the lights were ALL swinging back and forth.
Comox : Felt chair shaking and house shaking as I sat at the computer.  Later learned there was an earthquake.  I live in Comox. B.C.
Campbell River : Whole bed was swaying like on a boat during choppy waters.
Powell River : Made my flatscreen wobble and gave my trailer do some rocking action maybe 20-25 seconds
Nanaimo : My dogs started acting very strange, whining and whatnot - I went into the kitchen to see why they were fussing and they were on the floor laying together just whining and then I noticed the tea in my coffee pot was slooshing from side to side gently.
Vancouver : I thought I was having a low blood sugar episode until others in the office (on 22nd floor in downtown tower) said the building was moving. I was relieved it wasn't me! Awesome watching an open door swing from left to right on its own 🙂 Building wasn't "shaking" but there was a strong swaying feeling, my motion sickness kicked in and still hasn't quite left me over one hour later.
Vancouver : My office building downtown Vancouver (22nd floor) started gently swaying to/fro, nothing was crashing or falling but the window blinds were all going back forth against our windows.  I did not time it but it felt like the swaying lasted close to a minute.  My co-worker's husband also felt it in Coquitlam. Everyone is safe and nothing broke or fell.
Abbotsford : 12:43 pm, on the third floor of my apartment, blinds, computer desk, and lights started swaying back and forth - weirdest feeling ever.
Vancouver : I'm on the 18th floor of my apartment building, and I felt some shaking
Courtenay : My buddy and I thought we were shaking from hunger in anticipation of our meal.  We didn't feel a thing.  I spent a lot of time in Japan where little shakers were quite common, so it is not unusual that I would not have payed much attention.  My wife was at home.  She reported that the blinds moved and chair she was sitting in slowly vibrated. Bo
Vancouver : Felt it on 2nd floor of our office in Great Northen Way in Vancouver. Initially I thought I was feeling dizzy, but then saw my cup of water shaking and felt a bit of sway. It felt more as I stood up and then heard other people mentioning of Earthquake. It lasted for 15 seconds
Nanaimo : living in nanaimo and didnt feel a thing.. didnt even know we had one until i saw it on facebook
Renton : Was in a meeting room on the 5th floor on an office building in Renton, WA. Felt the shaking - was almost like being on a boat with very small waves. Seemed to last a long time.
Vancouver : approx. 15-20 seconds. felt like our building was swaying (up on the 11th floor)
Port Alberni : My dog fist jumped to her feet alertly,in a few seconds it started. It lasted only 6 seconds but was a little scary for sure. As I moved through my kitchen I new it was a quake and started for the sliding glass doors,I saw my clothes line was really shaking too. Just have to pray it does not bring a tsunami to Port Alberni!!!  Fern.Chamberlin
Abbotsford: was sitting and having lunch in a restaurant and the lights began to sway and it felt like a big truck went by.
Courtenay: Whole house shook and the ground felt like it was rolling. Lasted about 45 seconds.
Burnaby: I dont know if it was an eathquake or not but when I was waiting for the skytrain at metrotown I felt some shaking it was a light shaking
Comox : Was very scary, I looked around the room noticed that things were shaking and the floor was vibrating, eard some rumbling I am assuming from my stuff moving, and hid under my table.
Courtenay: The building I was in was very sturdy so I didnt notice the shaking at first. I began to feel very nausetated and got under my desk. I would say it was about 7 seconds, a small pause and then around 20 seconds. While on the floor the shaking was quite obvious. I was very sick, dizzy and disoriented for about 5-10 minutes after the quake.

Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : 6.7  6.4
UTC Time :  Friday, September 09, 2011 at 19:41:29 UTC
Local time at epicenter : Friday, September 09, 2011 at 12:41:29 PM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 80 km  23 km
Geo-location(s) :
140 km (85 miles) SSE (165°) from Port Hardy, BC, Canada
289 km (179 miles) WNW of VICTORIA, British Columbia, Canada
138 km (85 miles) WSW of Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada
119 km (73 miles) WNW of Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada

Links to important maps
USGS Did You Feel It Map
Google satellite map showing the epicenter and the surrounding area.
Historic earthquakes map
Seismic hazard map
Shaking map
Focal mechanism report
Human impact map
GDACS earthquake report
GDACS tsunami report
NOAA tsunami report

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I did feel it – Ik heb het gevoeld – Το έκανα αισθάνεται – Yo lo siento – 我的确感到了 – 私はそれを感じていました- Ich habe es gefühlt – Bunu hissediyorum yaptı – لم أشعر أنه


  1. Hey guys (, why have there been no after-shocks? Or are they not being reported? Isn't it unusual for a quake this big to NOT have aftershocks?? The info being passed along in BC and from the Canadian Government has been a disgrace!

    • Armand Vervaeck says

      True Bruce, there is NO perfect scenario for aftershocks. The same happened in the Indonesia, Sumatra deadly earthquake last week. The BMKG people were fast to counter the 'NO aftershocks scenario as they said that they had measured a lot of aftershocks but all too small to be noticed by humans. Only the seismometer people can tell us the full story here. Canadian authorities have not listed any aftershocks so far and they start at 2.0 i think. The Canadians have no secret. All seismographs can be followed live on the following page .
      I like what they have done there.
      Tectonic plates and fault lines behave like humans : not one has the same comportment :))

  2. did not feel a thing in Mission,bc

  3. Tsawwassen - Was on first story of house in Beach Grove and the spin cycle of washing machine coincided. The desk was moving, the floor and my chair. Noticed chandelier totally moving. Got annoyed as thought it was the washing machine - made note to myself to instruct boyfriend to fix the feet on washing machine so didnt sway the entire house.

  4. Of course The Canadaian Governments earthquake site has crashed and unavailable! How pathetic! Not even a quake in a major city!!! Also, The cellphone network ROGERS had a message on it's cell phones saying "Emergency use only!!" There will be some serious problems if a quake hit's a city!!!!