Quake Flash report : Weak earthquake shakes the Los Angeles area

Quake Flash reports are used by Earthquake-Report.com to report on earthquakes which we categorize as 'probably not dangerous', but scared a lot of people living above it. The magnitudes may be in between M 3.0 or M 5.0, depending how used people are to earthquakes in that part of the world.
We kindly ask the Los Angeles people to share their information with earthquake-report.com (use the I Did Feel It form below).

Los Angeles shaking map July 23 2011

08:11 UTC : We receive a number of questions whether this earthquake can be a foreshock of a bigger one to come. The chance on it can never be excluded, but the chances are very minimal.

08:10 UTC : Based on our experience we do not expect any serious damage from this earthquake.

08:02 UTC : 712,000 people will experience a light shaking (MMI IV) and 5,289,000 people will have felt a weak shaking.

07:59 UTC : Although the numbers are low (3.3 is a weak earthquake) it is perceived by many people as much stronger.

Felt experiences from the Los Angeles area :
Hawthorne : I live in an apartment complex, laying in bed it felt like a car hit wall of my room . My son woke up in shock (MMI V checked)
Hawthorne : Did not feel any shaking.  Felt like something hit a building, just a loud crashing sound, nothing was shaking.  I even though a small plane crashed, we live near Hawthorne Airport (MMI III checked)
Manhattan Beach : Not really shaking, just one jolt, then a bigger jolt that felt and sounded as if a ten ton truck had slammed sideways into the house.  I was awake, but my husband would have slept through it if I hadn't woken him.  Went back to my book
Lawndale : Felt shaking throughout my house, along with neighborhood dogs barking. My mom who is visiting from Oregon also felt it as well. It left us, along with my dog and cat shaken (MMI III)
Lawndale : Felt like 2 sharp jolts almost like a car accident around 12:30 am im in lawndale close to hawtrone (MMI V)
Long Beach : I heard the rumbling, and then a rolling type of jolt. It frightened me and I am still awake, wondering if this was a "foreshock" however nothing has happened in the last hour and a half so I assume it is safe to turn in 🙁 - (MMI III)
Redondo Beach : Everyone in the house was awake.  Downstairs we felt a tiny rumble and a strong vertical jolt, which took about 1 second to settle.  Quick but strong without a rolling shake.  It was like a tiny version of the first moments of Northridge in 1994.
Lomita : It felt more like a tug, but I did feel it, like if someone was tugging you back and forth quick.
Location unknown : A noisy, rumbling quick build-up to one vigorous jolt.  It apparently was my dog's first earthquake.  Scared the heck out of him.  It wasn't long enough to do any shaking.
Los Angeles : All my windows rattled and then I felt q quick weak shake/jolt. My dog tilted his head and got low to the ground. Not strong at all.
Torrance : I felt a small jolt then a little stronger one in Torrance @ 12:36 am
El Segundo : Light shaking experienced

07:56 UTC : The first Felt experiences as received by Earthquake-Report.com are mentioning a light shaking (MMI IV)

07:55 UTC : A maximum (theoretical) MMI = III (weak shaking)

UPDATE 07:54 UTC : The earthquake originated next to a known fault line.

A weak magnitude 3.3 earthquake shook the Los Angeles area 36 minutes after midnight. The epicenter is located below Gardena. Civic center is only at a distance of 21 km.

Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : 3.3
UTC Time : Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 07:36:40 UTC
Local time at epicenter :Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 12:36:40 AM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 16.6 km
Geo-location(s) :
3 km (2 miles) SSE (149°) from Gardena, CA
6 km (4 miles) NE (53°) from Torrance, CA
21 km (13 miles) S (191°) from Los Angeles Civic Center, CA

Links to important maps
USGS I Did Feel It map
Google satellite map of the greater epicenter area
USGS Shaking map

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