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MMI values (if indicated) after the text (III: Weak shaking, IV Light shaking, V Moderate shaking, VI Strong shaking, VII Very Strong shaking)
Louisa County, VA - I was inside one of the seriously damaged schools when the earthquake hit- debris was falling, very difficult to walk. Terrifying, horrifying ordeal, but all children and staff escaped quickly and without a scratch.  A miracle!  It lasted about 30 seconds, and was followed by 3 aftershocks.  What I will probably always remember are the shepherd's hooks in the sidewalk that kept swaying, even after the noise and vibration were no longer detectable.  I don't need to experience another one of these.  Ever. - MMI VII
Gaithersburg, MD - MMI 4 checked - Sitting in basement. House starts shaking, stuff falling off shelves in the basement. Not windy outside.
Buffalo, NY - MMI 4 checked -
Williamsburg VA, USA - MMI 23 checked - At about 1:50 PM EDT felt slight shaking indoors as if a very heavy truck were driving nearby. Caused hanging chimes on grandfather's clock to ring slightly. Very short duration - 15 to 30 seconds.
Lovettsville, VA, USA - MMI 2 3 Checked - started at 13:53 EST and lasted about 5 seconds
Southport, NC. - MMI 4 checked - Rocked open solid wood doors @ 3 - 6 inches.
Harrisburg, PA - MMI 4 checked - We evacuated our building after the building shook. We went back in when we realized it was almost the entire East Coast felt the shake.
Frederick, MD - MMI 5 checked - The Telephone lines outside were all swaying and inside the cubicles were shaking for probably 5 seconds.
Northern KY - MMI 4 checked - Working on 5th floor of concrete building in greater Cincinnati area. Felt shaking/swaying of building, something in my office made a noise. Scared me. Several people felt it, but some say they didn't. Happened on 8/23 at about 1:52 pm.
Rockford, OHIO - MMI 23 Checked - At 1:57 p.m. August 23, 2011, my desk chair rocked back and forth for two minutes, while the windown shade tapped rapidly and lightly on the glass.
Clarksburg WV - MMI 4 checked - Vibrations felt, items slightly shaking.
Pointe Claire, QC - MMI Checked - I was sitting in a medical building (2nd floor) waiting for my appointment when the floor started to sway.  The doctor considered getting out through the window but they didn't open.  We all sat them dumbstruck, not knowing what to do.  Luckily it didn't last long...
St-Albert, ON, Canada - MMI 2 3 checked - The building was moving back and forth, the blinds were rocking.  That was August 23rd 2011 at around 2pm EST.  It rocked for over 30 seconds, I think close to a minute.
Reading, PA - MMI 5 checked - Work in a three story building in Green Hills PA.  The building shook for about 15-20 seconds.
Canton, Ohio - MMI 5 checked - At work on second floor of building. Thought I was imaginining it at first until others in my building started coming out into the hallway asking if we should evacuate.  My computer monitors were shaking and I could feel the floor shaking.  I thought that somewhere there had been an explosion and we were feeling the aftershocks.  Kind of scary.
North Haven, CT - MMI 5 checked - The floor underneath me at work shook NOTICEABLY (large plant/tree in front of my desk was SWAYING!) for about 15 - 20 seconds. I looked outside to see if there was a huge 18-wheeler outside (and there was not). I've never felt an earthquake but I instinctively knew that this was something which could potentially be dangerous and I started to leave the building (1 story)but by the time I got up it had stopped.
Ithaca, NY - MMI 5 checked - Prolonged shaking in a back and forth motion for over 30 seconds.  I was seated at home, reading, when the kids' mobile hanging from the ceiling started to move.  Then the rocker across the room moved back and forth for nearly a minute, until the sensation subsided.  The dog, who was upstairs, got up from his nap and came down, like he know something new was happening.  I never thought I would feel such a strong and continous sensaition in NY, having lived in Greece where I experienced many.
Johnstown, PA - MMI 2 3 checked - My desk shock lightly. It felt like I was rocking gently back and forth.  Felt the shaking for about 5-7 seconds. Very weird feeling!
St-Albert, ON, Canada - MMI II-III - The building was moving back and forth, the blinds were rocking.  That was August 23rd 2011 at around 2pm EST.  It rocked for over 30 seconds, I think close to a minute.
Pittsburgh, PA - MMI II-III - Just before 2pm EST we felt our two-story brick office building swaying.
New Jersey - MMI V - I was sitting at my desk at home and the entire desk was shaking and also my kitchen table. The dogs got up and was looking around to see what was up! I didn't know what the heck was going on! I live in Northern New Jersey and my neighbor told me there was an earthquake! Crazy!
Oxford, Md. - MMI IV - Working in my office, seemed like floor became somewhat liquid, building movement less than 10 seconds, but felt like I was on a boat in the water. Furniture swayed, pictures on wall moved, actually kind of exciting. No damage just the thrill.  Wow, an earthquake in Maryland. Go figure!
Lynbrook, NY - MMI IV - Here in Long Island, NY my bookshelves were swaying and windows were rattling.
East Rutherford, NJ - MMI II-III - Sitting at the table working on a project on my laptop. My 8-year-old son was sitting at his laptop beside me. The table started shaking. I thought my son was doing it, so I told him to stop, and he said he wasn't doing anything. That's when I realized the curtains, the bathroom door and anything else not securely nailed down were also shaking. Checked the basement for any cracks or leaks, checked with neighbors and local police who also experienced this, checked with my mom and sister who live south of here, and all reports corroborate. I have lived 39 years in northern New Jersey and never felt anything like this. I must admit, it's got me feeling surprisingly shaken. Pun intended.
Morristown, NJ - MMI II-III - We are on the 4th floor at 445 South Street, an office building in Morristown, NJ.  Shortly before 2:00 p.m. I was at my desk and I felt that something was wrong.  Then I experienced a swaying feel.  I looked down and observed the chair I was sitting in was rolling back and forth a couple of inches.  I didn't hear anything but it was unsettling so I left my office.  All my coworkers were out of their seats as well.  No one knew what was happening but we all agreed to leave.  And we took the stairs and got out of the building.
Accokeek, MD - MMI VII - Very loud.  Floor shook.  Trees rattled as with wind.  Stuff fell of walls on nearby house, electricity out there.  Overall little damage.  I immediately knew what it was.
Canada, Quebec, Pointe-Calumet - MMI II-III - Vers 14h tout s'est mis a vibrer dans la maison, les lampes, portes plantes durant environ 20 secondes.
Wellsville, NY - light shaking for about a minute or so. - MMI IV
Harrisburg, PA - We evacuated our building after the building shook. We went back in when we realized it was almost the entire East Coast felt the shake. Zip Code 17112 -  MMI IV
Willards, md - Felt shaking round 1:52pm in willards,md on 8/23/2011. Thought it was an airplane but it continued for bout a minute n my stuff in my shower started falling out, my tv almost fell off the stand. I thought my apartment was collapsing. Then my aunt called n said it was an earthquake. Started n va n had a magnitude of 5.9. Omg scared me so bad that i called my hubby n cried for him to come home from work. - MMI V
Rockford, Ohio - At 1:57 p.m. August 23, 2011, my desk chair rocked back and forth for two minutes, while the windown shade tapped rapidly and lightly on the glass. - MMI III
Northport, Long Island, ny - MMI IV
Philadelphia, PA - The house shook...cup fell over - MMI V-VI
Philadelphia, PA - Here in NE Philadelphia everything shook badly.  I was sitting at my computer desk and my glass went flying off of the desk. The chair and desk were shaking.  I lost cable tv and my cell is not working.
Chicago - about 1:00am felt rocking, glass shaking very moderate but still felt it twice between 12:30-1:30am central standard time - MMI IV
Roanoke, Virginia - trees swayed and my stomach felt upset-very sharp and over quite quickly - MMI VI
Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada - Reported at 1:44pm EST. Environment Canada reports a 5.5. I wonder if there is a fault line Virginia - Niagara Falls? - MMI V
Barrie, Ontario, Canada - Sitting at kitchen table and felt some very slight movement and disorientation.  I live in Barrie, Ontario - 1 hr north of Toronto, ON Canada - MMI III
Bloomington IN - 8-23-2011 1355, Location 6th floor office in hospital, my office chair shook and roof top satilite dishes were shaking. - MMI III
Winston Salem, Forsyth county, NC - Our neighborhood in the south of the county has experienced mild quakes before that were rated between 2 to 3+. This shaking was much stronger and longer than previously felt. When it first started, it felt like a minor quake, but it got stronger. It seemed to last a long time. My computer monitor was shaking and rocking on its base to the point I had to hold it to keep it from falling, but nothing fell off the walls or shelves. My husband reports that his 4 story office building was shaking. It seemed stronger than "light shaking", but I checked that based on your description of a truck hitting the house. My sister works in the city library in Chapel Hill,and said that the whole library was rattling. - MMI IV
owensboro ky - sitting in my car, felt it swaying - MMI III
Mooresville, NC - I was sitting on the floor drawing and the plants next to the curio cabinets started shaking, then something fell in the curio cabinets, and then the coffee table started shaking and me and my mother started shaking. - MMI III
Warren County, Pohatcong Township, New Jersey -  I felt my house vibrating, it is a two story small unattached house - MMI V
Trumansburg - I was working at my computer, and felt a shaking. It only lasted a few seconds, but I definitely felt it.  I thought it was my washing machine which shakes a lot, but the washer was not on. I pray for those who were affected by this. - MMI III
Trois-Rivières, Canada - heure hour: 13:57 40 secondes dont 10 secondes faibles augmentant durant 20 secondes de façon horizontale. - MMI VI
Erie, Pa - Sitting in my office chair and felt little tremoring.  I figured I was shaking from being hungry... It happens when I exercise hard.  Figured it strange with my just sitting, but I blew it off. - MMI III
Wilkesboro, NC - Graystone Manor Bed & Breakfast in Wilkesboro, NC. We are on the mountain between N. Wilkesboro/Wilkesboro. It rocked the cars and rattle our huge stone home for about 2-4 minutes. No warning, no dogs barking...just out of nowhere. No pictures fell down. No damage visible. Just a wierd silence and movement only. - MMI V
Powhatan, Virginia - I was taking a nap when all of a sudden I felt the house shaking and my dog started barking. I went out into the kitchen to see what was happening and all the glasses in the cupboards were shaking. Then as soon as it started, it stopped. - MMI IV
Pittsburgh PA - Went down for a Nap and the bed started trembling - MMI IV
Quebec, Canada - Plus tôt cet après-midi, j'ai senti un léger tremblement de terre. Suffisamment pour faire une recherche sur Internet et apprendre qu'il y en avait effectivement eu un dont l'épicentre se trouve sur la côte est des États-Unis. Lorsque j'ai senti le mouvement, j'ai regardé le cintre suspendu à la patère de mon bureau et je l'ai vu oscillé légèrement. Cela a duré quelques secondes. - MMI III
Statesville, NC - Laying in bed. Lasted 5-7 secinds. Could feel the house being shaken. - MMI IV
Rhinebeck, NY - Concrete patio shook gently for at least 30 -45 seconds. Watched water glass rock during the shaking - MMI III
Chemung - Felt it in Elmira, NY. Items knocked off TV set and wastepaper basket fell over. Was tilting in my computer chair against a wall in a 200+ old building. Nerves are shot - MMI V
Culpeper, VA - Initial earthquake before 2:00 No structural damage that can be seen. Items knocked off of walls and shelves, cabinet doors opened. One aftershock around 2:50pm lasting almost 5 seconds and another around 3:03pm weaker and shorter. No damages from aftershocks. - MMI VI
Charlottesville  VA - I work at a large church and there was a loud boom like a bomb and then the whole church started shaking like a tin toy.  It shook for a really long time really strong and then when it stopped shaking, the earth was still trembling.
Morgantown WV - It was kinda strange. Everything was shaking. The floor. Filing cabinets. Never experienced a earthquake before! Never want to experiance it again - MMI V
New Hampshire - sitting in the kitchen and felt the whole house shake. There were no loud trucks or other explinations. My son and husband felt it too - MMI III
Hagerstown Maryland - I was on a cigarrette break at work and felt the table shake and my cup was gliding a bit over the table. A van neerby shook like someone was movin in it and car alarms went off. Was confronted by many people about it - MMI IV
High Point, NC - I was on the third floor during class.  Windows shook and everyone wondered what was going on.  Only lasted about a minute, mostly enough to freak us out a bit. - MMI IV
Manteo, NC - Felt building swaying, saw interior door shaking. On second floor of building - MMI IV
Atlantic beach, N.C. - About 4:40 pm felt rumbling on deck. An aftershock. And just another one - MMI III
Charlottesville, Va - Loud rumbling sound, like a high speed aircraft flying low, house and floor beneath me vibrating and shaking, went outside, sidewalk vibrating/shaking, still thought maybe an aircraft flying high speed low, but it kept going for about 1 min., with no aircraft visible. Realized it was a quake by then, everyone coming out of homes in neighborhood looking around and saying 'earthquake'.  My dogs barked.  My little lap dog shook in fear for a short while after.  No damage at all that I see.  Moved my 4x8 sheets of wood laying on the ground about 1 inch, and sent my exercise ball rolling down the hill from the back porch - MMI V
Stockdale, PA  - Felt the couch moving underneath me. Pitures on the wall shook. I jokingly said it felt like an earthquake. 5 minutes later we received a call to see if we felt the earthquake!! Very creepy feeling. Hope I never experience it again - MMI IV
Verona, VA - Windows of store were shaking. Squeaking. Scared me half to death. A few things fell, nothing big - MMI V
Columbus, OH - On the 5th floor of my office building, I (and all of my coworkers) felt a shaking around 1:55 pm. Some thought it was vertigo, I felt my desk and floor shaking, and some felt their chairs roll on the floor. Another coworker said she saw "my window and desk moving in different directions." - MMI IV
Vaudreuil, Canada - Tremblement de plus de 30 secondes assez fort pour que l'eau de nos verres d'eau bouge et que les stores de fenêtre de bureau se déplace et que les écrans d'ordinateur bougent!!!! - MMI V
Glen Rock, PA  - It wasn't an 18 wheeler truck passing by, it felt like a chopper overhead only it came from the ground and shook the house!!  We now have 8 scavengers flying around the area outside Spring Valley County Park which tells me that a lot of the animals have died from this.  Cell phone lines state circuits busy, and after you dial a number via home phone, we get nothing but a dead sound.
All this after 3 days of intermittent storms - MMI VI
Silver Spring, MD - I was on the 4th floor of an office building.  I first heard a noise that I thought was a VERY strong gust of wind and I looked outside and all of the sudden everything started shaking as if it was made of cardboard.  Being from the D.C. area, the first thing I thought it was, was a bomb.  Luckily, it was not!  The intense shaking felt as if it happened for maybe 10 seconds.  However, the guy I was talking to had felt it rumbling for about 20 seconds prior. - MMI VII
Lorton VA - I was in my bathroom cleaning up I felt a rather large rumble and I thought they where blowing rocks but the shaking wasn't stopping and all I could see was things bouncing and my dresser and picture frames fell. I can't get rid of the feeling I had at the moment - MMI VI
Chestertown, MD - Was sitting in the car in a parking lot. I thought my girlfriend was rocking the car (Playing with me) she thought I was doing the same. Plate glass windows in the stores were flexing pretty good. I keep hearing 5 or 10 seconds. I swear it went on more like a minuet here.. - MMI V
Silver Spring, MD - Doors started shaking then nick nacks then whole house shook violently got kids underneath stairs very quickly, we were all shaken up! - MMI VI
Norton, Ohio - I had a customer sitting in front of me and she asked if my office was moving. I thought she was going to faint until the office walls swayed and items hanging behind me were swaying. Very strange sensation - MMI IV
Annapolis, MD - A bird flew into the glass window about 30 seconds before we felt the 4th floor shake i our building.  I lasted about 2-3 minutes and the intensity grew and then stopped - MMI V
Rougemont, Québec, Canada - J'étais assise à l'ordinateur et ma chaise s'est mise a bougée d'avant en arrière pendant 30 secondes.  Je n'ai pas aimé la sensation. J'habite Rougemont au Québec près de la route 112 - MMI V
Jetersville, VA - Around fifty miles, as the crow flies, from the epicenter.  Everything shook for about 30-45 seconds.  Ran outside the house when it started and went back inside two minute later.  A few things were knocked over on my bookshelves and the cat (who dozed on the back deck through the entire event, apparently) gave me a very odd look! - MMI V
Virginia Beach - I began to stand up from my desk and I felt as if I had a head rush. Like I had gotten dizzy or even drank too much. Such a strange sensation, but then I noticed the clipboards nailed to the wall were swaying on their own. Moments after I felt normal again people were rushing into the cafeteria next to my office with people saying "Am I the only one who felt that??!!" - MMI VI
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada - at about 1 30 pm or so i was walking up to the top floor of our house. My father was lying on the couch on the floor below. When i got up to the top he told me to stop jumping on the floor. the couch he was on was shaking. i hadnt moved at all to cause this... but i felt the floor below me shake as well. i looked into one of the bedrooms and looked at the light in the ceiling. it was shaking and rattling. even a minute later... hanging lights and things were still shaking. it stopped after another minute. - MMI III
Sinking Spring, PA - Entire house shook for 10 +/- seconds. Pots and pans, suspended on a pot rack, clanged together. - MMI V
Middle River, MD -  was inside my home when i heard a loud rumbling sound and then everything started shaking and swaying...lasted about 30 secounds...could not believe what was happining. my son was outside and said the ground was moving under him...scary moments for people who have never experinced an earthquake..never thought that i would experience an earthquake here in maryland - MMI VI
Tampa, FL - I was on the 5th floor of my office building in Tampa (Brandon side) working on my computer when I felt a slight sway/shake feeling for what must have been 40 seconds or so. It was very subtle but I definately felt something weird...the word earthquake actually crossed my mind... I stopped working and looked around my desk to see if anything else was moving; but nothing was. After a little while everything was okay again and no one else mentioned anything. Then about 30 minutes later I heard someone say "that was the 2nd earthquake today". I immediately jumped up and asked where they were. They said one in VA and one in CO. I couldn't believe that I could have felt the one from VA all the way in Florida. - MMI III
Morrow, GA - Was sitting on the second story in class when we noticed the building moving. It was very slight and more disorienting then anything - MMI III
Arlington, VA - 2 mi outside Washington, DC. Office building shook for about 10-15 sec. We were evacuated to the street for about 40 minutes, with cell phone service tied up. Emergency response vehicles were out and about. After waiting out any aftershocks we returned to work - NNI IV
Richboro PA - At approximately 1:51 in the afternoon, the furniture in my home began to shake back and forth. The cabinet doors in the kitchen all opened up, books on the bookshelf became dislodged, and pictures hanging on the walls all tilted sideways. It lasted only a few minutes. My cat took off running and became a huge puff ball from fear and my dog hid under my legs. It was unnerving but no real damage took place. A friend of mine in the Glenside, PA area had her chimney collapse during the quake. The only other issue was that my cell phone and landlines were out for about 3 hours. - IV
Barrie, Ontario, Canada - Felt like the floor was mounted on Jello, dozens of people in the building immediately stood up to see if others knew what it was. It lasted about 30 seconds. 900 kilometers away! - MMI III
Fairfax, VA 22031 - I was in my basement office in front of my computer, running a virtual software class over the Internet in Northern Virginia. All the students were remote, in Texas. Just before 2pm EST the house suddenly started shaking and there was a lot of noise. I was very surprised - my first reaction was to think that a group of crazy people had broken into the house and were vandalizing everything and just really whooping it up on the main floor above me. I almost yelled out to the people I thought had "broken in." I decided it was not people when it kept shaking for almost 30 seconds. I told the students what I was experiencing and that I had to go outside to see what was going on and make sure there was no damage. Neighbors were in the street talking about it. Everyone had felt it. I didn't see any structural damage but a few small things had fallen off tables and furniture onto the floor, and some pictures on the wall had gone askew but had not fallen off. That was the strongest quake I've ever experienced. It was a complete surprise, as we almost never get quakes of any magnitude or duration in this area. I was most amazed that it didn't disconnect my Internet connection, because we get some wicked thunderstorms and wind storms around here that do just that (knock out the power), especially in the summer - MMI VI
Richmond Virginia - I was at work.and I felt it.I was downstairs washing so at first I thought it was the  washing machine which shaking ,I run up the steps and then I realize it was the whole house shaking,I begin yelling for my patient and others in the house and we  prayed.and went out on the porch for a while.everyone in  that area in Richmond Virginia was coming out of their homes scare the earth quake would come again.Thank God everything was okay and knowone was hurt.
Richmond Virginia - Definitely unsteady to walk - MMI VI
Delaware, OH - Lasted 11-12 seconds.  Lamp on piano rocked back and forth.  Chair under me shook slightly - MMI III
Pittsburgh, Pa - I was getting my room ready for the start of school tomorrow. My desk was shaking, the walls shook and the lights were swinging back and forth. This happened twice within 5 minutes. What an eerie feeling!!! - III
Augusta, GA - I was at the Savannah River.. Parked at a nearby parking lot. I felt about three jolts shake my car. I figured it was just a close by railroad track however there was no train. Amazed an hour later I found out it was tremors from the VA earthquake. - MMI IV
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - I was on the top floor of a 5 story building.  At around 2pm, everything began to shift back and forth about an inch and a half or two inches in each direction.  The ceiling light fixtures began to sway and the cords on the venetian blinds were swinging.  It was also accompanied by a rumbling sound.  This went on for about 30 seconds.  Then light tremors were felt for about another 30 seconds or so before things quieted down - MMI V
Elizabeth, IN - It made my chair sway and we got nausiated - MMI IV
Morgantown, WV - It felt as if there was blasting at a mine - MMI III
Dunn, NC - was setting at my desk and it start shaking i dint know what it was lasted aout 30 sec or so - MMI III
Daytona Beach, FL - 10th Floor Oceanfront Condo. Sitting at computer. I recognized it as a very slight tremor similar to those I felt when I once lived in California. After a while I found out about the quake - MMI III
Caswell County, NC - I was inside a two story house when it hit and the house shook the walls twisted made all sorts noises . Did not know what was going on my first earth quake ever it was a little weird.A lot of people felt it around here. - MMI V
Fort Myers, Florida - I was taking a shower at about 1:51pm and suddenly felt a light swaying motion and a low vibration. It lasted about 30-40 sec. and actually caused my water flow to sputter a bit. I didnt think much of it for a while and went for a nap. I woke up around 4pm to watch the news and was blown away that I had felt a tremor from Virginia Earthquake over 750 miles from where I live. I must be super sensitive to feel an earthquake so far away from its epicenter... BIG TIME EXPERIENCE!!!  - MMI IV
Pittsburgh, Pa. - Was sitting at computer in bedroom, when I heard a rumble, and my dresser started to roll on its attached wheels  and the attached mirror was swinging as well.  I knew it was an earthquake as I have been in two in my lifetime: one in the Philippines, and one in Germantown, Md.  It was a scary experience.  Later.  A Pittsburgher - MMI VI
Mount Vernon OH - I was torn between Moderate and Strong Shaking, because I lived through the earthquake and aftershocks of the Northeastern Ohio earthquake and aftershocks of the early eighties, centered near the Perry Nuclear Power Plant.  I felt ill just prior to and during the quake; as I have in the past.  This was more than the after shocks and I would mentally grade it, from my past experience, as a 3.2 to 3.7, but mostly likely a 3.7.  I was sitting at my computer, on the second level of my dwelling.  My flat screen monitor was moving, as was the lampshade of the light next to it and the solid oak chair that I was sitting upon.  I knew what it was and was glad that I had the experience to recognize it.  First contacts with others were mixed and the intial information.  Thank you for trying your best! Christina May, Mount Vernon OH - MMI VI
Greensboro, NC - I experienced this on Tuesday, August 22, 2011, the day before the East Coast quake. It lasted 1-2 seconds. I was sitting in my chair in my home office near downtown. I thought at the time that it might be a mild earthquake. - MMI III
Raleigh,North Carolina - I was on the internet at the kitchen table when the USA VA. East Coast earthquake hit. Startled by what I was seeing. The room was moving all around me as I sat and starred. The walls went one way and the cabinet doors went the other way as they swung open. I looked out the back glass door on to the deck and it too was swaying and so were the potted plants. A few of the potted plants that were on the deck rail fell. I was not sure what happened since we do not get earthquakes here. I thought this was a safe place but not now. Is there any safe places??? Thank you for your site, I will bookmark it. - MMI V
Secaucus, NJ - Happened at work, building shook, we were evacuated - MMI V
bluewater beach,georgian bay, ontario, Canada - felt movement of dining table and chairs and saw the overhead chandelier swaying - MMI III
Rhode Island - It was the strangest feeling. I thought I was dizzy at first. It seemed to have lasted for about 30 seconds. No one else in my house felt it, kids were in the pool; the water probably "cushioned" it. Besides, they were jumping around. I was on the pool deck, which is probably why I felt it stronger than some people on the ground. Anyone driving in RI didn't feel it due to all of the potholes in our roads haha. - MMI IV
Port Saint Lucy, FL - was on-line at a desk felt like locomotive then realize that this was tremors - MMI IV
Greenfield, MA - I was at work on the second floor of a brick building. I thought the person standing behind me was swaying my chair until I noticed my monitors swaying. Everyone on the office knew it was an earthquake because it was a smooth sway, not the hard bumping of a train. As I was looking up the USGS site, my daughter called from 5 miles away. The quake woke her up and her kids felt it too. My son emailed me from the next town that he felt the swaying, and it even frightened the cat. One building near me was evacuated. I see reports that it lasted 10-15 seconds but I think it was closer to 30 seconds, based on the fact that I was able to feel the sway, thought someone was swaying my chair, looked behind me, looked ahead and saw my monitors and other things in the room swaying, evaluate it as an earthquake, hear everyone's comments and look it up on line, all before the swaying stopped. - MMI IV
Williamston NC - At 1:52 I was sitting at my desk on a concrete ground floor in a strip mall. My work station started shaking like someone putting heavy boxes on another desk. It intensified with my feet shaking on the floor, the cabinet doors rattling and I heard a rumble like a train or heavy truck. The office power poles were moving slightly also. It lasted +/- 15 seconds. It felt like there were two waves. We have no structural damage, but a lot of nerves rattled. We are +/- 230 miles from the epicenter in Virginia. I confirmed the Virginia earthquake within 2 minutes via the USGS earthquake site - MMI IV
Sewickley, PA - I was on the 7th floor of Sewickley Hospital, 625 blackburn rd, sewickley, pa 15143 waiting for discharge when my bed and bedside table shook softly, almost wasn't sure if it had happened. The feeling was like when you are in your car and the one next to you moves and it feels like your car did. Onlt lasted about 5 or 10 seconds. I found out about 1/2 hr later that there was an earthquake. - III
Reston, VA - Was in my doctor's office on the third floor of medical building when we heard loud thumping & moderate shaking, like a very heavy person running down the hall. But then we continued to hear it, and the sound grew louder and the shaking more intense until it was obvious the whole building was moving beneath us. We both looked at each other and said "What the heck is going on?" The lights flickered and everything in the room was teetering, threatening to fall over. When the shaking finally stopped, we got up and looked out the window; it seemed like everyone else had already gone outside. I was thinking maybe it was an earthquake, but it's so unusual to have an earthquake in this are, so I didn't really believe it until we went downstairs and a technician confirmed it. - MMI V
Philadelphia City Center - tue 08/23/11: thought my big cat jumped on my bed + started pawing. but, he was sleeping next to me ... - MMI III
Alexandria, VA - Alexandria, VA - was at home with my 8 year old daughter, we were in my bedroom. Just having some chat time, my daughter getting some paper to draw on when the rumbling and shaking started… the bed was shaking so I thought it was a huge truck going by - except the whole house was shaking, and shaking and shaking - that's when I knew it was an earthquake, but I also thought it might have been a bomb or plane crash somewhere... like when I felt and heard the crash at the Pentagon on 9/11 miles away... This time, I grabbed my then crying daughter and ran to the bedroom doorway, then to the front door, and went outside, but no one was out in our neighborhood… we weren't sure if our 59 year old house was stable, but once the shaking stopped, it seemed safe to go back inside. I did hear some children crying up the street at the day care nearby... my daughter started crying again, I was shaking horribly - scared us to death - never having felt any earthquake of this magnitude EVER. I've only felt a minor one once before - but it was quick and short - several years ago. This time was quite different. Scared - that's an understatement. Terrified, more likely! (terrified by the thought it might have been a bombing of DC… and that our world as we knew it was over…) Guess I was one who was freaked out by the whole thing.
Seriously - it was the worst feeling… having experienced the absolutely beautiful day of 9/11, and getting that similar buzzy queasy feeling in my body. It was actually more frightening than that day - while the earthquake was happening - feeling like I couldn't protect my daughter and myself should the house collapse. I was glad when it was over, but the shakiness I felt (and my daughter too) didn't subside until much later. Once I was able to contact friends and family via phone and Facebook, I was more calm. Glad to know that very few were injured by this event.
Oh, and I've coined a ([possibly) new term - PTES - Post Traumatic Earthquake Syndrome… Which I know I have… typing on my MacBook Pro, sitting on my couch, I still feel wobbles from time to time, and am freaked out by every passing truck. But I'm okay. I am joking about it with friends!
Columbia, SC - Sitting on the sofa with someone. They thought I was shaking the sofa. Lasted about a minute. - MMI III
Armagh, Quebec, Canada - il y a eu forte secousse et on aimerais en savoir plus car en plus de la secousse ca la fait beaucoup de bruit et jai parler a des gens des village voisin et ils avaient eux aussi ressentit la secousse elle étais tellement forte que je me suis reveiller en sursaut et toute ma famille aussi et les gens que jai contacter aussi seulement a aucun poste de radio ni poste de televison ( les nouvelles) ( tva, lcn ) on aimerais que les nouvelles nous informe merci faites en sorte qu`il en parle au nouvelle merci !!! a la prochaine
Moseley, VA - I was on the computer on the second floor of my home and heard and felt what appeared to be a helicopter as we live under the path of military helicopters between bases. The vibration lasted about 10 seconds, then I heard a roaring sound and I felt the room start shaking very heavily with a back and forth motion. The sound was extremly loud and I also could hear things falling off bookshelves and a glass vase shattering downstairs. I immediatly ran for the door frame and then proceded to get out of the house. That roaring sound I heard lasted well over a minute.
When It was all said and done, we had over two dozen cracks ranging from 2 inches to 3 and a half feet around door frames, walls and 4 cracks in the family room ceiling. Nothing other than the vase was ruined we just had to clean up a little. Out of the 20+ aftershocks I have only felt 3.


  1. I felt earthquake over 750 miles away from epicenter all the way down in Fort Myers, FL in 33916 area. I was in the shower when i felt what was like a slight swaying which was very subtle, and the tremor I felt even made my water flow to sputter a couple times. I didn't at first even have a clue what I felt, but found out the scope of what happened later at 4pm on my local news. I was shocked. Quite a "SHAKY" situation that was. It made me think back to when there was a small rare quake in the Gulf of Mexico in 2006. And I thought that would be the last quake would feel since I live in Florida....