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Straw houses for poor countries : cheap and earthquake prepared (04/05/2011)
Earthquake-Report and SOS Earthquakes are fully supporting the ‘Straw earthquake prepared” houses project for Nepal. Read this very interesting article. Also other countries with similar agricultural products can possibly benefit from this new building method.

If a serious earthquake would hit Kathmandu Nepal, 13 out of 14 hospitals may collapse (09/04/2011)
The August 2002 report looked at hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley, home to more than 1.5 million people, and found that 13 out of  14 run the risk of destruction in the event of an 8.1 Richter scale earthquake as in 1934.

Strong earthquake in the Nepal-India border region (04/04/2011)
A shallow and dangerous earthquake occurred in the mountainous India - East Nepal border area. Preliminary data locate the earthquake in a mountainous area, at least 50 km from the Nepali town of Baitadi. The earthquake is very shallow, what lmakes it (even at a magnitude of 5.4) extremely dangerous for the villages around the epicenter.