Earthquake related news 2011-08-2

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Oil industry (fracking and earthquakes)
Opponents of fracking, a oil and gas drilling technique, say it may increase the risk of earthquakes. Using horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking), a mixture of water, sand and chemicals is injected at extreme pressure to crack open rock, boosting petroleum flow. The Climate Justice Taranaki lobby group says it's potentially lethal to frack near fault lines. Fracking was halted in north west England in June after two small earthquakes in the Blackpool area. They were magnitude 1.5 and 2.3. $$$

Geologic history
U.S. and international geologists say they've discovered a billion-year-old piece of North America they can trace back to Antarctica. Researchers say it's the strongest evidence yet found suggesting North America and Antarctica were connected 1.1 billion years ago, long before the supercontinent Pangaea formed, a Geological Society of America release reported Monday. $$$

Japan (backup Tokyo)
Japan is considering the possibility of creating a back-up capital city in case a major natural disaster, like the March 11 earthquake, strikes Tokyo. A new panel from Japan's Ministry of Land and Infrastructure will consider the possibility of moving some of Tokyo's capital functions to another big city, like Osaka. $$$$$$

New Zealand (earthquake resistant building)
Advanced, cost-effective earthquake resistant technology, essential for the rebuilding of Christchurch and all future construction in New Zealand, is already available here says the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering. NZSEE Executive Officer Win Clark said that base isolation and Precast Seismic Structural Systems (PRESSS) should be considered for all new buildings of up to nine storeys, and other technologies are available for more high-rise construction. $$$$$$

Oceans and thermal energy (ridges)
The Irish-led VENTuRE scientific expedition aboard the national research vessel RV Celtic Explorer has discovered a previously uncharted field of hydrothermal vents along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge – the first to be explored north of the Azores. $$$

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