Japan tsunami : damaging aftershocks, radioactive areas, etc. - a promising future is still far away (part 13)

This is part 13 of our ongoing reporting with many updates about the massive 9.0 earthquake / tsunami which struck Japan on March 11 2011.
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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami UPDATE (20/04 - 09:44 UTC ) (latest statistics from ALL Japanese sources - CATDAT - Earthquake-Report Situation Report 24) :
Prefecture reports + FDMA 109 : Fatalities :  13,329 13,744 - Missing : 16,923 13,145 = Total :  26,889
FDMA 111 22/04-11.00 AM JST : Fatalities : 13,885 - Missing : 12,726 = Total : 26,601

National Police Agency 22/04-6:00 PM  JST : Fatalities : 14,027 14,208 - Missing : 13,754 12,384 = Total : 26,592

Consult our Damage, Fatalities, Injured etc. in-depth report here : "CATDAT Excel Sheet (version 24)"

Taro damage - Image courtesy SEEDS assesment report - SEEDS Asia, OYO International Corporation and Kyoto University

UPDATE 22/04 - 23:09 UTC : We will start part 14 within a few moments, recapturing the last items of this article. Click here to go to Part 14

UPDATE 22/04 - 10:45 UTC : A M 5.6  aftershock near Iwaki triggered a Felt intensity of 5 lower at Fukushima-ken Hamadori. The aftershock occurred at 00:28 Japan Time

UPDATE 22/04 - 10:45 UTC : Toyota has said that their Japan output will start normalizing in July, overseas in August. It expects that it will have a full recovery in November or December globally. However, the amount of loss is substantial - a lost output of 400,000 units in Japan and 100,000 overseas as of April 30th. It is encouraging suppliers to consider diversifying output overseas. A back of the hand calculation of 500000 lost units. If the Toyota car maker makes $2000 on each car profit, then this is $1 billion loss. Of course more detailed analysis will show in the coming months.

UPDATE 22/04 - 10:37 UTC : Japan has budgeted around $49 billion US for reconstruction. Remembering that the material loss could be between $180-300 billion US with additional losses for indirect effects. The Disaster Relief Fund will pay for removal of rubble and debris, temporary housing, rebuilding of roads, farms, airports and schools and loans to small- and medium-sized businesses.
To rebuild long-term housing, another fund will need to be set up and other money will need to be spent.

UPDATE 22/04 - 10:33 UTC : Good news, as the latest release from NPA shows a significant drop in missing people. We have to wait for confirmation from Miyagi prefecture as the main reduction has been seen in Miyagi, and this is not yet confirmed from the direct prefecture numbers. At the moment the deaths and missing count is between 26,500 and 27,000.

UPDATE 21/04 - 13:51 UTC : Strong M 6.0 aftershock in Japan.Preliminary JMA depth 70 km. Close to Tokyo

UPDATE 21/04 - 08:39 UTC : A 5.3 aftershock about 50 km out of the Kesennuma coast and 124 km from Sendai

UPDATE 21/04 - 02:47 UTC : 2 very strong aftershocks have occurred along the same fault line, but a lot more to the north (closer to Hokkaido). Click here for an in-depth article about these aftershocks.

UPDATE 20/04 - 13:50 UTC : Japan has received offers of assistance from the 138 countries and regions (increased from 137 in the previous press release) and 39 international organizations. The country that made new offer is the following: Republic of Guyana

UPDATE 20/04 - 13:47 UTC : The Government of the Republic of Senegal made a donation of 100 million FCFA (approximately 18 million yen) as relief money for Japan.

UPDATE 20/04 - 10:18 UTC : We have published an updated 2011 Tohoku Earthquake - CATDAT Situation Report Nr. 24,  containing the Main social impacts on the Japanese municipalities by James Daniell - Cedim, Catadat, Earthquake-report.com

UPDATE 20/04 - 10:13 UTC : Here are the numbers of dead and missing people as reported by FDMA Japan (up to report 109)
Killed : 13,744 people
Missing : 13,145 people
The numbers are different as both official Japanese organizations are working independent from each other.

UPDATE 20/04 - 09:38 UTC : Here are the numbers of dead and missing people as reported by the National Police Agency of Japan (April 20 at 15:00 JST)
Killed : 14,027 people
Missing : 13,754 people

UPDATE 18/04 - 17:19 UTC : Hong Kong HKSAR Government has shipped 30,000 cans of preserved food and 100,000 pairs of socks to Japan to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

UPDATE 18/04 - 17:17 UTC : The government of Hong Kong (

UPDATE 18/04 - 17:17 UTC : A majority of Japanese citizens are positive towards a raise in taxes to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure and housing.

UPDATE 18/04 - 17:14 UTC : The government of Kuwait has decided to contribute 5 million barrels of crude oil and oil products to aid Japan with the earthquake aftermath.

UPDATE 18/04 - 17:11 UTC : One third of the people working in Tokyo on March 11 walked home as almost all public transport in Tokyo was indefinitely halted.

UPDATE 18/04 - 17:07 UTC : Toyota reported that it will gradually  resume production in all the 18 plants. The production in these east Japan factories was halted on March 11, the day of the Tohoku earthquake.

UPDATE 18/04 - 17:02 UTC : The 39 year old female hippo named Satsuki, a guest of the Tokyo Ueno Zoo did suffer from arthritis and  died on complications due the earthquake of March 11. Satsuki and Jiro were very loved in the Zoo.

UPDATE 18/04 - 16:51 UTC : 95.8% of all people killed on March 11 in Miyagi prefecture were due to the tsunami.

UPDATE 18/04 - 16:49 UTC : The Tohoku Shinkansen bullet train will restore his full service by April 30.

UPDATE 18/04 - 14:56 UTC : Here are the numbers of dead and missing people as reported by the National Police Agency of Japan (April 18 at 18:00 JST)
Killed : 13,895 people
Missing : 13,864 people

UPDATE 17/04 - 19:00 UTC : We have concluded our listings of deceased people, victims of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami and coming from many prefectures in Honshu. Click here to see the links to the different pages (1 per prefecture)

UPDATE 17/04 - 18:55 UTC : A lot of moderate aftershocks today, luckily in the 4 to 5 magnitude range. Click here for an overview

UPDATE 16/04 - 23:35 UTC : We have just published the deceased list of Iwate prefecture, approx. 1,600 names from people who perished.

UPDATE 16/04 - 22:35 UTC : We want all our readers to see this 9 minute video at full length.  Everybody in the outside world is thinking that the tsunami is always one brutal wave invading and destroying everything on his path. This video proves the contrary. Multiple  rather limted waves are following each other.  The full story takes a lot of minutes of gradual enforcing energy.

UPDATE 16/04 - 13:42 UTC : The governments of Albania, Montenegro and Belarus made donations (in money and/or relief aid) for the victims of the earthquake.

UPDATE 16/04 - 13:35 UTC : The Tokaido Shinkansen high speed bullet train made an emergency stop just during the earthquake (loss of power via proper seismograph alerts) at 11:19 local time. The train resumed operation after being assured that everything was OK at  11:30

UPDATE 16/04 - 13:33 UTC : Todays aftershock did not cause any additional problem for the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

UPDATE 16/04 - 06:48 UTC : A strong aftershock at an intermediate depth has caused panic in the greater Tokyo area. It was one of the first times that the epicenter of an aftershock came that close to Tokyo. 11 million people felt a moderate shaking.

UPDATE 15/04 - 07:16 UTC : A new CATDAT - EARTHQUAKE-REPORT casualty update has been published.  At the time of writing we have to report that 30,132 people are supposed to have been killed by the cruel tsunami and earthquake. The super-detailed CATDAT Excel sheet gives a huge amount of information.
We remind other press sources that using all or part of the content of this spreadsheet is free on the condition that CATDAT / Earthquake-Report.com are mentioned as a credit for the extensive work to make this dowument.

UPDATE 15/04 - 05:27 UTC : Japan authorities are ordering TEPCO (the company who owns the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plant)  to pay  12,000 US$ per family who had to be evacuated because of their nuclear problems.

UPDATE 14/04 - 23:15 UTC : Earthquake-Report Continues to publish the Name and age lists of the killed people by the tsunami and earthquake of March 11. So far we have published the following lists : HokkaidoIbaraki - Aomori - Miyagi - Fukushima - Tokyo - Totigi - Saitama

UPDATE 14/04 - 16:05 UTC : A flight from France loaded with nuclear related equipment (radiation survey meters, contamination detectors etc.) has arrived at Narita Airport on Sunday, April 10, 2011.
This assistance followed the dispatch of a rescue team immediately after the disaster, provision of humanitarian material as well as nuclear related equipment last month and technical assistance including the dispatch of experts in the field of nuclear power. The Government of Japan deeply appreciates the cooperation to date by the Government of the French Republic.

UPDATE 14/04 - 16:02 UTC : Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina took a Decision that Ministers each donate one per diem allowance for assistance to Japan. In addition, the Embassy of Japan is receiving donations from many local governments of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

UPDATE 14/04 - 15:51 UTC : The Japan Tourist board has reported that the number of tourists in March who came to the country for the yearly spring blossom season, did drop with 50.3 %.

UPDATE 14/04 - 15:48 UTC : Hollywood Actor Ken Watanabe has visited Ishinomaki (a destroyed town with numerous killed people). The actor hugged many evacuees, visited shelters and distributed DVD's with his movies. He was very active in donation and relief actions for the victims of the earthquake.

UPDATE 14/04 - 15:34 UTC : The fatality statistics in Fukushima prefecture will certainly climb as the Fukushima Police have started to search for missing people within a radius of 10 km around the Nuclear plant. Due to the radioactive environment all search actions where too dangerous to be executed. A first search round has found 10 bodies within the 10 km perimeter.

UPDATE 14/04 - 15:30 UTC : TEPCO the company who owns the problematic Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has decided and to start immediately with reinforcing the power backup systems in the event that massive aftershocks would occur.  Aftershocks of +7 magnitude (intensity 6+) are certainly possible. They may have an epicenter very close to the power plant (ER).

UPDATE 14/04 - 15:25 UTC : A list of the Fukushima fatalities has been included in this site. Until now 667 people names (with their age) are included in this list. Click here to see it.

UPDATE 14/04 - 15:21 UTC : The Emperor and Empress of Japan have paid a visit to a shelter in Asahi City (Chiba prefecture), where the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 has killed 13 people and destroyed hundreds of houses. They also have visited a community shelter in the Unakami district, where 80 evacuated people have temporary relief.
The Emperor and Empress will visit other locations the coming weeks.

UPDATE 14/04 - 12:02 UTC : This site just finished a list of approx. 6,300 names of (merely) Tsunami victims from Miyagi prefecture. Click here for the link.

UPDATE 14/04 - 07:45 UTC :
Latest National Police agency statistics as available on April 14, 3 PM (15:00) JST (Japan Standard Time) :
Fatalities : 13,456
Missing : 14,851

UPDATE 13/04 - 20:31 UTC : JMA intensity values : max 3 (mainly because of the distance out of the coast)

UPDATE 13/04 - 20:30 UTC : GDACS published a GREEN earthquake alert for this earthquake = very limited chance on damage and/or injuries

UPDATE 13/04 - 20:28 UTC : NO tsunami alerts or warnings have been issued by JMA

UPDATE 13/04 - 20:26 UTC : JMA values :  depth 10 km     Magnitude 6.1     Sanriku Oki

UPDATE 13/04 - 20:19 UTC : Very strong shallow magnitude 6.1 aftershock. Very strong and shallow aftershock but at a safe distance out of the coast (at least 100 km). 190 km (118 miles) E of Morioka, Honshu, Japan

UPDATE 13/04 - 17:27 UTC : Miyamoto, an earthquake engineering company has made a field Investigation of several cities and coastal areas heavily damaged by the tsunami.  Their 32 pages report can be viewed by clicking this link. The report includes a number of pictures from the damaged areas.

UPDATE 13/04 - 17:09 UTC : We have started to publish the long list of fatalities per prefecture. Our thoughts are with the families and friends of the deceased.
The easiest way to consult this list is  looking in the Japan tsunami folder.

UPDATE 13/04 - 17:07 UTC : After a few days with extremely strong aftershocks, the earth tectonic plates are behaving a little better today. Only a few aftershocks were reaching the magnitude 5 scale on Wednesday. Let us hope it continues like this.

UPDATE 13/04 - 08:29 UTC : The president of TEPCO, the power company of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant said he is deeply sorry for causing trouble and concern to nearby residents and people in Fukushima Prefecture, as well as to the public.

UPDATE 13/04 - 07:48 UTC : Sendai Airport (Miyagi Prefecture) resumed its operations on Wednesday April 13. The airport welcomed its first passenger flight since the tsunami inverted the airport grounds into a super-damaging sea. The plane was painted with a message urging Japan to keep its spirits up.
To remind our readers on the terrible scenes recorded at the Sendai Airport passengers terminal, here are 2 videos shot at the airport. The first video is from the wave arriving at the terminal. The second video the wave damaging the terminal of the airport.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 12/04 - 23:20 UTC : NHK confirms in an article what earthquake-report and CATDAT are saying for many days ! The NPA statistics are not accurate and the final number killed by the tsunami / earthquake will be well over 30,000.
Of 35 towns and villages in coastal areas of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima Prefectures that were hit by tsunami, only 9, or about one-third, say they have accurate figures for missing residents.
Our missing remark (approx. 1,500 missing more than FDMA reported is a very conservative estimate)

UPDATE 12/04 - 23:20 UTC : Earthquake-Report came across one of the first and very interesting inspection/research reports from SEEDS Asia, OYO International Corporation and the Kyoto University.
Click here to read the conclusions of this survey report.

UPDATE 12/04 - 16:46 UTC : The aftershocks activity was considerably less today compared to yesterday.

UPDATE 12/04 - 16:40 UTC : Confusion reigns among the people living in the extended Fukushima evacuation zone (nuclear accident). The mayors of the towns who have to be evacuated are consulting the people who are still living in the contaminated areas. A lot of question marks but not every question is replied too. If the government decides people will have to evacuate to shelters outside the evacuation zone, but questions like can i tale my pets, cows etc are not immediately replied. A lot of confusion makes that people are reluctant to move.

UPDATE 12/04 - 16:35 UTC : A flight loaded with nuclear related equipment (radiation survey meters, protective mask etc.) is scheduled to arrive at Narita Airport on the morning of April 13. The Government of the United Kingdom dispatched a rescue team to Iwate Prefecture immediately after the disaster. It also offered 100 tons of drinking water to Ibaraki Prefecture. The Government of United Kingdom also provided nuclear related equipment (radiation survey meters, protective mask etc.) on April 2.

UPDATE 12/04 - 16:31 UTC : Government of the State of Eritrea made a donation of 50,000 US dollars (approximately 4 million yen) as relief money for Japan.

UPDATE 12/04 - 12:00 UTC : The death toll remains at 13,228, however due to extra missing recorded in Miyagi prefecture, the FDMA value with extra CATDAT values has increased to 16,923.  A total of 30,151 dead and missing. This is a total of 250 more since the last CATDAT Situation Report #21.

UPDATE 12/04 - 10:56 UTC : The Japanese Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) today issued a new provisional rating for the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on the IAEA International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES).
The nuclear accident at Fukushima Daiichi is now rated as a level 7 "Major Accident" on INES. Level 7 is the most serious level on INES and is used to describe an event comprised of "A major release of radioactive material with widespread health and environmental effects requiring implementation of planned and extended countermeasures". Japanese authorities notified the IAEA in advance of the public announcement and the formal submission of the new provisional rating.
The new provisional rating considers the accidents that occurred at Units 1, 2 and 3 as a single event on INES. Previously, separate INES Level 5 ratings had been applied for Units 1, 2 and 3. The provisional INES Level 3 rating assigned for Unit 4 still applies.
The re-evaluation of the Fukushima Daiichi provisional INES rating resulted from an estimate of the total amount of radioactivity released to the environment from the nuclear plant. NISA estimates that the amount of radioactive material released to the atmosphere is approximately 10 percent of the 1986 Chernobyl accident, which is the only other nuclear accident to have been rated a Level 7 event.

UPDATE 12/04 - 08:23 UTC : Based on our own earthquake-report and CATDAT missing people count, Fatalities : 13,228 (of course the same) , Missing : approx. 16,700 instead of the official 14,529.
Explanation for these different numbers : FDMA = 15157 missing + based on our own data Soma City (1000 predicted) and Higashimatsushima (500 predicted).
Earthquake-Report.com publishes one of the most detailed casualty reports on this earthquake in the world (from the moment the earthquake struck until today !).

UPDATE 12/04 - 08:21 UTC : New update from the National Police Agency of Japan on April 12 at 3 PM (15:00) local Japanese time : Fatalities : 13,228 , Missing : 14,529

UPDATE 12/04 - 06:20 UTC : VERY GOOD NEWS About to present some great news in the Tohoku earthquake, with Iwate prefecture releasing the fact that the missing total has dropped from over 1300 (1301) to under 700 (682) in Miyako City with virtually no increase in death toll.
This is about to be released in CATDAT Situation Report 20, but is not yet available from FDMA etc. in their latest report.

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Radioactive water found in and outside reactor buildings is delaying work to restore cooling functions of the
Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Seawater near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has reached a
much higher level of radiation than previously reported. New readings from a sample of sea water found
radioactive iodine at 3,355 times the legal limit. Japan’s Nuclear Safety Agency says this does not pose a
health risk. The Government says it is expected to take a considerable amount of time before the
temperatures of fuel rods in the reactor cores at the power station are lowered to a stable state.

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