Another moderate aftershock near Christchurch, New Zealand

May we kindly ask people who live in the greater epicenter area to share their information with Please use the I Did Feel It form below.

UPDATE 22:54 UTC : All Raytheon / USAP personnel in Christchurch are safe and accounted for, following last nights earthquake (June 21)

UPDATE 22:52 UTC : Temporary housing going ahead in eastern suburbs. The Christchurch City Council website has posted information regarding the temporary housing being built in Linwood.

UPDATE 22:05 UTC : Many experience reports are stating that this aftershock was even worse than the much stronger quakes in September and February. Earthquakes are almost never similar to each other. Epicenter, direction of the wave and focal depth are only a few components which make from every aftershock or earthquake a new unique cocktail.

UPDATE 21:55 UTC : A Christchurch supermarket sustained more damage in the 5.4 aftershock than it did during the February 22 or June 13 quakes (source

UPDATE 21:53 UTC : Geonet has updated yesterday's aftershock from 5.3 to 5.4.

UPDATE 13:00 UTC : It is 1 AM in the morning in New Zealand now, and let's hope that Canterbury citizens can spend the night without being shaken again.

UPDATE 12:58 UTC : Seismologist John Ristau said that it looks like another small fault below Banks Peninsula had ruptured, causing the sharply felt magnitude 5.3 quake (source

Experience reports as received by :
Christchurch : On the computer, some broken glass, lasted about 8 seconds of quite strong shaking then tapered off for another 5 seconds followed by another short strong jolt (strong shaking indicated)
Christchurch Bishopdale : (strong shaking indicated)
Ashburton : I heard the rumble first and said to myself not again we already had a 4.3 then we had 5.3 21/6 2011 (strong shaking indicated)
Christchurch, Burnside : Second biggest shaking here in Burnside after the September earthquakes. Felt much more than the 6.3 last week. Stuff flying off shelves and couldn't stand up trying to get upstairs to children.
Christchurch  : When shaking started, power flickering off and on, stopped then started again. (strong shaking indicated)

UPDATE 11:43 UTC : A video which was just uploaded on YouTube gives an idea about the shaking

UPDATE 11:33 UTC : And the shaking is going on ... : Since the 5.3 aftershock, at least 2 other + 3.5  shocks have been registered

UPDATE 11:29 UTC : What may seem to be a little aftershock to the outside world (since the other ones were stronger) is not felt everywhere the same way.  People can have a totally different experience based on the differentparameters of the earthquake. Some people are experiencing tonight's aftershock as the strongest until now.

UPDATE 11:26 UTC : This aftershock was the strongest since the aftershocks of 5.7 and 6.3

UPDATE 11:24 UTC : Aftershock was felt as far as Dunedin

UPDATE 11:13 UTC : Power is out in some suburbs including Ilam, Avonhead and Burnside.
Police and the Fire Service reported no initial damage.

UPDATE 11:09 UTC : On top of all the earthquake and aftershocks misery experienced in Christchurch, airline traffic between Australia and New Zealand would suffer from the Chilean volcano ash today.

5.3 aftershock in Christchurch on June 21 2011 - image courtesy USGS

UPDATE 11:06 UTC : The following intensity Felt reports as received by Geonet at the time of this update
MM8 Heavily damaging : Middleton [1]
MM7 Damaging : Broomfield [1], Halswell [2], Hei Hei [1], Riccarton [1]
MM6 Slightly damaging : Avonhead [1], Belfast [1], Bexley [1], Bishopdale [2], Broomfield [1], Burnham [1], Casebrook [1], Cashmere [2], Christchurch [5], Dallington [1], Geraldine [1], Halswell [6], Hei Hei [1], Hillmorton [1], Hoon Hay [1], Hornby [2], Ilam [1], Kaiapoi [1], Lincoln [1], Mairehau [1], Middleton [1], Oaklands [1], Opawa [1], Riccarton [1], Saint Albans [3], Spreydon [1], Sydenham [1], Templeton [1], Upper Riccarton [2], Wigram [1]

UPDATE 11:04 UTC : Felt widely throughout the Canterbury region.  Power was knocked out in some parts of the city.

Original text
This evening (local time) people from Christchurch and surroundings have been alerted again by an irritating aftershock.  The epicenter of this aftershock was following Geonet 30 km outside the city center.

Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : 5.1 (USGS) - 5.4 (Geonet - later updated from 5.3 to 5.4))
UTC Time : Tuesday, June 21, 2011 at 10:34:22 UTC
Local time at epicenter : Tuesday, June 21, 2011 at 10:34:22 PM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 10 km (8 km Geonet)
Geo-location(s) :
10 km south-west of Christchurch

Links to important maps
USGS Did You Feel It Map
GEONET shaking map
Google satellite map of the area showing the kind of terrain the earthquake took place
3-dimensional view of the earthquake area (USGS epicenter location)
USGS historic earthquakes map
USGS Seismic hazard map
USGS Impact on Population map
USGS Shaking map
LIVE SEISMOGRAM (nearest Seismograph station)

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  1. Kovacevic says

    I'm in the U.S., but my brother lives in Christchurch, NZ.
    He e-mailed me when it occurred, but haven't heard back from him since then.
    Here's to hoping everyone down there is safe. My prayers to you all.

  2. Matthew says

    UPDATE: the epicentre was near Halswell, or 10km SW of Christchurch, not 10km west of Akaroa.
    I knew this since the quake happened, so I don't know why Geonet got it wrong.
    Please update the most important data.

  3. Matthew says

    and once again I get a massive taste of "Location matters more than size!"
    I live in Hoon Hay, and I am pretty sure that was the most violent quake I have felt, although it didn't go on for long as the 6.3's

  4. Corrie Lamprecht says

    Honestly, if I was living in Christchurch; I would high-tail it out from there with all my family. Somehting I do not consider ever playing with is Mother Nature. I found a very interesting website by Paul Nicholls. Here is a map with all the quakes in Christchurch. You can take any day, or last 7 days, or hours - it is all pure SCARY; just looking att his map scares me - how much worst it would be to actually try and sleep, eat, work and grow a family on this rollercoaster?
    I clicked 'Sticky' and 'Scale Circles with map'.

    I doubt there is any other place in the world that has been shaking this much in this past 8 months - more than 7,582 quakes. OMG.