Earthquake activity (historic and present) in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This page has been started on August 18 2011 and will include all major historic earthquakes as well as shallow (less than 20 km depth) earthquakes 3.5 magnitude or greater which did happen in populated areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina (epicenter in Bosnia and Herzegovina) from now on.
This page will be updated manually as the intensity of every earthquake is different and as we want to focus also on weak earthquakes felt by many people.
The future of this page will be directly dependent of the participation of the people from Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you feel a serious shaking and you fill in the form below (at best with some description of what you have felt, even in your own language)  the content of the form will be displayed in this page.

M 3.5      2011/08/18 01:17    Depth 2.0 km     BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
local time 03:17
32 km NW Banja Luka (pop 221,106) and 14 km SW Bosanska Gradiska (pop 13,346)
Felt reports :
Banja Luka
: MMI V (moderate shaking)
Medjugorje : ho sentito un sibilo lungo e chiaro e poi uno scuotimento leggero MMI III
Satellite map of the greater epicenter area

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Weak but shallow and slightly damaging earthquake close to Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Weak but very shallow earthquake very close to Banja Luka, a city with 221,106 inhabitants.
Epicenter below farmland. Local sources are reporting a V to VI MMI (moderate to strong shaking).

Major (damaging) Historic Earthquakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

14.2.1927 - 6.1 Ml : 3 deaths. Around 1-2 million USD-current. Croatia and Southern Herzegovina, but most of the damage in Dalmatia.
1.9.1932 - ?? : 3 deaths, 5 injuries. 3 killed and a several others injured at the village of Turje, including damaged houses.
29.1.1943 - ?? : 19 deaths,  injuries. Nineteen lives were lost and twelve Moslem towns in Bosnia were wiped out in one of the longest series of earthquake shocks ever recorded in Europe
11.6.1962 - 6.3 Ml : 0 deaths, 5 injuries. 40 million USD-current. Violent earthquake in Bosnia, south of Sarajevo;  G Ljuta, Kalinovik, Damage in Sarajevo. Damage was estimated at 395 million dinars.
3.12.1968 - 5 Ml : 0 deaths, 35 injuries. Bosna (Yugoslavia), Tuzla region ; at least thirty-five injured ; panic in Sarajevo.
26.10.1969 - 5.6 Ms : 14 deaths, 1100 injuries. 50 million USD-current. 14 dead, 1100 injured (including shock of October 27) Felt 7-8 at Banja Luka.
27.10.1969 - 6.1 Ms : 9 deaths, 20 injuries. 80% of Kakasi, 60% of Jablan, Bukovica and Bakanci destroyed.
21.12.1969 - 6.3 Ml : 1 death, 16 injuries. Aftershock with more damage
31.12.1969 - 5.1 Ml : 1 death, 10 injuries.  1 dead, 10 injured at Banja Luka
3.3.1972 - 4.9 Ml : 0 deaths, 4 injuries. Felt with intensity VI-VII in the Tuzla area (Yugoslavia). Some damage to houses in the Tinja Valley. About 100,000 people from Sarajevo to the Sava River Valley spent the night outdoors.
13.8.1981 - 5.7 Mw : 0 deaths, 44 injuries. 5 million USD-current. "Forty-four people injured and damage in the Banja Luka area (VIII).
13.5.1984 - 5.4 Mw : 1 death,  injuries.  "One person killed from rockfalls in the Hercegovina region of Yugoslavia. Felt (VII) at Dubrovnik."
25.11.1986 - 5.5 Mw : 0 deaths, 12 injuries. 275 million USD-current. At least 12 people injured, damage  and landslides in the Knin-Grahovo area. (VIII)
27.11.1990 - 5.5 Mw : 0 deaths, 10 injuries. Ten people injured and damage in the Dinara Mountains.

Selected earthquakes for Bosnia-Herzegovina from CATDAT Damaging Earthquakes Database, copyright James Daniell, 2003-2011.
All sources contained within. Shortened descriptions of full sources.