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What a sad day for
What should have been a party day for the people behind this website, turned out in another deadly earthquake. This time in Spain.

Since we started in August we have seen numerous cruel earthquakes.
To name only a few : Mentawai tsunami (Indonesia), Christchurch (New Zealand), Japan (Tohoku), Myanmar (Golden Triangle) and todays Lorca (Spain) earthquake.
All these earthquakes are bringing mourning, despair and traumatic consequences to the people living through it.

The Lorca earthquake was the 2,000th fatal earthquake since 1900 around the world (according to CATDAT).

Did we reached our goals in these first 8 months of our existence ?
Yes and NO
Yes, because we succeeded in reaching thousands of readers on a daily basis.
Yes, because we were able to inform the people living in and near the epicenter
Yes, because we were able to explain while reporting how people had to behave
Yes, because we reached tens of thousands of people who downloaded our QuakeSOS iPhone application
Yes, because we succeeded in explaining the why it happened making people better prepared for future quakes
Yes, because we were able to supply often unique data to institutions, insurance companies, reinsurance companies, local authorities, relief organizations etc
No, because every killed person is one too much, often because he/she was not reacting the proper way
No, because the worldwide Press isn't mentioning our articles, although NO fee has to be paid to republish them

Since January 1, 2011 we have extensively reported on more than 40 significantly damaging earthquakes (CATDAT Orange or Red).
We will continue to bring you the news, scientific analysis and earthquake insight, as it happens.

Near Future plans
Soon we will have some additional websites launched to cover important side-subjects like :
- Quake-TV, a website who will continue to show our own explanatory videos and a selection of the best (added value) videos available in the world.
- SOS-Earthquakes, the non-profit foundation and also founder of this website
- EarthquakeJournal, a website meant to publish papers, articles and reports from disaster oriented students and scientists in the open source environment.

We address our special thanks to :
- to those having to live with the writers of "earthquake-Report"
- to the only person who has donated 5 US$ to our account
- to CEDIM and KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany
- to all the seismologists and organizations like USGS, EMSC, GFZ, JMA, GNS Science, CWB etc working day and night to bring us reliable earthquake data
- to all the rescue and relief people and organizations all over the globe helping earthquake victims
- and certainly those we forgot to mention
- HostCo ( our hosting company, offering us great service, especially when we get peak loads
- future advertisers and funding partners enabling us to make our dreams come true



  1. Ok, now I understand. I should have said 'out dated' links rather than dead. Sorry.

    Also, do you have any reporters from the West Coast of Canada?

  2. One thing I forgot to mention was the better coverage of earthquakes in Canada. Especially the British Columbia coast where many quakes happen, but small. We do have some bigger quakes in Canada which would be nice to see included among your various sites. It seems Canada is the only country missing out of reports.

    • Armand Vervaeck says

      We do include Canadian earthquakes if they are mentioned by USGS and if the are greater than magnitude 4. There maybe one day if we have 10 more volunteers to also include lower magnitudes in our descriptions, but as for now we have to keep the 4.0 as a minimum (4.0 is our bottom line that earthquakes can become dangerous in some parts of the world).
      Thanks for mentioning anyway. We are certainly more sensitive for Canadian quakes from now on 🙂

  3. We all appreciate your hard work. Your site is still young, so give it time. On average it takes 2 years for a site to become well known and popular and dependable. It will happen. In the meantime, just keep working hard and maybe work on a better layout for the site, and make it more visually attractive. There is way to much spam at the end of posts and articles, sometimes creating confusion, some links are dead or need updating. Simple things really. The ability to add photos would be a huge draw for people. Just some pointers from a guy who has operated web sites since 2000.

    • Armand Vervaeck says

      Thanks for your comment Steve, we appreciate your honesty. We are not aware of any dead links and the so called spam (if it are not comments) but we will surely check our templates now!
      We have indeed are our own twitter and facebook accounts directed at different parts of the world. at the end of every article. We agree on the pictures but an experiment in the beginning did not resulted in good quality. we will certainly pick this up again in the near future.