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Strong but deep earthquake close to Taipei, Taiwan (30/04/2011)
A strong but luckily deep earthquake occurred in the north-eastern coastal area of the island, at a close distance from Taipei.
CWA reports are mentioning a 5.7 magnitude at a depth of 75 km.

Strong earthquake near the Hualien / Yilan coast, Taiwan (01/02/2011)
A strong earthquake occurred near the shores of the Taiwanese counties of Hualien and Yilan in the beginning of the afternoon (local time). The city of Hualien (pop 108,286) is at a rather safe distance of 34 km. Taiwan CWB reports a magnitude of Ml 5.5 at a depth of 17 km. According to CWB the max. MMI values for Hualien County and Yilan County are VI to VII (converted from the CWA scale).

Moderate earthquake under Fongbin township, Taiwan (06/12/2010)
The epicenter of this rather strong shallow earthquake was located at only 35 km from Hualien City, a city with 108,286 inhabitants). People living in the area reported a I FELT IT value of max. 4 on a scale of 7 (similar to the Japanese JMA scale) = moderate shaking

Strong coastal earthquake near Hualien City, Taiwan (21/11/2010)
A strong earthquake struck near the coast of Taiwan’s Hualien county, luckily at an intermediate depth of approx. 50 km. The earthquake occurred after dark at 08:31 PM. Value of CWB (Taiwan : Magnitude Ml 6.1 and depth 41 km !

Taiwan “ Magnitude 5.0 earthquake rattles northern part of the island (20/08/2010)
The epicenter of this shallow quake was in the coastal waters only 49 km from Toucheng (population 31,400). A lot of Felt reports came in with a max. MM value of IV (= light shaking) in the heavily populated northern part of the island. Taiwan Central Weather bureau did publish a Magnitude value of Ml 5.2

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