Earthquake related news June 27, 2011

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United States (California Salton Sea earthquake risk)
In a bit of coincidental news, no sooner had earthquake scientists posted warnings about the instability of the southern part of the San Andreas Fault hidden beneath the Salton Sea, than an earthquake struck; albeit it, a rather small one, in just that part of southern California. $$$

United States (California San Andreas fault)
Researchers at the Scripps Institution For Oceanography warn that man’s interference with the Colorado River could set the stage for a major earthquake along the San Andres Fault. $$$

Armenia (Nuclear stress tests)
The European Union said that Russia and Ukraine are among seven nations to join their nuclear stress test program to examine whether atomic power plants can withstand accidents and disasters. The 27 EU nations agreed on such a program last month and had called on other countries to join the plan. Armenia, Croatia, Switzerland, Turkey and Belarus were the other nations joining the program. $$$

Japan (reconstruction minister)
Prime Minister Naoto Kan decided Friday to name Ryu Matsumoto, who is now environment minister, as state minister in charge of reconstructing areas ravaged by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, sources familiar with the matter said. $$$

Japan (earthquake and tsunami cost)
Japan's March 11 quake and tsunami disaster destroyed buildings and infrastructure worth about 16.9 trillion yen ($199 billion), excluding the costs caused by the Fukushima nuclear accident. The bill estimate by the cabinet office also excludes other costs such as compensation payments for disaster victims and evacuees. $$$

Japan (Lady Gaga and tourism)
An emotional Lady Gaga pledged Thursday to use her star power to “remind the world that Japan is safe” following the March 11 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters. The performer, ranked this year’s most powerful celebrity by Forbes magazine, is in Tokyo for the charity concert MTV Video Music Aid Japan, to be held on Saturday at a convention hall in Chiba near Tokyo. $$$

Japan (suicide rate)
The March 11 earthquake in Japan wreaked immediate devastation, but now there are concerns about the mental health of those that survived it, with suicide rates rapidly increasing in areas hit by the disaster. One of the areas most affected by the 9.0-magnitude tremor was Miyagi Prefecture and there suicides are up by 39 per cent. Many survivors are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, with some having lost everything. $$$

Japan (church)
The bishops of Japan have sent a letter to all the faithful of the country, in relation to the tsunami and the earthquake of 11 March 2011. The document is entitled "Towards recovery after the tragedy of the earthquake in north-east of Japan." "Because of this tragedy - it says - about 20 thousand people have died, and so far there are no exact numbers of disappeared. $$$

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