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Geologist says : Map faults before start rebuilding
The location and scale of potential faults under the Canterbury Plains must be understood before Christchurch pours billions of dollars into rebuilding, says a geologist.

Christchurch quake may portend major seismic activity for Japan
The Christchurch quake released less than 5% of the total energy compared to the magnitude 7.3 Hanshin-Awaji quake that devastated the city of Kobe in January 1995. Yet the structural damage was horrific; as many as one-third the buildings in the city™s central area may have to be demolished.

New Zealand Building Code Gave All-Clear Before Quake
Disaster experts are questioning why so many of the buildings damaged in last year's earthquake in New Zealand were given the all-clear, an alleged oversight that some say added to the calamity brought by last week's quake in Christchurch. RR

Radar points to rupturing of single fault
Christchurch's devastating 6.3 earthquake is thought to have been caused by the rupturing of a single fault, unlike last September's magnitude 7.1 quake.

Shaking in Christchurch boosted by seismic lensing?
Possibility that geological structures in the region may have acted as a ˜seismic lens™, focusing the seismic energy released in the earthquake towards Christchurch. RR

New Zealand-Like Quake Disaster Could Strike Seattle
Seismologists in New Zealand had considered the likelihood of an aftershock of about magnitude 6 to follow from last year™s 7.0-magnitude quake

Seismologists blame Christchurch disaster on new fault
The earthquake that devastated Christchurch is the product of a newly discovered fault line in the Earth's crust.

A 40 Million Tonne Iceberg Dumped in Lake by NZ Earthquake
The 6.3 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand™s South Island on Tuesday apparently caused a massive iceberg, estimated at 30 “ 40 tonnes, to shear off from Tasman Glacier  and drop in Tasman Glacier Terminal Lake, at Aoraki Mount Cook National Park.

Seismologist: Christchurch quake location surprising, more large quakes near city unlikely
Though Tuesday™s earthquake in New Zealand wasn™t in itself surprising, the locality so close to southern New Zealand™s largest city did catch many off guard, said a Texas Tech University geophysicists and seismologist.

New Zealand earthquake: buildings failed when ground turned to liquid
The earthquake damage to modern buildings in Christchurch caught many experts by surprise and suggests the city was more prone to destructive tremors than local planners realized. RR

Anatomy of an earthquake “ the release of megatons of destructive energy
Earthquakes demonstrate that the Earth is very much alive and kicking, find out where this destructive power comes from

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