Earthquake activity (historic and present) in Georgia

This page has been started on August 18 2011 and will include all major historic earthquakes as well as shallow (less than 20 km depth) earthquakes 3.5 magnitude or greater which did happen in populated areas in Georgia (epicenter and/or serious shaking in Georgia) from now on.
This page will be updated manually as the intensity of every earthquake is different and as we want to focus also on weak earthquakes felt by many people.
The future of this page will be directly dependent of the participation of the people from Georgia. If you feel a serious shaking and you fill in the form below (at best with some description of what you have felt, even in your own language) the content of the form will be displayed in this page.

M 4.2      2011/08/18 13:55     Depth 2.0 km     GEORGIA (SAK'ART'VELO) - aftershock
M 5.1      2011/08/18 11:57     Depth 10.0 km     GEORGIA (SAK'ART'VELO)
04:57:43 PM at epicenter
UPDATE 15:25 UTC : Locally this earthquake has been reported as a M 5.5 magnitude quake.
According to local sources, the epicenter was west from the Ambrolauri district, the village of Chrebalo.
The deputy governor of the area told the press that he had not received any reports of damage or injuries
Original text : Moderately dangerous earthquake close to Achara, Isunden and Khvanchkara
13 km E Tsageri (pop 2,163), 24 km SE Lentekhi (pop 10,442) and 44 km N Kutaisi (pop 178,338)
Satellite map of the greater epicenter area

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Very dangerous shallow earthquake in Georgia (19/01/2011)
A very dangerous and shallow earthquake occurred in Georgia at 01:17 PM (13:17) local time. Based on the preliminary earthquake data, the location of the epicenter is in a wilderness area near the resort of Sairme.

Major (damaging) Historic Earthquakes in Georgia (USGS data and links)

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