Earthquake related news May 10, 2011

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Taiwan (Crazy story series)
A self-proclaimed Taiwanese "prophet" on Tuesday started the countdown for what he said would be a huge earthquake as workers moved tons of bottled water and other supplies to makeshift shelters. "The final countdown has started," Wang Chao-hung, better known to his followers and the public as "Teacher Wang", said in the central Taiwanese town of Puli, home to about 80 000 people.  $$$

Italy (crazy story series)
On Wednesday, Rome will be razed to the ground by an earthquake that will shatter more than 2,000 years' worth of monumental architecture including the Colosseum, the Pantheon and St Peter's.That, at least, is the fear of hundreds of thousands of Romans, spooked by the reputed forecast of a self-taught seismologist who died more than 30 years ago. The daily La Repubblica reported that applications from the capital's public employees for a day off – and, presumably, out – were 18% higher than for the same day in 2011.   $$$ remark : Following earthquakes on a daily basis, this story is not the only one in the world. In a matter of 2 weeks we noticed 2 other rumors making people crazy in Almaty, Kazakhstan and in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Also in these 2 places people did believe more rumors than seismologists. It might be a good idea to teach the basics of earthquake triggering in schools so that people will act more normally. Those people starting off these stories should have to follow a mandatory 6-months course in plate tectonics.

United States (Cellphones)
The Federal Communications Commission will announce today a new emergency alert system that sends a signal directly to consumers’ cell phones in the event of a disaster.  $$$ remark : fantastic initiative but it will not work with below land earthquakes. Only tsunami alerts for waves generated by distant earthquakes may give enough time to be alerted.

United States (USGS)
Researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey and the Georgia Institute of Technology in a study published in the journal Nature Geoscience said they found evidence that suggested distant earthquakes can trigger tremor activity along the length of another fault$$$

New Zealand
Colin Firth and Kylie Minogue Reach out to Christchurch Kids. On Monday May 16 at 12 midday, a National online auction appeal Stars 4 Kids will be launched in New Zealand. Stars 4 Kids has been set up to raise funds for two Christchurch schools, Shirley Primary and Avonside Girls'' High, both badly damaged in the February 22nd earthquake. The auction will be run through New Zealand''s #1 auction site - Trade Me ( and can also be accessed by Australia. Some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry have donated signed items along with Academy Award winners Colin Firth (Best Lead Actor in The King''s Speech), Geoffrey Rush, Russell Crowe and Emmy Award winner Hugh Jackman. Kylie Minogue, Jeremy Clarkson, James Nesbitt, Donald Trump, Sir Ian McKellen, Guy Pearce, Status Quo, Jason Donovan, Ruby Wax, Kathy Lette, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Ross Kemp are just a few who have given their support to Stars 4 Kids.

United Nations
More than $1.5 trillion of the world's wealth is exposed to harm from natural disasters, as the economic risks soar despite signs that efforts to reduce the human toll are working, the UN said Tuesday.

World (economic losses)
Damage to infrastructure — schools, health centres, roads, bridges — is soaring in many low- and middle-income countries despite improvements in many early warning systems, it said in the Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction. Rich countries are also increasingly exposed, with damage on the rise following floods in Australia and earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand already this year, it said.  $$$

The cabinet approved a bill Tuesday to postpone the scheduled shift from analog to digital television broadcasting in the three prefectures hardest hit by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami for up to one year.

Chengdu : In a Chinese town destroyed in a magnitude-8.0 earthquake three years ago, the survivors have long gone, but the compassion and respect for the deceased never faded. The central government had injected 420 million yuan ($ 64.7 million ) into preserving the ruins of the quake-razed old town of Beichuan Qiang autonomous county in Southwest China's Sichuan province, said Li Zhengshou, commander of the old town preservation headquarters. $$$

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