Earthquake related news July 29, 2011

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Japan (Fukushima Memorial day)
Under tight government supervision, dozens of villagers from a town where the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant is located ventured deep into an irradiated no-man's land Sunday to hold a belated memorial for friends and relatives killed by Japan's earthquake and tsunami. They found that their town - evacuated for more than four months - is fast becoming a wilderness. $$$$$$

Japan (Formula 1 race)
Formula One officials say the March earthquake and nuclear crisis in Japan will not affect the Japanese Grand Prix to be held Oct. 9 at the Suzuka track, and are urging fans to attend. $$$

Japan (Coca Cola donation)
The Coca-Cola Japan Reconstruction Fund has decided to contribute 1.5 billion yen to the rebuilding of public elementary and junior high schools, with the funds being extracted from the 2.5 billion yen collected for reconstruction of the affected areas in the Great East Japan Earthquake. $$$

Japan (search for lost pets)
Microsoft Japan Co. has tied up with Fujitsu Ltd. to upgrade its website aimed at helping people reunite with their missing pets following the March earthquake and tsunami, the companies said Monday. $$$

New Zealand (missing quake claims)
Thousands of Canterbury quake victims face long delays in being paid out for contents damage due to not providing full information, says the Earthquake Commission (EQC). It hopes to settle all contents claims by December but cannot presently go ahead with around 80,000 claims because they were not accompanied by schedule of contents forms and any supporting documentation. $$$

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