Day 5 “ A lot of foreigners among the victims and the injured of the Christchurch 2011 earthquake

Injured Japanese boy after the Christchurch earthquake - Picture courtsey

Update 8:23 UTC:

The process of identifying the 145 bodies in the temporary morgue in Christchurch has begun and this will hopefully reduce the value of 200+ missing. (From the Police Superintendent this morning)

The Christchurch Council says 55,000 properties are currently without water (out of a total of 150,000) (about 35% of properties) and approximately 75,000 properties are without sewerage.

Summary 2:57 UTC:

The death toll has risen to 123. Superintendent Dave Cliff has issued a statement warning that the death toll of 123 will climb.

Cliff says Family Liaison Teams will hold two meetings today, one with local families and one with families from overseas.

Over 20 nationalities are believed to be among the dead, showing the multiculturalism of New Zealand.

Up to 122 people are believed to be missing in the Canterbury TV building - this is where most of the  international students and staff from private training school King's Education were studying at the time.

Many of the students are Japanese and a team of searchers from Japan have been involved in combing of the building's rubble.

Search and rescue workers started removing masonry from the top of the Christchurch Cathedral's collapsed tower yesterday afternoon, before they try to retrieve up to 22 bodies from underneath the piles of rubble.

Unfortunately no people have been recovered alive since Wednesday, 2.30pm local time.

Buildings continue to be demolished in the city centre.

Below, an excerpt of the Asahi Shimbun - Read the full article here

From his bed at Christchurch Hospital, Japanese boy, Kento Okuda managed to smile and flash the victory sign.
The 19-year-old had been trapped for hours in the darkness beneath the rubble of the King's Education school in this quake-stricken southern New Zealand city.
When rescuers finally reached him, they had to amputate his right leg to free him from the wreckage and take him to the hospital for surgery Wednesday.
Okuda, who was captain of his high school soccer club and is known for his sense of humor, appeared in good spirits considering what he went through. But his face turned grim when he learned that other students were still missing.
"I hope the others will somehow be rescued," he said.