Moderate, shallow and slightly dangerous earthquake near Nissyros and Kos, Greece

UPDATE 15/05 - 17:12 UTC : A late felt report from John Martin, a United Kingdom tourist who spend his holidays in Kos (MMI V checked) :
Our family party of 5 were on holiday in the Iberostar Kipriotis Panorama, near Kos town in the island of Kos, Greece. We were in the dining room for breakfast on Sunday 2011/05/08 at approx 09.45. There was this loud rumbling noise which got louder and the building started to shake. It initially sounded by a train trundling by, but when the room started to shake it became apparent it was an earthquake. It was quite frightening as it not something that would have crossed our mind to happen on holiday.

UPDATE 12:51 UTC : After scanning our many sources we luckily could not find a trace of damage or injuries.

UPDATE 12:48 UTC : A Norwegian tourist wrote us from Kalymnos Island :  "Like a gentle rugging in our house, table etc. Nothing violent - just a "comforting" movement lasting no more than 5 seconds" - reported a MMI IV (light shaking)

UPDATE 9:57 UTC : A number of weak aftershocks are shaking the greater epicenter area. The current aftershocks are NOT dangerous at all. Some may have a little more impact when they reach 4.0 or more and if the epicenter would be below the islands.

UPDATE 9:47 UTC : Earthquake-Report Felt report from Kardamena, Kos (closest to the epicenter on the island of Kos) : Scarey... we hope that this was it, no more!

EARTHQUAKE-REPORT.COM VIDEO on this earthquake containing some data of this article

UPDATE 9:39 UTC : An Earthquake-Report Felt testimony from Kos, also close to the epicenter :
Moderate shaking (MMI5) + I am in Kos as a tourist and felt the earthquake this morning in the bathroom. Everything was shaking and bottles filled with water were falling on the ground. The earthquake was quite heavy but also short.

UPDATE 7:57 UTC : The owner of Mammis Apartments located at Paloi, Nissyros, located only a few km from the epicenter, told over the phone a few moments ago, that the quake was very strong but lasted only a few seconds.  He was NOT aware of any damage.

UPDATE 7:52 UTC : Other felt report out of Kos : "Very loud noise..."
Mr Athanasiou hestike!!! (source EMSC)

UPDATE 7:52 UTC : On the island of Kos a tourist reported : "very strong quake we hope there will be no more...." (source EMSC)

UPDATE 7:49 UTC : The epicenter is following the Greece Institute of Geodynamics located only a few km from the beaches of Gyali Island and slightly to the north of Paloi (Nisyros)

UPDATE 7:46 UTC : The Greece seismological service  (Institute of Geodynamics) has released a Magnitude of 5.0 at a depth of 23 km. We believe that these data will be most reliable as the Greek people have their own seismographs closest to the epicenter.

UPDATE 7:39 UTC : As the tourist season has just started on the Islands, a lot of tourists will have been frightened by the shaking. Tourists are the MOST EARTHQUAKE NON-PREPARED people in the world. Everybody travels to dangerous earthquake destinations these days, but tour operators are NOT preparing their clients. One of the missions of Earthquake-Report and SOS Earthquakes is changing this behavior.

UPDATE 7:31 UTC : Also Marmaris and other parts of Turkey will have felt the earthquake strongly.

UPDATE 7:30 UTC : EMSC reports an epicenter in the middle of the sea surrounded by Nissyros, Kos and mainland Turkey. If this would be confirmed the change on damage or injuries would fall by 80%.

UPDATE 7:26 UTC : EMSC can be called the seismological specialist in this area of the world. The data from EMSC are 5.2 and a depth of 2 km.

Shallow moderate but slightly dangerous earthquake a few km from the beaches of Nissyros and Kos, Greece.  Main issue will be whether the location of the epicenter is correct as given by the seismological services. Based on our experiences this is not always the case.
The islands where the earthquake occurred are tourist destinations.
The earthquake will certainly be felt in a wider area on many tourist destination islands like Rhodes, etc.

Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : 5.1 (USGS) 5.2 (EMSC)
UTC Time : Sunday, May 08, 2011 at 06:50:24 UTC
Local time at epicenter : Sunday, May 08, 2011 at 09:50:24 AM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 16 km (2 km EMSC)
Geo-location(s) :
a few km from Nissyros (Nisyros) and Kos, Greece
90 km (55 miles) WNW of Rodos, Dodecanese Islands, Greece

Links to important maps
USGS Did You Feel It Map
Google satellite map of the area showing the kind of terrain the earthquake took place
3-dimensional view of the earthquake area (USGS epicenter location)
USGS historic earthquakes map
USGS Seismic hazard map

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I did feel it  - Ik heb het gevoeld - Το έκανα αισθάνεται - Yo lo siento - 我的确感到了 - 私はそれを感じていました- Ich habe es gefühlt - Bunu hissediyorum yaptı - لم أشعر أنه


  1. Aivo A says

    EQ started as cannonade , like big explosion. First shake was very heavy and sharp but least only few seconds. Akti Beach Club Hotel, Kardamena

  2. Maxine Lucas says

    We are in Kos at the moment. We were having our breakfast and the floor was shaking. It was a bit scary, but all over now. Our daughter thought it was fun !

  3. Genedi says

    I am in Kos at the moment, although the earthquake was short it felt quite strong with a scary rumbling noise at the same time. Had a couple of aftershocks but everything eerily quiet now, even the wind has died down.