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Earthquake overview : An extremely dangerous shallow earthquake occurred in the border area
of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan at 01:35 AM. At least 14 people have been killed. Theoretical casualty calculations reported that there would be a moderate number of deaths & injuries.  Let us hope for the best! The epicenter is located near the Kyrgyzstan / Uzbekistan border.
Most of the historic information we are reporting in this article is derived from James Daniell CatDat, earthquake disaster database.

We can say that in Kyrgystan for housing loss:
* 176.4 million soms (houses with heavy damage) = $3.94 million USD
* 65.1 million soms (houses with medium damage) = $1.455 million USD
* 17.67 million soms (houses with weak damage) = $0.395 million USD
* Total damage to residential locations (reconstruction) = $5.79 million USD in Kyrgyzstan.
* 186 welfare projects, 4190 of private houses and 21 multi-storey houses have been surveyed in 9 districts and Batken and Osh cities.
* According to the survey, 175 facilities, 21 multi-storey houses and 3911 private residences have various degrees of damage. (around 93% have some form of damage).
* In Uzbekistan, it is unknown what the cost will be but it could be assumed that it could be similar to Kyrgyzstan.
* The CATDAT estimate of $30 million still seems reasonable for the total loss once other building types, utilities and other losses are included.

SUMMARY 21/07-08:30 UTC :
- 13 killed in Uzbekistan with 86 injured (35 hospitalized).
- 0 killed in Kyrgyzstan with 15 injured.
- 1 killed in Tajikistan (jumping out of window).
- There has been much damage and each of the ministry of emergency situations in each country are still undertaking reports for the damage.
- At least 800 houses are reported to be damaged and a number of old buildings destroyed in Uzbekistan.
- In Kyrgyzstan, 200 buildings were destroyed and more than 400 houses and 50 buildings were seriously damaged.
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Understanding the deadly Uzbekistan / Kyrgyzstan earthquake (July 19, 2011)

IMPORTANT UPDATE 25/07-08:51 : Witness reports from the Hamza area are saying the shaking went on for approx. 4 minutes.  "Dust from he collapsed buildings was covering the moon!". As the power went out, people had to escape in the dark of the night. Elderly people did mention that this earthquake was the most severe they experienced in their whole life.  When the shaking stopped a lot of people were yelling to find relatives.  The community people helped each other like real rescuers, carrying wounded people out in the open spaces.

UPDATE 25/07-08:51 : Doctors of a hospital in Rishtan have carried a lot of people into the streets and have provided first aid to the earthquake victims also on the street. The hospital personnel was afraid of damaging aftershocks. The hospital was, just as so many places in the area, without electricity. They seemingly had NO backup generator which lead to aid being given to patients by candlelight.

UPDATE 25/07-08:51 : The Uzbekistan Fergana - Rishtan area has been seriously damaged by the earthquake. In some villages, almost every house is damaged and some houses are even uninhabitable.   People in the damaged villages are starting to complain that authorities haven't even visited their village and that they will need a lot of assistance to repair houses.

UPDATE 23/07-16:20 : A fracture is reported on a dam under construction in Tajikistan. The project has been stopped until engineers are coming up with a solution. The July 19 earthquake and the following aftershocks are sais to be the origin of the fracture.

UPDATE 21/07-13:54 : Click here for a Russian spoken video from The video footage shows part of the damage.

Under the rubble of the house killed a 40-year-old resident of the village Huramabad Rishtan Olimjon - Image courtesy and copyright

UPDATE 21/07-10:50 : Based on the damage in the villages below, we can conclude that the mountain villages have been more severely hit than the valley towns and villages.

UPDATE 21/07-10:24 : 125 houses were damaged in the Chong-Alay area (Kyrgyzstan). In Zhekendi 67 housesrevealed cracks (52 of these houses will need to be repaired).  In Siva 58 houses were damaged and 49 of them need to be repaired. Additionally a lot of houses were damaged in Sulukta, Batken, Kyzyl-Kiya, Toolos, Zulpieva, Yntymak, etc.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 21/07-08:30 : The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kyrgyzstan has reported that the earthquake destroyed over 200 buildings. More than 400 houses and 50 public buildings were seriously damaged. Medical care was provided for 15 people.
In the region of Kyrgyzstan Kadamzhai,  tens of thousands of residents remained without electricity. Emergency services erected 115 tents to accommodate people who's house has been destroyed. In the mountainous areas roads have been blocked by rock avalanches. Experts are continuing their assessment work into underground facilities like mines and mine pits to prevent accidents.

UPDATE 13:21 UTC : Power has been restored in the Kadamzhai area

IMPORTANT UPDATE 11:58 UTC : The impact of the earthquake is becoming more apparent and unfortunately gradually more damaging.
Among others Gazeta.UZ reports that at least 5 13 14 people were killed (13 in Uzbekistan and 1 person who jumped tragically out of his window at the second floor in Tadjikistan) and 40 86 90 injured (86 in Uzbekistan and 4 in Kyrgyzstan)  (among them 35 people are hospitalized) in the Uzbek Fergana valley. Most of the people hospitalized are coming out of the mountains. More details are still missing. We think that the earlier reported victim in Tadjikistan is not counted in this number.
Additionzally, at least 800 houses are damaged and a number of them are inhabitable (red stickers).  The area surveyed so far is the Kadamzhai area. Some old residential buildings have been destroyed in the Fergana area.

Video : The video below has been recorded in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  It shows the shaking in the apartment. The shaking is not violent but is lasting a very long time.

UPDATE 11:45 : just called a travel agent in Tashkent with trusted contacts in Rishtan and Fergana. He reported that the situation is normal in both cities and that there was no serious damage reported.  One part of our concerns has luckily a happy end.

Whas there an earthquake in Uzbekistan earlier today?
We agree that this is a very strange question in an earthquake reporting site, but ...
Contrary to Kyrgyzstan who is openly informing their people on what happened since the last several hours, the Uzbekistan newspapers and TV stations are almost silent, like nothing happened.
We especially would like to read the outcome of locations like Fayziabad, Altyaryk, Hamza, Amir-Ravat, Rishtan, Pandygan, Akbilyal, etc. Almost all these villages and towns are located in the valley and have several thousands of inhabitants. Rishtan for example has a population of 22,580 (last census)

Greater epicenter area - Kyrgyzstan July 20 2011 earthquake - panoramio picture by Sergey Ilyukhin -

UPDATE 10:37: Russian news reports said the quake was felt as far away as Tajikistan's capital, Dushanbe, some 300 kilometers from the epicenter.

UPDATE 10:35: Uzbekistan TC - not 1 word on the news overview !

UPDATE 10:25: According to Kyrgyz officials and press, the Kyrgyz area has only suffered minor damage.  Even in Kan (Kadamzhai district), only 7 km from the epicenter,  the damage is mainly cracks in walls. The Kyrgyz area of the earthquake is mostly on top of a mountain range. The most disturbing reports are coming from the Uzbek side of the border, where the valley is much more vulnerable for this earthquake. We have however NO reports from the Uzbekistan authorities.

Appeal from Lubica Urminska (we print this message as her call for information is typical for people living in another country with relatives in the earthquake area - we have Lubica her Email address, if you know the whereabouts of her brother, please let us know) :
"Hello, I have a brother in Kyrgyzstan, somewhere close to Osh - or on the way to or back to Lenin Peak, I cant get in touch with him, please do you know if there was an earthquake in the mountains too? Are there many injured? Any dead people? I have no idea whom to contact, I will be thankful for any info. THANKS A LOT!"
> Sent 09:29:52 AM UTC, Wednesday July 20 2011 by Lubica Urminska

UPDATE 09:15: One person is reported killed in Khujand, Tadjikistan. The person was killed while jumping from the second floor of his building. Khujand experienced a VI MMI shaking (strong shaking)

IMPORTANT UPDATE 09:09: More than 13 hours after the earthquake hit the Fergana Valley, we have still NO detailed damages reports.  Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Emergencies is winding down the earthquake to minor damage. Uzbekistan officials have not reported yet to the press. is not convinced at all from a happy ending. The UZnews report from below is talking a totally different language and the reported "full hospital" is not even in the direct epicenter area.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 08:42 : is reporting : According to a resident of the city Hamza, Altyaryk district, local hospital is full,  "so much that are not enough places. " In the city, as told by other people, many houses are partly destroyed . (ER : Hamza (Uzbekistan)  is approx. 40 km from the epicenter)

UPDATE 08:35 : Even with so called "minor damage", the bill will go into the millions US$, according to CatDat.  As the current information is very thin, it is too difficult at this time to make a more precise estimate.

UPDATE 08:30 : The quality of the buildings in the region is similar to the village of Nura. At October 5, 2008 there was an earthquake of 8 points, which killed 70 people and destroyed about 200 houses.
Based on these data, there will be clearly some damage at this time. A special group has been send to the epicenter area.

UPDATE 08:11 : One of the small towns closes to the epicenter is Sovetskiy / Kiyan-kul (Kyrgyzstan), which has also an airport. We have measured that this small town is at only 10 km from the epicenter.

Sovetskiy / Kiyan-kul

UPDATE 07:59 : More felt reports :
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (moderate shaking indicated)  :we were on the 9th floor in Bishkek, in our appartments, I woke up because of shaking, while usually i do not even feel anything. this time earthquake was more obvious and notticable.

UPDATE 07:47 : The Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Emergencies reports that the earthquake reached intensities of 7 to 8 near the epicenter. Batken experienced a 6 intensity. The ministry also reported that so far only minimal damage was reported, mostly cracks in walls.

UPDATE 7:37 : The transformer substation "Steel" in Kadamdzhayskom (Kyrgyzstan) area has faulted and shut down the light in the villages Kadamjay, Tulgone, Kyzyl-Bulun, Halmion, Ohne, Yargutane, Tamas.

UPDATE 7:27 UTC : Residents of the city of Shymkent, located in southern Kazakhstan, spent the night outdoors for fear of aftershocks. Shymkent is far away from the epicenter

UPDATE 6:58 : NewsOK writes : The highway linking Batken to the biggest city in the south, Osh, was closed off because of falling rocks, but was later cleared by emergency workers.

UPDATE 6:48 : Although it is still too early for the final outcome, it is a good sign that NO people have been reported killed so far. This enables us to conclude that at least the worse case scenarios will not come true.

UPDATE 6:45 : In southern Kyrgyzstan, tens of thousands of residents were without electricity.  Some hospitals did also lose power.

UPDATE 5:58 : Felt reports as received by
Shymkent, Kazakhstan
: long shaking at 1.38 a.m abt a minute, many woke up and ran out to streets
Osh, Kyrgyzstan : Very strong it was in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. It lasted for about a minute. People spent the night outside..  Musa + Strong shakes, coming over and over, continuing for about 1 minute. Several light aftershocks. People left their houses? spent the nght outside. Musa
Khujand Tajikistan : I was asleep but woke up suddenly and turned the light on. Parents and my brother were already near the house exit door and ready to go outside if anything. But we didnt leave the house because the shaking stopped, however it lasted real long. Everyone started calling each other amd asking is all okay. My papa recalled the similar earthquaqe of 1985, saying it was almost like that. There werent any wall cracks on the walls of our apartment, however my workplace had several cracks on second and third floors.
Osh, Kyrgyzstan : MMI VI indicated
Tashkent, Uzbekistan : it was like nightmare, I am living in Tashkent, and whole flat was shaking like hell. I took my wife and infant and ran away to road, I never felt like that earthquake in any of the country where I lived. My parents called me from my home country that they saw news on channel, but on local channels here its nothing, Govt. doesn't want to report any damage, why not because they don't care about citizen, Ferghana is in Uzbekistan, same country, but logically that regions are separate parts are Andijan incident in 2005. So don't expect any news from Govt, and local media, they are not going to report any thing.

UPDATE 05:30 : From Fergana, people are still on the streets fearful of aftershocks. Ferghana valley is a major centre of cotton and silk production.
Reporting through Reuters, "local residents also reported damage to low-rise apartment blocks in the nearby town of Margilan, a silk production centre. "It's an old town and some of the old houses have been destroyed," she said, requesting anonymity."
Ismat, a resident of the Kyrgyz city of Batken, close to the border with Uzbekistan, also said buildings had shaken violently and that cracks were visible in the walls, although he had not seen any buildings collapse.
From Russian sources, the intensity was felt at approximately 7-8 on the MSK-64 scale across the border in Kyrgyzstan. Tremors were felt: in epicentral villages 7 - 8 points, and the cities Aydarkene - 7, Batken - 6 , Kyzyl-Kiya and Nookat - 5.5, Osh - 5, Tash-Kumyr - 3 - 4, Bishkek - 2 - 3 points. comment : From all this we can expect some destroyed houses, and a low amount of casualties. In the area of the epicenter, MES (Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic.), sent specialists of the Institute of Seismology of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic. According to the Director of the Institute Kanatbek Abdrahmatova, since the earthquake damage has been mainly found in rural areas with slight damage or cracks in buildings. We still are waiting for news from the Uzbek border side.

8 on the MSK-64 scale refers to this :- (Medvedev-Sponheuer-Karnik scale) - VIII. Damaging Many people find it difficult to stand, even outdoors. Furniture may be overturned. Waves may be seen on very soft ground. Older structures partially collapse or sustain considerable damage. Newer constructions with slight damage. Large cracks and fissures opening up, rockfalls.

The important update below is the first testimony report which is fairly close to the epicenter. short video based on the content from our own reporting

UPDATE 05:35 : Reuters is reporting that In Kadamzhai, a Kyrgyz city close to the epicentre, local resident Seitmurad Kozhoyev said by telephone that windows had been shattered and at least one multi-storey apartment block had been badly damaged. He said he was not aware of any casualties.

The important update below is the first testimony report which is fairly close to the epicenter.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 02:01 : has just received a Felt Report with a testimony from Margelan City in the Fergana Valley. It was MMI VI indicated (strong shaking).
Hi all, i just talked to my family in Fergana Province, Margilan City. They have said that it had suddenly started shaking around 12...My brother, his wife and their baby were in the bed, and the bed start shaking so strong that they couldn't get off and walk outside. They were describing that the house was moving from one side to another...they heard lots cracking sound..I think it's a concrete foundation of the house.  Our home phone number is very similar to EMS, so people were dialing our number by mistake asking for help..they said they rec'd a lot of phone calls, and directed them to EMS of the city. Thanks god everybody in my family is safe.
Beck (Margelan City is approx. 40 km from the epicenter : ER)
Margilan City is located in 100km from Kyrgizstan border. It seems there were 2 shakes, first one is about 1-3 minutes, and and stopped for a bit, then started another one..which was longer. Within this break most of the people were able to come outside. According to my family, houses which weren't strong enough couldn't handled that earthquake. I'll find out more in a bit, and let you know.

UPDATE 01:35 : AFP is referring to a man in Och, a city in the Fergana valley, stating that "We were woken up by a noise and strong jolts which lasted for about 40 seconds. The house began to shake, I thought it was a dream, a nightmare. I went out in the street like my neighbours. Everyone is afraid, panicking. Och is still at a distance of 125 km and not representative for the epicenter area.

UPDATE 01:21 : Still no news from Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan. We expect that it will take another 3 to 4 hours before the first reports will gradually arrive out of the epicenter area. We will keep you of course updated.

UPDATE 00:06 : USGS has only received felt reports from at least +100 km from the epicenter, mentioning an MMI V. EMSC closest report is 214 km from the epicenter.

UPDATE 20/07 - 00:03 : @ we do not like the fact that we get absolutely NO information from the epicenter area.  No news neither from emergency services.

UPDATE 23:43 : The local press is talking only about Tashkent. No word on Fergana or the other towns and villages at risk.

UPDATE 23:13 : A lot of people in Tashkent are talking in Russian Internet social media about cracks in the wals of their apartment buildings.

UPDATE 23:07 : 1 hour and 10 minutes after the mainshock, a 4.4 magnitude aftershock shook the epicenter area again.

Experience report from Tashkent : We live in Tashkent in an apartment building on the second floor.  The shaking was very badly. Vibrations  with weak twitching, and then everything was shaking in the transverse direction. Horror.

UPDATE 22:57 : Favorable evolution in the outcome (although no news so far). USGS has recalculated the earthquake data and is reporting a 6.1 magnitude (originally 6.2) at a depth of 17.8 km (earlier 9.8 km).  Both revisions will weaken the impact considerably, but the danger is still very much present (also at these lower numbers).

UPDATE 22:54 : Still NO news from the dangerous circle around the epicenter. The outcome of this earthquake will be the exact location of the epicenter. Closer to the valley damage will be considerable. More into the mountains there will be less shaking damage but the chance on big landslides is very much present.

UPDATE 22:52 : Local seismological reports are talking about a V MMI in Tashkent (+200 km from the epicenter).

UPDATE 22:50 : Uzbek sources are talking about a VI MMI (strong shaking) near the epicenter.

UPDATE 22:24 : Depending on the source and the places where the reports come from, the shaking lasted for 30 seconds to a minute, a very bad sign for the epicenter area.

UPDATE 22:22 : Houses are very vulnerable to earthquakes in this area of the world. They are mostly made of bricks and are mainly NOT earthquake resistant.

UPDATE 22:07 : Just like in Tashkent, also Fergana is out in panic on the streets Everybody is afraid to go back into their houses. People are scared as they remember the catastrophic earthquake of 1966, which destroyed the city.  Fergana is 42 km from the epicenter.
In Tashkent people are reporting cracks in their houses.

UPDATE 22:00 : We are now 2 hours 20 minutes after the earthquake hit, and so far NO news from the area most at risk during this earthquake.  Earthquake-Report is especially interested in the 30 km radius.

UPDATE 21:57 : The people who should tell us what happened in a radius of 100 km around the epicenter are all in open air, scared for aftershocks. No word so far on electricity and the telephone network.

UPDATE 21:55 : Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan has also felt the earthquake very well. the sources there are mentioning that the shaking lasted for 30 seconds (very long time). Bishkek is located at 404 km from the epicenter.

UPDATE 21:47 : Until now we only see reports from  Tashkent, too far away from the epicenter to find out the real damage of this earthquake.

UPDATE 21:38 : The earthquake was also felt in Almaty, Kazakhstan (566 km from the epicenter)

UPDATE 21:35 : Everybody is reporting that the shaking went on for long time, which is a bad sign for potential damage.

UPDATE 21:31 : Some EMSC felt reports from the greater earthquake area (we warn our readers that the real focus of this earthquake should go to a radius of max. 30 km around the epicenter.
Tashkent (Uzbekistan) (214 km NW from epicenter) : It was unusually long. Very long earthquake.
Talas (Kazakhstan) (294 km NW from epicenter) : My parents ran into my room and got me and my 9-month old son up. The floor was shaking and the furniture was trembling. We all rushed to the entrance door and stood under the door aperture for 5 min, being afraid of after-shock jerks. I couldn't stop my hands from shaking for these 5 min of waiting. Btw, my usually calm child was very restless and capricious 1 hour before the earthquake, could that be a coincidence?

UPDATE 21:20 : Russian correspondents living in Tashkent are reporting that almost 2 million people are on the streets of the Uzbek capital out of fear of powerful aftershocks. It is currently in the middle of the night in Tashkent.

UPDATE 21:20 : According to the seismic station in Tashkent, the epicenter of the earthquake was located in Kyrgyzstan near the Uzbek border, at a depth of less than 10 km.

UPDATE 21:12 : Uzbekistan media report that the Tashkent capital area and other felt the earthquake very strong. Reports are telling that the shaking lasted "quite long" .  In Tashkent, the tremors woke most people. Many people ran into the street. In the houses chandeliers started swinging,  car alarms went off and dogs were barking.s. The distance from the epicenter to Tashkent, where this report comes from is 225 km.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 21:11  : In 1822, some people were killed when a M6.2 earthquake struck at 40.3, 71.5 at shallow depth. The CATDAT median is thought to be around 55 dead as a result.
The CATDAT historical records tend to agree with the PAGER estimate, only if landslides were triggered will there be higher fatalities... given historical records.

UPDATE 21:09 : Of course all the Tashkent people remember back to the 1966 earthquake which destroyed much of Tashkent, despite the "very low" loss of life.... (one of the great unknown earthquakes due to government censoring). But of course that is far away from this earthquake.

UPDATE 21:08 : Awaiting more news from the earthquake area, CatDat is also telling us that 30km away in 1977, Damage reported at Oftobru and Isfara. Injuries. Maximum intensity VII to VIII (approx. the values expected today).

UPDATE 21:06 : CatDat is also telling us that a 5.5 Mb earthquake occurred around 10km away in 1982 and caused Light damage in the Sokh-Kuybyshevo region.

UPDATE 20:59 : Back in 838AD, 15000 people are said to have died to a massive earthquake at around the same epicentre, around Fergana.
Over 25 damaging earthquakes have occurred within an approximate 100km radius of this hypocentre through history. (James Daniell CatDat database)

UPDATE 20:56 : GFZ has done a lot of work in this area, and has lots of instrumentation, therefore we would put a lot of emphasis on their data, epicenter and focal depth (luckily they are the best we have seen so far). Click here to see the (far better) epicenter of GFZ (red arrow)

UPDATE 20:53 : Landslides are common with earthquakes in this area of the world.

UPDATE 20:46 : With these extremely dangerous earthquakes we are looking for better numbers to remain positive. We gave found the GEOFON numbers which are a little better tan the others. GFZ reports a depth of 27 km, which is a lot less dangerous than the 10 km depth from USGS and EMSC

UPDATE 20:46 : Relatively better (theoretical) calculations from USGS : PAGER says that there is a 91% chance of less than 100 deaths.

UPDATE 20:36 : We truly hope that the epicenter of USGS will be the final one, as it is below a mountain of 2,000 meters high. The valley with a lot of villages are at a height of 500 meter.

UPDATE 20:30 : On top of the VI MMI values for Oltiariq and Khaydarkan, we have to report the cruel MMI values for the smaller villages.
27 will experience a IX violent shaking
2,000 people a severe VIII shaking
65,000 a VII very strong shaking
1,055,000 a VI strong shaking
7,172,000 a Moderate V MMI shaking

UPDATE 20:25 : The earthquake has occurred in the border area of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

UPDATE 20:19 : WAPMERR a theoretical damage calculation engine has just reported some cruel numbers (which we truly hope will not become true) : ESTIMATE OF HUMAN LOSSES : Injured Exp. min/max: 1000/15000 ; Fatalities Exp. min/max: 500/8000

UPDATE 20:14 : Strong shaking expected in the following cities : Oltiariq 26,000 people, Khaydarkan 12,000 people

UPDATE 20:13 : Let us really hope that some early earthquake parameters are reported too strong, because the current looks to be extremely dangerous.

UPDATE 20:11 : The greater epicenter area is very populated.

UPDATE 20:09 : We fear for at least some serious damage iff the preliminary location of the epicenter would be confirmed.

UPDATE 20:06 : As the earthquake occurred at 01:35 , we are almost sure that electricity will be off and it will take a couple of hours before SAR (Search and Rescue forces) will be detached on the scene.

UPDATE : All seismological institutes are reporting a Magnitude of 6.2, but the shallow depth of only 10 km is our main concern.

An extremely dangerous shallow earthquake occurred in Kyrgyzstan at 01:35 AM.
The locations at HIGH RISK can be seen if you click on this map

We are currently collecting data

Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : 6.2
UTC Time :   Tuesday, July 19, 2011 at 19:35:42 UTC
Local time at epicenter :  Wednesday, July 20, 2011 at 01:35:42 AM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 9.2 km
Geo-location(s) :
34 km SW Farg'ona (pop 164,322)
16 km SW Oltiariq (pop 25,543)
30 km (18 miles) SSE (160°) from Farghona (Fergana), Uzbekistan

Links to important maps
Google satellite map of the area showing the kind of terrain the earthquake took place
3-dimensional view of the earthquake area (USGS epicenter location)
USGS historic earthquakes map
USGS Seismic hazard map
USGS Impact on Population map
USGS Shaking map
LIVE SEISMOGRAM (nearest Seismograph station)

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I did feel it – Ik heb het gevoeld – Το έκανα αισθάνεται – Yo lo siento – 我的确感到了 – 私はそれを感じていました- Ich habe es gefühlt – Bunu hissediyorum yaptı – لم أشعر أنه


  1. Tashkent. Even it was only about 5 it felt like it was much more than that, it was very strong. in the past there was 6 or 6.5 but it was not that strong

  2. I'm from Bishkek, I felt it at 1:37 from the city

  3. Musa Messi Toure says

    Very strong it was in Osh, KG. It lasted for about a minute. People spent the night outside..