Another beautiful eruption of Mt Etna (Italy) on August 29 2011 + videos

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Enjoy the 12the paroxysm of Mount Etna, Sicily's most famous volcano.
On the early morning of 29 August 2011, the 12th paroxysmal eruptive episode of this year occurred at the New Southeast Crater, almost 8 days after its predecessor.
This event generated tall lava fountains and an eruption column that caused ash falls in the southeast sector of the volcano, as well as various lava flows down the western slope of the Valle del Bove.
During this paroxysm, the southeastern flank of the pyroclastic cone of the New Southeast Crater fractured, with the opening of several eruptive vents down to the base of the cone, which produced lava fountains and a broad lava flow that advanced to the Valle del Bove, too.
The acme of this episode lasted less than 40 minutes.
Text courtesy Osservatorio Etna



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