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Actividad sísmica debajo (el volcán) El Hierro, en las Islas Canarias, España (28/07/2011)
Recientemente, el volcán El Hierro, en las Islas Canarias, ha experimentado un enjambre sísmico debajo de su base, que ayer superó los 700 temblores.

Earthquake activity below El Hierro (volcano), Canary Islands, Spain (28/07/2011)
Recently El Hierro volcano of the Canary Islands has been experiencing a seismic swarm beneath it, which as of yesterday reached to over 700 events.

Strong earthquake near Lorca and Murcia, Spain (11/05/2011)
A moderate but very shallow earthquake occurred in the late afternoon near the city of Lorca and 55 km from Murcia in Spain. It was followed by a destructive, also moderate earthquake, right below Lorca Spain. 9 people have been killed and 324 people have been treated for injuries.

Earthquake Felt experiences from the greater Lorca, Spain area (11/05/2011)
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Understanding the Lorca, Spain May 11 2011 earthquake (11/05/2011)
The southeastern Spain earthquake of 11 May, 2011, occurred within the plate boundary region that separates the Eurasia and Africa (Nubia) plates. At the longitude of the earthquake, the Africa plate moves NW with respect to the Eurasia plate with a velocity of 6 mm/yr.

Major Historic Earthquakes in Spain (USGS data and links)

1954 03 29 - Spain - M 7.9