Christchurch M6.3 Death Toll rises to 160

hristchurch earthquake 2011 - courtesy

UPDATE 06:53 02/03/2011 -

The death toll has risen to 160 with more bodies recovered. It will be a slow process as the death toll will rise over the coming days and months.

The Superintendent of the police has named three more victims of the Christchurch earthquake.

They are: Jayden Andrews-Howland, 15, of Aranui.
Paul Clarence Dunlop, 67, of the Rolleston/Selwyn area.
Stephen Andrew Cochrane, 43, of Bromley.

Our thoughts go out to their family and friends in this difficult time.

UPDATE 13:00 01/03/2011 -

The death toll has risen to 155, with police expecting the final death toll to be around 240.

Police will release the names of 12 more people tomorrow, adding to the 6 already released.

Values of the rebuild should be around NZD15 to 20 billion (USD 11.2-15 billion) according to different government estimates, with the total economic loss hovering around USD12 billion.

The death toll at 240 would be slightly below that of the deadliest NZ earthquake in history - the 1931 Napier (Hawke's Bay) Earthquake at 256 deaths.