Earthquake related news May 26, 2011

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Japan (example of an earthquake prepared village) *****
None of the approximately 80 residents on Nonoshima Island was killed by the tsunami, thanks to a disaster prevention map and an evacuation route created more than half a century ago. They had also prepared for the possibility of disaster by conducting emergency drills over and over. In the scant 30 minutes that elapsed between the quake and the arrival of the massive tsunami, town officials knocked on the doors of every home, urging residents to evacuate. Using a special 2-meter-wide evacuation route that local residents had cleared through a bamboo grove, they fled to a local elementary and junior high school that was built on higher ground. $$$ remark : We congratulate all the people responsible for this unique example (villagers, administrators, etc)

Seismology (Japan)
The recent earthquake in Japan has increased the likelihood of seismic disruptions elsewhere in the country as stress is displaced along the fault which triggered the shock and accompanying tsunami say researchers. But, far from Japan's largest ever quake signaling a period of peace for the nation, scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), Kyoto University and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) say the release of pressure on one part of the fault may cause problems elsewhere. $$$

Volcanoes (satellite ash trajectory prediction)
Predicting the exact dispersal of a volcanic ash cloud is never going to be easy. However, satellite data are showing that the eruption from Iceland's Grímsvötn volcano this week was unlikely to have posed a significant threat to airspace over central Europe. Models that used satellite data to predict the path of the ash cloud earlier this week, such as that produced by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research NILU, have shown to be in line with spaceborne observations over the last few days. $$$

Earthquake risk
MILLIONS of people in Europe, the Middle East and Asia are at risk from deadly tremors which can strike out of the blue in unmapped earthquake zones, scientists have warned. Attention should be focused on these regions, which lie within the interior of continents, instead of well known earthquake "hotspots", according to two leading experts. $$$ remark : We agree 100%

Japan (solar energy)
Japan is considering a plan that would make it compulsory for all new buildings and houses to come fitted with solar panels by 2030, a business daily said Sunday. The plan, expected to be unveiled at the upcoming G-8 Summit in France, aims to show Japan's resolve to encourage technological innovation and promote the wider use of renewable energy, the Nikkei daily said. $$$

New Zealand (Christchurch and celebrities)
Actor Russell Crowe has seen it, Prince William has wandered through it. Even Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has stepped inside the devastated heart of New Zealand's southern city. Now residents of quake-shattered Christchurch want to know why celebrities, royals and foreign politicians are allowed into the CBD's off limits red zone while they're left to peer from behind a fence. $$$

New Zealand (Christchurch)
The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority has ordered the demolition of Christchurch's Copthorne Hotel, following February's earthquake. Copthorne Hotel Christchurch City is one of three hotels NZX-listed Millennium and Copthorne Hotels New Zealand has in the Christchurch city cordon. $$$

Earthquake simulation
o study California's fault lines, researchers recently detonated explosives underground to create 3D models of seismic activity; a team of geologists and seismic experts travelled to areas in the Imperial and Coachella Valley, roughly 150 miles northeast of San Diego, California, to study the southern tip of the San Andreas Fault; a team detonated more than 120 explosives more than sixty feet deep to set off seismic waves; the team measured these wave patterns with 3,000 different sensors to create a 3D map in these fault areas; their work comes as part of the Salton Seismic Imaging Project  $$$

Iran (nuclear power plant)
Nuclear scientists in Iran have warned of the serious implications an earthquake in Iran's gulf region could have for the nuclear reactor in Bushehr, the Daily Telegraph reported Sunday. The announcement comes only a week after Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Saleh said that the Bushehr power plant is operational.  $$$

Australia (earthquake risk)
Large earthquakes on the Australian mainland are rare but seismologists are monitoring the development of what could be minor fault lines in north Queensland. Since the beginning of the year, a number of quakes have rattled the region from Innisfail to Mackay. Geoscience Australia says it has been watching every movement in the last month to see if it points to a significant shift in the plates beneath Australia. $$$

Vietnam (Tsunami warning system)
The military-owned telecom giant Viettel will cooperate with 28 coastal provinces and cities to survey locations for establishing tsunami warning systems this week. The surveys are scheduled for three days starting Monday from the northern province of Quang Ninh to the southernmost province of Ca Mau. Surveyed locations will be those that are less than one kilometer from the seaside, in densely populated areas, and coastal tourism sites with factories, industrial zones or nationally significant works. $$$

Japan (JMA false earthquake alerts)
The Meteorological Agency said it issued 73 quake warnings in the two months following the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake — four times the amount issued since the system debuted in October 2007 — but 64 percent of them were false alarms triggered by aftershocks. The agency sends warnings when it detects P-waves traveling faster than the S-waves that humans can sense as tremors.  $$$

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