Help us to inform your country people about earthquakes in their local language

ไทย, 中文, Français, Español, Deutch, Italiano, Türk, 日本, Hrvatski, Nederlands, Bahasa Indonesia, ქართული, Россию, Ελληνικά, Polska, Tagalog, العربية

As you have probably seen at the sidebar of the in-depth articles,  earthquake-report is using the automatic Google Machine translation into the major world languages.
Although better than nothing, this way of translation is far from perfect and is even in some cases unreadable.

With a little effort this can be changed into a normal readable language.
Our automatic translation system offers the possibility to rectify the text on-line on the fly and even better, it is learning all the way from the rectifications we apply.

For every language earthquake-report is looking for about 3 people who are willing to upgrade our text when they have the time for it.
If your language is not among the ones we have already published (language flags), just ask us and we will be happy to add this language immediately.

Send us your name, country and E-mail address and every time we are publishing a new in-depth article, we will send you an email. Once an article  has been rectified you can help us by attracting attention by Facebook and Twitter links.
When we receive your Email, we will also send you instructions how to easily rectify the translation module.

Use the contact form to send us your name, country and E-mail address.

Together we will make the difference in worldwide earthquake information

Earthquakes are experienced by all languages not only by English speaking people.



  1. Jennifer Y. says

    Why are you not using the Bing Translator editable translation service? It does exactly what you need!
    Here is where I found more information:

    • Armand Vervaeck says

      We will check it certainly out. If it is better (no Machine language is perfect) we will certainly use it.