Christchurch Earthquake 2011 - March 2 update

Earthquake Christchurch - image Photobucket . com by zcry -

Below is a list of the many aid activities as well as the present situation after the damaging 6.3 earthquake.

- The number of confirmed dead has risen to 160 (Police Sources), with four bodies recovered overnight. Click here for the names of identified victims.
- Two hundred and ten staff are working in the Disaster Victim Identification process.
- A Disaster Victim Identification unit from Thailand has arrived to assist their New Zealand and overseas colleagues in the identifying of bodies recovered from various sites. The Thai have worked with New Zealand DVI teams in Thailand following the Tsunami and are very pleased to be able to assist in their hour of need.
The Thai team have brought with them records of people believed to be missing from their country including those of two women whose bodies were recovered over recent days who are yet to be formally identified.
- More than 900 portaloos are already deployed in Christchurch and another 1200 or so are due by the weekend.
- In addition 30,000 chemical toilets are on their way to Christchurch. 4000 chemical toilets started being distributed this afternoon, based on need.
- NZ Police are working alongside Australian police officers, Defence and Fire personnel and Maori wardens to ensure the safety of residents. This includes patrols 24/7 to ensure law and order and officers are looking for people acting suspiciously or looting.
- Power is a big issue and most of Orion™s technicians are working in the eastern suburbs.
- Limited Metro bus and ferry services start Thursday in greater Christchurch.
- All bus and ferry services are free for two weeks.
- Traffic congestion is an ongoing issue and people are asked to make essential trips only.
- To reduce dust water will be sprayed onto silt on Christchurch roads. This water may be contaminated and people should avoid contact with the silt.
- Residents of 60 homes in Sumner were evacuated due to falling rock at 10.30am. People who have been evacuated from their homes should not move back in until they are formally advised it is safe. There have been cases of people having to be evacuated a second time.
- 216 teams were assessing buildings for safety today.
- Weather conditions today were extremely difficult for search and rescue teams. Strong winds created a dust hazard, decreased visibility and also made some sites unstable. Some search and rescue teams had to be withdrawn.
- Teams have accessed above the 10th floor of the Grand Chancellor and searching is almost complete. There is some rubble in stairwells which will need to be removed so that searching can be completed.
- A steel support structure has been attached to the unstable wall of Christchurch Cathedral.
- Home-owners are reminded to get their chimneys or flues checked by a professional before using fires or log-burners. People should stay away from any chimneys that look unstable.
- Aircraft are only allowed to fly over much of Christchurch with Civil Defence permission. The restricted no-fly zone has been extended to include the hill suburbs and Lyttelton. Aircraft restrictions will be in place until March 24.


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