Relief goods to Japan : who was helping with what ?

Relief actions tsunami victims Japan - image Japanese Red Cross society

This is  the list of relief goods as reported by the Japanese government on April 15, 2011
The money donations are not listed in this list.
Rescue and medical support teams from 20 countries and regions (Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Mongolia, New Zealand, the ROK, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, the U.K., the U.S.) have been operating in disaster-stricken areas.
Japan's overseas missions are accepting relief money for this earthquake. NGOs, private companies and individuals around the world have extended or offered numerous donations and/or assistance.
At least 39 NGOs from 16 countries are known to have arrived in Japan to date.
Offers of relief supplies from overseas are being continually processed for acceptance upon adjustment at the Special Headquarters to Support Disaster Victims, in accordance with the needs of disaster areas.

Country list with their relief good efforts

Relief goods (sleeping bags, makeshift beds, oil stove, kerosene, etc.) and 10,000 radioactive-proof suits from USAID; transportation of approx. 3,100 tons of cargo (including distribution of approx. 280 tons of food supplies, 7.7 million L of water and approx. 45,000 L of fuel), 2 fire trucks, 5 pumps, 99 protective suits against nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, approx. 9 tons of boron, 1 large water spray pump unit, fresh-water transportation by a barge for carrying fresh water from the U.S. Forces. Radiation dosemeter (31,000)

Water (approx. 55,000 bottles), children's underwear (approx. 270,000 pairs), shoes, toys, stuffed animals, educational kits, recreation kits, picture books, school bags (with stationery), school rucksacks, portable security alarms

500 12-person tents, 400 6-person tents, 2,000 blankets, 200 handheld emergency lights.
Water (60,000 bottles), rubber gloves (3,250,000 pairs).
Temporary toilet units (60), heavy rubber gloves (10,000 pairs), sneakers (25,000 pairs).
Gasoline (10,000 tons).
Diesel oil (10,000 tons).

Hong Kong
Food (approx. 20,000 canned foods)

Electricity generators (590), blankets (725 boxes), sleeping bags (1,589 boxes), sleeping mats (236 boxes), clothing (including warm clothing, etc.)(3,421 boxes), food (16.5 tons), kerosene heaters (900), masks (54 boxes), pocket body warmers (150 boxes)

Blankets (approx. 2,500), warm clothing such as sweaters and socks (total of approx. 800 items)

Blankets (26,740), Water (approx. 13,000 750mL bottles [approx. 10 tons]) Biscuits (approx. 10 tons)

Blankets (approx. 25,000), 154 radioactivity surveymeter, 5,005 personal dosemeters

Blankets (approx. 20,000), Survival kits (500), sleeping bags (1,000), canned food (approx. 28,000), noodles (28,000 packs), flashlights (approx. 130), Flashlights (approx. 400), masks (approx. 10,000), blankets (850), Water (1.5L x approx. 9,000 bottles), Warm clothing (420 boxes), canned food (17 boxes), survival kits (600 sets), water (500mL x 45,000 bottles), noodles (252), Blankets (16,000), warm clothing (approx. 400), Masks (approx. 2,000)

Blankets (2,000)

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Lending out of satellite mobile communication terminals (152)

Blankets (approx. 10,000)

Water (approx. 2.5 tons of mineral water)

Blankets (8,000), Blankets (6,870), masks (972,000), protective suits and masks (approx. 20,000 sets), radiation measurement equipment (250), 10 pumps, 5 power generators, 5 compressors, 3 environmental survey vehicles, an environmental survey towed vehicle, 5 tons of medical supplies, 12 tons of sterilization alcohol, and 10 tons of food supplies, water (0.5L x 100,800 bottles), Protective suits (1,000), Nuclear related equipment and materials including radiation measurement equipment

Blankets (4,350), bottled water (0.5L x 10,000 and 1.5L x 10,000), mattresses (200), polyurethane tanks (20L x 3,000), emergency food (4,400 servings)

Republic of Korea
Blankets (6,000), water (100 tons), Retort fried rice (30,000 packs), chocolate pies (12,000 packages), noodles (129,024 packages), boots (4,000 pairs), rubber gloves (12,000 pairs), tea (14,000 bottles), Water (480 tons), dried seaweed, retort rice, Masks (20,000), soap (20,000 cubes), work gloves (3,500 pairs),

Blankets (17,200), water (3.6 tons)

Water, brown sugar, food, seasoning, toilet rolls, etc.

Tents (200), blankets (2,000), insulating boots (2,000 pairs)

50,000 cans of food (tuna cans, common bean cans: 25,000 each)

European Union
Netherlands : Mattresses (1,998)
Denmark : Blankets (23,310)
Lithuania : Blankets (2,000), sleeping bags (300)
Finland : Radioactivity measuring monitors (50)
Hungary : Food (cup noodle (39,864), peach cans (8,640), choco bars (27,000), apple chips covered with chocolate (28,800 bags) (total 16.7 tons))
Sweden : Gloves for outside work (10,000 pairs), Rubber boots (296 pairs)
Slovakia : Clothing ((T shirts (1,000), trousers (1,000), shirts (1,000), pullovers (1,000)), shoes (1,000 pairs), sleeping bags (112), tents (14)

Blankets (5 tons), canned food (1,190 boxes), and water (approx. 2.8 tons)

Food packs (approx. 2,000)

United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)
High energy biscuits (500,000), movable warehouses (20), prefabricated buildings (20). Transportation of relief supplies (blankets, food etc.) from each country, within Japan

Food packs (1,500), cup noodles (12,000), bath towels (1,000), mats (1,000), and dust masks (5,000)

Water (1.5L x 500 bottles). Shelf-life milk packs (9 tons), high energy biscuits (13.5 tons)

Blankets (5,000)

Portable toilets (150), gloves (8,290 pairs), acrylic fleece blankets (6,000), coats (10,000)

Preserved food (approx. 8.4 tons), sets of sanitary items (approx. 3.4 tons), water (approx. 6.8 tons)

United Kingdom
Water (approx. 100 tons)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
Solar lamps (1,794 sets)

Blankets (2,000), rubber boots (500 pairs), rubber gloves (1,000 pairs)

Blankets, sheets (5,000), tuna cans (approx. 49,000), pinto beans (approx. 20,000), water (18.5 tons)

Corned beef cans (4,600)

Food (canned food, cracker, etc.), nutrition-supplement drink, water (600 mL x 10,008 bottles)

Instant coffee (600 cans), canned food(405 cans)

Food (canned food)

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