Christchurch Earthquake 2011 : the impressive list of aftershocks

Geonet, the website offering the GNS Science earthquake information has produced a list with all aftershocks in the Canterbury region since the devastating aftershock on the afternoon of February 22 in Lyttelton.
Every link in the list will bring you to the detailed report of the specific quake.
We have highlighted all shocks of +4 as they can be felt by almost everyone. +5 Magnitude aftershocks have been followed by a red sign.
The list starts from the first damaging shock (top), with the most recent aftershock at the bottom of the page.
The list goes from February February 22, 12:51 PM until March 3, 02:59 AM (local time)
We will update this list from time to time

The bad News : 93 109 141 224 aftershocks in total (excluding the first devastating M 6.3 earthquake / aftershock)
Since the first damaging shocks of M 6.3 the strongest aftershock was a 5.7, a shock who was also very damaging.
Other News : the number of aftershocks exceeding magnitude 4 are becoming less frequent

Important : if you do feel an aftershock, check our "live™ seismograph page" or check it at the Geonet website

We can also advise you to take a look at the dynamic Christchurch earthquake map made by Paul Nicholls of the University of Canterbury.


  1. The trend where there are less M4 aftershocks now is usually characterised by Omori's Law - the decay of aftershocks which is a exponential decay of the strength (in terms of magnitude etc.).