Reinsurer Swiss Re estimates own cost @ 800 million US$, total insured cost @ 6 to 12 billion US$

Stefan Lippe - Chief Executive Officer Swiss Re - Swiss Re is a reinsurer of the Christchurch 02/2011 earthquake

Stefan Lippe, Chief Executive Officer of Swiss Re announced that, based on current information, it provisionally estimates its claims cost from the Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand on 22 February 2011 to be approximately USD 800 million.
The total insured claims for the insurance sector for the earthquake in New Zealand are estimated to be between USD 6 billion to USD 12 billion.

Note of Earthquake-Report : This is ONLY an estimate of INSURED cost. The total damage cost will be a lot higher than this estimate.

œThe latest earthquake in New Zealand took a heavy toll in terms of human fatalities, despite the advanced risk prevention measures that are in place in New Zealand, says Stefan Lippe, Chief Executive Officer of Swiss Re. "The purpose of insurance and reinsurance is to help individuals and communities cope with the devastating impact of such events. Our role is to enable the people of Christchurch to recover swiftly from this catastrophe.

Take up rates for earthquake insurance are high in New Zealand. Residential properties are insured by the government run Earthquake Commission scheme (EQC) up to NZD 100,000 per building policy and NZD 20,000 per contents policy.
Householders can purchase private insurance above the NZD 120,000 cover provided by the Earthquake Commission.
Commercial and industrial risks are insured by local and global insurance companies.

Swiss Re™s preliminary estimates suggest the total insured loss for the insurance industry for the latest earthquake in New Zealand will be in the range of USD 6 billion and USD 12 billion, making this a significant event on a worldwide basis.

Based on preliminary estimates, Swiss Re expects its own claims for the earthquake, net of the benefits of retrocession, to be approximately USD 800 million before tax. The uncertainties in estimating losses from such an event are significant, and this preliminary estimate may change as new information becomes available.

Swiss Re, is a leading and highly diversified global reinsurer, founded in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1863.
Swiss RE  operates through offices in more than 20 countries.