May 19 Turkey earthquake : 2,208 houses uninhabitable + $260 million economic loss

Our earlier article overview
On May 19, 2011 a very strong earthquake occurred in the greater Simav / Kutahya area.
Earthquake-Report did call this earthquake extremely dangerous for damage, injuries and even fatalities from the very beginning. The final human impact was 3 people killed 94 injured.

Simav Kutahya May 19 2011 earthquake damage - picture courtesy

Earthquake damage, relief and economic impact

It has been found by the onsite engineers doing rapid assessment of the buildings that 2,208 houses are uninhabitable AND 3,373 are damaged but habitable of the 16448 checked so far.
This is a large percentage!

2 million TL has been spent on relief so far.

A total of 343 search and rescue, health and Red Crescent personnel, 83 vehicles, including 50 ambulances and 5 search dogs had been sent.
In addition, by the Red Crescent, 2013 tents, 10000 blankets, 2292 water supplies, 2 portable kitchens and mobile catering trucks were sent.

It is estimated that only 15% of the inhabitants have insurance
May we remind turkish readers that the TCIP in nearly all cases makes sense!

On this scale of building loss, the total economic loss from the earthquake could be in the order of $260 million, assuming building loss contributes to 40-50% of the total loss. (Assumes severities of 45k-50k for uninhabitable, and 10k for habitable but damaged.)