Earthquake related news May 19, 2011

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Japan (science)
Northeast Japan may be far more seismologically dangerous than previously thought, according to scientists investigating the Great East Japan Earthquake. The huge scale of the March 11 temblor appears to challenge existing models of the region's geology, according to the scientists. They are now investigating whether a previously unknown cause of giant earthquakes may have been triggering massive events in the region at intervals of between several hundred and 1,000 years. $$$

Prediction Science
Researchers monitoring the Earth's atmosphere propose that it may be possible to determine where and approximately when a massive earthquake will strike. They explain that, before the March 11 tremor that devastated Japan, the air above the epicenter exhibited some peculiar changes.  $$$
Remark : The article omits the equally massive 7.2 earthquake which happened on Wednesday, March 09, 2011 at 02:45:18 UTC.

UK and Russian scientists say they are a step closer to predicting how dangerous a volcano is after developing a method that lets them figure out how individual volcanoes are 'plumbed'.  $$$

United States (science)
Scientists are hoping a recent project that involved explosions set off along California's largest earthquake fault will help protect people against the next big earthquake. A few days after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, a team of researchers descended on the California desert for new insight into the next "big one." "I would expect significant damage within the city limits of San Diego," said geologist Pat Abbott.  $$$

China (preparedness)
Awareness of what to do in an emergency remains low among Chinese people and only about 1 percent of the population has ever received emergency training, said a top specialist. Xin Baoshan, director of the Chinese Red Cross National Training Center, made the remarks while talking to China Daily days after the third anniversary of the Wenchuan Earthquake that jolted parts of Sichuan province on May 12, 2008, killing tens of thousands of people. $$$

The Kan Cabinet submitted to the Diet the basic reconstruction bill that stipulates the guiding philosophy and the framework of undertaking the country's reconstruction efforts in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake. It has been two months since the huge quake and tsunami. Compared with the response after the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995, the submission of the basic bill is one month late. As a result, the creation of a recovery framework will also lag. The political response is sluggish and frustrating. $$$

New Zealand (Christchurch)
The Christchurch Earthquake Appeal has made its first allocation of funds - providing $3.5 million to help restore the city's playing fields. The allocation will also provide jobs for Christchurch contractors who will be carrying out the work. $$$

United States (religious belief)
One Christian radio network has calculated its own apocalyptic date – and it falls next Saturday. You've seen the billboards and heard the ads. The Christian ministry Family Radio has hearkened for months now about the impending Judgment Day on May 21. But how did they come to such a seemingly arbitrary date that they're basically guaranteeing will be the beginning of the end?  $$$

Lloyd's chief says 'we've been lucky' despite £2.3bn hit from earthquakes and floods as industry braces for Atlantic hurricanes. Insurers that fail to put up premiums will be the first to collapse if another big natural disaster strikes $$$

United States (Japan)
Last week the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) deployed two more disaster assessment teams to Japan to study the damage wrought by the 11 March earthquake and tsunami; the two teams, the third and fourth deployed by ASCE, will tour the damaged areas which include the approximately 292 square miles inundated by the tsunami; one team will focus on examining the effects that the tsunami and earthquake had on port structures; the other team will focus their efforts on investigating the impact of the earthquake and tsunami on coastal structures like tsunami walls, breakwaters, and seawalls. $$$

Young girls and women living in Haiti's displacement camps since last year's earthquake have been particularly vulnerable to sexual violence and abuse with many sources pointing to an increase in reported cases of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in the country  $$$

Indonesia (rumors - again and again)
West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan has called on the general public to stay calm but remained alert on a prediction that Jakarta, Sumatra and Bandung may be shaken by an up to 8.7-magnitude earthquake centered in the Sunda Strait.
Remark : In reading the article, the governor never says that an upcoming earthquake cannot be predicted. He is avoiding the subject. Strange.  $$$

Chile (scallop industry)
The March earthquake off the coast of Japan sparked a tsunami alert for the length of the Chilean coast. The warning was lifted 24 hours later after just a few small waves. Things were different at Tongoy, about 450km north of Santiago. "What was supposed to be just a ripple was actually a powerful underwater current that turned everything upside down," says a bitter scallop farmer, Eduardo Briones.  $$$

Spain’s history of major earthquakes. The first earthquake documented in Spain occurred in 1048 and had its epicentre in Orihuela, Alicante. In September 1522, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake in the Alboran Sea totally destroyed Almeria City and Ugijar, Granada. Almeria city was destroyed once again by an earthquake in 1658 ...  $$$

Iran (nuclear plants)
The leaders of earthquake-prone Iran have reviewed — and rejected — concerns by the country's top scientists about a plan to build a national nuclear reactor network, according to intelligence shared with The Associated Press.  $$$

United States
U.S. industrial production was unchanged in April compared to March the Federal Reserve said Tuesday, in part due to the earthquake in Japan$$$

Japan (Justin Bieber)
Justin Bieber visits Japan Earthquake Victims: Justin Bieber paid a visit to youngsters in Japan affected by the country’s devastating earthquake and tsunami earlier this year. During a visit to Tokyo, Bieber told the students “things can get better and things will get better. There’s good times to come. My prayers go out to all of your families and everybody that’s been through this.” The singer posed for pictures with the school aged children and invited the group and teachers to his “My World” concert$$$

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