Earthquake Felt experiences from the greater Lorca, Spain area

Our main article on this earthquake starts minutes after the first shaking. Read it here.

On this page you will find an overview of what people wrote to Whenever you want to share your experience with the world, feel free to fill the form at the bottom of this page. We will be happy to publish also your 'Felt' experience.

Lorca earthquake Spain - Image courtesy

Felt report from Almendricos (MMI 5)
Happened yesterday afternoon, was quite frightening.  Was in the kitchen, the dishes rattled, the floor shook, the noise around was horrible.....the sky was a horrible color.  But at the time had no idea what had happened in Lorca, which is not that far away.  It was tragic to see what was happening to the people in Lorca, Mendez Hospital evacuated too, because of damage, as well as churches and other structural buildings. people were camping out in the parks last night as it was still going on. So far eight dead and many injured.  Just hope there are no more heart goes out the the people of Lorca.

Felt report from Roger Bennett from Totana
The second quake around 1800 hours was the strongest.  I was in the garden and could not stand and had to put my hand to the ground.  All the trees were shaking as far as I could see. There was a very loud and deep roaring noise.
I now know that in this situation there is nothing you can do to help yourself. My wife was inside the house and came out frightened, heavy furniture had moved away from the walls and pictures were not level. t 10.40 another aftershock of 4 to 5 secs of mid strength came. We did not sleep very well anticipating further quakes that did not come.
Roger Bennett
English resident

Felt report from Stuart Gladwell from Mazarron :
We felt 2 earthquakes in Mazarron. The second one was far stronger and lasted longer than the first. The room shook for about 5 seconds and there was a rumbling noise. Our sympathies are with the people of Lorca who have born the brunt of this.

Felt report from Mazarron (MMI V) :
Furniture such as cupboard and freestanding wardrobe fell over at flat in Mazarron.  Damage to outdoor area such as paving, walls and BBQ.  Nothing compared to the damage further inland.

Felt report from Caressa Jacobs Sardeman from Purias :
We are in Purias, 10 km from Lorca. We felt the shocks quite heavily. It is very scary!! My brother in law was in the Mercadona in Lorca and everything fell down, bottles, food but also parts of the ceiling. Everybody ran outside, a lot of panic and screaming.
Hope there are no more aftershocks. My heart goes out to the family of the dead and injured in Lorca...

Felt report from Wendy HUnter from Cartagena  :
I live near Cartagena and when the floor began to move underneath my feet after a loud rumbling noise I realized it was an earthquake and went out into the garden away from my house. All evening we have heard the sound of ambulances coming from Cartagena going to help in Lorca.The television news reports show the extensive damage and many people of Lorca and other towns are now unable to return to their homes. Our sympathy to all those affected especially to those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy.

Felt report from Alhama de Murcia  :
On Condado De Alhama, apartments shook for about 3 seconds. Could see the floor moving, very strange feeling. No damage.

Felt report from Costa Calida:
Lots of shocks over the years in this area, but nothing like the second shock this afternoon, glasses shaking, pots moving etc, but nothing compared to the loss and damage of all the affected families in Lorca - Stevie T

Felt report from Albacete (IV MMI) :
Ich war in Albacete. Hier spürte man das Erdbeben nicht so stark. Beängstgend war es trotzdem. Ich habe noch nie ein Erdbeben erlebt und schaute erstmal aus dem Fenster, ob irgendwelche Bauarbeiten stattfanden. Aber dafür war es zu ruhig. Als ich dann darauf kam, das es ein Erdbeben war kam Angst auf, weil ich nicht wusste ob es nur ein Vorbeben war. Nun kann ich mit den Menschen, die ein Erdbeben richtig schlimm erleben, mitfühlen. Meine Gedanken und Gebete sind bei ihnen

Felt report from Velez Rubio :
From Carole in Velez Rubio 21.30 - Felt both eathquakes especially the second one.  Lound rumbling and house shook.  My prayers are with those in Lorca

Felt report from Carol from the Velez Rubio area (MMI IV):
Riding my horse out on the campo between Velez Rubio and Heurcal Overa when first shock came ,did not realise what it was but my normally placid  Engish mare became very agitated.On return home the second shock came, my dog ran out of the house barking,car did a jig, horse returned to stable very rapidly!!!!!!! Carol

Felt report from Camposol Mazarron :
Twice on mass everyone ran from their homes in our street, still in shock the second quake hit for us it was more severe than the first. although several objects fell and broke, it is insignificant compared to those people who have lost loved ones. our hearts, and prayers go out to all who have suffered.

Felt report from Jean :
I live in Jaen city and I felt the earthquake.

Felt report from Oria :
My sofa shook back and forth

Felt report from Murcia :
I was in murcia capital at the time. Windows and doors shook for at least 30 seconds. Earth tremors are not uncommon here, but in the 15 years I've lived here the second quake was the strongest I've felt

Felt report from Buñol:
Sitting in my friends 2nd floor flat in Bunol near Valencia, felt the aftershocks. Bunol lies approx. 200 km from Lorca.

Felt report from Navalmoral de la Mata :
La persiana de mi habitación (5º piso) hizo un ligero sonido como "clack" y noté una pequeña oscilación (estaba sentado una silla con ruedas). La lámpara de mi habitación osciló con muy poca amplitud. Duró unos 2 segundos. Fue aproximadamente a las 18.55 (hora de Madrid).

Felt report from Lizzie Mckeown from Torrevieja :
we felt the earthquake in torrevieja.

Felt report from Rietje Swart from Aguilas :
I could feel it. It was scary. I felt te earth move. My symphatie is with the families in Lorca...
I live in Águilas.

Felt report from Richard  from Vera :
Just heard of the bad news – I am near Vera about 60km away…heard and felt the rumble and then the glasses in the cupbpard shook…not realise till later that it was as damaging. Thoughts are with the people of Lorca.


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