Death and destruction after a strong earthquake in Yunnan, China (part 2)

This is part 2 of the Yunnan, March 10 2011 earthquake .  The first article became too long. The first and last parts of the article have been copied in this article. Click here to read Part 1
This earthquake has caused at this point 16 19 21 22 2425 fatalities, 166 174 201 207 250 injured + a theoretical estimated economic loss of 400 million  US$

UPDATE 13/03 - 21:54 UTC : The earthquake caused 25 people to be killed,( including: male 7 , female 18)  of which 6 were students.

314 people were injured, 134 seriously and 180 slightly.
The direct economic loss of 2.687 billion yuan came in directly between the 1.3 and 6.5 billion yuan bounds of the CATDAT estimate.
2.687 billion yuan is approximately $400 million USD.
Among them, the losses from major enterprises, including power companies, cement factories, business enterprises and sugar.

The full final statistics will be published in the CATDAT Damaging Earthquakes Review for 2011.
According to Ministry of Civil Affairs, the earthquake caused a total of 73,100 households consisting of 344,600 people to be affected in Dehong Yingjiang, Longchuan, Lianghe, Ruili, Luxi counties.
3,628 houses (18,445 rooms) collapsed.
11,468 houses (55,345 rooms) severely damaged.
22,326 houses (94,700 rooms) slightly damaged.

UPDATE 11/03 - 6:00 UTC : The number of fatalities and  injured has remained the same the last 10 hours.
Rescuers continue to search for  for survivors.

25 dead (7 male, 18 female) (5 students)
134 seriously injured
116 slightly injured
1039 houses collapsed (3147 rooms)
4994 houses severely damaged (22054 rooms)
7532 houses slightly damaged (24950 rooms)

UPDATE 21:10 UTC : Local authorities have an enormous task in relocating the homeless into safe areas.

UPDATE 21:05 UTC : Chinese government is putting enormous resources into t5he Search, Rescue and Relief services. Police, army, local government and even many specialized groups from other provinces are engaged in the rescue and relief efforts.

UPDATE 20:28 UTC : It is currently in the middle of the night in Yingjiang, Yunnan, which is the reason why information streams have a little dried.

UPDATE 20:27 UTC : Yingjiang is abundant in hydroelectric, forest, and geothermal resources. There are 21 hot springs, 6 of which are above 90°C. Most of the hot springs are distributed within the Dayingjiang river system.
Yingjiang county became part of Chinese territory for the first time in the Western Han dynasty. (source : Wikipedia)

UPDATE 20:23 UTC : Yingjiang city and county are part of the Dehong Autonomous Prefecture. Yingjiang county (city and surrounding areas is populated by 270,000 people.

UPDATE 20:18 UTC : The Yunnan delegates who were present at the Peoples Congress in Beijing, have rushed home after being informed about the terrible earthquake.

25 dead
134 seriously injured
116 slightly injured
1039 houses collapsed (3147 rooms)
4994 houses severely damaged (22054 rooms)
7532 houses slightly damaged (24950 rooms)

UPDATE 17:15 UTC : Among the 250 injured, 134 are seriously injured.

UPDATE 16:39 UTC : New reports from China area mentioning 25 deaths and 250 people injured. Rescue operations are continuing during the evening and night.  Luckily the weather is favorable.

UPDATE 14:52 UTC : Chinese Red Army, normally guarding the border in between Myanmar and China have been replaced by other troops and have been deployed to help in the rescue operations. Some high ranked Red Army officers have been rescued out of the rubble. The troops were able to rescue 35 people.

UPDATE 14:49 UTC : The Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs has forwarded 5,000 tents, 10,000 quilts, 10,000 cotton coats and 62 tons of other clothing to the Yingjiang area.

Affected population : 282,500
Evacuated population : 127,100
24 dead (7 male, 17 female)
Affected more than 60 schools - Classrooms damaged
6 processing plants collapsed
2 department office buildings collapsed
Several office buildings badly damaged.

UPDATE 13:27 UTC : The weather in Yingjiang area will be sunny until Saturday. the temperatures will vary inbetween a low of 10 °C and a high of 29 °C

IMPORTANT UPDATE 13:15 UTC : We just received the following astonishing numbers :
127100 people affected
24 deaths (4 students)
207 injuries
320 houses (1264 rooms) collapsed
3986 houses (17658 rooms) severely damaged
5313 houses (15939 rooms) slightly damaged.

UPDATE 13:18 UTC : The area are hit by almost continuous aftershocks which are even more damaging infrastructure, buildings and residential houses.

Yunnan earthquake 2008 damaged house - image courtesy

UPDATE 13:08 UTC : Even after dark regular updates are published by Chinese authorities. 24 people have been confirmed dead after this cruel earthquake and 207 people have been injured. These numbers will certainly grow further the following hours and even days.

UPDATE 13:04 UTC : 2 standby rescue teams from Sichuan province have been rushed to Yunnan after they received the news of the earthquake. Sichuan province was the theater of one of the worst earthquakes in Chinese history.

UPDATE 13:00 UTC : A lot of people are staying overnight in open air shelters.


All updates other than the earthquake data can be found in Part 1 of the Yunnan earthquake reporting


Original article
Earthquake report is very concerned about the aftermath of this seemingly moderate and not dangerous earthquake. Based on earlier experiences and taking into account the location of the epicenter (in the Yingjiang valley at the Chinese side of the border) we fear that this earthquake has a very damaging potential.
Earthquakes and the resulting damaging process are not exact science. Depending on the type of the earthquake (Yunnan is a transform fault zone) and the geological layers, every earthquake will be felt differently. The existence of the Modified Mercalli scale was based on this experience.

Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : 5.4 (Chinese are calling it M5.8)
UTC Time : Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 04:58:17 UTC
Local time at epicenter : Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 11:28:17 AM at epicenter
Depth (Hypocenter) : 33 km (Chinese are calling it 10km)
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Geo-location(s) :
10 km of Yingjiang, Yunnan, China
90 km SE Myitkyina (pop 90,894)
246 km (152 miles) WSW of Dali, Yunnan, China


Links to important maps
USGS Did You Feel It Map
Google satellite map of the area showing the kind of terrain the earthquake took place
3-dimensional view of the earthquake area (USGS epicenter location)
USGS historic earthquakes map
USGS Seismic hazard map

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