Japan wins World Cup!

We covered the story that the Japanese women's soccer/football team had a very disrupted lead up to the World Cup with players and grounds affected by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11.

Earthquake-report.com would like to congratulate the Japanese team on winning the World Cup today against the USA, 5-3.
We are sure this gives the Japanese people something to celebrate in this difficult reconstruction and mourning time.

"When we won, I went crazy and hugged everyone I could," she said. "This ecstatic feeling is a lot more intense because we suffered the disaster in March. It makes me feel like I can't just sit around and do nothing."

Lots of other stories around the net about the team and of course the earthquake.


  1. claudia says

    Parabenizo a equipedo Japào. Jogaram muito e por isso ganharam.
    Bem ao contrario da equipe masculina de futebol que foi eliminada da Copa América.
    É a diferença entre a aplicaçao do Japão e o deslumbramento da equipe masculina do Brasil.
    O futebol feminino do BRasil merece aplausos