Side effects of the Christchurch earthquake - Impossible to pick up your own car or other important belongings !

Christchurch Business District Cordon - image courtesy

Suppose your car was parked in the heavily damaged city center and you are not allowed to enter the city center to pick up your own car. This is the reality for still a lot of Kiwi's today.

Plans are progressing to allow people to retrieve vehicles abandoned within the Christchurch Business District cordon after last week™s earthquake, and for limited access to some buildings.

Threats to personal safety remain the main reason behind the continuing restrictions on access through the cordon. However, Civil Defense is planning how to provide business owners and residents with limited supervised access to their property inside the cordon.
For safety reasons, access will be for a strictly limited period and will be closely controlled.

It will allow business owners to retrieve records and portable equipment, and let residents collect personal items.
Owners of vehicles within the cordon may also be able to retrieve them, depending on where they are and whether they are undamaged.


  1. Marianne says:

    What is that cathedral doing standing upright? It looks very like the toppled spire. Is this picture a real one or photoshopped?

    • Armand Vervaeck says:

      This is not the Cathedral. Christchurch has a couple of other churches in the center of town