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Papua New Guinea 01/08/2011 earthquake : 2,000 people living on Bam (Biem) volcano island at extreme risk + videos (01/08/2011)
A very strong shallow magnitude 6.8  earthquake occurred close to the coast of Papua New Guinea on Monday August 1 at 9:38 local time.  Soon after the earthquake, the Pacific tsunami and Warning Center issued a statement that NO widespread tsunami is expected from this earthquake. The epicenter of the earthquake is only 6 km from Bam (Biem) volcano island, an island populated by approx. 2,000 indigenous people.

Papua New Guinea, New Britain earthquake : many damaging earthquakes in the same area since 1900 (16/07/2011)
A very strong coastal earthquake struck during the morning hours at the southern coast of New Britain, Papua New Guinea. Earthquake-Report calls this earthquake very dangerous for the primitive coastal villages near the epicenter.

Strong M 5.8 earthquake 1 km below Papua New Guinea (20/05/2011)
An extremely shallow earthquake occurred during the early morning hours below Papua New Guinea.  The epicenter is located approx. 30 km from the coast.

Strong Magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits Papua New Guinea (15/05/2011)
A strong earthquake has hit Papua New Guinea. Measuring M6.5 and at depth 43km. Potentially dangerous, however offshore and only a little chance of tsunami.

Very dangerous and strong M 6.6 earthquake close to Kandrian, New Britain, Papua New Guinea (08/03/2011)
A very strong and dangerous earthquake occurred close to Kandrian in Papua New Guinea. The earthquake can be called shallow at a depth of 33 km. If the epicenter location will be confirmed, we fear that the city of Kandrian is at risk for this very strong earthquake.

Tectonic plates near Papua New Guinea (07/02/2011)
The northward-migrating Solomon Sea Plate is subducted under the South Bismarck Plate. The Solomon Sea Plate is also subducted beneath the Pacific Plate. There are two short spreading centers, one at the southeast margin of the Solomon Sea Plate and the other at the north edge of the South Bismarck Plate.

Strong coastal M 6.1 earthquake below New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea (23/11/2010)
Epicenter at the south-western side of New Britain Island. Epicenter 67 km from Kandrian, New Britain, PNG. The epicenter has a depth which results in a lesser impact as the Magnitude would imagine. The epicenter area has no tarred roads and only very small coastal settlements. As the epicenter is below the New Britain island, there is NO risk on a tsunami.

Powerful M 5.7 earthquake near coastal villages in Papua New Guinea (01/11/2010)
Heavy earthquake at the southern part of New Britain and on top of the Subduction zone near Atua, Ablingi, Awio and Kalagen, all hamlets at the sea. NO Tsunami report has been issued by NOAA nor by GDACS.

Moderate M 5.2 earthquake under a dormant PNG volcano (18/09/2010)
Moderate but shallow earthquake under Umboi Volcano on Unboi island in Papua New Guinea.
The nearest village in this otherwise almost entire wilderness area is Marli.
As this is a small village, houses are mostly constructed with natural products like wood. Even if they collapse, they won’t create a lot of injuries.

Papua New Guinea “ M 6.3 “ Heavy but deep earthquake in Papua New Guinea's New Britain (16/08/2010)
This earthquake will NOT be dangerous because of the big depth of the hypocenter, however because of it's
strength many people in a big radius will have felt  weak to light shaking. 60,000 people live in a radius of 100 km around the epicenter.

Papua New Guinea “ M 6.4 “ Heavy but deep earthquake near the coast of Long Island (04/08/2010)
28000 people live in a radius of 50 km around the epicenter of the earthquake. 88000 people live in a radius of 100 km around the epicenter of the earthquake. It is a mountainous region with a maximum altitude of 3981 m.

Papua New Guinea “ M 5.2 “ Moderate aftershock on the coast of New Britain (31/07/2011)
One of the many M +5 aftershocks on the New Britain Island. The depth of 49 km is softening the shaking, but nevertheless light shaking was experienced in the cities of Kandrian and Kimbe, damaged during the main shock om M 7.6

Major Historic Earthquakes in Papua New Guinea (USGS data and links)